Again about the pills. A little humor.

Naryl cool report. Spread in full.
Unknown author thanks. Published by the General Power of Attorney dated 13serg.
Options universal kits that will fit and have normal life and would be suitable for large P. Maybe someone will be interested, or even useful.
I hasten to point out some things:
1. Decided to state so to speak «on paper», or rather his thoughts in Word I am writing about myself, almost do not copy, so sometimes I’ll write «popular» language. Downer haters «Albanian» (if there is), etc. — do not blame me! Try as much as possible to do without the mat.
2. I’m not a doctor! All that is written here, or you can subtract the Internet or vysprosheno doctors / pharmacists / nurses. Priority — maximum safety and minimal toxicity of drugs. Misinformation, a life-threatening is not here, but nonetheless, people in the know — welcome! Read, correct, by any chance there is any inaccuracy.
3. Personally zhru only Vitaminka «Vitrum Perfomens» and even charcoal sometimes when shit stuck point. So dear friends, ftykateli: 99% of drugs that will be given here — it kraynyak! Not need to be a doctor or even a pharmacist or a nurse / nurse to understand that all this shit drug is harmful to the body. One cure — another cripple! The smaller wheels zhresh — the better. If sick little head (especially if after yesterday), and then we can endure, and the best cure for a headache that does not thump on the eve!
4. Paragraph that follows from the previous one. We will not collect drugs for all occasions and for all ills. Everyone knows their own sores and to the main list can add your personal transport. And if you need a first aid kit, in which there are a lot of dressing, more than 50 different kinds of drugs, surgical instruments, etc. — welcome to the Yandex here or here / index.php? Topic = 8.0
So, let’s begin. For none of the visitors of this forum is not a secret that in Russia there are several ready-made kits designed for large nuclear P (hereinafter B.YA.P.). This is the famous AI-2 is designed for the civilian population and its analogues for the military — A-1, A-1M and a couple of more modern kits — AP (which produces SPC «Farmzaschita») and KIMGZ «UNITY». Consider their composition.
1) 2 syringe-tube with means for poisoning FOV — Athens or budaksim.
2) Injection tube with analgesic agent — or promedol omnopon.
3) a radioprotective agent (2 canister) — cystamine tablets
4) Antibacterial agent (canister 2) — tetracycline, after 1987 vibromitsin.
5) Backing place — taren or radioprotective agent potassium iodide.
6) antiemetics — etaperazin 0.006 g dimertkarb or tablets.
1) Injection tube with means for poisoning FOV — Athens
2) Antiseptic agent (2 mg) — 5% iodine solution.
3) Injection tube with analgesic agent — promedol
4) 2 canister, radioprotective agent — cystamine
5) 2 canister, an antibacterial agent — doxycycline
6) An agent for preventing poisoning FEV — «P-10M.»
7) antiemetics — etaperazin
8) The means of water disinfection — pantotsid
1) analgesic agent — promedol *
2) The agent for poisoning FOV — taren *
3) antibacterial agent number 2 — sulfadimetoksin
4) radioprotective agent number 1 (2 canister) — cystamine
5) antibacterial agent number 1 (2 canister) — tetracycline or doxycycline
6) radioprotective agent number 2 — potassium iodide
7) antiemetics — etaperazin
* — There is only the old, the full version.
1) Radioprotective — Indralin B-190 0.15 g number 6
2) anti — Latran to 0,004 grams number 4
3) Radioprotective — Potassium iodide 0.125 g number 4
4) Rad-away — Ferrocyn 0.5 g number 2
5) The preparation of «Protection» of 50 g (1 package)
KIMGZ «Unita»
1. Analgesic agent — ketorol (vials);
2. Antidote in cyanide poisoning — Sodium thiosulfate (vials);
3. Means for poisoning by organophosphorus compounds — meksidol (vials);
4. The antidote for poisoning by carbon monoxide — Acyzol;
5. Means of irritating substances — ammonia (vials);
6. Radioprotective substances — potassium iodide (pills in plastic box);
7. Antibacterial agent — doxycycline (pills in plastic box);
8. Oral duct;
9. Wiring hemostatic;
10. Package dressing;
11. Hemostatic napkins;
12. Disinfectant wipes;
13. Heated product — heater;
14. Disposable syringes (3 pcs.)
15. Pen, pencil
More detail and with pictures here:АИ-1АИ-2 / product_info.php? cPath = 49 & …
Of particular interest are kits AP, AI-1, AI-1M, as well as a full version of AI-2 kits. KIMGZ «Unita» though the biggest, but does not contain any extraordinary means, so hunt for it does not make sense — all that is in it, you can freely buy in a drugstore. About where you can punch kits AI-1, AI-1M or full version of AI-2 I have absolutely no idea. Earlier in the AI-2 was 7 investments, now only 5. Promedol — opioid, a narcotic analgesic, can cause dependence. Taran though not addictive, but the pin from him, God forbid! It is thanks to Taran famous AI-2! I myself did not hawala, although I confess — when I was in university, there was a desire to try. Review — people threw up 8 wheels! And then dropped out of life for a week. Where have they been all this time and what did you do no one can say, even they themselves! A-ha-ha! In short, Taran and promedol is dope and these drugs are now in AI-2 does not put. Conventional AI-2 (with 5 attachments) can be bought in stores or medical equipment overalls. Price 200 — 300 p. With A-1 and A-1M situation worse. Since this is the military version of the individual kits, they markups NOWHERE and sold in any form! Maybe they can get it as illegal, if there are friends or you yourself military serviceman. If someone has the opportunity — evading! With the acquisition of AP kits, theoretically Trouble should arise. In practice has not yet been tested … As I nopesal these kits (as well as other drugs for B.YA.P. which we discuss below) produces firm SPC «Farmzaschita» and as far as I know, they sell about 1,600 p.
