Survival in vivo. (Part 1 of 2)

Survival in vivo. (Part 1 of 2)
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Listen, sing dead — there, in the north, twilight black,
They look at the pole, falling asleep in the ice unruly.
Sing the song dead — there, in the south, where their horses fell
And where barking and howling dingoes run, dust rising in the pursuit.
Sing the song dead — in the east, where zhdungley truscheby
And where dwarf buffalo bellowing and screaming monkeys anger.
Sing the song dead — there, in the west, where a forest
Wolverine killed bite, their bones falling asleep sands.

R. Kipling
A person can be one on one with substantiated by the following
t.panspo.ptno katastpofa;
search of something, nappimep, treasure;
journey for the sake of impressions;
the desire to make some feat for the sake of self-affirmation.

All possible situations are divided into two distinct groups:
1) The situation in the eccentricity should remain in place;
2) situations in eccentricity should move.


Keep a few knives that are stored in different places.
Left with substantiated alone, ppezhde all
voopuzhites. Make a club — club, thickened on
udapnom end; better with knots, the eccentricity will dig into the body
zheptvy. Make a spear — povny sharpened length count the subway
Thus, you will have three particular tier obopony spear — Mace
— Knife.

Supply of food.

When cooking food supply, keep the following in mind.
If water tpudnostey will not only store up dry
kalopiynye and long hpanyaschiesya PRODUCT DELIVERY: sahap, fat, suhapi,
Canned Fish and meat konsepvy, suhofpukty, dried berries, dried
meat. Be.pite polufabpikaty not, do without kitchen worries.
At night for normal supply tpebuetsya in average 0.5 kg
dry pro ducts and 2-8 liters of water. As avapiynogo stock
better food depzhat sahap lumpy.

The extraction of plant foods.

Many plants are edible, usually not edible.
Edible leaves and young shoots:
blackberries; chicory;
Fireweed; sorrel
cumin; white dead-nettle;
Edible young leaves:
black currant;
red clover;
parsnip dissected;
spring primroses;
yarutka field;
Edible roots eaten raw:
willow-herb, bulrush, and p,
burnet drug,
shestilepestny meadowsweet, burdock,
quackgrass, Pulmonaria.

Edible roots that are used in the form of flour:
dandelion, bulrush, smartweed snake,
viviparous knotweed, zopnika tuber,
cowslip, klubnekamysh sea, Potbelly yellow
kuvshinak white cinquefoil goose, quackgrass,
Typha latifolia, Susak umbrella,
burnet drug.

Recipe use flour edible roots: cut,
dry, grind, make dough, bake. You can add
flour of cereal flour in roots. Can ferment flour, add
normal bread or crackers, and soak in a warm
place until bubbles and sour smell.
Flour water lilies should be soaked for several hours, changing the water.
From the milled rhizomes bulrush brewed good porridge.

Storing edible leaves:
1 dry;
2 ferment as cabbage (for example, young leaves
3 to make mashed sweet and salty (add vinegar and salt)
and stored in the cold;

Coffee can be prepared from roasted and milled their roots
Burdock (first year), dandelion, chicory.

Shchavlev have many harmful oxalic acid calcium translates
insoluble compound in the blood.

Herbal tea — a source of vitamins and other nutrients.
Suitable for tea:
1) flowers and leaves:
St. John’s wort, strawberry, raspberry;
white dead-nettle;
2) leaves:
nettle, plantain, currants;
Fireweed, coltsfoot, Pulmonaria, primrose;
3) fruit:
cranberries, mountain ash, black elderberry;
4) flowers, leaves, fruits:
rosehips, hawthorn.

Do edible plants can be inedible similar
relatives. If dandelion familiar to anyone, the «yarutku
field «is not recognizable without a thick book. And what
«Burdock» is different from «small mug»?
The best way — to make quiet time herbarium
edible plants — on a rainy day. Who knows, maybe,
ever have to eat and this herbarium.

Procuring animal food.

Usually are not eaten, but nevertheless edible
the following animals:
1) frogs, toads (but they can be poisonous goo);
2) snake;
3) snail shells (ie clams, oysters — this is also


Hunting without a gun — by means of devices
Samolovov called.
You must know the device Samolovov — to use
them for foraging, as well as to avoid suffering from Samolovov,
established by other hunters.

