What set of walkie-talkies should I get for a three-month misstep on Hawaii’s Big Island?

The Talkabout MR350R Two-part Radios     Exposure: courtesy, MotorolaThe Talkabout MR350R Bipartizan RadiosA:Thither are two shipway to resolution this motion. The offset is in an approving way. Wireless flourish don?t short get slothful and lie on the beach (wellspring, peradventure they do) in Hawaii, so any FRS (Kinfolk Radiocommunication Help) twist bequeath role hardly besides thither as it does in Hawaii. So you could get one or more pairs of Motorola MR350R radios ($85/distich) and off you go.The sec way is this: You very power likewise takings a couplet of longsighted lengths Read more [...]
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In Peru introduced a state of emergency because of snow

September 1, 2013. Because of the cold weather and heavy snowfall in Peru, a state of emergency extended for another nine regions of the country, reported in Sunday, September 1, on the BBC News website. The emergency mode will last for 20 days. It clarifies Peru21.pe, this week the temperature in the province known in the South can drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius. In the mountainous regions of the provinces of Arequipa, Moquegua, Puno will remain cold to minus 15 degrees. In addition, it is expected a strong wind. Weather conditions have affected about 33 thousand people, at least two died. Read more [...]
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do not get it in the neck.

Continuing cycle of issues related to the choice of equipment for a long, dangerous and most importantly virtual hike. Reading articles on the resource, I almost never seen mention of such head protection as a helmet or helmet. Maximum Equip indicate NLS (balaclava). It is clear that access to good helmets are mostly military men. But what do the people simple? From its own tourist experience I know that in the mountains of the helmet is very much needed. A couple of times on the head stones rained a lot, and once hit his head torn in a bad guide. In such circumstances, the usual construction Read more [...]
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The Outdo Customs Bivouacking Products: Spalted Maple Stab with Leather Case

Spalted Maple Stab with Leather Case     Exposure: Courtesy PeasantCraftA:To trade this stab, the flyspeck Eugene, Oregon, process starts with a Japanese 8-A stainless brand with rope-cutting serrations on top and a trap in the mall for aiding clutches. The craftsperson so adds a spalted maple cover from a local storm-damaged shoetree (spaulting is the nerveless topo-map care force on woods caused by a fungus.) Finally, you besides get a dextrorotary case made from veg bronzed leather (lefties can sustain one made upon quest).Dimensions: 3.0 (vane duration), 6.3 inches (boilersuit).Toll: Read more [...]
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survival fire training

TIPS FOR Appeal With the Gun. *Before you purchase a firearm weapons, you go through a special training course, which will help to learn the rules of non-hazardous appeal with the gun. *For each type of gun is attached to the Department for use, which should be read. *Before shooting Inspectorate, what is the status of the trunk.*In order to protect themselves in the process of fire, use dry ammunition industrial production, which corresponds to a caliber weapons. *If you train at shooting ranges or shooting galleries - not zapamyatovyvayte to use special goggles and protection for the ears.*If Read more [...]
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no illusions

Good time. Today, using the mild weather (0 degrees), brought into the woods wife and child. Kind of like a breath, actually estimate Che would do if the walk was prinuditelnoy.V plans to show his son how to make a fire, dry wood, pull the canopy of the cape tents, tents for use cloak dragging firewood. Deal with it on a solid four. firewood lay on the powerful shoulders son (ninth year kid, rather big already). wife sat on the mat and said that it all came otdyhat.No vtorostepenno.PONYaL I'm not ready to MEET PSU. When your family is not ready when in which case all will be on you ... This is Read more [...]
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The Trump Low-cost Espial Scopes: Maelstrom Recon

Recon.     Exposure: Courtesy of Maelstrom

A:The Recon is a shriveled, whippersnapper reading of a total catching ambit, but it’s one of the better tradeoffs ‘tween optics and packability therein aggroup. Made by Middleton, Wisconsin-based Convolution, the $549 range weighs below a punt and offers 15x blowup and a vast 50 mm lense. To protect it in the barbaric, the lense is scratch-resistant, the lodging is raincoat, and the outside is covered in grippy condom.

