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Apple (Latin Málus) — Genus of deciduous trees and shrubs in the family with spherical pink sweet or sour-sweet fruits. The genus contains 36 species (1976). More vserasprostraneny: apple, home, or cultural (Malus domestica), which includes the majority of the world's cultivated species, apple slivolistnaya Chinese (Malus prunifolia), and the lowest apple (Malus pumila). Many types of apple trees grown as ornamental plants in gardens and parks, to use field-protective afforestation. 

All kinds of — Excellent honey plants. Tree species in apple compacted, strong, easy to cut and well polished; applicable for turning and joinery, small craft. Trees with spreading crown height of 2.5-15 m truncated branches (fertile) on which flower buds, and elongated (growth).
Wild species have thorns on the branches. Leaves petiolate, naked or pubescent, with deciduous stipules or remaining. The flowers are white, pink or reddish, collected semiumbels or shields. 
Territory growth 
Total area of the former USSR to clear up 10 species. Of wild species in the forests of the European part of the Caucasus and the apple tree grows wild, feral (malus sylvestris); in Asia Minor, Iran, Crimea and the Caucasus — apple Eastern, Caucasian (malus orientalis); in China, Mongolia, Primorsky Krai, Eastern Siberia — Siberian apple, berry (malus baccata); in the Tien Shan — Niedzwiecki apple (malus niedzwetzryana); in North America (plain Mississippi) — Sulyarda apple (malus soulardi). Apple bred in most areas with a temperate climate. 
Commercial gardens located in places where there are no extreme temperatures, ground tenderloin and pretty water for irrigation. The world's major producers of fruit — Germany, Italy, France, Spain, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Brand new Zealand and South Africa. Approximately half of the apples sold accounted for grades «Delicious» and «Golden Delicious», which are more vserasprostraneny in the U.S.. Both of these varieties can grow in a wide range of criteria. 
In the gardens of the middle zone of the Russian Federation grown: earliest "Kitaika gold" (Michurinsky grade), "Grushovka Moscow" (ancient form), "Papirovka" (one of the best summer activities), "White filling" (differs especially sweet and sturdy fruit); autumn "Cinnamon striped "(excellent fruit retains its shape in a jam)," Anisa "(ancient Russian variety)," Bellefleur Kitaika "(Michurinsky dessert, the best in the midst of autumn species) and more popular winter -" Antonivka "(ancient Russian freshest decent grade, for at least what fruit processing and storage). 
In the gardens of the southern belt distinguished: resistant to storage fruit varieties — "Rosemary", fragrant dessert "White Winter kalvil"; numerous Reinette: "Paper rennet", "Red saffron", "Striped saffron"; Sinap "Kandil-synaptic", "Sary-synaptic "" Fetch "(especially high-Alma-Ata).

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