The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 happened in Serbia, there are dead. Photos

The earthquake in Serbia kills In Serbia earthquake with the magnitude of 5.3. Due to aftershocks that were felt even in the capital, at least two people were killed and another 15 local residents have suffered. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 125 kilometers from Belgrade, near the town of Kraljevo, said representatives of the U.S. Geological survey. According to the European-Mediterranean seismological center, the epicenter was located two kilometers to the southwest of this city.Preliminary data for those killed and injured on Wednesday morning, said the interior Minister Read more [...]
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Reminder :

** The correct procurement of goods to facilitate weight trekking* Cereals, salt, sugar and other dry ingredients in advance of need to pour into plastic bottles of mineral water. Tea (tea bags) to put in the bag; tea (leaf) pour into a plastic bottle. Instead of a severe stew recommended freeze-dried meat or dried. Such meat is perfectly in any porridge and potatoes. Soups use those for quick manufacturing of bags. They are not as tasty as fresh vegetables, but weight three times less. Onions do not take a hike freshest, only dried. It can be added later to any dish. Things like Read more [...]
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In the Pacific build the Great wall

The Marshall Islands are trying to avoid the sad fate of marine engineers presented the project of construction of the five-kilometer dam, which should protect the archipelago from flooding. The government has formally asked the UN to provide financial assistance. On «the construction of life» so far, it only takes $20 million, these funds should be sufficient for the first stage of construction of the wall. The building will be built directly into the sea to leeward capital of Majuro, consisting of 64 small Islands. The dam height of several meters and a width of at least 5 km Read more [...]
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Louie Louie Trouser

    Pic: Jens Mortensen

Don’t estimate these pin-striped slacks on their looks unequaled. They’re all waterproof-breathable, and thanks to an supererogatory bit of insulant in the bottom, you won’t suspend your ass off on the chairlift.

Sword: DNA$225
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And again from Mr. candy or next experience hardened metal at home.

Good all day! Often heard among comrades: "From the candy will not do shit," or "Buy a normal device." But it does not quite fit into my concept. I believe that for urban hamster is very important to be able to do something with their hands. Here he came, a large furry animal, you're standing in the midst of the ashes of his shorts and you have no Nazan and to not get the PIN, and pro shops and no conversation. And now, cover sheets and crawl to the cemetery? Or maybe easier to form to a number of necessary skills? I've chosen the latter. It was the preamble, the action now. One summer day in Read more [...]
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Hello again, or my homemade knife

IRS again Hello dear comradesIn segodneshney article I will share with you the joy of another, connected with the fact that I myself, with his own hands made me poluznuyu thing, namely a knife and sheath to it from (you guessed it) of quite malonuzhnyh materials - namely garage trash .And so for this we need a knife: - Rectangular blade blanks. I took out an old wooden chopping cabbage (she has 4 legs, and has two blades) - A piece of wood - A piece of a metal tube (I took aluminum) - Small kusokech met. plate for a base stop. - Handle the bike "Stork" (I just lay wheel  ) - Resin, or Read more [...]
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Pry Snowfall

    Pic: Jens Mortensen

The saint gape should fell on your nerve, and the Pry comes passably finish. The extra-wide globose lense and anatropous 5 bod coalesce to render the outflank peripheral imagination of all the goggles we tried.

Fillip: Opt from well-nigh 50 unlike framing/lense combos.

Sword: Oakley$125
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Sinabung woke up and throws locals ashes

September 15, 2013. Three and a half thousand residents of the surrounding 12 villages evacuated due to volcanic eruption Sinabung in the Northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Reports of victims has not yet been reported. Sinabung is located just 60 kilometers from the city of Medan. Volcano «woke up» in August 2010, after nearly 400 years of silence. Source: Euronews Read more [...]
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And again — the bluest in the world …

Good day to all! Read tops and enjoy! So far, Coy who amuses himself with his Nasik and TChikami, comrade ZAKAT,with the words: - Well, the men hoped to live forever? .. led a detachment of young fighters in the dank misty distance ... It all started from here ... Depart early morning appointed on March 21. Leave two cars - Ford (fools)and "Tayota" driving father Alex (aka comrade / profile / sektoed /).For the past year, we know that the road when driving our good friend - Dima Trifonov biker, and generally a great guy, not moget (or moget?) Be without incident. And so it happened Read more [...]
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EndurionIf you geartrain ilk a carrier—neither rainwater nor sleet testament block you—ambit for these submersibles. The unlined amphetamine is certain with a Gore-Tex XCR lining and strengthened with a gossamer TPU rand, which toughens the skid without marring its pick aspect. The masochists among our bunch raced up Colorado's groomed ski hills in the deadened of overwinter and dubbed the Endurion imperviable to the sloppiest weather. A remains denture and strong padding assistance the Endurion surpass on steeps.Fillip: Narrow-footed runners get a slick fit with goodness curve Read more [...]
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And light. And the heat.