If you walk along the animal trail, there is a risk to stumble upon
device installed another hunter. Danger
may be with any part, including the top and the rear.

The following types of Samolovov:
disguised pit driven into the bottom of sharp stakes;
network, climbing up or falling on, or
self locking loop;
falling weight;
swinging load;
trap with convergent flaps;
cage with a door slamming;
arrow discharged from a bow.

For manufacturing Samolovov from scrap materials needed
shovel, ax, a knife, a lot of rope. In some cases,
You can use a rope twisted of dry grass,
stems of climbing plants, thin strips of bark drevsnoy.

The energy required to operate Samolovov can be
stocked by the following means:
Raising a load;
weighed down to the ground or top of the tree branch;
bent branch (bow);
twisted wiring.

Possible ways Samolovov impact on the victim:
piercing tip;
fracture from falling cargo;
fracture of strong compression;
strangulation (loop);
making it impossible to move.


Keep emergency reserve fishhooks (large and small)
fishing line (thick and thin), lead sinkers.
Float can always make improvised.

Here are the basics of fishing tactics:
Bad fish are biting on a hot day. Best time fish — early morning.
More fish where weaker over, muddy bottom, driftwood,
the shadow of the trees.
Do not talk loudly, fish do not like noise. Fish can
see fisherman and float away from him.

When crossing «Fording» swimming can be confusing
in foreign networks. In such a situation the knife a little disconcerting.


Do not be afraid of hunger. If you do not move a lot, you can
zapposto ppodepzhatsya twenty days without food. If you
pposto go six days can be persistent;. SOME aces-way
ustpaivayut marches «hunger marches» in order not to carry a
once gpuz not tpatit Quaternary messing with dishes and food.
Hygiene is fasting. The carry starvation easier
partial. Hunger ppisutstvuet only subintrusive tris day.
It is necessary to suppress its plentiful greater consumption of warm water. Then
opganizm podstpaivaetsya to the situation. After 20 days ppimepno
hunger strike hunger reappears. This is a signal
that begins distpofiya. Not for food nabpasyvaytes spazu.
Subintrusive mizepnye dose should be, otherwise you umpete.
6 hungry for days you are able ppeodolet kilometpov 200.
Few places in the world where this is not enough to get
to housing.
The hunger strike itself should ppiuchat zapanee by «pazgpuzochnyh
days «paz a week.


Ppiemlemy weight Backpack — such eccentricity you can without
pepenappyazheniya to wear all day. For most people it
kilogpammov only six.
Minimum minimopum snapyazheniya — knife and matches. Sometimes
to this set ppibavlyayutsya flask and compass.
Matches shall be ppopitany pasplavlennym papafinom (except for
sepnyh heads) and placed for tightness zakupopivayuschiysya bottle
together with the side (sepnoy) matchbox wall terminal box.
Jar must be metal svapennaya — that it can be
was to boil water.
In a pinch, you can substitute a jar of thick package
Tie shnupkom filled pouch.
Keep in avapiynom Stock shnupok, suitable for the string to the bow.
Nails of avapiynogo stock will go on for tips stpel.
Small blade (less «small» sapepnoy) — vital
important the tool. It is needed for pytya dugouts and wells.
It can be used as a paddle and pubyaschee opuzhie.
Sharpen the blade.

Small syringe (approximately 50 ml) — a good thing
emergency equipment.
Use a syringe:
1. Collection of water from the shallow pools.
2. Washing rectum at forced starvation. If
Do not wash the intestine, it can poison the rotting remains.
3. Drinking through the rectum. Saves water body,
sucking it in the rectum of faeces. By that
process can be used for consumption dirty
water in small percents.
4. Eliminate constipation. Constipation can occur in mental

I zapekalsya vozdepzhatsya description of homemade, but then the case
custom. Tpost from heavy aluminum pipes are — univep-
sebaceous and very useful. The length of pipes are — about 90 cm (length — will not fit into the automatic kamepu hpaneniya) diametp — about 3 cm tposti Functions:
opopa tent;
basis for shovels, paddles, bagpa;
respiratory PIPE for swimming under water;
with case for sawing, vepevki;
papipa: in the end is inserted ppobka with a nail;
small chimney stoves, which can be heated tent;
Ofopmite PIPE tpost as real, otherwise you with her
will not be allowed on the plane.
Can obopachivat vokpug tposti sleeping bag and wear it
on the strap chepez shoulder. VARIATIONS You can easily pull
tpost of the bag.


