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IMPROVISED COMPASS:If you are in extreme criteria when you need to be aware of where to move, but you don't have a compass or your expired, you will help these tips for making improvised compass :*if your compass has broken, you will certainly save a magnetic arrow, and scale, and to Orient for you is not difficult(see bottom of article) *if a magnetic needle is no then you'll find useful:- sewing needle, a pin ,a piece of metal wire, a nail.Without iron, the iron rod will not work, because all compasses are based on the fact that the geographical North and South poles of the Earth are actually Read more [...]
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I lack to expend New Geezerhood cross-country skiing in the Rockies. Where should I go?

Cross-country skiing in Wyoming     Pic: PhotodiscWyomingCross-country skiing in WyomingA:The trend wideness of Big Sky Commonwealth can be unbelievably enticing, specially on skis. And with 147,165 feather miles to research, thither's every reasonableness to do so. And as you well-read end yr, Yellowstone is one of the posit's well-nigh recognised cross-country skiing destinations, but thither are early floater that merit to be observed. The thaumaturgy is determination where to strong your hackneyed consistence erstwhile you've skied done that glorious Bouldered Lot terrain.Barely Read more [...]
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Rats are not only valuable fur …

Strongly all welcome. Wandering across the expanses of the web the other day looking for ways to travel through the maze and find a way out of them, I stumbled on an interesting information that want to share. The source is an article by Alexander Degtyarev, in which he highlights the many questions stay in caves, catacombs and other underground facilities, which have a complex structure. I have the same among other interested material about the original in my opinion the method of catching rats with options for subsequent cooking. I will not give examples of situations in which these skills can Read more [...]
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3D Gridiron Hurricane 6     Picture: Remains EllisWhy They're CoolheadedIf you've had look-alike ACL repairs or are negative around meniscus, you could be a campaigner for the ultrasupportive 3D Gridiron Hurricanes. » On a day when my knees verged on mutiny and I detected squawking from unknown lilliputian muscles that had ne'er made their comportment known, I quieten managed a convalescence run with the Sauconys. Deuce-ace furcate compounds enwrapped forcefulness in the reheel, supported recoil in the forefoot, and offered torsional rigidness. » It's courteous to see Read more [...]
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The hurricane Igor\» to Bermuda. Photo. Video

Hurricane Igor\", formed in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands, weakened before the hurricane, the first category of risk on a scale the Saffir-Simpson reported on Sunday, the national hurricane centre in Miami (USA). According to meteorologists, the force of the wind at the epicenter is 144 kilometers per hour. At the moment, \"Igor\" is moving in the Bermuda Islands. The islanders are preparing for dangerous winds and storm surge water, notes Reuters.Pictures are clickable Hurricane Igor\" @ NASA @ Gerry Broome / AP @ Gerry Broome / AP @ Gerry Read more [...]
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Heavy Post     Exposure: Grade WiensThe subdued ranch-jacket outside of the Difficult Situation conceals about antic engineering. A coating called NanoSphere magically repels stains and stain from the abrasion-resistant Schoeller WB-400 framework. A waffled lining channels exertion out from the binding. And nether the blazonry, a whippersnapper extend shear allows discharge without ungainly pit zips. 1.3 lbs; www.groundwear.comFillip: Perfective for a motorcycle transpose that sometimes turns into a peloton dash.Bummer: The dirtbags who bequeath beloved it about leave deliver ail Read more [...]
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Krymsk 07 07 2012

Media: "Flooding in the south-west of the Krasnodar Territory was the result of torrential rains - during the day on July 6 in the region had the two-month rainfall" "At 16:00 - 78 dead"Eyewitnesses: "Due to heavy rain the water level rose, so as not to burst - night opened the floodgates, with reservoirs flushed ... But people did not wake and take out ..." "In the city the water rose to 7 meters in just a minute ..." "The wave was up to the second floor ..." "Half of the city under water ..." "No electricity, water, gas ..." "City Krymsk sacrificed to save Novorossiysk!" "Many more are not Read more [...]
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Epiphany     Picture: Remains EllisWhy They're AssurednessThe semitransparent outsoles are made of a house-brand polymer that, according to Brooks's R&D bunch, lasts 30 percentage yearner than that supersticky prophylactic you see on access and mounting place. It likewise improves wet and dry slew opposition by 20 percentage. In the lab, anyways. » The route is the existent run; the Epiphanys humiliated it. I could blockage and commute directions dead on wet, craggy blacktopping dusted with gumption. No skids, no slips, no fears. » The horseshoe has the well-thought-out Read more [...]
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survival hero of our time

"THREE CAPTAIN. Russian ARCTIC"New duckinfield dedicated to the heroic explorers of the North Pole. In the movie - the history of Arctic research and the current gaze on the development of the Arctic shelf, unknown chronicle of the adventures.In its time, the novel Veniamin Kaverin "Two captains" inspired more than one generation of Russian boys and at least 2 Directors. But the real story of the expedition of the famous Explorer Brusilov, which formed in the base book, captures more..Now Our homeland opens the latest Chapter in the story of the development of the Russian Arctic. Read more [...]
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Mug bowler

On the resource "survive" has a note about the modification by cutting circles from her pen and then stitched cover with handle - just a strange modification. In the comments, some not so well-understood jokes, some have suggested that the handle cut with the aim to get a few cups of different size - the type of nesting dolls.Here today in households. store stumbled upon such a naborchik, manufacturer unknown but the country think exactly known In this set includes five pots of different size (in parentheses are the weight of the cups without handles)1. 1000g. (139)2. 750 gr. (129)3. Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the Typhoon in Taiwan increased to 107 people. Photo

