How to fall down from the metropolis in case BP with children and baggage!? Guard goes Komrad …

Good day to all the brothers and Komrad!

How to fall down from the metropolis in case BP with children and baggage!? Guard goes Komrad ...

Do not think for flame or spam … all born somehow it in my head when I realized that I was in a concrete trap and do not see any obvious way out. That is, I really seriously puzzled by this issue, I would say even a problem for people in big cities with family and kids! Let’s look at all this in detail, at least in terms of stalling of the city — model the situation in my case at least.

Regular discussion vehicles kamentah our site gave me the idea, but as finally overthrown in case of PSU type metropolis Moscow?

How to fall down from the metropolis in case BP with children and baggage!? Guard goes Komrad ...

Major cities in Russia mother a lot, I think that the issue is more than relevant. In my case, besides veshey also 3oe kids and his wife is with me. I tried to estimate what will happen in the case of BP in Moscow … what the hell is that there is … magnus ** ey will complete and risers in all directions. Avrii be everywhere, roads are blocked because of it everywhere. That is even with the coolest jeep anywhere you do not fall down from alas … We’ll have to throw out your huyunday [Cut] …

How to fall down from the metropolis in case BP with children and baggage!? Guard goes Komrad ...

And it fell out of the city have since not present in neither hunting nor ryblaki or vegetable garden (in summer of course). That is because the car is no longer obtained simply will not pass tube alas! And in this case it’s normal for a family — and heat stable and + trailer up to 750kg!
You can certainly try to break BUT! If you do not come out and you zazhmut in traffic, benzene, and all will be over oak and have to dump back into the house and throwing belongings looters road to happiness. Yandex cork that will not work, and we do not see where the ass, and where you can leak on the sidelines at least …

How to fall down from the metropolis in case BP with children and baggage!? Guard goes Komrad ...

Here I think will help the radio. Someone will have to send the first exploration … apparently it’ll be me. A wife is driving will catch up with all the baggage detyami and, well, if it will be possible to drive at least somewhere … maybe it will be in the wee hours of PD. Ie we should be ready within 30-60 minutes to boot up and touch … then there is still a chance … while everyone else will be worn and collect frantically veshi I’ll throw away. Well still have a supply of benzene. If you do not catch it becomes useless jeep healthy piece of iron on the road …


Then I thought about what else is there, and even electric bikes, with a power reserve of 50-80km per charge. I have great mountain is, it is necessary to alter the current and all. The idea is to blame for such an apparatus realistic than by car, you can also zabatsat trailer to compact it. But this raises the question itself — how to load this canoe in the case of the PSU and power outages everywhere. Discussed this topic not long ago, were thought to carry a generator … well, it’s brutal. This is acceptable only if it is necessary to drop off from Moscow for example to a certain point, well, or base or cottages there … or clearing in the woods, etc. ie constantly carry it with you will not — hard. With him then no problems. nadybat petrol will be the first time that’s exactly bad for a couple of poor recharges enough. Everything seems to be like … but here comes the question arises about the harsh Russian winter. And if -25 outside? And you with detyami, scrub … with trailers and even with the generator in the snow — and if you sweep the streets? After removing them no one would in the case of BP. ie ambush on the face! Overall great stay on the weather with the + sign, I think, or wild wild kraynyak …

Motorcycle or moped

Great komrad Boatswain prompted me to think about motoustroystv: MOTSYK, mopeds. tritsykly etc. Well, once it is clear that it should be affordable and suitable vehicle repair. It can be even with a sidecar and trailer by the way. And there really is no need to carry a generator. Enough power to drive the idea of ​​small drifts, not all pedal twist. Kids can wrap up warmly in the cradle land of the glass from the oncoming wind flow. Everything seems to be better than the bikes, even electro. But with a stroller is much wider than the vehicle without it. This naturally creates problems with promotion through many kilometers of traffic jams in the case of BP. Well you can not do it … just the trailer, even with velokolesami for example. Children put behind me … but then again it 3oe children, spouse and even. Ie need two motorcycle))) And we must not fear to teach his wife and two-wheeled friend will not fall down with the child with him when going out of town, and even in difficult road conditions. + Somewhere Motorcycles should contain for example winter, before the BP, so much so that he is not dead prematurely. On the street is not an option, at home with the family, too.

On foot

Way out on foot because there is no general kids just do not reach. carry their luggage and also no options for yourself — you can not survive.


Balloon — nonsense because likely to be either captured or shot down … and worth it as the plane + problems raised in the air … so finally I think this is nonsense.


It turns out that taking into account all the above will not need to cut and fill your 1ku (already not bleshushuyu dimensions) inventory provisions and water for at least. I have a stove, even two already. summer and oven cooked burzhujku for working, post is on this subject I have already. And still have electricity, at least for lighting to not breathe fumes. But stocks do not rubber, and if BP protracted? It remains only to weapons and climb Marauder chtoli shopping in the city on your own risk, to have filled policemen and other marauders. In a serious problem the government can not provide everything you need all, we all understand this very well.

Topic actually my personal reasoning and speculation, perhaps somewhat amateurish, but still I try to find a way for his family. I think I’m not alone. Someone else instead of children have parents or relatives, etc.

Recommendations (swim along the way):

1. Supplies of food and water
2. Ellektrichestva margin, independent sources …
3. Medicines
4. Warm veshi
5. Snaryagoy (tents, sleeping up to -25, etc.)
6. Weapons for protection and hunting
7. Contact
8. Heating

And all this at least! Will complement the course of the discussion. Trying to make a mini facts for yourself. I think the rest will come in handy too.

In view of the above, I would like to hear from you tips and advice on the following issues:

1. Best trucks for the family from the 5-man and cargo under BP
2. Equipment options for apartments in the city of the 5-person family. (Heating, lighting, provisions)
3. Foraging in the city in the case of the eating and drinking all existing stockpiles.

Of course you can cast aside the topic though shit, but my problem, it does not solve … as actually and large stocks of slippers and stools … I just ischyu output and yet not see it alas … in fact need your smart head friends.

P.S. Dofiga course what else I left out. For example there is the very type of BP, because this can greatly swap stall conditions, etc. In the course will build upon the article I guess.

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