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about NAZovskaya topic.

Discussions on the NAE and EDS have broken a lot of copies. Now you've got one idea, and that I want to share with you: First, there is a blog site: Scenarios BP (Ranger: Aris) Secondly, recently met in the comments: +224.55 turist - backwoods near Moscow tell me! though somebody ever applied his called diversion? rescued if somebody like naborchik in real emergency situation? it was very interesting to hear! Well, at least compose something! invent! because everything is more useful than a photograph thread on the table!On this occasion, suggest a kind of game: Take any NAZ discussed on the Read more [...]
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What’s the better cross-country ski gearing?

A:I cogitate I'm capable the job. Essentially, you'll demand to recollect in price of backcountry use, as groomed-trail geartrain is lone marginally operable when off-trail, piece the off-trail binge is a piddling gawky but plant utterly amercement on the groomed.For skis, a amercement well-rounded ski is the Fischer Recoil Cap ($210). You'll cogitate it looks ilk a downward-sloping ski, and it does?the shaped-ski frenzy hit cross-country a few eld ago, so the Rebounds suffer a inscrutable sidecut that helps with turn. Wide alloy edges sustenance a clutch when you're on heavy skank or traversing. Read more [...]
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The powerful storm made landfall on Warsaw. Video

The powerful storm made landfall on Friday evening, 6 August, the capital of Poland: water flooded the Warsaw metro, fallen trees, paralyzed public transport. Water flooded the streets in many areas of Warsaw, including Rembertow, Wavre, Ursynow and Srodmiescie. «A few hours into the city's rescue Service received about 500 calls from Warsaw with a request for help», — said a spokesman for the state Fire guard Paul Fronczak. In Torun railway in Warsaw were flooded three city bus. The passengers climbed on the roof, from where they had been evacuated by rescuers Read more [...]
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In the Rivne region, the rains have destroyed a third of the harvest

Heavy rains and hailstorms, which recently took place in Rivne region, has caused the agricultural enterprises damages totaling nearly 5 million UAH As UNIAN reported in the press service of the Rivne regional state administration, in General, the disaster has struck 11 thousands of hectares of crops. In these areas yield losses are 30%. According to preliminary estimates, the losses of farmers are estimated within 5 mln. At present, they specify the area of damage and the calculations of the lost amounts. The most affected crops crops in the North region, as well as in Rivne, Koretsky, Read more [...]
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Eye of the revival

Wanted to tell you about a dear saratniki wonderful "thing." But first a bit of prehistory. Around the age of 14 I started having problems with his left ear. There are 2 reasons, a serious head injury in childhood and the ingress of water into the ear in a more mature age. Doctors diagnosed with "chronic otitis media with perforation mezotempanit eardrum" Consistently 1-2 times a year had to be treated with antibiotics and drops. Later came even before that spent 2 courses of treatment in half a year ... In the army, there was still pyelonephritis and kidney, and it turned out that after the service, Read more [...]
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The Topper Sweat-Proof Sunscreens: Banana Sauceboat Functioning Mutant Faces

Banana Sauceboat Operation Fun Faces SPF 30     Photograph: Courtesy of Banana SauceboatA:I’m likewise a fan of Banana Sauceboat's Execution Variation Faces SPF 30 Sunblock ($6.50 for ternary ounces). It’s barge on SPF shelter than the Aloe Alligator, but I’ve establish for hard-nosed purposes, erst you get northward of SPF 30 the differences are paltry. It too meets the FDA’s 80-minute waterproofed criterion. And that vivid orangeness pipe not just stands out on the depot ledge, it makes the clobber easier to discovery when rummaging about in a ring. Read more [...]
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Forgotten FEAT Russian Fighter.