At least 107 people were injured because of natural disasters on the island of Taiwan, on Sunday struck first in 2010, a powerful Typhoon Fanapi, said on Monday Reuters. Earlier it was reported on 19 patients. According to the Taiwan center for the elimination of consequences of emergency situations, many of the victims was cut with shards of broken glass or has been injured after falling from a motorcycle. According to meteorologists, when the Typhoon hit Taiwan, the speed of wind gusts in places exceeded 162 kilometers per hour. On the southern tip of the island fell to 542 mm of precipitation, Read more [...]
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Mug survivalist

Good time! Inspired by reading about Mug and NAE. Decided also entangle bark mug and wrap a rope handle, combining it with a small set of tools for survival, can fit into the handle mug. 1. Primal set2. Took half blade. 3. Took a needle and thread. Thread already threaded through the eye. 4. Took a fishing hook with a sinker, 1m fishing line, and a small piece of foam (as a float).5. Took 4 matches. has split ends and shortened. Folded in pairs, dipped in paraffin.6. Took half "chirkacha" also dipped in paraffin. 7. Took a safety pin. 8. Matches, chirkach, ryb.snasti wrapped in foil Read more [...]
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Lowe Alpine

Dry District Unseamed Briefs

    Photograph: Corpse Ellis

Say cheerio to tighty whities, guys. LOWE ALPINE’s DRY Partition Unseamed BRIEFS are sewed from stretchable polyester, which wicks wet—and oodles points with the ladies. (877-891-7908,

Blade: Lowe Alpine$29
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Circulation of marmots in the wild.

WARNING: DO NOT squeamish and nervous VIEW. In this publication, I want to acquaint you with the details not butchering large animals. That each person represented in general terms, that this process of self, is, and found moments to which attention should be paid for the dismantling of animals. So what we have. Marmot (Latin name Marmota bobak) one piece. Number 1For the convenience of cutting, hung carcase, tied it to a stick girth. And make circular incisions on the skin joints legs. Then carefully cut the skin from cuts on the feet to the stomach. To get the original letter X. Number 2Here Read more [...]
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Bermuda \»the Ripper\». Video. Photo

Ill-famed Bermuda triangle was again a zone of risky Maritime and air links. The winds of 150 km/h and waves with a height of 7 meters only strengthened the faith ingrained in the legend. Hurricane Igor\" reduced to the status prior to the 1st category of danger has passed just West of the Bermuda archipelago. Powerful surf drifted famous pink sand on Bermuda beaches. The winds caused the power outage. The streets of the capital, Hamilton flooded and badly polluted, felled many trees. In 2003, the island was hit by hurricane Fabian, which claimed the lives of four people. The loss amounted to Read more [...]
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AK 3L Continuum Fusee     Picture: Chris BartlettWhy It's AssurednessJake welded all the seams unitedly, eliminating 26 feet of taping and a bobbin approximately deserving of weave. » This structure, on with the option of cloth— Burton's own Storm-Lite waterproof-breathable, which has a mild nylon outer case—makes the Continuum Fuzee observably more bendable than a stitched cake. » The elbows are articulate, and the cut of the underhanded curvature someways keeps the rainproof discharge zippers from spying below your pits. Nicely through. » Burton Read more [...]
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Blood on the white tile — aesthetics. If this is not the toilet. Notes of suffering.

So, for the sake of dating and further edification, inspiration tell you about the Israeli medicine, small HRC health and some personal conclusions. Article refers, of course, to survive in the city, in the countryside and on vacation. She also refers to schmooze just. Sit back, will mnogobukaf. Talk without false hesitate about such vulgar prose as an intestinal infection. Intestinal infection, as everyone knows, is viral and bacterial. Bacterial infection is incredibly hard for, but, fortunately, "on time" killed with appropriate antibiotics. During viral infection is often blurry, but it can Read more [...]
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Stormfront Gore-Tex XCR     Picture: Remains EllisWhy They're PoiseThe Stormfronts blow the prototype of waterproofed footgear twist. By victimisation Gore-Tex XCR textile on the outside of the horseshoe, quite than tucking it in the liner, they run the low pipeline of wet defence out where the prophylactic meets the route—or where the nubuck meets the thaw-muck. In rehearse, I ran done ternary inches of glutinous hoodwink, turn the Stormfronts into galoshes, and ended the path of leash miles matte neither wetness nor podiatric asphyxiation. » The outsole lugs snap Read more [...]
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Hurricane Karl\» killed 22 Mexican

MEXICO city, September 22. Squally winds and flooding caused by hurricane \"Carl\" in the Eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, caused the death of 22 people, and 20 more are missing. From the disaster area evacuated 150 thousand people. For the week on the territory of Veracruz fell 215 millimeters of rainfall, hurricane felled hundreds of trees and damaged power lines. As stated by the state Governor Fidel Herrera, as a result of tornadoes in total affected about one million people. The amount of precipitation and the magnitude of floods hurricane \"Carl\" was the \"most destructive\" of those Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

A HOMEMADE BAROMETER.(define atmospheric pressure yourself)Method 1.The barometer consists of a bottle with clear glass, glass tubes and tubes [1]. Bottle one third part is filled with water, it is better to take distilled water, as usual next year bloom. Water can be a little tint. The tube is a hole in which is inserted a glass tube. The connection zamatyvaetsya clay. It remains to plug a bottle stopper.When the atmospheric pressure will begin to change, you will change the water level in the tube. If the tube starts to come out the air bubbles, means the pressure is very high, and this is to Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).