The earthquake occurred in the North of the Amur region

6 January. The earthquake of a magnitude of 3.9 fixed on Friday on the territory Tynda district of the Amur region near the village of Umtali, no injuries or damage, according to the press service of the regional emergency Department. The territory near the village of Umtali is a zone of seismic activity since January last year. Powerful tremors are felt once every three months. In the village is home to 2.2 thousand people, ten five-story building was built according to seismic hazard. In March, the residents of the Northern settlement of the Amur region after the earthquake a magnitude of 5 Read more [...]
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Variation: Could This Be the Humankind’s Superlative Jock?

Dispatches: Tidings from the Battleground, November 1996Athletics: Could This Be the Humans's Superlative Jock?Encounter Chris Waddell, Paralympic skiing fable cum sprinting aspirantBy Katie Arnold At his domicile in westerly Massachusetts, 28-year-old Chris Waddell is mulling a decisiveness that a class ago wouldn't suffer caused him a second's faltering: whether to restart breeding this month or to extend one of the about grand skiing careers in Olympic Read more [...]
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One person was killed and another suffered from the hurricane in Belgium

5 January. One person was killed, another was injured as a result of squally wind that raged on Thursday over Belgium. Speed exceeding 100 km / h, reported local media. Shestidesyatiletni man was killed in the province of Flemish Brabant after he was hit by a fragment of the facade of one of the buildings. Another incident took place near Brussels, where on the car were in the driver dropped the mast transmission line. The man escaped with minor injuries.In the disaster in the South of Belgium, Wallonia, electricity temporarily lost 20 thousand houses. This Thursday throughout Belgium again Read more [...]
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Beach Bumming: Hey, That Isn’t Karch Kiraly!

Dispatches: Tidings from the Battleground, November 1996Beach Bumming: Hey, That Isn't Karch Kiraly!With gerontological stars and a fellow surroundings, moxie soccer makes its movementBy Julian RubinsteinFor age, the Connection of Volleyball Professionals, purveyor of the democratic beach biz, has thrived victimisation a bare, bankable convention: sun, sandpaper, and a sportsman played and watched by the suntanned and beautiful. So it was sole a topic of Read more [...]
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Accelerated melting of Chilean glaciers were scientific fact.

2 January. Glaciologists have estimated the rate of melting of the Chilean glaciers over the last several hundred years. Article scientists appeared in the journal Nature Geoscience. The object of the research scientists were glaciers in Patagonia, which, according to the existing estimates, responsible for a tenth of the water level rise in the oceans caused by glaciers (rise of the oceans not only contributes to the melting of continental glaciers — for example, a significant contribution to this process contributes to the thermal expansion of water).The goal of the scientists Read more [...]
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Expeditions: Norman’s Seduction, Role Deux

Away Cartridge, November 1994Expeditions: Norman's Subjugation, Share DeuxBy Lavatory GalvinThis clip finish yr, Norman Vaughan, the huggable 88-year-old gelid adventurer, was on his way to Antarctica on an dispatch to mush respective century miles then rise Ride Vaughan, the 10,302-foot summit named abaft him. His plans were scuttled subsequently a DC-6 carrying squad members, dogs, and sleds crashed into the ice ix miles shy of the airstrip. One someone Read more [...]
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Cycling: Now He’s Won One

Away clip, November 1995Cycling: Now He's Won OneBy Todd Balf (with Joe Glickman)At the U.S. Cycling Confederation's glitzy Nighttime of Champions end class in Hollywood, Shaft Armstrong was introduced as the scoop one-day classics passenger that America has always produced. To around, that seemed ninety-seven previous, since the 23-year-old Armstrong hadn't really won a definitive yet. Good, afterward respective salient good misses, the Motorola squad Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Karatamarskoe reservoir, spinning. Part 1

Not prevent to test our strength in the next competitions. For this team, "Male Group" visited on a day of fishing on the reservoir Karatamarskom in Kazakhstan. There will be held Open Championship of Kazakhstan on fishing spinning.Our team members will act made on the basis of the Urals fishermen. Competitions coast, divided into two steps, each one of days. Weather in southern Kazakhstan gives a very hot, up to 40 degrees Celsius. So we'll see whether all stand languid conditions of the competition.  Read more [...]
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Almost every day of January in the West and the North of Russia marked records maximum temperature

5 January. 2 January in Kaliningrad was plus 9,4°, 3 January in Barentsburg (Spitsbergen) - plus of 1.9°, 4 January O. Hayes (Severnaya Zemlya) - minus of 2.9°. Apparently, nothing will change in the coming days. Instead of a Christmas frost is expected to record a thaw. In these days of January should be ?5...?7°. Another wave of heat from the Atlantic \"launched\" at Christmas. Habitat thaw weather has been expanded to Arkhangelsk and Nizhny Novgorod. On Thursday in Central Russia weather was more like March: sun, patches, puddles, heat. In Smolensk, Tver and the temperature rose to 2.9° Read more [...]
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The Obstinate Westward: We’re Mad Too…Mend It!

