My GAN-2

Excuse me five times tried to hide under the cut :-(

Fully supporting colleague nevyzhivalschika of recent threads, I can not, however, do not pay attention to some very important details that stably forgotten our vyzhivurtsami when describing their Ganov, name and noses:

Everyone who describes constantly carry with them in devices designed to save their lives in case of a sudden onset of PD did not think exactly where it should be worn. In cloth or leather bag? In the backpack? It’s not even funny: as you know, like soft containers have suddenly wiped feature at the most inopportune moment. What will be the resentment nepropadaytsa nepropadayki or when they discover the loss of his air rifle or gas mask with a whistle that has fallen into the hole. Suitcase? Is better, but if all of a sudden the sun comes close clouds and frost — 2596 degrees Celsius, the bag can be scattered from a light blow to the knee.
But the worst thing is not it. Any Gons and Ghana still worn on your own or in their hands. But imagine, you go down the street and suddenly backs — nuclear explosion. What will happen? Here’s what! All clothes are burned, backpack or bag to carry away neznamo.
So catch! First time on this site! Free seeding technique of top-secret units! GAN, NAE, and the like do not have to carry around or on yourself. It is necessary to wear yourself! It is clear that the needles and nails experienced person always puts under the tongue. It is clear that favorite machete, ax or knife before going out real obvyzhivalschiki swallow: in the case of sudden danger comes from courageous nepropadasta natural physiological reaction and — op-la — he was instantly sat down, seriously armed. But all this stuff, the main GAN or NAZ will always be with you, if you remember that each of us has … anus. There, there should shove all! I personally use the case of dvadtsatilitrovogo gas cylinder. Some experts prefer to wear in the anus cases of fire extinguishers, but I do not agree with them: gas tank — he glaaaaadenky.
If you suddenly have no anus — immediately contact the nearest hospital. If there is spare no — claiming to Mama!
And, not because it is a gift from me. Try it — you’ll love!

And finally, a few gadgets that inexperienced samovyzhivateli forget to put in your Ghana and called:
1. Keys home, car and work (to stuff the pockets) is excellent brass knuckles.
2. Handset and flash drive (I have no idea what for it is necessary, just used to carry) mobile phone can be very useful if you need to call someone from the third floor, and dokrichatsya can not — then they can break a window.
3. Clothes and shoes for the season when meeting with a puddle, I immediately rented pants, stuffed them with straw, and fasten, imagine it as a turn on dry land, in addition, the presence of excellent clothing helps disguise the city streets (I once forgot to put these essential gadgets for vyzhivalyalnika so me such a crowd of people rushed — barely run away).
4. Socks: in any city reigns unsanitary and dressed on hand hands can safely take and eat any sweets from a dumpster.
5. Briefs: excellent help to wipe the sweat off his face in the heat.
6. Vehicle: sometimes its hard to drag behind them, especially in the mountain, but few people know that if you get under his bottom, you can perfectly keep the rain out.
7. Lighter and cigarettes: cigarettes very well stop the bleeding from extensive lacerations and lighter great deterrents dogs (though it did not try any RAU fend lighter from the pack of rabid mongrels, but I am confident of success!
8. Documents proving cash: excellent help wipe your secret vault after retrieving it from the ax or to Ghana.

… You can argue about how to use what I have outlined in these eight points, but try to refute me: these items is almost every one of us at least once in the urban jungle of something above us all but it took.

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