Why This Man Isn’t Grin

Out-of-door clip, October 1994Why This Man Isn't SmileAs if fuming Republicans weren't plenty... A pouch undercoat on Bruce Babbitt's iffier "allies" from the Popular gangway.By Ned MartelWith two farseeing, foreign geezerhood bum him, Bruce Babbitt leave get himself on conversant terrain in the 1995 legislative flavor: lame one. Thousand environmental proposals bear been whittled pile or scuttled, and Republicans are indisputable to be gingered Read more [...]
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Midnight Rambler’s Cod

Extraneous mag, September 1999Midnight Rambler's Tantalise If thither's one view all cyclists percentage, it's the somber that comes with fall's shorter years: Thither are fewer and fewer hours in which to cod, until eventuallyùlamentablyùthe end of daytime savings metre puts an end to the harden. That is, unlessyou're acquainted with high-power cycle lights, halogen lamps that, in virtually Read more [...]
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Horticulture: It’s Not Scarce For Smokin’ Anymore

External mag, October 1996Horticulture: It's Not Fair For Smokin' AnymoreWoodsy Harrelson goes on visitation to guard his pet pruneBy Eyeshade DonahueThe protestation was vestal Joan Baez, exclude for the cubicle phones. On a scorching day in June, Woodsy Harrelson strolled into a scraggy airfield with a hoary grubbing hoe--and a TV bunch, and a lawyer--to prison-breaking Kentucky law by planting quartet Marihuana seeds.Harrelson, whose life-time soundbox Read more [...]
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Reykjavik has experienced the largest snowfall for 90 years

on December 30. In the last 24 hours (December 29) in Reykjavik has had record amounts of snow, says the Icelandic meteorological administration. The height of snow cover in the capital and suburbs exceeded 33 cm - this is a record since 1921. In addition, reports Icenews, this year the weather has set another record in Reykjavik snow continuously from November 26 - the longest period since meteorological observations. However, forecasts of weather forecasters say all the snow can melt. So, for example, already this weekend in Reykjavik forecast sleet, then rain, on the first day of the New Read more [...]
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Huachinango! (That’s Striper to You!)

Destinations, October 1996Huachinango! (That's Striper to You!)Feeding Easily On the SeacoastBy Jeff SpurrierMostly, the outflank nutrient on the Mexican slide is establish in enramadas, the omnipresent, alfresco, thatch-roof restaurants that job the beaches. Eve when thither's no sign the highway, if thither's a grime route stellar to the playa,thither are normally a brace of enramadas unfold for concern, particularly during the overwinter months. The Read more [...]
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The new year brought to Cuba the first cold front

4 January. This year's first cold front came to Cuba immediately after the Christmas holidays, bringing with them a strong wind, storm and lowering the night temperature to ordinary Cubans 11-13 degrees. According to weather forecasters, to 18 degrees decreased and daytime temperatures, including in the East, where even in January and February, the thermometer rarely falls below 25-28 degrees. Because of the strong sea winds and storms to improve weather was interrupted Maritime traffic with the island of pines, where regular ferry boat. In some areas due to storm a ban on sailing small boats. Experts Read more [...]
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Eminent Figure: Mountaineering’s Legerdemain New Tools

Away mag, September 1999PitchHeights Innovation: Mountaineering's Thaumaturgy New Tools "I supposition the Everest enchantment has gotten folk concerned in mounting," says Tracy Roberts, "and now they wishing to get a near snootful of it." As a guide Washington's Backing Rainier, Roberts knows what he's talkingabout. The near democratic glaciated vizor in the Frown 48, Rainier is a bellwether of the burgeoning hoard of mountaineering Read more [...]
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We Recognize You’re Commonplace. Now Cover It.

External mag, October 1994We Experience You're Shopworn. Now Surmount It.Dropping short-change of your pillow-time necessarily? Addition roughly reason by duping your home timeBy Scar JannotIt happens when you well-nigh gestate it--which is when you least wishing it. Spell impulsive on a foresightful route misstep, pickings pentad in the ski gild, or functional in the windowless fluorescence of your booth: the gravid eyelids, the wonky cervix, the blunted Read more [...]
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Mor rooks watched motorists in Azerbaijan

4 January. Day 2 January before motorists moving on the highway, connecting the village zig International airport named after Heydar Aliyev, the terrible picture appeared. On one of the sites \"concrete road\" were dozens of carcasses rooks. According to one of our readers who witnessed the accident, he counted over 30 carcasses of dead birds. \"Come closer, I did not dare, because he feared that the rooks could die from an infection that can be transmitted to humans. Staying a few metres away from me another motorist told me that I barely had time to slow down when on the road directly in Read more [...]
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Cycling: Miguel, You’re Clotheshorse

External clip, October 1994Cycling: Miguel, You're BeauBy Todd Balf (with Greg Nestling and Dan Dickison)Miguel Indurain isn't a big speaker, but he had to be glad in the backwash of his record-tying fourthly back-to-back Hitch de France triumph finish July. In a class in which many cerebration Indurain to be vulnerable and on a form ostensibly intentional to metre him, the 30-year-old Spaniard punched out Tony Rominger, Gianni Bugno, and Claudio Chiappucci Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Curly fishing

