In Finding there is not enough water because snowless winter

In Finding there is not enough water because snowless winter

on 7 February. On the background of the water deficit, which worsened in the village of Wrangell due to the dry autumn and snowless winter, became worried and residents of the seaside capital. And suddenly cranes will dry up and in their apartments: snow in Vladivostok there, as well as in the city. But experts state.

— Snowy winter does not threaten the water supply in the South of Primorye, \» they say in Primocanale. — Has the resources to supply water without restriction, even if it will not rain for several months. There and back water — shkotov and Stukowski, built in 2004, when because of the drought in Vladivostok was injected water regime.

There is no need for them to use, but in case of worsening of the situation they will give additional 260 thousand cubic meters of water per day. And now Vladivostok for 24 hours uses about 320 thousand cubes. So water should be sufficient not only to floods, but also to these rains.

In February, the amount of water reservoirs \»Primorsky Vodokanal\» correspond to the average values. So, the main supplier of water — Artyomovsk reservoir is filled by 89 percent, Rogatinskoe and Pioneer — 50. It is normal for the middle of winter. Moreover, as experts say, it is late March snow best fills the reservoir, because no time to disappear.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

In Primorye about three hundred people gathered for a spontaneous protest to demand to return them tap water

In Finding there is not enough water because snowless winter

Residents of the village, the town took to the streets to demand water

3 February. On Wednesday, February 1, residents of the village of Wrangell patience was exhausted as water taps, which disappeared from 13 January because of a critical drop in water level at the intake. In the evening, about 300 people spontaneously gathered at the village square. To the credit of the local authorities, to sit in locked cabinets officials did not. And when the protesters refused to move from 15-degree frost in a warm hall school, located in the center of Wrangel, warmly dressed, and went out to the people. As the press service of the municipality Finds that the dialogue came the Deputy head of Nakhodka city district Alexander Belov:

— The city government is tackling the problem from the very first day it was introduced schedule of water supply. Is really everything. We should not have illusions. In the coming month and a half the situation is unlikely to radically change. Residents need to be patient and survive this difficult period, and the main thing is not to give paneley clerk of the municipality frankly admitted that the maximum that it is now possible to do — to prevent worsening of the situation. Daily intake gives about 4000 cubic meters is less than twice the real needs of the village. Therefore, entered schedule of limited water supply will be maintained. Back well until a fixed position. The resident of the village of Wrangell Sergey Avramenko raises the alarm:

— Lie: the water utility and the municipality Finds, and the administration of the village. People have no more strength left. Neither bathe nor wash impossible. Contacting the Prosecutor’s office in the administration does nothing.

The municipality Finds answers:

— Two backup wells assistants preparing for operation — washed and also lay their pipe to the intake. Simultaneously, local public utilities provide water supply to residential buildings and social institutions of the tank, which at first was not enough.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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