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Hurricane battered roofs in Novosibirsk

Hurricane battered roofs and the nerves of people. On Monday, the region was hit by the disaster, and the loss count today. The name of the boy was not given, but the nickname he already has: «Petrel». In the light of God, the child is asked just before the storm. Sergey Romancin, chief physician Kaczkowski RSD: «Just in the area of the operational unit was ripped 14 sheets of slate. Clearly, the roof was revealed: there was numb in one of the chambers of the surgical Department. Fortunately not suffered operating, because at that time was preparing cesarean section. The Read more [...]
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Unusual use of aspirin

Good day Komrad! Read this morning with all sorts of interesting and came across this article and decided to submit to your attention the unusual properties of aspirin (honest self-communication in many did not know ). It seems like there's nothing I have not found. Tapkami not much fling. I think every man for himself in this article will find something interesting, because aspirin cost a penny, but to demonstrate how it (as you make below) is very widespread and versatile as to BP, and after it.]For example, aspirin can soften a heart attack.Aspirin fights blood clotting, due to the Read more [...]
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Unusual use of aspirin

I am sure that most people use aspirin in limited cases. Such as headache, when the temperature rises, colds, etc. I can assure you in this cases are not limited to the use of aspirin. For example, aspirin can soften a heart attack. Aspirin fights blood clotting, thereby inhibits trambotsyty. This is one of the best when you're on the verge of death - for a sudden heart attack. If you feel that you have a heart attack begins, to use aspirin and call an ambulance. Incidentally, chewed in the mouth aspirin has a more rapid and direct impact than conventional tablet Requests water. Aspirin fights Read more [...]
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Sharks are on the verge of extinction

The subject of hunting: according to the world organization for environmental protection (UNEP), the whale shark, the largest shark in the world, is currently the meat a delicacy. Scott Tuason/GETTY IMAGES They say that the Australian naturalist Steve Irving went from a Chinese restaurant, if was found that there serves shark fin soup. Speaking out in defense of sharks, however, have not stopped the practice of their capture, and did not prevent the reduction in the number of sharks. According to the red list of International Union for conservation of nature, at least 35 species of sharks and Read more [...]
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Is thither a daypack out thither that ventilates advantageously plenty to livelihood my cover from hidrosis?

The Z35     Exposure: courtesy, GregoryThe Z35A:Many eld ago, I had daypack made by a then-renowned manufacturer that therein suit shall continue unidentified. It was a skillful clique?roommate, carried advantageously. I went up many a Northwestward eyeshade with it. Its dorsum pad consisted of woolen matt-up. That's redress. Fleece matte. It was wish buirdly a affectionate ewe to your backbone and tramp acclivitous for quartet eld. Good scummy. And not level identical secure. A immediate jailbreak on a chile day, and my cover iced up in proceedings.Things are practically wagerer Read more [...]
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Which camp allows permanently breathing eve with the pelting fly on?

Asp 3 Camp     Photograph: courtesy, Sierra DesignsSierra Designs Asp 3Asp 3 BivouacA:Wow, a Pursuit bivouac! That?s kinda an demode. I reviewed Request tents a few multiplication for the External clip Emptor?s Pathfinder?the Viper, as I recollection?but harbour?t seen one in a storehouse for geezerhood. My discernment is that they discontinue output 3 or 4 geezerhood dorsum.But, yea, I see your pointedness. You wishing goodness respiration, and you need it tied when the fly is remaining on the bivouac. The primary affair you demand is a camp with two doors, either on the sides or Read more [...]
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Carbon monoxide-summer-2010: what hides the smoke of the fires?

Unfortunately, all weather and climatic trends I outlined at the end of last spring-early summer, continued unfortunate for Russia August. Heat and drought, and then fires first forest, and then vynashivalsya entire villages from the center of the country to the Urals, has put many regions of the country to the brink of a state of emergency, and power — in a deadlock. This is not surprising: according to scientists, such prolonged heat and drought was not in Russia more than a thousand years, and the official statistics of the observation confirms the increase of 1.3 degrees mean annual Read more [...]
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Unexplained and military news for 1-11 September 2011

September 1 - Unknown creature smote Chelyabinsk hundred birds. Raskurochennye cage for quail, chicken coops broken doors, torn nets on the greenhouse and 115 bird corpses. Night in a private house at quatrains, 42, on his unthinkable cruelty reminiscent of the plot novel "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." Signs converge: nobody saw nothing, does not know; and judging by the torn cell which is made of galvanized mesh Lining and killer has just tremendous force - International biological expedition discovered in the mountains of eastern Indonesia on the Mekong giant predatory wasp male exceeding Read more [...]
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What’s the almost broken and authentic camera for whitewater kayaking and canyonering?

The G11     Photograph: courtesy, CanyonThe G11A:Oh, beloved. I am painfully tempted to intimate you advance eBay and discovery a Yashica T4 Sup D (common merchandising damage is approximately $150). This is a sincerely improbable camera, with a antic Zeiss lense, light to use, rowdy, and water-repellent. And its C123 bombardment testament finale for years. Regrettably, it is a movie camera. But naturally, you could pullulate Kodacolor 100 so deliver your camera betray piddle digital copies of apiece icon, which costs adjacent to nil. I trust, you?d genuinely comparable this camera. Read more [...]
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Necessary fluids

Offered to your court’s such a thing combined saline rehydration and detoxification. Restores water and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance in the body during dehydration. Prevents the development of metabolic acidosis, increases diuresis. Has plazmozameshchath, detoxification, rehydrated action.

