A brief overview for 11-20 May 2012


Please do not be angry, due to what is happening around me, does not affect the grip of time. Information is processed, is shown in a readable form, sorted and placed on shelves, but unfortunately or fortunately I can not make it all in one picture, so comment, analyze, think brothers and sisters.

Sharp gust of wind blew just lit the Olympic torch during a ceremony on the ruins of Ancient Olympia.

Failure of Russian President Vladimir Putin to participate in the summit of the leaders of the «Big Eight» in the American Camp David became a complete surprise to the White House.

In the soil at the bottom of Tokyo Bay near the confluence of the rivers increases the content of cesium isotopes released into the atmosphere as a result of the accident at the nuclear power plant «Fukushima-1?.

Gathered today in Riyadh Gulf leaders, announce closer political union on the basis of the European Union, starting with two or three countries, it will be exactly Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bahrain.
As expected, in the Arab States will also include Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.
It seems that the absorption Bahrain Saudi Arabia — until strange form — it becomes a fait accompli.

Need Defense Ministry personnel officer in the reform of the armed forces was reduced to seven times this year personnel order is 8500 people

Japanese scientists have warned that the sun can produce superflare, which, if directed towards the Earth, the planet obdadut critical dose of radiation that threatens not only the failure of satellites and electronic equipment, but also deadly to humans.

More Chinese tends to leave China. This was confirmed by an official of the State Council, noting — this is because the country is not safe to live and work.

Once again reminded his sympathy for Islamic model of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov at the IV International Summit «Kazansummit-2012: Economic cooperation between Russia and the OIC countries,» opened in Kazan. He stated that the principles of Islamic economy based on Sharia law, provide it with a great future.

Exactly 309 years ago, May 18, 1703, Russian sailors under the command of Peter I gained the first victory in the naval battle, attacking and capturing two Swedish sailing ship. Historical significance of this victory for Russia emphasized rewarding of all participants in the battle specially made medals with the inscription «is unprecedented.»
Now about days gone by:
Elements raged:
Drowned: Kyrgyzstan, China (40 killed 17 missing), Georgia, Afghanistan (north 19 drowned 56 missing), Yakutia
Snowfalls and frost:
Lit: United States (Arizona), Spain
Underground fires, the fire of the land:
Drought: Voronezh region
Hurricanes, storms, storm: tornados (Belgium, Germany, Holland, Kuban, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey, USA)
Storm (Portugal)
Sandstorm has covered Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan
Shallowing: Tom river, the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain (Volgograd region) Nizheterskie Lake (Dagestan), Yenisei, Ob

Natural anomalies:
Sound Buzz:
Sky, Sun: double sunrise over Hawaii (May 15)
Dips, cracks: USA (Florida), Thailand, Vietnam
Landslides: Japan, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan
The smell in the air:
Water scarcity: SW U.S. states, Mexico

— High temperatures observed in the Canary Islands, like there was about 40 years old, set orange danger level.
— Scientists are seriously concerned about the climate in the state of New South Wales (NSW), where one third of the inhabitants of Australia. 31% of the national economy is concentrated in this state. Over the past 40 years in NSW have increased significantly in duration and intensity of droughts and heat waves, in western Sydney marked increase in the number of warm days of the year by 60%.
— In Bosnia winter had returned. After the 30-degree heat that prevailed at the weekend, the air temperature dropped to -5 and it snowed. This morning, the snow depth reached 30 in Sarajevo see
— Residents of several Chinese provinces experienced the vagaries of nature. In the north-west of the country in mid-May unexpectedly returned winter. The temperature dropped to minus 8 degrees, some areas were dominated by a snowstorm.
— India 46. At least four people were killed as a result of abnormally hot weather, established in the last few days in the north-eastern Indian state of Odisha
Temperature records: Tver, Stavropol, Makhachkala

Lowest temperature:
May 11 -34.0 Hull (United Kingdom)
May 12: -67.8 EAST (Russia) -35.5 Hull (United Kingdom)
May 14 -51.8 EAST (Russia) -35.7 Hull (United Kingdom)
May 15: -64.4 EAST (Russia) -31.6 NAYMAYER (Germany)
May 16: -64.6 EAST (Russia) -35.6 NAYMAYER (Germany)
May 17: -59.8 EAST (Russia) -40.6 Hull (United Kingdom)
May 18: -63.8 EAST (Russia) -37.5 NAYMAYER (Germany)
May 20: -70.1 EAST (Russia) -30.6 NAYMAYER (Germany)

