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Trifle, but nice!

Good day comrades! I want to show you two things that you can carry on the plane as a keychain. Try to imagine this summer. In the first photo: bunch of keys, a flint and a multitool, disguised as a key. Keys carry with me every day, the volume and weight does not bother. Someone will say fine and impractical. But it's better in the hand than the larger items in the backpack! For comparison with the kind of ruler.Now, a brief description of each item individually. Multitool decomposes very tight (90 and 180 degrees). In the open position, you can perform minor work.And Flint. Consists of three Read more [...]
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One Sun? Two Suns! Video

Do you have any thoughts about this?

Minor repairs in the open air. One of the faces.

Good day, someone who has managed to survive ... I want to raise a small but important question minor repairs in the campaign, a business trip, roadside it.d. Temporarily zabem various screwdrivers and Multitools, WD-40 and scotch. And pay attention to self-hardening mass with which it is relatively quick and easy to fix or make things like handle tool (knife, ski pole, drinking, etc.), clothing or shoes, tents and other items.Options: 1. Standard, terrific; Epoxy resin. (Two-component type "poksipol"). Cold welding. (Epoksilin) Rod for glue gun, (like "Chinese snot» © Miko22)2. Nonstandard Read more [...]
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Every sentence I move, I illuminate. Any tips on how to chuck the cancer sticks permanently?

The $1.5 trillion U.S. vaping industriousness tripled sales in 2013, spell butt sales in the U.S. sustain been dropping for decades.     Pic: Kyle Common / APA:To the pick sustenance, outside fittingness nonesuch: We translate if this enquiry irks you. But as often we man strain for idol, realness forces almost of us into day-to-day negotiations with ourselves, tug-of-wars betwixt habits near and bad. For around in the karabiner keychain clubhouse, this substance delivery nicotine on for the drive, iota, ambush, toddle, etcetera.  Accede e-cigarettes, an progressively democratic Read more [...]
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the survival of the idea of housing

RECIPROCALLY ROOF.Briefly, the essence of that reciprocally roof rests on itself. When all this comes out very strong design [1]. The connection beams of the rafters at the top is that they for themselves cling and do not allow the roof to go. Rays can be from 3 to.. (100 pieces will be enough for you?). In the centre always appears beautiful hole that can be sealed to make it round or panoramic window, put the stained glass. And the colored rays at sunrise will cover your bed and... what are we stopped? Even the chimney flue for the fire can be done. Usually, it is used round wood: logs, trunks, Read more [...]
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The Outflank Midwestern Bouldering: Robinson Parkland, Minnesota

Climb mellow at Robinson Parkland     Exposure: Tony VavrickaA:You wouldn’t recognize that the townsfolk of Sandstone, 90 transactions n of Minneapolis, is a mounting hotspot until you set eyes upon the tranquil old pit walls inside Robinson Commons on the westward rely of the Timpani River. This lilliputian keep is celebrated in Minnesota as a sport- and ice-climbing terminus, but thither is a handful of splendid bouldering problems likewise, including the V12 The Guttle.Check: Approach the foamy Boiler River at one of the campsites at nearby Forbiddance Submit Commons ($12 Read more [...]
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Typhoon \»Fnapi\» hit Japan and threatens China. Video

September 18, 2010 - Typhoon Hanapi (12W) in the Pacific Ocean Typhoon \"Fnapi\" fell today on the southern Japanese archipelago Sakishima. According to Euronews, with reference to the Japanese meteorological Agency, the wind speed at the epicenter of up to 28 m/s According to weather forecasts, in the evening the cyclone will significantly increase. The average wind speed inside it will increase to 40 m/s with gusts will reach 60 m/s wave Height at the coast of the southern Japanese Islands will be 11 metres. In the coming days \"Fnapi\" will appeal to the southern Islands of Japan (Ryukyu Read more [...]
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Small fish

Good day! Then went to the cottage to a friend, he asked him to help cover the tin shed. Couple per day coped. And in the evening on the river with fishing rods. Roach and bleak on the dough is well taken. Fine only, but in abundance. Not fishing, and overindulgence. But biting greedily swallows the hook - do not pull. And what to do with it? In the river - still can not survive, it is only to feed the pike. A friend says, they say, eat themselves. I am interested in, ironically, we will eat it - fry, soup boil or bake in the coals? And he says to me - salting and tomorrow with beer. Home fish, Read more [...]
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The Like River Double

Every sept has a front-runner billet. One of ours is the Rio Chama, a 31-mile stretching of wild whitewater that slices done the red-rock canyons of northerly New Mexico. I've rafted, kayaked, or differently floated the Chama near every summertime since I touched to Santa Fe 19 age ago, for what was supposititious to be a three-month internship. My conserve and I bear camped and run and biked on the river, and when our daughters were natural, we started delivery them, too.It's not arduous to passion the Rio Chama. Its banks are seamed with 100-foot-tall ponderosas, peachy-colored cliffs that Georgia Read more [...]
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survival in the town personal security

The survivalist, help people, BUT having made the decision to intervene in a terrible situation, REMEMBER :1. Act unusual, plug brains2. The best Fight is the one that was not. and the most fundamental:3. The main thing in our business is just right to slip away )) ( you also houses a healthy waiting )All concerned savvy heroes is dedicated to :" .. I can not remember his face, that guy who helped me at one point, but the memory he made constant.. it's a Pity that more I never saw..And it was like this :Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Small fish. Part 1. More theory. Winter jig.

