Paris, new York and Moscow attacking Horde of bugs


The invasion of bed bugs has been Paris and new York. According to Le Figaro, the situation with the spread of blood-sucking insects in new York has reached a critical level. Harmful insects found in schools, movie theaters, clothing stores, and private homes. In 2009—2010 bed bugs were found in more than a thousand new York schools.

Sanitary services Paris also noted that over the last decade in the French capital, the number of bugs are blood-sucking grew more than 10 times. Many Parisians prefer to move because they cannot show insects in their homes and apartments: bed bugs have developed resistance to current pesticides, according to «Interfax».

Bed bug bites do not cause significant harm to health, however, you may experience allergic reactions. At the same time, these insects can be carriers of the infection.

Scientists are concerned about the spread of bed bugs in Moscow. «This is a global trend, — said Deputy chief physician of the Moscow city center of disinfection Natalia Lobanok. — Disadvantaged segments of the population easily migrate together with belongings. The rich became fashionable to travel to exotic countries. Tourists often bring bedbugs home personal things».

If at the annual entomological conferences «Harmful organisms in urban communities» from 1992 to 2005 there was no report on measures to combat bugs, in July 2008 at a conference in Budapest immediately 8 speakers from different countries spoke about this issue.

As reported by Natalia Lobanok, in London in 2005—2007 80% of the apartments were affected by the bugs. And in Australia the number of blood-sucking insects in 1996 increased by 4500%.

Bugs are also in the apartment with furniture. They can be found in mattresses from fashionable environmentally friendly coconut flakes. Inside the city, the insects move through vents in the summer — on the outer walls of houses.

Bedbugs live on average 14 months. If the bug will zapolnit into the empty space, where there are no people, birds, animals, he can wait for the victim for months.

Natalia Lobanok reported that the bugs may develop a resistance to chemical compounds, and mechanically destroy bugs impossible. According to her, there are ways of handling gentle insecticidal preparations, and nesting bugs — for the departed Wallpaper, joints Wallpaper, space for paintings and carpets, furniture joints joints — can be scalded with boiling water.

Along with the growth of the population of bedbugs reduced the number of cockroaches in Moscow: in the city was much cleaner and neater in the premises than 15-20 years ago.

The invasion of fleas in a few Metropolitan areas, the Deputy chief physician of the Moscow city center of disinfection Natalia Lobanok noted that the mass wyplaty fleas tied to the process of crimp tubes, when there are leaks in the basement. Human flea — the primary vector of plague — for Moscow uncommon. Now in the basement mostly live cat fleas. And more of them did not.

Capital management Rospotrebnadzor reported that in the first quarter the number of citizens in Moscow city center disinfection with complaints of invasion of bedbugs in apartments increased 9.3 times compared to the same period last year.

To prevent the spread of bed bugs experts recommend regular cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner often to change bed linen, not keep it dirty, and immediately wash. In addition, it is recommended to periodically inspect the sofas and carpets, paying attention to the traces of bugs — dark dots in the joints of the furniture parts, frames, paintings, called «zasezenosti» and spots of blood on bed sheets.

The increase in the number of bugs in the capital celebrated from year to year. In 2005, the volume of work performed for the destruction bugs in Moscow apartments accounted for only 1% from other destroyed insect species. In 2008 this figure was 2.1%in 2009 — already 5,2%

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