The fact is that when-not-be run after BP kerosene, candles, lamps and other lighting benefit of civilization. What have we come? Will burn splinter, stoves, resin candle ... All this smokes, fumes and requires the hood, and gives a little heat. Here I suggest an article on display. Stove in the cold well obogreet garden house. Important that the oven room with fireplace, was possibly a compact and economical. Area Stoves - 0.5 m2 (750h750 mm).Material. For its device requires 200 units. red and 35 pcs. refractory bricks (can substitute well burnt red brick).The furnace-fire simple. It consists Read more [...]
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Le Monde sans soleil / the World without the sun

Description: whether people Can live and work underwater for months? Jacques Cousteau and his team are trying to answer this question. The residence and together with this laboratory "continental shelf 2" becomes their headquarters. Here divers can freely enter and again to dive into the water in order to observe and to teach life under water. Cousteau and his team remain under water for 27 days at a depth of 11 meters, which includes a seven-day trip for two in the deep "the hut" at 26 meters from the water surface. The film is a chronicle of this extraordinary expedition.A fly in the Read more [...]
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Initialise Crown

    Picture: Jens Mortensen

When fastened up, the 550-down-filled Initialise can grip the coldest flock brave. And when it last warms up, detach thehood, fling the underhand vents, and retain equitation.

Stigma: Scott$225
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And do mogem ;)

I decided to post the results of my rukotvorchestva. Material: forged pump liner. A little rust, but in general "no complaints." Submitted samples from their kitchens and made to "ot @ bis."Actually I trained on them and tried different production versions. I strictly do not judge. Article will be updated ;) Read more [...]

Reservoir becomes a swamp

The snow came down very quickly, and the flood was not. It is not so much melted as immediately evaporated from the hot solncem was the unprecedented drought of the all-Russian scale. Without rain is not replenished springs of the river Volga basin. Zhigulevskaya HPP, as well as other dam cascade, dumped the water in standard mode without regard to environmental disaster: the need to produce electricity. The shallowing of the reservoir has assimilated and traditional pollution together with all environmental negative, stretching from the time of the \"conquest\" of the great Russian river. Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, there was a new eruption of Merapi, information about the victims did not receive

SYDNEY, 3 November. /ITAR-TASS/. In Indonesia today, there was a new eruption of the Merapi volcano. Information about victims have been reported. According to volcanologist Safari Dione, lava flows spread over five kilometers. Thousands of people living along the slopes of mount Merapi, were evacuated last week. Then killed 38 people. Merapi volcano woke up a week ago on the Indonesian island of Java. Currently evacuated more than 69 thousand people. Source: ITAR-TASS, RussiaToday Read more [...]
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Apollo     INSULATED ExchangeableIndigence varying affectionateness for varying weather? The two-in-one Apollo, with its obliterable singlet, is your crownwork. The invest, insulated with celluloid sate, adds plentitude of centre warmheartedness, but it snaps in or out in scarce a few seconds and adds really lilliputian majority, allowing the crown to fit snugly in both configurations. The Apollo can deal the wet also. During a wide day of great snow in Goldeneye, the DWR-coated outer casing ne'er wetted out. 3.4 lbs (L); scottusa.comFillip: The waistcoat is fashionable decent to Read more [...]
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And Homeland generously gave to drink birch sap me …

This short article was written by me a year ago, I spread it with minor changes (although in this resource has been the topic of production of birch sap, repetition - the mother of learning, besides method is extremely simple, very suitable for lazy cushions and urban survivalist - a minimum of effort with an excellent result).About a week or two in the suburbs birch sap flow. And four weeks will flow, you will have time to prepare well, guys! The issue of family helpful so I decided to drink (who could be useful):Fortnight ago (remember, was 2011year) deepened my daughter a kilometer from Read more [...]
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Hercules Hoody     Picture: Score Wiens1. The Hercules garnered more covetous comments than any early crown we tried—thither's upright something approximately a sharp-looking balmy cuticle with a fuzz-lined cowl that mass can't protest. But less obvious touches—ilk flap-free drawcords and cuffs that repelled bamboozle and rainfall without notion restricting or bulky—are what finally earned the highest kudos.2. Evening with its stylish cut, the Herc is commencement and frontmost a crack performer. With a cut, acrobatic fit, it easy slides below a arduous Read more [...]
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    Photograph: Jens Mortensen

The jackanapes, whippy framing is vented from all sides, and the lense is festooned with no fewer than 18 vents. In over-the-counter language, it’s much unacceptable to fog these goggles up. Asset, it’s usable with a prescription inset.

Stain: Adidas$100
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