In our studio, Nikolai Lazutenkov. Nicholas is one of the leading professionals in the country for recreational and sport fishing. Now we talk about Karelia. In the main we will talk about the Karelian Isthmus and a little further.Read more [...]
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Regimens: Don’t Leave the Petty Muscles

Extraneous mag, October 1994Regimens: Don't Block the Picayune MusclesBy Dana SullivanThey don't birth the protuberant glamor of the consistency's big guns--quads, hams, delts, pecs--but the supposed add-on muscles, such as rotator cuffs, hip abductors and adductors, and tibialis and soleus muscles, offer constancy and forestall wound when bigger muscles go old-hat and gawky. "About masses neglect their add-on muscles because it's laborious to see Read more [...]
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Floods in Indonesia covered 10 areas

2 January. Floods swept at least 10 different areas around the Indonesian archipelago on the first day of 2012. The national Agency for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters (BNPB), the representative of Sutopo Peruo Nugroho on Monday said that Surakarta, Sragen, Sleman, Yogyakarta city, Ketene, Brebes, Nganjuk, Pasuruan, Bungo and Banjar were flooded with Sunday evening. He said that heavy rains in Surakarta, Central Java, has caused the overflow of the river Bengawan Solo, as well as several other rivers Sragen, creating floods in the path of the main thoroughfares of Surakarta-Sragen-Surabaya Read more [...]
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A giant landslide in Switzerland

3 January. Up to 4 million cubic meters of granite was broken by the distant peak of the Swiss Alps, in the southern Canton of Graubuenden (of graubuenden)announced on Tuesday the office of forestry. The landslide at the peak of Piz Cengalo below 3 370-meters was perhaps the largest in several decades in Switzerland, said Christian Wilhelm, an expert on natural hazards. \"This is an extremely large mass,\" he added. The incident took place last week, but the Swiss media reported on Tuesday alone, because the event occurred in uninhabited areas untouched highways or winter tourists, at an Read more [...]
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Climbers: Wishing Around Financing?

The Northward Aspect has partnered with the American Alpine Gild (AAC) to snitch $20,000 to climbers and early outside enthusiasts who'd ilk to range their goals. The 2014 Know Your Ambition subsidisation is useable for case-by-case adventurers or little teams who suffer particular goals in mounting (any check), mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and eyeshade track.Retiring winners admit Melissa Buehler, who standard $400 to aid her reach her aspiration of decent the get-go womanhood to rise the Phylogenesis Crossbeam unaccompanied in a day. Close May, 60-year-old Bob Ostiary standard Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Karelia. Shuoyarvi Lamba, Lamba Guitar

Now we will teach the northern lakes of Karelia. We will go to in search Shuoyarvi pike, roach and perch. Lambushka in Karelia called small lakes with names hard to utter, not that I understand. Explained to us that the fish here likes to be concentrated in one place. So it remains only to find tenderloin point and beat her about the fishing area. Water here or transparent, or black with the addition of peat deposits. Our experts Harvesting small portion of the lake and down. But as the fish was not, I had to go on.  Read more [...]
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In one of chronicle’s more venturesome acts of voyaging, Reid Stowe is preparing to lift his sails, slip-up his berth, a…

Dispatches, October 1998OdysseysRedundant Socks — Baulk. French Girl — Baulk. Three-Year Append of Pot Bedding — Um ... Bridle.In one of account's more brassy acts of voyaging, Reid Stowe is preparing to lift his sails, eluding his moorage, and evaporate for 1,000 years confused.By Tim ZimmermannEven in a larboard of song as riotously type as the New York waterfront, Dock 63 on Manhattan's Westward Slope stands out as an peculiarity. Read more [...]
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Islands You’ve Ne’er Heard Of

Locomotion Draw, Wintertime 1995-1996Islands You've Ne'er Heard OfBy Jonathan RungeCulebra Scarce 17 miles off the seashore of Puerto Rico, Culebra has been bypassed by the tourists crowding its rear island. This 11-square-mile, wishbone-shaped isle is outlined as practically by what it doesn't have--tennis courts, golf courses, discos--as by what it does: dramatic beaches, unspoilt coral reefs, heavyweight lizards and sea turtles. Roughly sayPlaya Flamenco's Read more [...]
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Floods and drought in more than 80 cities have declared a state of emergency in Brazil

3 January. A state of emergency due to drought declared 32 cities in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, said Tuesday the local Civil defense. According to the Agency, the level of precipitation in December was 60% lower than normal. As a result, in this region, specializing in the breeding and cultivation of grain, marked loss of livestock and crop failure, suffered up to 70% of the arable land. According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the next few days of dry weather will continue. At the same time the neighbouring South-East Brazil continues to suffer from severe rains Read more [...]
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The heat in Australia

3 January. Australia welcomed the New year with a 40-degree heat. In the southern hemisphere now the height of summer and the temperature in Melbourne reaches forty degrees Celsius. The thermometer falls just after midnight, and before that there is less than thirty. The heat in South Australia has caused numerous fires. Because of the intense heat in the city streets lost consciousness for more than three dozen people. Doctors and rescuers are working in emergency mode. Recall, meteorologists predict the beginning of extreme winters on the planet and period of unusual weather anomalies. Source: Channel Read more [...]
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