Rimbaud nervously Smoking in aside."13 July 1941 from the area of the Arctic Fox, the red army Ovcharenko was carrying ammunition for the 3rd pulati being from their own units 4-5 kilometres. In the same area on the red army attacked and surrounded the two cars in the part 50 of the German fighter and 3 officers. Out of the car, the German officer ordered the red army to raise their hands up, slipped out of his hands the rifle and began to inflict upon him interrogations. A red army soldier Ovcharenko in the cart lay the axe. Taking the axe, the soldier was beheaded German officer, threw three Read more [...]
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The occupation of the Russian Far East by the U.S. Army

Expensive and highly respected Komrad stumbled upon this article by accident and it caused me a stormy interes.Mozhet whether this will happen again or differently? This copy-paste here the link to the original: sidorov-pave.livejournal.com/234192.html Have you ever heard that the Americans conducted a military occupation of the territory of Russia? No? What do you, dear reader, live in such a powerful country, and do not know her history. Case it was back in predalekoy 1918, it is only in the history books tell us that filthy Yankees traded with the young Soviet republic, selling at exorbitant Read more [...]
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How oft do I motivation to varnish my camp?

A:Hunky-dory, first, I moldiness disabuse you of one whimsey: Irrespective what you do, your encamp volition NOT finish everlastingly. In fact, depending upon how practically sun pic your encamp got finis summertime, it's perchance already forthcoming halfway age, in camp eld. UV irradiation, wet, gritstone?all these things fail the nylon and polyester fibers in a bivouac. And spell it may feel absolutely amercement, about day it volition orbit a pointedness where evening a rebuff zephyr bequeath smash it. I'll ne'er leave the long-ago Rainier climbing when I jam-packed my honey?but rattling old?Swedish Read more [...]
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The storm made landfall on the Western Ukraine: Without light 90 villages

In the night 7 on 8 August due to adverse weather conditions (rain and wind) in four regions of Ukraine were dead 90 settlements, the press service of the emergencies Ministry. Were left without electricity 41 town in Rivne region, 26 in Ternopil, 13 — in Volyn and 10 — in Ivano-Frankivsk. In addition, the Ministry of emergency situations informs that as of 7:00 on August 8, continue measures for fire suppression on-site Novomoskovsk forest in Dnipropetrovsk. Of casualties and threats to human settlements there. Yesterday, the fire was contained by the Ministry of Read more [...]
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First aid for pneumothorax prehospital

On the orders of listeners. First, a little materiel. Omitting the nuances and exaggeration, we can say that the lungs - is porous elastic bodies. Their purpose - ensuring gas exchange between blood and air. For this purpose, suited to easy the pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein blood withdrawn. Lungs are located in the chest almost symmetrical to each other. The space between them is called the mediastinum and contains the heart and major blood vessels (the rest omit, because the topic is not relevant).The thorax is closed on all sides by a tight formation. The inner wall is lined with a chest Read more [...]
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Where can I obtain approximately jackanapes knickers for the Iraqi summertime?

Tropicwear Bloomers     Picture: courtesy, L.L. DomeTropicwear KnickersA:Wow, prosperous you. No dubiousness you've heard approximately summertime weather there—highs some 120 around, flatus, blowing grit and debris. And you're rightfulness, underdrawers won't be conquer for any bit of reasons, cheerio trousers are de rigueur both for leg shelter and to render more places to put englut. Fortuitously, respective foresightful bloomers dispose as beneficial candidates. Travelsmith's Packable Adventurer's Shipment Drawers ($55, www.travelsmith.com) would sour well—they're really Read more [...]
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survival psychology

A MEANS of OVERCOMING Fear.Terribly in this life though to what person. As he wrote stately German poet Heine, "nothing terribly only deracine". To suppress the horror effort volinine. But, as already mentioned, the psychological processes in almost all depend on physiological processes.Horror can be fooled. Everyone knows how in danger starts to beat the heart, drives the pulse and beat the jitters. So now, slugify men it's good to know psikhofiziologicheskiy the General mechanism of excitation in the situational horror in a certain combat time and the excitation mechanism in sexy contact Read more [...]
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On the island of Sulawesi erupting volcano. Video

Rescue service of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is given in full readiness. Before there was a volcanic eruption. Locals and tourists were evacuated from the dangerous area, five people were missing. Streams of glowing lava destroyed several buildings and a bridge. Lost the only connection with the outside world, cut off from the mainland 20 thousands of inhabitants of the surrounding villages. The eruption was a surprise even for volcanologists. According to them, no signs of life on the eve of the mountain was not filed. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Lake Parshino. Walking through the grove.