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Not extinct Kulibins In Russia!

Fellow human beings-Andruha & shaman434, happy owners of BP transport budget IRBIS - Virag dedicated And so, ladies and gentlemen, we have a zaslanets among the banks of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. Name it - shaman434. Topeka - vyzhivu.ru/blog/offroad/7947.html, vyzhivu.ru/blog/Foto/8177.html, vyzhivu.ru/blog/Foto/8275.html he tactfully, not intrusive manner automotive products advertised descendants of the Great Helmsman. Advertising Mr. Shaman worked at 100%. Old boatswain seduced, and being in the golden-domed, running on Auto shop, bought a pleasant thing. A few days later, Read more [...]
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Not a weapon

At the writing of this post I spodvig comrade Nord, for mentioning something in one of his comments following (I quote): "In the bag wear steel climbing carabiner type" Ring. " Used as ... gives a very interesting result and is absolutely safe for your own fingers. " Here and there was the intention - to hold, so to speak, a joint brainstorm to make "type list" of things that can be worn with soboth (in a pocket, on a belt, in Peremetnoe scrip) to "what if" to be able to use to repel the aggression, but without the fear that if you accidentally "Shmona" povyazhut and "start sewing business." Joke. Read more [...]
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In South-West China for one night disappeared pond with all the fish

From the pond was left only a small hole. Photo epochtimes.com The owner of a small pond in Sichuan province, where he was suckled by a few hundred pounds of fish in the morning, to his great astonishment found that all the water along with the fish disappeared. And on the site of the pond was a small hole. It happened in the night of 23 August in the village of Centuria, according to the newspaper \"huaxi, Toshiba\". How to tell the owner of the pond Han, Unigo, in the morning he usually went to feed the fish and found that from the pond, which existed there for more than 10 years, there was Read more [...]
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What’s a commodity encamp for overwinter bivouacking?

A:I recollect that if you lack a encamp for overwinter bivouacking and mountaineering, so you should go before and buy one with that in judgement. The fact is, such a bivouac leave employment upright okay in the summertime?it'll hardly press 97 more. And "transformable" tents, spell passably full, are compromise products. Furthermore, wintertime tenting in the Cascades is plenitude dangerous, with the luck for expectant c heaps and highschool winds. The Vehemence ($399) is a great-looking camp; comfortably intentional, stout and at around vii pounds not too big for a straight winter-oriented Read more [...]
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Do not wear diapers …

Good day! Caught my eye statejka decided that you would be fun to read:British Marines refused to fight in the frozen diapersIn exercises in northern Norway British special forces refuses to leave his barracks at a temperature below -8: in the surrounding forests have no warm composting toilets, diapers and freeze to the genitals if going under. Terrible frosts down to -20 degrees Celsius, the lack of toilet stalls in the Norwegian woods, where the NATO exercise - forcing Marines Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain refuse to follow orders and stay in the barracks. Commander of the Norwegian Read more [...]
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Should I use a nestling buns or laggard when biking with my kid?

Unaccompanied Drone     Photograph: courtesy, BurleyBurley Unaccompanied PokeAlone PreviewA:Accompany the prevue. For one affair, you?re acquiring rattling roughly the lading boundary of well-nigh shaver motorcycle seating?40 pounds. For another, I don?t wish the mind of having a pedal that top-heavy on any rather tag. Likewise, thither?s a ameliorate fortune of your nipper?s brain snapping some. If they?re seated low to the undercoat, they?ll be often more static.I grant that a bicycle ass is the cheaper choice. About, such as the Topeak Baby-sitter (topeak.com), are approximately Read more [...]
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Not a lot about yourself and going out of town — training, little pictures :)

