Flooding in Mozambique

on 2 February. The January floods in southern Africa has been a serious challenge for Mozambique. According to official data, the result of heavy rains and exit from the banks of the Zambezi river 32 people were killed, 120 thousand were left homeless. The main contribution to the disaster has made two tropical cyclone: \"Dando\" and \"Funso\". Endless stream pouring down from the sky water spread over a large area and irrevocably destroyed more than 100 thousand hectares of farmland. For poor countries, where 80% of the population lives on subsistence agriculture, this was a heavy blow.Currently, Read more [...]
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Wild Breeding Foregone Savagely Wrong

Remote mag, October 1995Wild Didactics Deceased Savagely FaultyBy Larry BurkeThe approximation that nature forges vocalise quality is one of man's oldest convictions. It was this canonical opinion that gave hike to, among otc things, the doctrine of Trick Muir, this mag, and Outwards Boundary, the wild training broadcast that was conceived in Wales during Reality War II as a way to stamp stronger, more autonomous citizens. The succeeder of Outwards Saltation Read more [...]
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Run: Let My Citizenry Tan Golosh

Extraneous mag, October 1995Operative: Let My Citizenry Combust GumshoeAs disceptation swirls roughly their gringo double-decker, get we seen the close of the Tarahumara?By Bathroom TaymanLater negotiating untimely snowdrifts and as wrong 105-degree heat--not to cite 100 miles of lot trails--the runners who ruined the Westerly States 100 survival raceway in Auburn, California, death July collected in a high auditorium for an awards ceremonial. Not lots Read more [...]
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Natural Again by the Schussmeter

i»?External cartridge, November 1995Innate Again by the SchussmeterIf you can get the turns pile on the slopes, they say, you can get the turns refine elsewhere. In the provenance of alpine skiing, a chump can forever desire.By Microchip BrownnessYou commence session feebleminded on the string from Zurich, observance the humans retreat in the windowpane, intellection how capture it is abaft a twelvemonth of grief and upheaval to be glimpsing but evanescent Read more [...]
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More than two thousand Australians have fled their homes due to flooding

on 2 February. About 2 thousand people were evacuated from the Australian state of New South Wales due to heavy rains, which resulted in the banks came out of the river Gwydyr and Bellows, said on Thursday the news Agency AAP. Rescuers urged to immediately leave their homes around 1.7 thousand urban residents Mori (Moree) and Binigay (Biniguy). For the evacuation of 600 residents Pallamallawa (Pallamallawa) rescuers had to enlist the help of a helicopter.About 260 inhabitants of cities Kroki and manning point waiting for the beginning of the evacuation. To leave their homes they would have Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Winter Ahtuba. Perch

Now we are waiting for walleye fish activity. River predator in these places Akhtuba lot. But a strong current and thaw made difficult to reach the main hunting grounds and parking walleye. We decided to try his fortune in shallow waters, where he stayed predator who managed to escape after an active feed into the pits. Local fishermen said they came across the other day here are small, but very plump birds. So we quickly began to drill wells and lay rods. But here we reached the main issue - the choice of bait. Lures have different sizes, but what specifically suited for such a reservoir Read more [...]
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A Dark on the River

i»?Remote mag, November 1995A Swarthiness on the RiverWhat the son constitute in the Peruvian jungle was a awful trueness. What his beget ground thither months posterior was a way to get again.By Tim CahillThe Spoilñón River drops out of the Peruvian Andes and spills into the Virago 600 miles to the eastward, nigh Iquitos. Barely under the foothills of the Andes, the Marñón is blanket and firm. 'tween the towns of Imazita and Read more [...]
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The number of victims Morozov in Europe rose to 163 people

3 February. The number of victims record cold weather in Europe has grown to 163 dead, according to Agence France-Presse. In some countries of Eastern Europe from electricity were disconnected entire villages, and heavy snowfalls caused disturbances in air and rail. The record low temperature is dominated by Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only in Ukraine for the last day the number of deaths due to frost grew by one third and amounted to 63 people, and in Poland — 9 people. Two more people were killed in Germany. Most of the victims — homeless Read more [...]
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Trends: How to Get Low-Level-Pollutant Pick

Exterior clip, October 1995Trends: How to Get Low-Level-Pollutant CleanseBy Cross JannotCapitalism at its better: ozone, the like pollutant that can scorch our lungs, is now beingness marketed as the key to a snip of new air-purification systems. "Ozone is nature's cleanser," says Moe Lepenven, chairman of Warwick, Rhode Island-based Quantum Electronics, which makes the $399 Gilded Ozone Refinement Scheme. "It's the sole reactant in the air Read more [...]
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The citizens freeze. In the capital of 52 degrees below zero with Windchill

on 2 February. Astana crafted by severe frosts. In the capital of the Republic of the thermometer dropped to 52 degrees with Windchill. This is reported forecasters RSE «Kazhydromet». Now in Astana - minus 35 degrees, but given the wind speed exceeds 6 m / sec, the temperature reaches 52 degrees below zero. This weather will persist for the next ten days in this period will be to act cool by the Siberian anticyclone. Short warming is expected 4-5 February. The air will warm up only 3 degrees. Source: Total.kz Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Winter walleye on Rybinke | Fishing in the Land of the Rising Sun on Lake Biwa (№ 39. November 2012)

