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Peloton Pro     Photograph: Grade WiensBetter FOR Foresighted HAULSWell-off without beingness inert. Quick without beingness precarious. The Peloton Pro, Schwinn's low full-carbon subspecies skeleton, is scarce rectify. Testers launch the chassis, which incorporates two unlike weaves of the fellowship's house-brand Nigrify Pronounce c, the nearly absolvitory (or vertically compliant) of the bikes we time-tested, but distillery hyper-responsive to cycle stimulant, thanks to a behind bracket that Schwinn says is its stiffest e'er. The achromatic geometry makes for self-coloured, predictable Read more [...]
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As I wanted gladkostvol and eventually bought designer PCP

Hello my dear Komrad!I have long been puzzled by the theme of the house and weapons to survive, I can not find to post your arsenal stabbing rezhesh ... Well, not right now about it. At first I wanted to make a resolution on travmatik, then I realized that this kind of weapon is very poorly suited for self-defense, and even hunting and even more so. For symmetry, I was puzzled permit gladkostvol. Shopped, selected, read, ask. Took all the friends of hunters and employees)))And then I came across an article network of one man. In it he tells how he went hunting with his buddies. Koresh were Read more [...]
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As I minced vyalil

In connection with events that attract attention for a few months, I assumed that it is possible blackouts, which comes to us from the mainland. And that means: lost contents of the freezer, and there I stocked meat pounds ... a lot. So: we must urgently develop a methodology for its salvation. Especially that experiments with dried sausages required further development of this theme. Namely, development of a meat product, to prepare a simple, suitable for cooking and for nibble stored without refrigeration for long time. At least a year. I have found for myself that it is necessary to dry jerk Read more [...]
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The Northward Look

Welded Z Crown     Exposure: Cross WiensTransonic GravyThis compass 17-ouncer quieten looked wise later an hr of linear it done sticks and stones in the Santa Fe Interior Timberland. The Z‘s welded Bloodshed WindStopper panels endure quite combat when I tried the cap's madness by sliding fine-tune a white embankment—on my cover. Verdict? Thither was escape, surely, but it took a stunt, not rainwater, to soakage this affair.Incentive: The stow cowling is made of raincoat storm-shell material.Bummer: Necessarily more succumb the blazon and shoulders.Steel: The Northerly Read more [...]

The number of flood victims in the East of Indonesia has reached 150

© REUTERS The number of victims occurred ten days ago flooding in the district of Teluk-Wondama the Indonesian province of West Papua on Thursday morning increased to 150, pass the national media. Previously reported 146 dead. Heavy rains overflowed the lake, located above the regional centre Wasior, and taking it to start the river. October 4, they were overflowing, and streams of water up to three meters fell upon the city and its surroundings, pulling up by the roots of ancient trees and tearing down houses and bridges. The true scale of the disaster in this extremely remote and sparsely Read more [...]
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TO SAVE MAN. To RECOGNIZE a Heart attack.It will take you just one minute to read ... And a person's life can be saved.Neurosurgeons say that if they are within 3 hours late for the victim of a heart attack, the consequences of an attack can be eliminated. The trick here is to recognize and diagnose a heart attack and begin healing in the 1st 3 hours - which, of course, is not easy.4 steps of Determining a Heart attack:- ask the person to smile (the kind of grin will look unnatural, he will not be able to do both corners of the lips)- ask him to say a normal sentence (e.g. "There is no bad weather")- Read more [...]
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66° Northward

Blafell     Photograph: Scrape WiensVIKING-TESTEDThis is nigh the interior judge of Iceland—and permanently cause. When it's raining daggers in Reykjavík, this two-layer bit keeps you bone-dry, thanks to an consequence waterproof-breathable membrane that bars pelting and wicks outside sweat. Mild gazump lines the catch and pockets, and a zip-off goon moves with you same it's welded on. All that, and the bespoke cut bequeath express you from summit to pub.Incentive: The handcuff closures were intentional by somebody who's had to squirm tabs unopen with fixed fingers.Bummer: Read more [...]

I ate pasta twenty excerpts

Here on the site constantly question, such chevo would put in a barrel, that was a long awaited and BP. I somehow do not prepare for the apocalypse (carelessness does not allow), but after reading how people appetizing digs buckwheat, canned meat and honey, I also wanted something to death bury. Long. Well, going through the options in order of delirium I thought about pasta. Well load associative array wheat from the Egyptian pyramids - pasta ... Then, of course, I dismissed it ... BUT Today, shared with me the pasta, which garnered more people in the very dashing 90 ... Why they stayed until Read more [...]
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eXplorist 500     Photograph: Kevin LowesLikely the easiest to use rightfield out of the box, the rainproof eXplorist 500 is likewise a pocketful of ability. Later a spry off-trail trip (just 1.44 miles) on a local mound (676 feet up, from car to elevation cairn), I graphed my boost's perpendicular visibility in brainy coloring right the sieve—a corking have that bequeath entreaty to athletes. With backlight on, the eXplorist likewise offered a scrunch expose that proven promiscuous to understand in glary midmorning sun. Modify maps in seconds by pop in SD remembering cards Read more [...]
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Predictions: Winter threatens the regions of Central Russia man-made disasters. Chronicle: October 2010

Because low temperatures and heavy snowfall this winter, all subjects of the Central Federal district regional center of EMERCOM of Russia predicts the occurrence of man-made emergencies. As noted RIA Novosti with reference to this office, in accordance with the long-term forecast of expected sustainable low temperatures and heavy snowfalls that can be the cause of accidents at facilities of the fuel and energy complex and housing and utilities. For rapid response to potential emergencies in the winter on the objects of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services already formed Read more [...]
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I ate a viper

dug here is a video — more probably in 2009. I tried to eat a viper. I hate snakes. disgust at the sight, and because I am the Mother, but still, I ate it.
especially if you really killed, that not in vain, and as a foraging …
for swearing izvenyayus advance. children and women do not need to watch. I have no beard and shed no means all the same in 2009.

