Mass disappearing honeybees

The last five years, beekeepers all continents began to sound the alarm: the mass disappearing honeybees. Beneficial insects are dying from an unknown disease or swarms leave the hive, leaving a honeycomb. The immune system of bees is very weak.

Honey bees are involved in the pollination of almost 90% found on Earth plants. A third of the entire crop man gets through the industrious insects. Bees give a person unique products — honey, wax, propolis, pollen and pollen, bee venom, Royal jelly. Therefore, anxiety is very clear.

Version extinction of bees is very different — from the use of agricultural chemicals (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to the emergence of new types of dangerous ticks. Among the most \»modern\» reasons indicate the cultivation of genetically modified plants, supposedly causing mutations, and widespread cellular communications (electromagnetic radiation destroys the natural mechanism of orientation of bees, not allowing them to return to the hive).

And in the United States, where the death of bees annually beginning to reach 50%, believe that to blame… stress. The fact that in this country insects are bred not so much to obtain products of beekeeping, how to pollinate agricultural plantations. Apiary constantly transported from place to place that really affects the life of bee colonies.

The beekeeper from Nikolayevka Victor Symonenko your opinion on this situation.

— We have ceased to understand the nature of bees, its purpose, — said Victor Yushchenko. Many look at it as a means of enrichment, as a sort of machine that prints money. Finally, we obtain a natural result — bee from the us leaves. What does this mean? No bees will not planet Earth. As they are involved in the pollination of many plants! Don’t be these insects on Earth will disappear flowers, beauty, life itself. For many dominated by profit, but there is something more…

— Bee living community, commune, Roy, is interesting because it teaches good lesson dorms. It doesn’t hurt anyone, does not hurt anyone, on the contrary brings only positive, \» continued Victor Symonenko. — Who visited the blooming lawn or in the garden where the bees collect the nectar, he remembers the feeling of elation and tide of life energy. These glades \»mechanism is provided, which in ancient times knew the saints Savvatii and Zosima, now considered the patron of bees. Our planet is like a sponge that absorbs all invisible to the eye flows coming from the Space. A bee sitting on a flower, not only pollinating it, which is very important, but its proboscis opens the channels through which the Earth exchanges energy with the Universe. In nature, among flowering plants we don’t accidentally feel the rush of inspiration, the desire to do or to know the unknown. This means, we touched a strong energy flows, and bees play not the last role…

Beekeeping for Viktor Andreevich — one lesson for the soul. And \»life\» he is a coach in badminton. Moreover, coaching and passion for him inseparable. More than a decade Nikolaevka is a \»Mecca\» for badminton players near and far abroad. Who had come to the training camp athletes Victor Symonenko meets the Seversky Donets sunrises, devoting guys in the mysteries of flowering glades, and opening to them the sources of creative inspiration and the way leading to life success.

Lectures on natural laws \»cloverdene\» Victor Symonenko is a regular speaker at beekeeping fairs and forums. In July 2009, together with the known beekeepers of the country, apitherapists and nutritionists, has been a participant of the TV program \»the Ukrainian vimr\» on the UT-1 channel devoted to Ukrainian beekeeping.

To attract to the garden bees during their swarming (late may-June) may Board the \»house\» of size 40×H with the longitudinal slit of about 50 cm in one of the side walls. It is installed with a slight slope to the rack, preferably under a canopy. Mailbox RUB with lemon balm or mint leaves a few drops of honey. Experienced beekeepers assert that in the beginning of summer a swarm of bees should be sure to take a fancy to.

If you make one of the end walls removable, without offending the contest at the end of the summer, you will cut out a piece of honeycomb with honey. Cell, \»contactless\» honey Victor Symonenko considers most valuable. Such a product is not in contact with medogonki, therefore, has not lost its power \»the memory.\»

Source: TV plus

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