Kolodeznaya epic

Welcome, Komrad.
Decided to share newly acquired experiences on the construction of the well, who can come in handy.
We have a couple of houses (host and guest) between Seliger and Valdai. Village extinct, dead-end, on the shore of a glacial lake. Last year we dug a well, but the water is almost the bastard is not gaining, filled with spring and gradually shallower until complete exhaustion. We do not know because spent there a maximum of two weeks a year and water issues did not arise. And then, his wife left there in early summer and will return in September. Arriving on vacation, I have longed to indulge passions bathrobe, very STE thing I respect, it osoblivo Russian bath and usually drown every day. I waited for a great fiasco with water. Leave without a bath — vodka down the drain. Following a survey of villagers turned out that the water problem at all. Decided not to wait for the mercy of nature and dig another well closer to the lake in order to get to the level of the lake and used for technical needs lake water filtered by 50 meter-thick layer of sand (from the well-to-coast 50 meters). No sooner said than done, shovel teeth and upered. Dug two meters and there was a question of extracting soil pit. Attracted labor from the neighboring village and a couple of buckets.
2.30 m water appeared, and my soul rejoiced … how wrong I was at that time ….
Looking like digging in the ground with a little flaking walls suggested Mishka (a young boy from a neighboring village which attracts periodically for any work) to make the formwork. Found board began tinkering box and when he was ready, burst collapse. Meanness it was first-class! Well, at that moment, I was upstairs and was able to get crushed by Mishka from the remains of the box mixed with sand.Kolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicIt became clear that half-measures will not do here and will do well in the mind.
Concrete rings can not be used because already dug a hole and put them exactly it will be difficult, and almost impossible to get back. Stopped on spruce boards, since he was in a nearby village.
See ass meter on
How storefront food
I would have … a kilometer
Wow would deliver her pleasure
So, we came to the point — the technology of digging wells.
Optimal internal size well, verified locals is one meter on. This size allows on the one hand not to dig large pits and on the other hand, the person inside is not very much constrained in his movements.
Manufacturing process is similar to the well of the tree with the construction of a log home, but a bit easier. Sawn timber pieces of 1.2 m,Kolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicat the ends of both sides made drunkKolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicand things are going. Kolodeznaya epic
Further, a well laid out on the ground and begin digging inside. As excavation under its own weight, a well begins to descend. For good measure, omitting rows of timber sewn together with nails, that does not allow him to shift and subsidence begins only after full excavation strictly under the whole perimeter of the framework. Clay gets buckets.
Particular attention should be paid to the quality of tying the rope to the bucket. I untied the bucket once and only by sheer luck did not hurt Mishka. And it weighs a bucket of wet sand well. Could all be over much more pitiable.
That would not beat a bucket during the ascent of the walls of the well and fill with sand digger on top of the crib lag of 60 centimeters from the edge of the bucket and easier to pick up and the soil is not particularly fray.
Making log and styling took three days.
Even temporary structures must be done conscientiously and with a good margin of safety.
Well you need not start from the pit, but with the framework.
Log walls should be not less than one meter above the ground, otherwise you pulling heavy bucket to fall down.
Periodically check knots and ropes, otherwise you can drop heavy on what the thread digging inside the well.
Prepare in advance a strong rope in case of emergency evacuation digging.

Well, that’s all.
Yes, I want to add the following. Dabbled as lozohoda, in certain places the vines are really starting to interbreed. That and chose a place in the well, but rather just dug below the level of the lake. Bottom of the well it is necessary to fill stones. And last but very important — toddler pump pumps water up the hill about 70 meters! although mat 70 m on a flat surface its limit.

Well retreat. For digging the well rewarded me nature. Bright double rainbow! Unfortunately photographs can not convey all the beauty. Rainbow was too big and the lens to capture the whole thing could not.Kolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epicKolodeznaya epic

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