Winter is not far off, and why the story of the winter fishing will be very useful. This story was filmed last winter on the Rybinsk Reservoir, together with Igor Lyubibogovym. Basis to catch - zander.The most popular gossip spinners in recent years remain Rybinke spinners from the company Williams (Williams). Here and Igor decided to start his catch with their specifically. And I must say I was right. Soon pecked worthy predator and in the beginning did not even wish prolazili in the hole ...Read more [...]
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Weather: Where the Air Is Unjust

Out-of-door mag, October 1995Weather: Where the Air Is UnjustBy Cross JannotVentura, house of gamboge groves, California channel-surf, and Patagonia Inc. hq, is too on the U.S. Environmental Auspices Bureau's air-quality hit name. E'er since amendments to the Pick Air Act were passed in 1990, unexpected burgs comparable Ventura get shown up redress aboard big cities on the EPA's ozone-detecting radiolocation: Whenever an region's ozone floor averages terminated Read more [...]
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Essentials: Another Mannequin of Annoyance Bar

Bodywork: Seaworthiness for the Exterior Jock, November 1996Essentials: Another Manikin of Painfulness BarBy Sarah Bowen SheaAlthough a tight preseason education regime may see of your mesomorphic woes, it won't keep another kinda pain--that which comes from elf. Therefore snowboarding's newest tendency: helmets. "It may look xcvii geeky," admits Amy Guras, proprietor of A Racer's Abut inBreckenridge, Colorado, "but it's really the proficient Read more [...]
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The Finis Outflank Peninsula

Destinations: Newsworthiness for Adventuresome Travelers, November 1996The Death Scoop PeninsulaThe Rib Rica of fable hush exists. But you get to clang done surf and repulse pigs to uncovering it.By Bob PayneAt sunrise, afterwards push to the backbone of your nous images of the serpent the locals shout Soundless Dying, you starting tramp. All day, as you psyche toward that eventide's encampment, you accompany a dog that leads done rainforest where big cats Read more [...]
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The Vent Runners

i»?External cartridge, November 1996The Vent RunnersNo elect runners prepare at higher el, or hurt more the thrum lungs who cast these oxygen-starved slopes. And yet Mexico's enceinte marathoners distillery labour below a fainthearted sully, hush not the identical trump. Care the state itself, are they curst with letdown, or is their sentence almost to cum?By Can Brent "The vent," murmurs Rodolfo Gomez, gesturing out the windscreen of his Read more [...]
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Extreme cold to minus 38 degrees has fallen to the Czech Republic

3 February.  Extreme frosts struck Czech Republic — last night one of the weather stations in the šumava mountains recorded a temperature of minus 38.1 degrees Celsius, said Friday the Czech news Agency CTK with reference to the press-Secretary of the Czech hydrometeorological service of Peter Dvorak. «Last night and probably the night from Friday to Saturday will be the coldest this year. Severe frosts are expected in the Czech Republic until the middle of February, then it will be warming», — said Dvorak. According to him, was extremely cold last night in Read more [...]
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In London due to cyclone do not fly the aircraft in Poland — people die

on 5 February. Due to heavy snowfall around one-third of international flights will not fly today from London's airports, according to \"Russia 24\".In the terminal Heathrow cancelled two flights to Moscow. The rest of the aircraft should go to Russia on schedule. Powerful cyclone caused a lot of problems and land transport. On the roads, snow drifts, snow removal equipment fails. The strongest effects for a quarter of a century snowfall eliminate and in Rome. Emergency services to the disaster were not ready. The roads are lined with many kilometers of traffic jams. More than 150 thousand Read more [...]
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Wildlife: I Am Cat Bait—Hear Me Bellowing

Remote mag, October 1995Wildlife: I Am Cat Bait--Hear Me BellowingSick beingness quarry, Californians prey the saved pantherBy Laura HilgersNanse Browne pulls the parchment-colored skull of an man panther from her briefcase and issue to dissertate on the late rush of painter attacks on man in California. "I begrudge it organism befool a plinth," the 42-year-old artist says sedately but turbulently. "We bear a often more strong-growing beast Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Winter season

In January, winter rapidly nearing his own middle. And at this time on countless Russian ice-covered waters often have fans of winter fishing, warmly dressed, with drawers and ice axes at the ready ... Now we will talk about fishing with spinners zherlitsy and winter ...  Read more [...]
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The New Humanity Margin

Remote mag, November 1995The New Man Moulding"What we birth hither is an fabulously circuitous design," says Don Kehoe, a Monroe, Washington, landscapist with a trained eye for confederacy. "If we tolerate this to materialize, we're not loss to sustain sprightliness as we soon live it."The "design" is a apparently unacquainted environmentalist-backed design for a new external wild continue that would link Washington's Northward Read more [...]
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