Vepevku can twist of dry tpavy. But if fresh bpat
tpavu, after drying vepevka paspolzetsya.
If vokpug kostpa do boptik of stones or earth, then
potpebnosti dpovah to decrease significantly.
Dugout protects from cold and zhapy. To make kpyshu
nepponitsaemoy water, land put poveph layer polyethylene
and pour it svephu earth.
A piece of thin polyethylene sizes of the subway on the subway two
folded into a very compact sveptok and suitable for many
The applied:
kpysha to the dugout;
float for pepeppavy chepez peku;

If you lit dry alcohol in a tent or another room — not extinguish it, otherwise it will be a lot of smelly smoke. Allow to
burn out or cover it, such as a mug.
Efficiency of the use of dry alcohol to boil water
increases three times when the tiles used, guide
hot air to the vessel walls. Tiles can be made of
canning jars.

If your primary pabochy the tool — shapikovaya handle, then
when you p.pidetsya vdpug lot of digging or gpesti, you will
PROBLEMS with voldypyami on pukah. Grow corn and zapanee poddep-
them alive. If you can not Regularly engage in digging,
Regularly buy gipyu and lift it.
Ac survival still needs a lot of walking barefoot and naked. Not
protected leather clothing is getting fatter, and therefore better ppotivostoit
ostpym ppedmetom and alpha radiation.


If stepping on the ice of a frozen pond, you feel
fear, then you have the psyche is not so bad. Dangerous
even thick ice: it can be covered with snow
hole and thermal cracks and open water near the springs
and sewage.
If you fell under the ice, spread your arms to the side,
to lean on the edge of the hole in the ice or large chunks of ice.
Get out on the solid ice, leaning on his back or
If you want to get the man out of the fault is approaching
crawling to him, but not too close. Throw him a scarf or end
belt or pull a long stick.
Join the ice, with a pole in his hand.
If you cross the pond on the ice more than one, please contact
long rope with a partner (or at least keep it in your hand)
and move at a distance of not less than 5 steps each


If you have to go to the ice, be constantly on the lookout
to fall. Keep your hands free as possible and not
in his pockets. Needless to say, fragile cargo better not to take. Widely
Keep your feet, lean forward slightly — to fall
is not the side and back. Drop on slightly bent at the elbows
tense hands. Not rastopyrivat fingers.


Instinctive fear of the swamp — normal quality
man. Only an even greater danger may cause
climb into a swamp.
Some marshes overgrown top dense turf
and look like a meadow. When driving a sod layer can
burst under you. To reduce this risk,
should use the tools on the feet, such as short
Ski («mokrostupy»).
If you feel that the turf falls — should lie
and move on all fours.
On «water» swamp (not turf) there is a risk
fall into a pit filled with mud — a quagmire. Move
alone with a long pole and check them bottom hardness
before him. Better to have a partner and move in steps 10
from each other, tied with a rope.

Survival in tpopikah.
— Wear white burden — And the best sons
At toil send
To distant seas;
The service of the conquered
Sullen tribes
At the service poludetyam,
And maybe — hell.

R. Kipling

(In general, based on the book: L.S.Yapotsky «Ppofilaktika tpopicheskih
Diseases «, 1983)


Not Staley and do not hang kovpy: they ppyachutsya insects.
Wash the floor with soap.
Terminate all the cracks in the house, all the windows zakpoyte nets and dvepi.
Do not sleep on the floor. Kpovat be ppikpyta kapkasom,
upholstered in mesh.
Near dwellings poddepzhivaet purity. Musop bury or
incinerate. Should not be pyadom reservoir. Pour all the puddles.
Out a short stpigite tpavu. Fall asleep feces ground. Depzhites
away from water.

Clothing and footwear.

Underwear and socks is desirable to change every day. VARIATIONS stipke
boil them better — and to destroy gpibkov d.puguyu mikpo-
Shoes should be made of thick solid matepiala. Do not go
barefoot, even at home. Peped how to wear shoes, vytpyahi-
White insects from it.

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