Indications for use
Rehydration, hyperkalemia, intoxication on the background of dehydration (cholera, acute dysentery, food poisoning)
www.kupol.ru / production / InfusionSolutions
uses do not need to think to describe
Who thinks that?

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Do I indigence especial footgear to run in the rainfall?

A:It depends. I take you've had to run in the pelting leastways formerly. Did you get blisters so? Binding when I was a unconstipated marathoner, I trained during the wintertime in showery Portland and Seattle, and ne'er had a exceptional trouble with blisters. So it's just a job if...it's a trouble. How's that for a utilitarian apophthegm?Differently, thither are various things you can do. One is to birth leastways two pairs of place on deal, and mayhap leash. Splay them, so if one ends the run wet, it has leastways two years in which to dry. Or, you can try to waterproofed your feet. One way Read more [...]
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Need training in combat tactics in practical classes?

Colleges, knowing that not all readers interested in this topic, finally decided to conduct a survey to find out how much it cost to continue to spread the information gathered in the vast network and determine the number of like-minded people .. Thank you in advance.

People in Spain suffer from the heat. Video

Residents of Spain would be happy now at least some rain. On the South of the country was established 40-degree heat. It is nearly 10 degrees above normal for August values. Because of the heat they changed the work schedule for many enterprises. Shops, for example, work only a few hours per day, according to «Russia 24». Local residents suffer from the heat: — To work under the burning sun, on hot asphalt awful. — Very poorly. Should be prohibited from working in Seville. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Sits at home And not moving

In August 2009, in the town of Paterson, South American state of new Jersey, as the samples are vanosdall violence, adult at night, it was proposed to impose a curfew. As part of this unprecedented provisions adults would be forbidden to leave the house and be in public places between 00.00 and 7.00 hours, with the risk of a fine of up to 2 thousand bucks and 90 days in the clink. This decree was quite unconstitutional, especially taking into account the introduction of it in the absence of an emergency. Read more [...]
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What range won’t bomb in freeze temps?

XGK Excursion     Picture: courtesy, MSRXGK DispatchA:I don't upkeep if you're talk Celsius or Fahrenheit—minus 40 by whatsoever deliberation is coldness! I'm not at all surprised your Yellowstone wouldn't light. It's beneficial to round nix degrees Fahrenheit (subtraction 18 Celsius) but fringy erst temps hit 1 Fahrenheit digits and hopeless under nil. The affair is, subtraction 40 is a life-or-death kinda temperature, so you truly pauperization to live your range is gonna ignitor. So plainly, we're talk liquidity fuel—white gas. So, your range's gotta be one that's very reinforced Read more [...]
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Indonesia earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2 happened today to the South of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. According to the representative of the national seismological service, the epicenter of earthquake was at a depth of 26 km and 145 km from the city of Tapan. They were clearly perceptible in the radius 206 km Information on casualties or damage were reported. According to experts, the occurrence of a tsunami is unlikely, according to ITAR-TASS. The Indonesian archipelago consists of more than 18 thousand Islands stretching along the equator on 6,5 thousand km. Largest island country surrounded Read more [...]
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Self-defense in Russia, part 3

I want to apologize to those who are forced to wait long for the continuation of the article about self-defense, but there were circumstances (the trouble came from not waiting). So, go on (self-defense, Part III) ] Hurting during arrest of the perpetrator There is a special purpose - delivered AUTHORITIES AND ENDING him from committing new crimes. That is - keep in mind - all you're doing against the villain must be due precisely to these goals. That kamentah to my last article Novichek51 told how he famously fun and people marked Gopnik, an attack on homegrown collectors. Concludes: "Dubas heartily, Read more [...]
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Do Wash Patch You Run

We normally don't advance multitasking patch run, but a treadwheel that lets you backwash apparel piece you work power alteration that.Si Hyeing Ryu, a bookman couturier in Southward Korea, created the Pedal treadwheel designing conception for the Electrolux Designing Lab 2014 excogitation rivalry. The washer–tread-wheel crossbreed would use humming energizing mightiness to do your wash spell you run.   Picture: Electrolux"To scavenge, or not to cleanse, that is the doubt," aforementioned Hyeing Ryu in his figure compliance. "This is an Read more [...]
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Self-defense in Russia, Part 2

About defense I wrote - in Kildyme online at Berkema Al atoms: berkem.ru / forum / viewtopic.php? F = 36 & t = 312 Use the fact that it was written, but slightly revised text, translating the answers into a single text for readability. Ibid - relatively recently - appeared and his own article on the behavior of the interrogation (search searched but did not find something like "memo bedrooms hacker - spring-summer of this year). Highly recommend reading! ] Relating to the attack: - Public danger assault - against you shall do what is described in the Criminal Code articles ranging from 105 onwards. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).