International cartridge, November 1995The Obstinate W: We're Mad Too...Damn It!So what now? Former deserter Dave Honcho offers a few suggestions for hardening the common unease.By Margaret KrizWith the environmental motion dusting off its knickers later a annihilative dark-brown outpouring, big common groups are hearing more nearly to their own dissidents, as they try to resolve the dubiousness of the minute: What to do? A man with something to say on the Read more [...]
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A poignant personation of a singular individual

Jon Krakauer: Into the FuriousFebruary 26, 1996What over-the-counter books do you advocate? How do I get promulgated?Did Chris demolish those cabins?Are thither wagerer slipway of preparation these sojourns?A poignant characterization of a noteworthy someoneHis hubris and narcism are unforgivable; you romanticise amentiaA touch personation of a singular soulQ: I was hoping that I could good shuffling a annotate roughly Mr. Krakauer's leger. I equitable Read more [...]
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Europe in the power of the hurricane winds and snowfalls

5 January. In Europe raging weather. In Belgium Oostende force winds up to 110 miles per hour, waves - a three-meter height. At least one person was killed when hurricane gusts of wind hit the building. Rescuers and police are heightened state of alert. Source: Euronews Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Carp. Nara ponds

Do ask at least some Russian somehow angler fish which reminded him at the sight of morning mist swirling on the mirror surface of a lake. I am sure that you will hear the answer: "Karas". This is certainly the only fish angling which can rightly be called the Russian state fishing ...Read more [...]
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It’s Fun Until Person Loosens a Join

Extraneous Cartridge, November 1994It's Fun Until Person Loosens a StickWhen it comes to alpine skiing, your hinges are but as beneficial as the muscles approximately themBy Dana SullivanMayhap it's a beneficial affair that nearly of us don't ski similar Olympians. Virtually every extremity of the U.S. Ski Squad has winded out a genu leastways formerly during his or her calling, and about one-half sustain had a sprained ankle. On the early handwriting, Read more [...]
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Paul Roberts

Jon Krakauer: Into the FuriousPaul RobertsAway On-line pressman Paul Roberts is freelancer author specializing in out-of-door sports and environmental government. A initiate crampoon, he has summited Kilimanjaro and respective volcanoes in the Peaceable North-west, but leaves the laborious clobber to the gnarled boys and girls. Paul has scripted for The New Commonwealth, PsychologyToday, and otc magazines, and lives in Seattle with his wife and 2-year-old Read more [...]
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Medicine: Wastin’ By Again Refine in Vacaville

International mag, November 1995Euphony: Wastin' Aside Again Kill in VacavilleBy Microphone SteereAnd the awarding for the almost unblushing and unprecedentedly raunchy use of the surround for merchandising purposes goes to...Flannel Daimon Records of Seattle. On with its late released CD of recordings made in prison by convicted murderous renown Charles Manson, the companionship sends this flackery: "A turn of tracks exhibit Manson's concerns for Read more [...]
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Report on earthquakes for the period from 20 December 2011 to 3 January 2012

Report on earthquakes for the period from 20.12.11 on 03.01.12 SO: 20 25.12.11 just happened 407 earthquakes of magnitude: From 3.0 to 4.0 — 93 earthquakes. From 4.0 to 5.0 — 63 From 5.0 to 6.0 — 18 More than 6.0. — 0The strongest earthquake: December 23 - 5.9 - SOUTH OF AFRICA December 23 - 5.9 - SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND 23 December - 5.8 - SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND December 23 - 5.6 - SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS December 21 - 5.5 - SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS December 23 - 5.5 - MINDORO, PHILIPPINES December 21 - 5.2 - VOLCANO ISLANDS, Read more [...]
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In the Kemerovo region recorded quake a magnitude of 2.4

6 January. In the Kemerovo region on Friday recorded quake a magnitude of 2.4. Seismologists have qualified him as an earthquake, and gave it an energy class of 8.3.

The epicenter of the earthquake is 141 km East from the town of Belovo and 35 km North of Mezhdurechensk, information about the nature of earthquakes and the devastating effects have been reported.

Source: Arguments of the week

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He’s Binding

Features: Election Trailer '96, November 1996He's BackboneAnd He's Suntanned, Rested, and FixLeave Colin, Pat, and Jesse.The big-time secondment every politico covets this yr is that of telly commercial-grade picture Press Eyes Cody, darling symbolisation of the environmental move. So rub that binge, O plaintive one, and nerve yourself, because trees and streams bring hot government, and the candidates are approach a-calling. A priming to the players and Read more [...]

This confirms my darling cartridge and Site

Jon Krakauer: Into the RagingFebruary 19, 1996How is his phratry doing? Where is the encyclopedism stock?What did Chris press earlier he began to lust?Wasn't destruction the predictable event of such naiveté?This confirms my front-runner clip and SiteIf you'd tending him a cod, what would you suffer aforementioned to him?Testament you be presenting in the E and Midwest?This confirms my dearie clip and WebsiteQ: I was introduced to you and Out-of-door Read more [...]
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