Flooding in Indonesia — Pasaran, Tuban, Medan, Lamongan, deli Serdang

Indonesia: Floods in East Java absorb new areas. One thousand hectares of farmland in Tuban under water.

3 April. The pasuruan. Flooding in East Java is distributed. After it was flooded Gresik-Langan, the same fate befell the coastal road segment in Probolingo Surabaya. The main transport artery of the coast highway in the County GOPAC Grate was flooded within 12 hours.

Flood, depth is on average half a meter, led to the tube length of 10 km in both directions. Machines, which accumulates more and more, it is necessary to overcome the flooded area for 5 hours.

Heavy rains in the region adjacent to the Eastern district of Pasuruan, starts at noon Friday, has led to floods in the districts of Grace, Regosa and Binongan. Suffered at least 4000 local residents, rice fields are flooded. Some schools had to stop the learning process.

According to the Poncho, representative of the regional Agency for disaster management (RAČS) in Pasuruan, flood on Friday night (1st April 2011) absorbed and sugar factory Kedawang in the region Binongan.

The flooded new coastal road below, around 2:00 Sunday. This is the second case of flooding this road segment from January 7.

This time the flood led to the formation of traffic congestion length 10 km from Surabaya and back. Now the bypass road in Kemacetan Probolingo became very vulnerable, as it has now become a lot of small cars and motorcycles.

Source: news.okezone.com

One thousand hectares of farmland in Tuban still flooded

3 April. Tuban — Mick: Despite the fact that the water level in the river Solo fell at least a thousand hectares of agricultural land in eight villages of the region Rengel, Province Tuban, East Java, still covered with water, which has a height of 50 cm

This led to the fact that hundreds of farmers in the region will lose their crops. Flooding continued from last week, flood land in the County.

The water overflowed the river, last week came in Bensavage above 2 metres. The very flood that didn’t exist 10 years, was caused by water that has overflowed the river at site 21 km and have flooded the surrounding area due to dam failure.

As soobaet the head of the village of Ngadirejo, DC Rengel, publication Media Indonesia (April 2), the agricultural area is still flooded despite the fact that the water level in the river Solo gradually returns to normal.

I must say that not all areas were sown. Only some months ago was sown rice. And yet, according to official data, no one to harvest. However, the flooding, which began last week, ruined the harvest. Now there is no hope for the harvest. Farmers will not be able to collect.

Source: MediaIndonesia.com

The mayor behaves irresponsible

Flooding in Indonesia - Pasaran, Tuban, Medan, Lamongan, deli Serdang

on 2 April. Medan. The government of Medan apparently does not intend to take measures in connection with natural disasters. As a consequence of the 11 counties in Medan city was now in captivity large-scale floods, reported this morning Bahrum, member of Commission B, RAČS Medan.

As said Bahram, Chairman of the Board of Medan — Pemco — had to be ready for the flood that was going to happen today, because nature gave signs that some of the rivers flowing through Medan city, overcrowded.

But he did not respond. Pemco had to see these natural signs. And all these consequences of the floods could be prevented, whether Pemco responsible, says Bahram.

He also hopes that the flood happened in Medan today should serve as a lesson for the mayor of Medan. The mayor was to create a coordinating Council of the district level in order to quickly resolve the consequences of flooding and to prevent significant losses.

The mayor must learn these lessons, as well as to form a team for the study and analysis of the problems of flooding. When the flood comes in a big city — it’s pretty serious, signed Bahram.

Source: Waspada.co.id

Shortage of drinking water among the flood victims in Lamongan

3 April. Metrotvnews.com, Lamongan: Thousands of flood victims in five districts of Lamongan, East Java, was faced with a shortage of drinking water. They are forced to use water brought by the flood, for their daily needs: bathing, dishwashing and Laundry.

The villagers of Sombrero, district of Gaga, admitted on Sunday (April 3)that do not receive assistance in the form of drinking water. But they hope that the government will supply them with drinking water and food. People say that the aid is distributed unevenly.

The overflow of the river Jero Bengawan led to the flooding of five districts: Kalitera, Turi, Decat and Gaga (Kalitengah, Turi, Karangbinangun, Deket and Glagah). The depth of water there from 20 cm to more than half. Flooding is already lasts two weeks.

Source: metrotvnews.com

The threat of floods in Delhi Serdang

Amri Tambunan — Regent Delhi Serdang, North Sumatra — provided guidance to local authorities and urged to be prepared for flooding due to extreme weather in the last few days in the area.


Warning about the threat of flooding was widespread responsible in Lubuk Paki-the capital of the Regency Delhi Serdang among a large number of local working groups in the villages.

Regency Delhi Serdang coordinates actions among the responsible groups to achieve greater efficiency in the efforts to combat the effects of floods, according to the head of the Agency for information and communications (InfoCom) Lubuk Paki, there’s none of Cambering. He explained that the intense hit some parts of Delhi Serdang two days ago the rains accompanied by strong winds, can cause flooding and landslides in the largest district of the province of North Sumatra.

He confirmed that the heavy rains that fell in some places Delhi Serdang, overflowed several river basins and caused flooding in several districts in the upper reaches of rivers, including Galang.

In the village of Pertumbuhan, County Galang, because of spill local river suffered 4 houses. And even some of the road now covered meter layer of water.

There were puddles on the road from Delhi Serdang in Karo district. Some residents of the County Galang say that the flood, which occurred on Friday (April 1), one of the most severe in the last 20 years.

Source: Wwaspada.co.id

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