Highest temperature:
May 11: 46.0 MATAM (Senegal)
May 12: 46.0 Akjoujt (Mauritania)
May 14: 47.0 MATAM (Senegal) 45.8 Akjoujt (Mauritania)
May 15: 48.4 HEMA (Mauritania) 45.0 Al Ahsa (Saudi Arabia)
May 16: 45.5 Nawabshah (Pakistan) 45.2 ABU DHABI AERO (Obed.Arabsk.Emi)
May 17: 46.0 Nawabshah (Pakistan) 45.5 Allahabad / BAMHRA (India)
May 18: 46.3 Allahabad / BAMHRA (India) 45.1 DZHARSUGUDA (India)
May 20: 47.0 Al Ahsa (Saudi Arabia) 46.6 HEMA (Mauritania)

Low temperature anomalies:
May 11
-6.3 (normal = 11.0) Lepsinsk (Kazakhstan) -16.7 (target = -1.2) Ak-Kem (Kazakhstan)
May 12:
-5.7 (normal = 11.1) Lepsinsk (Kazakhstan) 6.8 (normal = 21.2) Maraba (Brazil)
May 14:
1.3 (normal = 28.2) Balchar (India) -13.2 (norm = 1.2) Hatgal (Mongolia)
May 15:
1.1 (normal = 25.8) Mundi (Chad) 7.2 (normal = 21.2) Maraba (Brazil)
May 16:
0.6 (normal = 14.3) Wutai Shan Airport (China) 7.2 (normal = 21.2) Maraba (Brazil)
May 17:
-9.4 (norm = 5.9) NOK HOUSE (Canada) -40.6 (-26.0 = norm) Hull (United Kingdom)
May 18:
-9.8 (norm = 4.5), Juliaca (Peru) -4.8 (norm = 8.0) UZHANIHA (Russia)
May 20:
-8.1 (norm = 6.7) NOK HOUSE (Canada) 7.6 (norm = 6.6) Khorinsky (Russia)

High temperature anomalies:
40.1 (normal = 17.6) Pesch / Redemption (Hungary) 31.5 (normal = 9.7), Bolzano (Italy)
May 12:
17.2 (normal = -9.8) Mould Bay (Canada) -1.7 (target = -23.3) MAK Mardy (USA)
May 14:
20.6 (normal = -8.1) SAKS HARBOR (Canada) 22.3 (normal = 3.7) ISTEND KIPRES (Canada)
May 15:
20.8 (normal = -7.7) SAKS HARBOR (Canada) 30.5 (normal = 10.2), the oxbow lake (Russia)
May 16:
22.4 (normal = -7.3) SAKS HARBOR (Canada) 26.1 (normal = 6.6), Great Falls (USA)
May 17:
15.6 (normal = -7.6) Mould Bay (Canada) 24.2 (normal = 1.4) Burwash (Canada)
May 18:
17 (norm = -7.2) Mould Bay (Canada) 25.3 (normal = 3.0) WHITE MOUNTAIN (Russia)
May 20:
23.7 (norm = 2.0) Burwash (Canada) 23.8 (normal = 3.8) Petrunya (Russia)

Precipitation per night:
May 11 188 BRAZZAVILLE / MAY-M (Congo) 94 (Cameroon) 88 (Martinique) 86 (Canada)
May 12: 132 AUSTIN AERO (USA) 95 (Solomon) 80 (Congo)
May 14: 121 Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia) 117 (Chile)
May 15: 157 San Pedro (Ivory Ivoire) 121 (Rwanda) 110 (Chile) 106 (Croatia)
May 16: 178 TABOO (Côte d’Ivoire) 150 (Mauritius) 141 (Bahamas) 116 (Yugoslavia)
May 17: 164 Lambaréné (Gabon) 134 (Chile) 92 (Vietnam) 90 (South Africa)
May 18: 96 Truk Islands (Frantsuzsk.) 94 (Micronesia) 84 (Honduras) 81 (Brazil)
May 20: 148 Truk Islands (Frantsuzsk.) 125 (Indonesia) 120 (Chile) 106 (Panama)

