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Many years ago, while in a subway car in Tashkent, I witnessed an unfortunate incident. Composition entered the tunnel, and I could smell burning rubber and plastic. To put it mildly, I was not myself, and here the dynamics of a man’s voice with a hint of hysteria: — Get away from the door! Get away from the door! Composition began to slow down … Then I do poherovelo (my apologies, but it was exactly the feeling …). All this happened at a time shortly before all media reported the tragedy (can not remember which city) in the subway, where there was a fire and killing many people. In the car, after a moment of confusion occurred, almost panic. Thank God, then all ended happily, but after the case always, if you have to ride the subway with him have plastic bottles with water, well, a piece of cloth (in case of fire shut your mouth and nose with a wet cloth) and I always have a flashlight in the urban backpack . In light of recent events in the Moscow metro, ran on an Internet
and now came across an interesting article: —

A burning underground people behaved like animals

On Thursday, RIA «Novosti» press conference the head of the department of psychiatry and emergency assistance in emergency situations of the State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after the Serbian, MD Anne Portnova.
Topic of discussion was a fire in the subway on June 5. It turned out that the behavior of people in this time was radically different from what was observed during previous high-profile PE — terrorist attacks in the subway and the airport «Domodedovo».
Thus, witnesses noted that during the fire a lot of people behaved «rough boorish, self-centered, not thinking about the rest.» «For example, the men it was particularly noticeable — they fled, pushing women and children, to the exit, — said Anna Portnov. — You can compare this situation with the attack on the same branch. Then come to us a lot of victims who described that people behaved with dignity: to help the weak, comforting others. And here’s the paradox! In this situation, in case of fire, where there were no victims, that is, it was not such a difficult situation, people behaved quite differently. «

What’s the matter? Over the past few years, people are so brutalized? Psychiatrists are not in a hurry to make such far-reaching conclusions. Portnov suggests that «perhaps people do not consider it necessary to help», just nothing particularly terrible happened.

«Crowd Psychology says that only one aggressive man — there is induction, ie, the impact on others. It’s like an infection, people begin to behave in exactly the same ugly «- explained psychiatrist. On the other hand, only one — the two leaders who can apply a positive example of the crowd.

As for advice on how to behave in a similar situation, Anna Portnov not recommended to walk along the walls of the subway — so more likely to be crushed. If the platform has gathered too many people — do not come to the edge, in case of emergency crowd will throw you back on track. Carry water and in which case start to drink it in small sips to calm down. You can also chew the cud or start counting sheep. Then — again to a hundred.

If formed crush, press the breast things that they can not lose. If lost — do not bend them.

Always carry medicines if you need them. And take them with you more — you never know where stuck? And then once the patient has arrived in Grozny with a single dose of insulin — a thought in Moscow will buy, and the train was late, and she developed a coma, I remembered a story from the life of a psychiatrist.

If you see during PE aggressive man — not to speak with him, your every word he can be regarded as an attack on themselves. If you want someone to appease — not hug it, it irritates many. Better offer water or measure pulse, even if you can not do that.

According to Anna Portnova, some people during a stressful situation starts attacking others, for example, to push their elbows. Others, on the contrary, begin to help everyone. Help other — is the best way to calm down.

The psychiatrist advised not to allow children to watch the news, which describe emergencies. However, given the number of such news is easier to prevent a children watch news programs.

Returning to the Metro, Anna Portnov stressed that there warning system built correctly. For example, people worrying when the train suddenly stops in the tunnel, and the driver announces soon go. In airports and train stations all offers women do «and suddenly a male voice announces. The man immediately unconscious reaction: that is, the war? «In general, a man’s voice causes more anxiety than women.

When an emergency people can not help but worry — otherwise it shows his mental abnormality and emotional coldness. Worry even professionals, employees of special services and rescuers. On this ground, «they develop alcoholism and so on, because it is very hard they work, undermines vitality» said the psychiatrist.

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