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Floods in Europe: the water gets to the nuclear power plant in Slovenia. Video

Floods in southern Europe. The flood wave on the Sava river came last night to Zagreb. In Croatia and Slovenia evacuated thousands of people. Under threat — nuclear power plant in the town of krško. The water level rising rapidly. Meteorologists warn that in the next few days the rains will not stop. These dramatic footage filmed in the heart of Zagreb. Raging river flows throw a small vessel aground. The captain, who until the last moment tried to save the boat, managed to raise with the help of a police helicopter. The ship sank in the same second. Croatian rescuers are now Read more [...]
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Mongoose-first reviews

This model Mongoose 24,041 (olive)was given to test our friends in different conditions. Some information how it all went. first review "The first opinion after a week of socks on a new version of" Mongoose ".In my opinion, continued research on the topic of "Cobra" - the same shoes, the sole is the same, but added protection on the nose, changed girth shin hardware differently spaced, the new brand insole in "Python" I was the same - to diverting flow holes.Terms - daily sock in the city.- Range of sizes different from the same "Python" - with 45x moved to 46th. - Pereobulsya with Read more [...]
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Mongoose model 24041. Continued test socks

Hello everyone again. This model was given to people who have been actively testing it in different conditions, first review here: vyzhivu.ru/blog/equipment/5395.html The people waited. Here is the result from one of the testers: Route Tambov-Morshansk 135 km Duration of hike - 5days. From 22 August to 26avgusta. Track: _Dlina, Km_____Vremya in dvizhenii____Vremya ostanovok__Sr.obsch.skor.dvizh., Km / h 1 den___24, 4____5: 02______3: 08______3 2 den___23, 5____5: 06______3: 34______3 3 den__26, 1_____5: 47______4: 39______3 4 den__30, 4_____6: 41______3: 51______3 5 den__31, 0_____6: 31______2: Read more [...]
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What are the outflank address marathons?

Track on the shoring of Lake Champlain     Photograph: Courtesy of KeyBank Vermont Metropolis MarathonA:KeyBank Vermont Metropolis Marathon, VermontSince this airstream takes situation totally inside Burlington’s metropolis limits, virtually the stallion form is seamed with spectators as it meanders dear the shores of Lake Champlain. The alone side of notation is hardly by the midway score at Shelling Mound; a company of Taiko drummers thither pushes runners forrader. May 27 Read more [...]
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Fish in the lake street albishoara died from lack of oxygen. Video

Moldovabusiness oxygen caused by high levels of ammonia and chlorine in water, resulted in the death of fish in the lake street albishoara. Talking about this laboratory research Center for preventive medicine and Water. According to experts, the harmful substances are trapped in the water due to leakage of chemicals. However, they exclude the possibility of penetration of chemicals into the lake from the sewer system. «The chlorine level in 20 times the acceptable level. The ammonia level is much lower than in sewer systems. We checked all the sewers in the area and found no problems. Read more [...]
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Now there are many movies on postapokalipticheskuyu topic. Which of the proposed survey movies on your eyes more true to atmostphere postbop life?

Anonymous votingthe atmosphere of the movie: Road1745.9% The Book Of Eli1437.8% Terminator00% The walking dead38.1% Mad Max38.1% Zombiland00% Get the codeVoted 37 people.Dec 14, 2011 at 10:14|I like47 commentsAlexey Teuschakov Forgot about judgment day14 Dec 2011|2Vladimir Catherine The road Is of the above, you want a good post-apocalyptic movie "Thread", "On the next day" and of course the immortal English "Notes of a dead man"14 Dec 2011|2Sergey replied Vladimir Catherine Vladimir, Read more [...]
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Z     Photograph: Stiff EllisSizing, Cost: 70 oz, $28; 100 oz, $30Flow: 3*Squinch Figher?: Germicide handlingFilter-Compatible?: Yes, with $7 transcriberValve Shutoff?: YesGotta Passion: Angled embouchure puts sharpness valve where you demand itBummer: Dodgy to drySplat Tryout: Survived*Ratings: 1=Mean, 3=SplendidSteel: Camelbak$28 Read more [...]
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Brazier barbikyushnitsa

This weekend, after a campaign for mushrooms decided to fry kebabs, thought someone might be interested to look at my barbikyushnitsu.Was used 100 liter barrel, for the manufacture of half an hour was spent time grinder cut in half, welded hinges and ready. Operating (3 years) revealed that the wood consumption of coal is much less, and a danger to the house is minimal, as the sparks do not fly on drums. When testing a 4 cm thick tenderloin well done and not even scorched, such as grilled chicken whole, a couple of times carp whole sort of effect turns the oven. lies inside the barrel from Read more [...]
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Miox     Picture: Mud EllisThe Miox is the offset substantial rise in backcountry piss purgation in eld. Dip the whole into a pool to fulfill its thimble-size source. A inherent table-salt compartment creates a saltwater solvent, which the twist—it's somewhat bigger than a fat highlight pen—so zaps with a diminished electric bearing. Coldcock the resulting taste-free cocktail into a bottleful (capable quatern liters at a clock) to atomise viruses, bacterium, giardia, and cryptosporidia. The twist testament efficaciously purge big volumes of h2o, but it's not for Read more [...]
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Flooding in China: a terrible rumors about the corpses in the trees and dancing in the squares

September 4, 2013. \"The river dragon raging at us for the second month. \"It rains continuously for a month and a half, Heilunzsan (as the locals call Cupid) has spread for miles\" has Killed hundreds of people missing more.\" \"We can't get out of their homes. We have no drinking water, electricity and power\", — such records leave the inhabitants of the flooded provinces of China on the Internet. Meanwhile, Chinese state media reported that the death toll in the floods in the region amounted to 54 people. MK tried to understand the situation. As follows from the accounts on the Read more [...]
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The smallness of the connection

Problematic to create a racing ATV, or in swamps or on the track.In radeykah same. You can cram into one station the opportunity to work at least three bands, but none of them, the station will not give those indicators that will be given station, honed under one range.Pros and cons of one and two ranges sluts.One station range sharpened to work only on one band most common UHF (400-470MHz as they see 70) and VHF (136-174MHz. They 2m), what gives? Better communications even with regular antennkoy (though still worth replace ), As both the station and its offal antennka ground under one Read more [...]
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Small echo, large floods.