Maximum wind gusts registered, m / s
11 May 38 Phoenix-Harb (USA) 136.8 km / h
May 12: 47 Lingor Fjord (Norway) 169.2 km / h
May 14: 44 Crni SEC (Yugoslavia) 158.4 km / h 39 SMALL Karmakuly (Russia) 140.4 km / h
May 15: 38 SWINE Fjord (Norway) 136.8 km / h
May 16: 37 DIEGO RAMIREZ-O-(Chile) 133.2 km / h
May 17: 42 COLD BAY, COLD-B (USA) 151.2 km / h 35 Tyrke (Russia) 126 km / h
May 18: 48 Sarh (Chad) 172.8 km / h
May 20: 46 NARMARSSUAK (Greenland) 165.6 km / h

Death of animals:
Fish: Russia (Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Lipetsk region, Primorsky Krai) with-in the Sea of ​​Azov (fish kills, water becomes light green), Moscow (Moscow State University Botanical Garden May 16 what that creature slipped and threw a barrel of fuel in the pond why almost all the fish died.), Taganrog (mass discards nabereg)
Ukraine river sereet (Ternopil, Kherson mass death of fish), o.Lebyazhe Moldova Dniester River (mass mor), p. Dnepr, Kirovograd region.
Poultry: Taiwan (chicken over 3000)
Wild birds: Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk (fell dead from the trees in front of the students), Chile (petrels, boobies, pelicans and cormorants — more than 2,300 birds)
Found on the shore: the Black Sea, Sochi, Kerch (the death of more than 500 dolphins)
Sand crabs: Feodosiya Bay
Sea lions in Chile
Bees: Voronezh region

Death of the plant:

Invasion and migration:
Sevastopol — moth caterpillar bird-cherry
Locusts — Astrakhan region, Stavropol, Greece, Dagestan
Gnats, mosquitoes — Voronezh

Attacked people:

Fixed disease:
In Samara, 14 people were hospitalized with a diagnosis of «unknown poisoning poison plant origin»
Hepatitis A Rio de Janeiro (150 hospitalized)

Hunger: Central Africa

Trains: Belgium (the collision of two Tovarnik threat of leakage of highly toxic waste)
LEP Arkhangelsk region (118 localities), Buryatia (11 suburban), Chile (earthquake)
Fleet: 196 km from the coast of Southern California amphibious assault ship of the U.S. Navy Essex (LHD-2) collided with a tanker Yukon.
Aviation: Pakistan (Fighter «Mirage-5»), Pakistan (encountered two training 4 killed), Bosnia and Herzegovina (5)

Explosions, Fires: China, explosion at a steel factory (9 killed, 6 wounded)
Primorye — lit warehouse artillery shells (700 people evacuated)


POL: Because diesel fuel spill on the Angara killed wild ducks. According to scientists, in danger settlement herons, gulls and cormorants.
The accident at the «Baltenefteprovode» in Novgorod region, the oil got into the nearest river
Perm Krai. On Ozhginskom field drilling rig caught fire. Lights passing gas.
In the Evenki District, Krasnoyarsk Territory in the accident in the plumbing got oil.
In Dagestan at gas main Mozdok — Gazimagomed on the night of Friday, May 18, the fire started. Fire occurred on the 676-kilometer pipeline with a diameter of 1,200 mm pipe around 01:30 Moscow time. Before the fire appeared and told law enforcement officials, a popping sound.
In the Japanese city of Noda and nearby settlements, Chiba Prefecture on Saturday was off tap water in more than 200 thousand households. The reason — the detection of formaldehyde in water. It is a carcinogen and has acute effects on the human nervous system, respiratory system, eyes and skin.

Shaking up five points in:
China, India, Russia, Japan, Cyprus, Tajikistan, Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Iran, Italy (6 killed), Chile, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu

Sea Straits of Mona, the Aegean, the Moluccas, Celebes Sea

Russia: Kuril Islands, Tuva, Crimea

More than 4 points — 134 earthquakes (-12)
More than 5 points — 32 earthquakes (1)
More than 6 points — 4 earthquakes (Chile, Papua New Guinea, Italy, Japan) (3)
More than 7 points — 0 (no change)

May 15 several aftershocks republic of Tuva force to 4.5, as well, a series of aftershocks up to 4.3 in Azerbaijan.
Several aftershocks from 12 to 20 May, a force of about 4-5 points in the Indian Ocean

Volcanoes: 24 (-3) active volcanoes were active
6 volcanoes added since the last review
10 volcanic activity decreased to a minimum