Here is their link —
You can still look over here — / index.php? Topic = 1754.0
And particularly recommend — / component / option, com_joo …
By the latter reference, describes a good man Farmzaschity drugs and the possibility of replacing them (or alternative) are being invested in AI-2. Nopesaniya for this article, I drew Old and there too.
Now try to combine all of the above, and supplemented with the possibility yuzanya kits in peacetime:
1) Anti-FEV
Initial funds from Individual kits — Athens budaksim, Taran (aprofen) amizil (benaktizin) peliksim (AL-85). / wiki / aprofen / wiki / Benaktizin / wiki / Anticholinergic /? p = 1549
Find them — and not too exigeant legitimate task. Aprofen, more famous as taren — is an anticholinergic agent atropine. That is, to some extent it can be replaced with atropine, which is easier to get. In the medicine cabinet units for these purposes, we are offered the drug Meksidol. He Mexidant aka Mexicor aka Meksifin. Active ingredient — ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate. Do not even try to pronounce. Meksifin Farmzaschita sells all the exact same. This drug has even off-site
In a word — put Atropine and Meksidol (or equivalent), of course, along with instructions for use.
2) The agent for preventing poisoning FEV
Original tool — with a brutal drug called «M-10M»
Uffff …. Nothing clever to say about it I can not. Who knows — write. Maybe it will help as the same Meksidol and (or) Atropine.
3) Pain
For vnutremyshechno administration (in the ass or thigh) — ampoule or syringe tubes.
Initial funds — Promedol, Omnopon. That one, the second — dope. In yunite — Ketorol, it — Ketanov aka — Ketorolac, it — effective, but very harmful shit with a bunch of side effects. Reduces blood clotting. Ketanov not dope, that NSAIDs as Nurofen (ibuprofen), diclofenac and others, but far more powerful. If it is possible — DO NOT place Ketanov. Try to find or Tramadol Buprenorphine — is also a dope, but with fewer side effects and not so much addictive. Kraynyak skanaet — from one to two times Nitsche will not. It seems that you can find in a drugstore and dilute pharmacist for sale without a prescription. In action — Tramadol weaker Buprenorphine abruptly. Needless to need a couple of disposable bottoms 2-5 accordions.
4) Antibiotic number 1 (2 canister)
Powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic.
Initial funds — Tetracycline, Doxycycline, Vibromitsin.
Tetracycline — specific toxic and more junk. Now almost no use. Doxycycline — subspecies tetracycline antibiotics. Also not the new one. In Vibromitsine active ingredient Doxycycline, shorter same. The newest version of Doxycycline, the least toxic — «JUnidoks — soljutab.» Given the fact that there are too yunite Doxycycline, we can conclude — for this crap has no full substitution of less toxic species of antibiotics (penicillins, macrolides). So for B.YA.P. or, for particularly urgent cases put «JUnidoks — soljutab.» Please note that this antibiotic medicine cabinets AI takes 2 canister!
5) Antibiotic number 2
Against infectious gastrointestinal disorders.
Original tool — Sulfadimetoksin. As well as tetracycline, has two characteristic properties — ancient, aherenno toxic. Is replaced by a modern and safer — nifuroxazide.
6) Radioprotectors number 1 (2 canister)
In the future, we will follow the example of cyanogen and call just one number Radioprotectors Rad-X. Out of this site Chela, who would have played in the Super-Duper-Mega-PA-igrulku Fallout! And so everybody understands what this drug.
Original tool — Cystamine. With it all the same — old, harmful, the pharmacy is not for sale. Is replaced by Indralin B-190. Again — in the medicine cabinet, it takes 2 canister!
7) Radioprotectors number 2
That we have Rad-Away.
Original tool — Potassium Iodide. Normal means! It is no substitute, it is used to this day, and as a regular medication too. Sold in a pharmacy. But! It should be noted that in those tablets that in AI-2 content of potassium iodide — 0,125 g And in those that are sold in pharmacies typically an order of magnitude less. With normal content (0.125 g) sold all in the same Farmzaschite, well, like somewhere else saw … In general can be found.
Unfortunately, potassium iodide is the most important but not the only Rad-Away, which is needed.