Small echo, large floods. Photo reportExpensive all day! In what category to put this post, I was not defined, so I write in the guestbook.My family and I came to the village Kabardinka Krasnodar Territory is not long before the well-known events. Weather is not happy with the start, gave way to rain the sun, the water is cool. And then went to a real downpour, which I had not seen. Morning after a shower I got up, washed, went had breakfast and went out for cigarettes in the next stall (50ti meters) from the pension. And it was here that I learned that something bad happened. Security at Read more [...]
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Lot Hardwear

AirJet 2     Photograph: Nigel CoxWhy It RulesThe Airjet's two-minutes-flat lurch protected me when I was hustling to meter about sleet: Weave two hybridization poles and a forehead perch done the sleeves, so interest out six points. Through. » The Airjet stood tight as a kettle—eventide below two inches of wet c. » Thanks to a bosomy cap and absorb silicone-and-polyurethane-coated walls, rainfall rolls off ilk wits. » I'm six feet magniloquent and xcvi of a claustrophobe, but the 39-inch roof, 30-square-foot level, eight-square-foot foyer, and fictile Read more [...]
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small caches (nychka)

All survivalist salute. Here's a little bit today decided to please visitors temkami practical. So, organize caches for survivalist sweet deal, but dreary, and catches can. Bring to your attention my version of a cache of small, perfect in terms of burial havchika. But we will not breed demagoguery, and here we go: The main tool that is required to create a cache mini is ledobur - I have now is this:Next, you must determine the place - it should be in walking distance from your intended location. I got close to the forest, at the same time check the disguise, mushroom pickers, we have more Read more [...]
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survival medicine

The FROSTBITE.Frostbite is tissue damage caused by exposure to low temperatures. The development of frostbite promotes intoxication, wind, humidity, tight clothes and shoes.Often all affects the fingers, toes, nose, ears, i.e. those parts of the body that have a poor blood supply. Exposure to low temperatures leads to spasm of blood vessels, the result of which is the slowing of blood flow, thrombosis of vessels with blood circulation in organs and tissues. Frostbite in most cases comes without a sharp pain feelings.*There are 4 degrees of frostbite.Frostbite 1st degree is characterized by pallor Read more [...]
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Mor fish in Tatarstan on the river Zai

In the river Zai, which is close to the city. the villagers Tuba discovered dead fish. Dead fish nailed down the coast. People say that in the mass Zamora blame Zainsk sugar factory. Remembering the story six years ago. Then, because of the discharge of waste into the river also killed a lot of fish. — The whole Zai was yellowish, some pale and all the fish near the shore was barely breathing and was dead, dozens of pieces — says ANAS Khaliullin. Cause of fish kills, sure the locals, became chemicals. Toxic substances in the river resets Zainsk sugar factory. And it continues Read more [...]
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Illusion Modeling     Pic: Scrape WiensThis nine-footer is a high-performance card with flock of swim, so it's Cadillac-smooth in shedding breaker. Up forepart it's across-the-board, troll, and inviting for toes-on-the-nose clock. And the look-alike concave hulls spillway to the stern in a cold-shoulder V, which gives the add-in a stroke of high-voltage energy. Couple that with arduous runway and a two-plus-one fin apparatus, and I was able-bodied to rip it from the backside ilk a littler plug-in. It may feeling wish a sept saloon, but it's all runabout below the cowl.Incentive: Read more [...]
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From floods in Northern India suffered 2 million people

At least 2 million residents of Northern India suffered from severe floods caused by the spill of the Ganges as a result of heavy monsoon rains In the States of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana people were left homeless, flooded 1.2 thousand rural settlements, damages crops on the area of 500 hectares. According to specialists ' forecasts, flood may lead to reduction in the production of cotton and sugar cane. The total number of deaths in the North of India in the welter exceeds 80 people, ITAR-TASS reported. Earlier it was reported that due to the floods in the Eastern Indian state of Assam Read more [...]
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Small LDPE of 2011

Dear friends, I was not ready to write this article, but itching and itchy eyes from your seductive themes and statey.Budu glad to please myself and you personally his campaign in March 2011. We were going with my boyfriend (been friends for 26-years old), and now the godfather in addition to easy test yourself all winter of 2011 goda.Reshili that will not tempt fate and body strong and morozami.Posemu out in March. water in the lakes was still covered with ice up to 30 sm.Nochyu were morozchiki, and proved that the bottle with water, frozen in the morning ... In a quiet day off, we went out Read more [...]
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Rino 530     Pic: Score WiensThe large communicator gets amend in 2006, with a wireless scope extensive to 14 miles. In causa you lost the originally versions, the Rino is a amply operation GPS and a bipartite wireless in one whole. Patch hike in the Chiliad Canon, we could split on a impulse and lull donjon in touching via the radiocommunication. But that's scarce for starters. A petite personalizable ikon and describe look on the onscreen map, indicating the coordinates of apiece radiocommunication, so you can well receive your friends having tiffin on a removed headland—or Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).