The spiral over Norway is not the only anomaly. Video

The spiral over Norway is not the only anomaly. Video

Twisting spiral over Norway

Following the overwhelming phenomenon over Norway supported a large number of photos and the video was interesting, but was there anything like that yet, because explanations from the category that is the result of an unsuccessful launch of the \»Bulava\» I was not satisfied.


More than a hundred thousand people watched something extraordinary, flying in the sky over Central China. A huge plate was slowly moving across the evening sky, and its flickering light acted depressing influence on people.

The questioning of the witnesses showed that it revolved around an axis clockwise and looked like a tightly coiled snake. It is in the form of a spiral saw an unusual UFO and pilots of civil aviation. They determined that the altitude gradually changing from 300 meters to one kilometer. When this strange dish changed and the brightness. It has disappeared in one second. Chinese astronomers said that the phenomenon is apparently of extraterrestrial origin

Exactly the same message does not just come from China in the past. So, on July 26, 1977 \»mysterious spiral in the air\» seen from Chengdu city of Sichuan province. The most detailed observation was made by the astronomer Zhang Gusanos from Yunnan Observatory:

\»on July 26, 1977 22:09-22:14 Beijing time I watched a very surprising and unexplained phenomenon in the air, while in the Northern suburbs of Chengdu. I suddenly saw in the sky a strange spiral object. Impressed by his unusual, I immediately drew the attention of several other people. They also saw this strange phenomenon… In appearance the core of the object resembled a bright yellowish star of the second magnitude in luminosity. This engine was the starting point from which came most Archimedean spiral, described a luminous line, the brightness of which was obvious under the moonlight. Line color was blue and partly green…

Because the spiral line came from the kernel, it clearly was not just a star, probably being a relatively small object. The line was described around him 3-4 turns. In General, the spiral, from my point of view, was more like a slightly flattened ellipse with a diameter of major axis of about 5°, towering above the horizon for about 60o. This strange large object is moved across the sky in a straight line… He was moving with a constant speed of about -10 ° C. per minute. Spiral, of course, moved in sync with the kernel. The size, shape and luminosity of the object has not changed, and the coil does not rotate around the nucleus. In the sky behind the subject leave no traces. 22:14 this spiral disappeared behind the clouds at a height of 10. All observation, therefore, lasted five minutes.

This phenomenon has received many messages from different places. They came from an area stretching from North to South, the swath width of at least 180 km Our records show that the earliest position of the object seen by witnesses was to the East of the North star at the height of 40°, and the total duration of observation was 10 minutes. It is particularly important that observers on so vast a distance, quite independently of each saw the same thing… Now we are not able satisfactorily to explain this strange phenomenon, although it has seen thousands of good observers. We can only vain to waste time wondering what it actually was.\»

Similar objects seen in the skies of China in 1978, 1980, 1981 and 1987.


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