Shiveluch, Kamchatka / Russia (orange) below
Kluchevskoy, Kamchatka / Russia (green)
Unnamed, Kamchatka / Russia (green)
Tolbanchik, Kamchatka / Russia (green)
Kizimen Kamchatka / Russia (Orange)
Karimsky, Kamchatka / Russia (yellow)
Koryak, Kamchatka / Russia (green)
Avanchinsky, Kamchatka / Russia (green)
Mutnovskiy, Kamchatka / Russia (green) below
Burnt, Kamchatka / Russia (yellow)
Mutnovskiy, Kamchatka / Russia (green) below
Sakurajima / Japan
Ijen / Java
Karagetank / Sulawesi
Karvan / Comoros, Indian Ocean
Popokapetel / Mexico
Sirung / Indonesia
Cleveland, Alaska / USA
Kilauea o.Gavayi / USA
Pagan / Mariana Islands, Pacific Ocean
Santa Maria / Guatemala
Fuego / Guatemala
Soufriere Hills / Montserrat
Tungurahua / Ecuador

No data on repeated activity from the previous period:
Santiago / Nicaragua
Beta Tara / Indonesia
Lotto / Japan
Lokon-Empung / Sulawesi
Bulusan / Luzon
Aetna / Italy
Nevado del Ruiz / Columbia
Pago / New Britain
Semeru / Indonesia
Dukon / Halmahera

May 13 explosion at Sakurajima

On the Korean peninsula in the near term may occur Baekdu eruption — the highest mountain and volcano in the region. Expert geologist South Korea sure that the eruption, which threw the last time lava in 1702. It is believed that the most powerful eruption of Baekdu happened in the year 1000 AD, a new eruption would cause significant damage to the countries of the Korean Peninsula, China, Japan and Russia.

European and New Zealand geologists discovered near the Pacific islands of Tonga underwater volcano with a very restless nature — its height varies by tens of centimeters in a few weeks

Magnetic storms, indicated Moscow time:
Were recorded.

Solar flares:
Weak 56 (-31)
Average 2 (-7)
Strong () ()

Riots and strikes were held in the:
Italy, UK, Spain, USA (Chicago)

Terrorist attacks, shootings, attacks:
Italy, Syria, Yemen, Dagestan, Libya, Beirut

Military information:

UK Ministry of Defence has published the information about the death in the Afghan province of Helmand two Britons who have been victims of fire, open the local police.

Yemeni army continues to attack on the city Zinjibar on the Gulf of Aden coast in the southwestern part of the country.

Leader killed in Dagestan criminal underground — Turkish citizen named Mohammed, aka Sheikh Abdusalam. During a special operation in the area Sergokalinsky failed to avoid loss of MUP.

Syrian troops in Idlib repulsed and seized smuggled guns and grenade launchers garrison hired Turkish soldiers who were trying to break through to the city of Jisr al-Shughour

The civil war in Syria, having an increasing impact on neighboring countries. Last night in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli clashes between residents of the Sunni district of al-Kobbe and populated Alawite district Dzhabl Muhsan

U.S. Congress supports the plan to return to the Republic of Korea (ROK) tactical nuclear weapons as a means of protection against the North Korean threat

commander of the assault police detachment of special purpose Ural regional command of internal troops of Russia Evgeny Epov sergeant for courage, bravery and heroism in the line of duty in circumstances involving a risk to life, was awarded the title of Hero of Russia (posthumously).

Dmitry Rogozin can replace Anatoly Serdyukov as defense minister, retaining the chair deputy prime minister for defense industry. Combining officer posts will help solve the problem of the state defense order. Unfortunately Taburetkin remained … bitches!

Responsible officer «closed» company in the Sverdlovsk region accused of passing classified information to a foreign intelligence on strategic missile «Bulava»

International naval exercises NATO Navy Open Spirit 2012, during which will be search and neutralization of sea mines during World War II, will begin Monday in the territorial waters of Estonia, said the headquarters of the defense forces of the country.

Exercises, which will be attended by 19 ships and divers units from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the United States and Canada, will be held from 14 to 25 May.
American underwater swimmers have become part of a multinational team, conducting operation to clean the bottom of the Baltic Sea from mines left over from the First and Second World War, during which they were exposed to more than 150,000 units.

Azerbaijan unilaterally put forward a border post in the disputed area with Georgia monastery complex David Gareji. To the monastery of Georgian tourists are not allowed. Reaction Tbilisi has not followed

Russia may purchase a license to manufacture the Italian wheeled tanks Centauro, these war machines are already being tested in the suburbs. Rogozin like as then said that this is not to be.