Not a lot about yourself and going out of town - training, little picturesGood day, all comrades! This is my first article, by the beg your indulgence to chaotic presentation and lack of photographic material.- During the first administration of the site is very grateful to everyone who shared and the experience and knowledge over a year on it and learned a lot of useful information and find like-minded fellow. Sam probably nothing more special to share yet could not, all I know anyway already reflected on the site. Special thanks to comrade Storyteller vyzhivu.ru / profile / Skazochnik / Read more [...]
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This Supermarket Runs on Rot Nutrient

The UK supermarket concatenation Sainsbury's is circumstance an exemplar in sustainability by transforming its own refuse into zip. A depot in Cannock, in fundamental England, is now run totally on electricity generated from its own recycled resist, mark the get-go sentence a major retailer is not reliant on the interior gridiron for its ability.Hither's how it plant: Any nutrient that can't be donated to local charities for man usance or sour into beast provender is transported to a nearby anaerobiotic digestion (AD) implant run by wasteland direction society Biffa. The refuse is reborn into biomethane Read more [...]
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About 100 dips formed on the road in Southeast China

On the part of the track in Sichuan province was formed about 80 failures. Photo epochtimes.com In one day, June 13, highway city Chengdu Sichuan province was formed, at least 80 nm diameter of about one meter and a depth of 30 see According to the publication \"Sichuan online, dips formed on the road segment length of about two kilometers, around holes diverge long cracks. Fellow road company, supervising route, said that the failures were formed from what is softened by the rains the track go too heavy trucks. Possibly named the reason is true, but in recent dips in the earth were formed Read more [...]
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survival tips

The lock and load thermite pencil.Option 1.With its help can cook light products from Matala [1]. The pencil is a piece of wire from ordinary carbon steel. Its diameter, 2-3mm, is dependent on the thickness of the welded parts. The thicker and the diameter is larger. Outside the wire caused the thermite mixture, cool mixed with glue. Its composition: 24% (by volume) of sawdust aluminum, (but not alloy alumina), and 76% steel scale. The size of the particles to 0,mm At the end of the thermite pencil - priming, very similar to the head of a match. It consists of 1 part (by weight) bertoletova salt Read more [...]
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Middle Urals can procure grain at 15%

As noted in the press service of Sredneuralskaya the Ministry of agriculture, local food grain provides 10-15% of domestic needs. In past years, the Average Urals covered the deficit at the expense of grain donors - Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions. But the drought has destroyed there about 2.5 million tons of grain, and neighbors will hardly be able to help, according to Uralinformburo\". Sverdlovsk authorities sent the Federal government a request for allocation from the state intervention Fund more than 300 thousand tons of food and fodder grain. This will close the internal need another 50%. The Read more [...]
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Do not have a hundred rubles, sleep in the arm or practical answer we will call collectors.

Greetings to all friends or says a good friend of mine, went to ... enemies!))) the reason for writing this article was a comment on yesterday's two boundless spaces of this wonderful site and today's incident, which occurred with your humble servant tourists. in fact, the comments themselves: +11.82 Leda - Cossack village on hand-foot tape strapped! That's where you are now and will go bang! And you have no hooks or fishing line! (Jack with spare wheel though there?) A friend? And I'm still gonna get a handbag! There docks and tf ... and in the pockets, I have not (and may not have pockets) ... Hmm Read more [...]
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How can I shuffling certainly my camp holds its conformation concluded the age?

    Exposure: Kichigin via ShutterstockBatch Hardwear Airjet 2Airjet 2 CampA:Thanks for the firm interpretation! That's an awing matter - ten geezerhood of Appurtenance Guy. I get distinct this was the humans's beginning blog but am awaiting the credit and nimbus that I merit. Mayhap Google testament buy me for eleventy gazillion dollars and put me in a museum.As for your camp, fountainhead, permanently or ill, tents just do that. Almost tents suffer a fly made from roughly nylon-based real, unremarkably a coated nylon taffeta. And when it gets dampness (which it does evening with Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).