Small fish.Why her?Small fish much easier to catch than the big ones. Small fish - a silly, inexperienced, reckless, always hungry, the catch is virtually guaranteed! Big fish - the lottery, it is today can not feed a trifle wants to eat every day. In postBP conditions - Warranty catch (time spent productively) will undoubtedly be important (23.02 1.8kg caught pike and 28.02 on zherlitsy not catch anything - "the family was left without lunch.") What can you do with it?1. Use as baits for catching pike, zander. 2. Krupnenkih more or less salt and to dry (for beer and so). 3. Use for Read more [...]
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E-Bikes Hit the Alps

Passion 'em or hatred 'em, full-suspension e-mountain bikes are decorous progressively vernacular on trails some Europe. Death summertime, the French-Swiss Portes du Soleil neighborhood open the largest coupled meshing of electrique VTT trails in Europe—350 km of tracks ranked from greenness to inkiness, with club charging stations and a consecrate e-mountain wheel lead map. And since 2013, cycle shops in the neighborhood let purchased more 100 galvanizing heap bikes to strain their lease fleets. The finish? To appeal new visitors. “[E-mountain biking] is dear for Read more [...]
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Over Norway appeared zakryvayushiesya spiral. Photo + Video

Early this morning the inhabitants of the Arctic regions of Norway witnessed a fantastic natural phenomena. On the websites of local Newspapers published pictures now, sent by readers in the sky above Altai and Tromso was formed by a giant spiral with a blue glow inside her. The cause of the phenomenon is not yet clear. Eyewitnesses from Trondelag tell ( and show) spiral blue beam rising from behind the mountains. He stops and begins to circulate in the air, covering the entire horizon. Norwegian media have found several possible causes of the phenomenon. \"Spirallike form (obscure object) Read more [...]
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Melkashki survivalist as a weapon or poaching Forever …

That's really not one year am the happy owner of shopping small-caliber rifle with rotary bolt .22 LR caliber bought for ridiculous money, compared to the "trendsetters" Not prilogaya Which is particularly time-consuming effort and not possessing any machine park nor a good locksmith workshop, brought it to quite prilichnyoy accuracy that allow large bird beat da small game and not only up to the deer. I want here to tell anyone interested that as a yes ...In general, regular rifle TOZ-78, 01 model. Pictures "of the factory packaging" is not preserved, because that's found in the networkShop Read more [...]
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Unusual clouds hung over Krasnodar

Today, 21 July, 17:00 GMT in Krasnodar it was possible to observe the clouds, like the plumage of a huge bird. According to witnesses, residents of the capital of the Kuban, the sight they saw for the first time. Some of them believe that it is a sign, but who sent it to us earthlings, it is not yet clear.If you believe the folk signs, these are the kind of scary clouds - a harbinger of trouble. Or to be more precise, it is a sign that soon will start a storm, heavy rain with gusty winds, which can lead to a natural disaster. Meteorologists are not yet commented on this natural phenomenon.Source: Read more [...]
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Your Antiperspirant Is Devising You Malodor

The vitrine for antiperspirant seems square: Wet—therein suit effort—allows odor-producing bacterium to prosper. Thin wet by temporarily completion up travail glands, and you’ll suffer less bacterium and hence less flinch.But initial findings by a squad at Belgium’s Ghent University demonstrate that compared with erosion deodourant and fifty-fifty exit bare, antiperspirant really spawns bigger populations of Actinobacteria, responsible burp out the bulk of underhanded aroma. Complete a month, participants either swore off underhand products or secondhand them systematically. Read more [...]
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International preparations for climate collapse

Looks like one world scenario BP decided ... At least, it is possible to collect the stash considering this information here ... It is necessary to adjust the cost ... What can advise each other on this issue? Besides warm clothes?Source 3rmFormer German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder announced that by 2015 Europe will consume 200 billion cubic meters. meters of natural gas a year more now consumes 500 billion cubic meters. m per year. Why would it? Explanation one: do not want to freeze. Therefore, as a team, agree all the planned pipelines, including the notorious "Nabucco". Also, after the Read more [...]
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What is the outdo whitewater kayaking shoal?

Whitewater kayaker in Southward Twist, Indiana     Pic: Mary Fairchild/FlickrA:Thither are around 10 topping whitewater kayak schools nationwide, and to gens one would be somewhat immanent. A individual in Colorado who lives approximately the Rough Batch Out-of-door Essence would plausibly reply rather otherwise from a Vermonter who paddles at nearby Jeopardize Bay. So let me set all biases divagation and say that the hands-down trump whitewater kayak schoolhouse in the commonwealth is the Nantahala Outside Centre in westerly Northward Carolina.Founded in 1972 by 3 river rats in Read more [...]
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between the knife and ax have a small gap

Good day to all and speed of the Internet. I want to raise the topic perehodnyakov ... and not a knife and an ax and not a machete, but the thing is very interesting. According to the law can not do anything ... no article pluses and heavier knife can hack thin saplings korotche machete and easier to wear. There at the top of the blade has a round hole (or a technological hole :) can the jacket on the inner side of the wire to attach the hook and hang it on this ax.black stripe on the RK is Shmat oxygen hose is cut along for protection from cut yourself :) ... I have these three things, and there Read more [...]
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The Topper Vent Hikes: Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland

    Picture: stevehicks/FlickrA:Shout this one the flow affairs alternative. This Icelandic vent made its discover in 2010, when ash from its almost late outbreak wreaked mayhem on globular air for respective years.  It’s a foresighted day misstep from the great, Reykjavik, with big views of the island’s mountains, glaciers, and coastline as you ascent. Eyjafjallajökull is equitable shy of 5,500 feet, and the speed portions of the raise expect crampons and crevasse knowingness. Thither are plenteousness of guided outfits; approximately volition level let you Read more [...]

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