Attack helicopters Mi-35M will stand adopted Border Service of Azerbaijan. In 2012 it was planned to complete termination of the contract for the supply of 24 helicopters

Course of intensive military training with elements of survival for the soldiers serving under the contract began on May 16 in the 51st Training Group Pacific Fleet. In the first stream will be trained more than 800 sailors of Pacific.
On May 21, 2012 at the training center (for junior professionals) Airborne (Omsk), then the first test program of intensive military training. «Survival course» for contract servicemen will be held for 1.5 months on a single program training developed by the Ministry of Defence.
Commander of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov said about the serious shortcomings of foreign sniper rifles, which revealed the paratroopers during the tests of these weapons in the army

In Sevastopol May 15 from a long voyage back hydrographic vessel of the Black Sea Fleet «Donuzlav.» This month trek vessel has four thousand nautical miles, breaking the Black, Marmara, Aegean, Ionian, Tyrrhenian, Ligurian Sea and the Mediterranean.

2 and May 13 in Istanbul hosted a series of activities of anti-Russian wing, during which sounded unacceptable remarks against Russia and its leadership, members of which directly threaten the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, the security of its citizens, «And these gatherings were held with the connivance of the Turkish authorities’
IO Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin considers it necessary to punish harder for divulging military secrets to a foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation. «Would give 80 less would be to take the hunters» — said on Friday in his microblog on Twitter Rogozin news that DIC worker sentenced to 8 years for disclosing secret information about the missile «Bulava».
South Korean regime are numbered days — with such a statement of the DPRK Committee for the peaceful unification of the country. South makes provocative actions in the Yellow Sea, offends the honor and dignity of the DPRK leadership, the document says.

Decisions on the withdrawal of the Russian airbase Kyrgyz Kant was not accepted, told reporters Thursday the assistant secretary of defense for aviation Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said.

Head of the Russian General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov presented the executive staff of the Navy of the new chief. Russian presidential decree appointed to this post by Vice-Admiral Viktor Chirkov, previously commanded the Baltic Fleet.

Group holds three North Korean ship with 29 Chinese fishermen and demands payment for their release, according to Chinese media

— In the city of Kostroma-led Airborne Forces Commander Lieutenant General V.A.Shamanova passes operative recovery with the leadership of the troops.
— On the basis of the Novosibirsk Aviation Army Aviation summed up for the winter training period. During this time the crew of the Mi-8 and Mi-24 flew about 4,000 sorties.
Air Force Fighter IDF eve of May 17, five times violated Turkish airspace near Cyprus

— 15 May, in the town of Karaman Kumtorkalinsky district of Makhachkala was destroyed organizer twin bombings that occurred in this city on May 3.
— Field Exit mobile communication unit held on the eve of the Black Sea Fleet Communications integrated training in the Armed Forces of Russia.
— Group of warships (LMC) of the Caspian flotilla consisting of small artillery ship «Astrakhan» and sea tug MB-58 May 16 went into the Caspian Sea to perform tasks-collection campaign.
— Air Force (IAF) received three upgraded Russian heavy transport aircraft An-124-100 «Ruslan»
— On the «Eastern Shipyards» in Vladivostok started construction of the first anti-sabotage boat project 21980 «Rook» for the Pacific Fleet.
— U.S. Navy flier HSV2 Swift May 15 gone in the Congolese port of Point Nor through participation in «Operation African partnership.»
— Large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet ‘Admiral Chabanenko «, the Norwegian frigate» Fridtjof Nansen «and Coast Guard ship» Senja «on May 16 completed the bilateral Russian-Norwegian exercise» Pomor-2012 «
— Defense Ministry refused the idea of ​​a light combat variant of Yak-130
— Troops of Aerospace Defense took over management of a military satellite launched on Thursday from the Plesetsk cosmodrome
— About 20 surface ships of the Caspian Flotilla participated in air defense exercises, which were held in paragraphs based fleet — Astrakhan and Makhachkala.
— At JSC Shipyard «Yantar» held Launching large landing ship «Ivan Gren», which is being built to order the Defense Ministry. During 2012, the ship will be completed afloat.
— Indian Navy adopted the first 15 decked MiG-29K/KUB purchased in 2004
— RVSN begin preparations for the deployment of new missile systems «Yars» in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Kozelsk (Kaluga region) missile compounds

Peace be with you friends, take care of yourself.

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