Mushrooms are rare and unusual.

Mushrooms are rare and unusual.Mushroom picker basket decoration and rare taste enjoyed by nature can bestow an experienced collector. Talk about two kinds. First shown Believers — for conventional agriculture mushroom collector seemed simple toadstool. The second — on the table saw a lone, living in the wilderness, «Robinson.»

Mushrooms are rare and unusual.
Known for many hundreds and even thousands of different species of fungi. Edible same among them about 300, and in the food consumed and less. Not all pickers are able to identify edible fungus and distinguish it from the poison. These include fungi known enough white beetle (koprinus) — mushroom delicacy. It grows in the fall, sometimes in the summer on a well manured, humus-rich soil. You can find it on the pastures, gardens, garbage sites. Samples of the land tidy mushrooms on a short thick stalk a few hours turn into slender high bells. And they are heaps of dense silvery, almost right next to each other. Elongated egg-shaped hat covered koprinusa as tiles, white or dusky scales. At this age, being white, edible mushroom. But a few hours later hat darken subside down and turned into a shapeless pulp blackish, of which the earlier mass produced ink. Such inks are difficult to forge, so they are designed to produce critical documents. Mushrooms are rare and unusual.
We must hurry to the collection of these wonderful fungi skorospelok. Experts say that young koprinusy taste like mushrooms. Use them boiled or fried.
In an area of ​​5-6 square meters can cut a couple of packets-raspashonok. Washing by 2-3 waters, get rid of the flakes and debris. Simply boil with salt and onion — meat tastes like partridges, only more gentle. I cooked and frozen mushrooms add the minced meat — for long-term abstinence and relaxing my men-husband and father — from drunkenness. Do not think that vtihushku — warned them. And the thing is that after eating dung Koprinus / Coprinus comatus (4 kinds of them, and all of them are edible) for quite a long time drinking alcohol causes a temporary poisoning, the symptoms of which will soon pass. The active substance dung — тетраэтилтиурамиддисульфид oxidizes alcohol injected into the body. Different types of substances dung different amounts. The biggest gray beetle, a little less in the flickering of dung and the minimum quantity in white and scattered dung. Pleasure is worth it. And my guys chose mushroom delicacies. It is now crafty and pharmacists
scientists have developed a drug mycologists Petersburg «Fung Chi Koprinus» based on the fungus koprinusa komatusa to treat alcoholism. The fact that white beetle does not cause such a reaction as gray beetle, that is not rampant vomiting, it acts much softer (sometimes nausea), but its main function — to produce latent aversion to alcohol — it performs well.
And here’s another one (do not worry, no consequences — if not mistake) of the genus toadstools, edistvenny edible — MUSHROOM TSEZARSKY (Amanita caesaria) ROYAL!

Mushrooms are rare and unusual.Wonderful creation of this «royal» mushroom. First, similar to the egg in the shell of, then it shoots their bright orange hat. Tastes like white, but richer Otenko. Practically boiled and roast away.
The main difference — and foot plate — bright yellow or orange. The fungus is common in many countries and continents. On the Adriatic, in Abkhazia, in Primorye — it is common. We, in the Amur region, rarely listed as endangered. But in the past year — «fire» a huge meadow for a few days. It was fun — colorful, bright spots in forest clearings.
And here’s another site to help — / index.php
Successful mushroom hunting!

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