Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.

Good afternoon, dear comrades and charming kamradshi!
How to spill the beans about something mikroaptechku — have to write. Work and in everyday life, and sometimes at the outputs, I noticed that carry a large first aid kit and somehow hard lenno.Vot born and decision — making such utter mikroaptechku for themselves. After analyzing the sores that occur to me chose a number of drugs that I can prigoditsya.V result came to light «it.» This set of tablets is not universal and even more originality. This is not a survival kit, even though he has repeatedly helped me and other people. Guided by the rule «do no harm and do not be afraid fool good luck coming» I signed on each tablet from what. So:

Take the tablets in a blister packaging.
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Take them out, or use the empty packaging — I buy paracetamol and ostobozhdayu blister of pills.
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Next do stacking tablets at its discretion and preference-do for themselves. I have the following medicines, which in my opinion a certified plumbing, the most suitable for my professional activities in construction, as well as fit me(And that is not unimportant, since before making a first aid kit, «sample» first medication for yourself on therapeutic effect). I for example, paracetamol is not suitable, but aspirin-most to.I inter alia not to drink at a construction site-sin, but then a headache, so aspirin.Itak
1.2-2 activated charcoal tablets (by poisoning)
3 — ftalazol (from the stomach, diarrhea)
4 — furatsilin (disinfection, rinse the throat)
5 — 2 nitroglycerin tablets (from the heart-ache in the heart)
6 — ketanov (pain-teeth, monthly, severe pain)
7.8 — aspirin (fever, headache)
9 — Nospanum (droptoverina hydrochloride) (stomach cramps, kidney stones, monthly spasm)
10 — loperamide (diarrhea)
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Next to seal and «laminating». You can print it all on your printer, but not a name of it, write by hand.
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Next paper Annotated CORRECT Glue the back side of our set of young lifeguard and just wrap the edge outward, cut the excess tape. Overturn and obtain
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Done! The kit I have included except tablets bandage, sterile scalpel blade, and the thermometer NexTemp nextemp.ru / .Termometr not so hot, but the measures are not beating, almost eternal, but for me this is important, and the more worth kopeyki.Na bandage put thermometer and the blade of the scalpel and the top covered with our typesetting blister medicines description vverh.Fiksiruem packaging bandage on 4 sides skotchem.Gotovo! In addition I have included in the scope of surgical gloves in a small bag with zipper — for medicine, and from the fingers «on the corpse»Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings., and in everyday life, and especially at the construction site where I work, often come in handy. Doctors reproach me full antisterilnosti. Agreed. I do not sell it in drugstores, and use for yourself and me often sufficient, since it is not designed for long carry and store.
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.

Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
Ask doctors not only to supplement and comment.

The name is mentioned … card. Well now talking about themMikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
In any alteration, MP and BP, and in case of emergency it is not important to survive, and it is important to get out of it, and I would like to with minimal impact. I read this site and others have seen a lot of things in NAZah, but almost never igr.Ya toys and put in my bag cards and chess with checkers
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.

Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.

For what? Playing chess and checkers well relieves stress, build relationships between people, well, playing cards sometimes occur and monetary relations duffelMikroaptechka, games and my belongings.(Joke humor). In addition, these games are widely distributed and play them know how many. I do not think that survival is a continuous struggle, shooting, running, transitions and more. This routine grief about the lost memories, stress, slezy.Kak here not to play cards or chess to keep from going crazy! Well, in the men’s team spread play cards sometimes makes zhizn.Poroy skills not noticeable in everyday life oh so handy in prison, among the «peculiar» contingent when the need to gain confidence, to divert attention,win a girl… But I digress.
Each of us because of his professional activity carries a different goods and chattels NAE. Let me also put the most intimate and expensive — its wearable kit that almost always with mnoy.Ne judge strictly. What good builderdentist climber simple clerk smert.Itak my everything:
Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
From top to bottom and left to right:
— My mikroaptechka (see above)
— Watches Casio www.casio-shop.ru/index/casio/AMW-700D-7A/casio-model.html Good reliable watch, with lunar calendar, 10 year battery, 100 meters zaschitoy.Minus — brilliant Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
— An adjustable wrench, a regular of Stroymag, diluted to 22 mm, a length of about 20 cm
— Screwdriver with battery indicator, allows to check the voltage without contact Kitay.Minus-bumps pricked, no sting.
— Lighter «Cricket», written a lot — good Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
— Akamulyatory replacement for Nokia BL-2 pcs 5C.Chem wear wear charging 2-3 spare akamulyatora
— High voltage diode column keramicheskiy.Pravlyu them knife
— Screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles, use a flat-sided bat cross
— Flashlight Princeton Tec Eos www.trial-sport.ru/goods/51528/518847.html took for 1200r at a discount. Basically ride a bike at night on 2 mode, just walk 3.For 1. Economical, waterproof, never dived with him, but bathed. I nravitsya.Minus orange Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings.
— TsentrInstrument pliers 120 mm.
— Hexagons 4,5,7 bike and not only
— Flint Light My Fire FireSteel Scout 2.0 ex.com.ua/product/light-my-fire-firesteel-scout-2-0-18078 / Average ognivo.V kit in my bag no fleece-tried to burn neighbor’s barn koster.Tschetno.No noshu.A suddenly …
— Surgical gloves in a bag
— Knife NAVY K631 www.navyco.com/eshop_view.asp?id=19 one of my everyday nozhey.Prekrasno sits in the hand, steel 440c (?) Sharpening keeps good clip adjustated … Workmanship is great! Rarely, but sometimes cheap and cheerful 800 p. A good knife!
The set lacks saw (using canvas on wood-metal), sticks of Plexiglas campfire and condoms.
I will be glad remarks.

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