I have to say output lasted 3:00. Objectives: 1. Reconnaissance 2. Testing means of survival 3. Updating the skills of behavior in the forest 4. Corny stench break from the hustle and bustle of the big city Last time was chosen in the real wood for a long time. Recently moved to the outskirts of the center of the concrete jungle. 101% satisfied. The weather is beautiful. week it rained incessantly, and here no wind and the sun. Wore old raznoshennuyu "Reebok" true urban sneakers flat podoshevoy for asphalt. Jeans, T-shirt, slim svitor bag urban-type purses just over his shoulder))) With a knife Read more [...]
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Do you opt self-inflating or inflatable dormancy pads?

ProLite 3     Picture: courtesy, Therm-a-RestProLite 3A:It?s surprising to breakthrough how lightness an insulated air-filled dormancy pad can be. The Big Agnes Insulated Air Essence in the 78-inch distance and mommy shape (significant it?s narrowing at the pes and nous) gives you a well-situated buffer of air-filled chambers summation insulant from PrimaLoft. Yet it weighs a rattling militant 23 ounces, and costs an as competitory $75 (www.bigagnes.com). Bully. Its honcho competitor would be something such as the Therm-a-Rest ProLite 3 ($80), a super-light variant of the illustrious, Read more [...]
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Burns. Understanding and PMP with burns.

Burns - That the wounds inflicted by thermal, chemical, ultraviolet or microwave exposure. The main factors etymological burns are fire, water, steam, hot items. Area burned is most often defined in two ways: 1) Method palm. Palms affected area roughly corresponds to 1% of his body. 2) Method nines. Various human body surface area correspond to 9 or 18%. Namely: the head with the neck, the front surface of the torso on the ribs, abdomen and pelvis in the front, hand, thigh, calf - all at 9%. Back - 18%, groin - 1%.Human skin from outside to inside is composed of several layers: the epidermis Read more [...]
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Which hydration ingroup won’t saltation approximately on hanker train runs?

Wasp     Exposure: courtesy, Ultimate GuidanceWaspA:Naturally, appointment a camp in your showcase is care meet place?you're not exit to uncovering one on the Web that you can be certainly volition fit. You'll demand to haulage yourself into an outside shop some Santa Monica and try roughly on. That aforesaid, I can certain piddle around suggestions to beginning you in the redress management. I'm a fan of the Ultimate Centering packs; they're igniter, well-made, and enter various sizes for unlike activities. For you, their Wasp ($70; www.ultimatedirection.com) power be a near prize. Read more [...]
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The rains flooded the Czech Republic. Video

The Czech Republic began flooding. The cause — struck on Saturday for the Republic of rainfall. The most difficult situation is observed in the North of the country. Only in the Liberec region in the last hours fell more 80 mm of rainfall. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Waiting for doomsday, Kuzbass residents robbed a grocery truck

Kemerovo. November 20. Interfax - Police detained in Mariinsk four locals who allegedly preparing for the end of the world, committed theft of food from heavy-duty trucks, according to GU MVD in the Kemerovo region on Tuesday.The report said that the truck had lost a piece of content, totaling more than 30 thousand hours, when the driver parked the car near one of the local shops on the street Palchikova.While truck drivers slept, four criminals broke the seal, opened the door and got inside the trailer. Hence, they stole packing with stewed meat, vegetable oil, peas, and other products.Trucker Read more [...]
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