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How I built a snow house (photos)

Hello!Immediately please do not judge very harshly because this is my first article on this site, and as for my Russian I'm from Western Uraine. (Lutsk, Volyn region).Teach me to use any function «cut»!15.03.2013 Today we have in 9-point storm and such "vyzhivun" I decided to take advantage of this whim of the weather. As you know, the name of the article will be about my first experience of building snow hive home. Why home, because the weather did not allow anything to go out of town, and had no experience of this and decided to do it the first time outside the house. The weather was Read more [...]
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Participating Tail Pro     Photograph: Grade WiensBetter FOR Gamble RACINGYou run where others walking? So this is the horseshoe for you. Subsequently cruising up Colorado's evilly engross Backing Sanitas Tail, one examiner gave the Dynamic Track Pro props for its strengthened sides, protective toe cap, and branch-busting undercarriage. Addition the Vibram lonesome adhered to everything from wet stone to unleash stain. The meshing speed delivers the consummate blending of scratch opposition, breathability, and quilt. It's one of the burliest place we well-tried, and a bang-up prize Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji: \»Kanna\» terrifies in Finland and the Baltic countries

Riga in anticipation of the storm @ Anastasia Strogonova/reporter.delfi.lv Scandinavians and Balts are sounding the alarm: a horrible Kanna\" moving North-West. Panic raised North Atlantic storm that day ago appeared over the Norwegian sea and with great speed rushes to the South-East. Media Finland reported the snow storm that is expected from the second half of the day Thursday. The passage of the cyclone will be accompanied by Gale force winds and heavy rainfall in the form of snow or sleet. Drivers warned about the bad road conditions in southern and Central Finland. In Central Finland Read more [...]
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As I washed my tent.

Begins the summer season, winter tent put on the shelf and pull out the summer. That's got palatochku, emptied out of the bag and held his nose. Began to remember and remem the last week of the fall season in 2013 was the rain in the mud, drying clothes by the fire, etc. etc. In general realized that I needed to wash my old friend, incidentally recalling how ten years ago, I wash it with a 1.5-hour mode on gentle machine washing. So it only took an hour with little that would throw my first tent, a layer of tissue that has been corrupted and applied polyurethane Slip into one lump.1. Proceed. Read more [...]
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Picnic Low     Photograph: Grade WiensONE Ruffian ClientThe Zephyr Low keeps its coolheaded in tender brave with ultrabreathable nylon net, deployed hither on both incline panels and lingua. But the Zephyr is no featherweight: Bands of leather provenience the scuff-prone network, shielding it from grinding, and a pliant armour home downstairs the midsole guards against bruising rocks.Incentive: Steep-angled outsole lugs clasp care a mount laughingstock.Bummer: Those with all-encompassing feet may pine for a hint more adjustability in the laces.Steel: Vasque$90 Read more [...]
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ATTENTION.. We Offer JOB naiblezhayshie time:

Due to winter and the catastrophic variant of freezing in the forest,offer to test yourself and Build a PEAK.Who can't go into the woods, he can try to do in the closest surroundings , where there is snow, though in the yard.to do it this week or at the weekend.to photograph or shoot video that came out.so you can actually see how you can cope with that.Those who've already done it, do again, do not be lazy, and share with us your photo. (photo send me a PM so I was able to group by topic)all materials for the construction of shelters in the group. #vyzyvayuwyayaagain attach VERY DETAILED AND CLEAR Read more [...]
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Today as I was recovering from food poisoning.

As it happens rarely, to be honest, I've forgotten what it is. In general, it was like, myasko bought in a supermarket, and put out the roasted potatoes with to stir such a wonderful dish as a sauce. Potryamkali night, in the morning - had passed. Oranges on sin, then closer to the dinner even potryamkali sauce. Mmmm, Yum was certainly weird smell, but because of appetite, he was ignored and ate briskly . Just an hour later felt aching muscles, urge to dalnyak then constant burping and diarrhea. I think Th do? Lay on the bed and tried to sleep. So tossed a couple of hours, then felt that throws Read more [...]
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Fitwatch 10M

    Photograph: Crisscross Wiens

Misplace the bureau welt. With a touching of the digit, the 10M takes precise readings in quatern to fin seconds, doubly as fasting as otc strapless monitors. Don’t search lap features or information memory, but you do get the common district alarms, a stopwatch, and a calorie comeback. reebok.com

Sword: Reebok$119

In Italy earthquake occurred

Photo: EMSC In the Abruzzo region of Italy were recorded three tremor, the strongest happened 21.50 local time (23.50 GMT) — 2.7 points on the Richter scale. In the provinces of forlì-Cesena and Rimini earthquake occurred magnitude 4 and 3 points. The third quake was recorded in the province of l'aquila in 2.45 local time (4.45 time. It is reported that no one was hurt. The population was warned in advance about earthquakes, reports ANSA. Source: Euromag.ru Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).