Nettles as a styptic.

Good health all survivalist. And compliance with TB. This is what I? His first publication was planning on another topic. But the circumstances make their own adjustments. And the planned publication have to be delayed indefinitely «later».

Nettles as a styptic.

So dacha neighbor grandfather asked dump old apple tree (itself no longer dyuzhit). Inadvertently used his ax, like his peers. Subtotal: apple has not fallen down, ax — kirdyk, on my left leg — vavka. Good such. Ax, ax handles from departure, came exactly at the angle near the tibia, about 7 mm in the deepest part. What is urgently needed to organize the first medical … From grandfather of little help, he was frightened, though valerian otpaivala. Limped to her. Plantain ripped off. Dacha peroxide and a bandage is always available. Bandaged. Work already do, went on the train. Most interestingly, when wounded was virtually no blood, but on the way the load on leg went (backpack yet), so the bandage became saturate. Looked very heroically (was in shorts) But zadublennye sun face truckers were at the bus stop in Indian bleak: p On the way, remember that just recently revisited dok.serial «Pathfinder», where properties Daniltzev painted nettle as a styptic. What «excuse» is, you should try. Sliced ​​in the package. Upon returning home, immediately washed in a pan of water on the stove and natramboval. Brought to a boil, another 5 minutes on low heat and drain, leave to cool and infuse. Headband continued to swell …
Cherets few minutes first drank a cup of broth. I waited for half an hour. Drank a second. Half an hour later began to change the bandage. Rezutaty: The bandage had time to dry, ie approximately forty minutes longer oozing blood. The wound is clean, only a small clot of congealed blood (deleted swab). Since sewn up in «injury» and the couple did not go Kochergin assimilate also did not (non), so leave only streptotsidom sprinkled and bandaged. Blood will no longer go.
Interested in how well it works this way. It turns out that the nettles one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin K, which in different forms contributes to the process of blood clotting.
«Blood clotting (hemocoagulation) — a complex biological process of blood protein fibrin strands forming clots, causing the blood loses its fluidity, buying curd consistency. Leakage of blood from the wound on the skin surface and glued platelets are destroyed and enzymes contained therein fall into the blood plasma. In the presence of serum calcium and Vitamin K plasma protein fibrinogen forms fibrin strands. Vitamin K also stimulates the production in the liver of one of the most important factors of blood coagulation — prothrombin «. & copy
About calcium. He nettles also present in significant quantities. But to enhance the effect can sip otvarchik vprikusku with a piece of chalk Nettles as a styptic.
Incidentally, stinging nettle, unlike dioica, such as having a much lesser extent, because of the very low levels of vitamin K.
What other herbs have such an effect (in fact not the same in every situation underfoot nettle). So, what we may be within walking distance of intimacy? This yarrow, knotweed bird (knotweed), bark viburnum, alfalfa, corn stigmas, plantain, shepherd’s purse. Decoctions of these herbs and drink concoctions krovotecheniyah.Pomimo their internal use and externally in the form of pulverized «paste», applied to the wounds.
Conclusion: Nettles as a styptic. once again convinced that one must be very careful using an unfamiliar alien tool. For fraught. Well folk recipe works quite effectively. Therefore, knowledge of the properties of herbs, which we literally go down, not noticing them, and that even annoying (nettle), at the right time can greatly increase the chances of survival. «>

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