Exposure from here
«Among the solids discharge nuclear power plant accident in the form of aerosols greatest danger in the first week after the accident isotopes are radioactive iodine. They are an essential part of the cloud and therefore radioactive contamination. At Chernobyl in the early days of iodine-131 accounted for 60 per cent, iodine-133 — 30 percent, and the rest — to iodine-132, 135.
One of the main protective measures radiation accidents — iodine prophylaxis. Stable iodine as potassium iodide tablets (K1) at a dose of 125 mg to 99.5 percent blocks of thyroid tissue fixation radioiodine. The protective effect observed after 5 min after administration of potassium iodide tablets on an empty stomach and 30 minutes — on a full stomach.
Second emission levels for radioactive iodine is cesium-134, 137. Physical half-life of radioactive cesium-137-30. Isotopes of his income in any way easily penetrate into the body. From the gastrointestinal tract cesium completely absorbed and excreted primarily in the urine. A significant amount (30%) of the incoming blood to be secreted into the intestine. The greatest amount thereof is fixed to the muscle tissue.
Third danger long-term effects is the action of radionuclides strontium-90 physical and effective half-life of 29.1 and 15.6 years, respectively. He predominantly fixed in the bone. The main sources of intakes of cesium and strontium radionuclides are staple foods: milk, meat, potatoes and other vegetables, crops that grow in the contaminated areas. «
For excretion of cesium is Ferrocyn drug. There are in the medicine cabinet AP.
For removing strontium
— Polisurmin
— Barium sulphate (adsorbar)
— Sodium alginate (E401) with milk
— Calcium alginate (algisorb)
— Vokatsit (highly purified carboxycellulose)
Here it is what everyone will find … These funds also sold far not everywhere.
To remove heavy metals (not those that enter the body through the ears after listening to Slayer and Sepultura, and such as fission products of uranium isotopes of yttrium, cerium, zirconium) is a drug or its analogs pentatsin Tsinkatsin, Trimefatsin. All three drugs should be made Farmzaschitoy, but about the last two disk imaging on off-site is not, although they are less harmful to the body. HZ can less effective …
Rad-X and Rad-Away is good to add a remedy for cough acetylcysteine, which has radioprotective properties.
8) Initial Antiemetic means — Etaperazin, dimetkarb. Etaperazin — as always, Junk. Dimetkarb like what it contains and its forbidden component is also problematic to buy. Will not soar EDT, just replace them with Latran, which is also in Farmzaschite.
9) The agent for the treatment of the skin surface
The drug is called «Protection.» There are in the medicine cabinet AP. Apparently alternative antidotes IPP-11 package. Just put, it means you need. Will not be superfluous.
Not the topic: Gyyyy! Farmzaschite turned non-acidic advertising! We ought to say to them that they unfastened me for it. Or at least a means for free winged. A-ha-ha!
And now the theme sure to download the book EP Petrenko, AS Fuchs. «Military Toxicology, radiobiology and medical protection.» There is painted as atropinize and stuff. It is also useful to find the book «Emergency Medicine».
Now let’s see what you can put more to get a universal super-AI.
10) Antiseptic
In AI-1M is 2 mg of iodine. Iodine even in Africa iodine. So we put the same 2 ampoules, or better any more comfortable bubble. Iodine way can replace potassium iodide, but let it be better to do both.
11) For water disinfection
In AI-1M is Pantotsid. Alternative — Akvatabs. Worth a penny.
Potassium permanganate. This antiseptic and means for water disinfection. A small vial of it does not take much space, and certainly can not hurt.
12) NSAIDs
In paragraph number 3 I nopesal that it Ketanov NSAIDs, ie non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. / wiki / NSAIDs
According to Russian: it is such crap — three in one. Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory. Wide range of actions, for someone — «cure-all». The most famous of them is Aspirin. Only aspirin is junk and ketanov too strong piece. There are easier — eg Nurofen (Ibuprofen). It’s almost a classic, as the same aspirin. If you do not take into account the latest generation of these drugs, the Nurofen safest and least harmful. But I prefer the newest — Nimesulide.
13) antiallergen
Just in case. Especially those who are allergic to something and they know about it. Newest — Zyrtec. There are Telfast beyond his chops as all antiallergens but it narrower spectrum of activity than Zyrtec. If you’re not driving, you do not care — you can eat Zyrtec.
14) «From the Belly»
Activated charcoal. Juzat fsem! The most well-known and simple enough adsorbent antidote. Minimum side effects. If you’re crap, you have a tummy ache or hug the toilet, if you just remembered that not eaten something that you need or can not remember, but I suppose: activated charcoal — your best friend! Maybe when B.YA.P. a little help. For Imodium and especially for levometitsiny grasp not recommend. I always on the road korobulka coal. And the house always has his stock.
15) Antibiotics
Here we come to the most troublesome section. In ordinary life, these funds should be avoided markups, or apply only on prescription and strictly observing the dosage and indications for use. In any case not hawala antibiotics alone! However, after reading an article on the cyan, stsylku to which I have already cited, as well as this short article here / med / articles / anti / sleptsov …
I realized that sometimes they may still be needed. Doxycycline has said we will not touch, because it’s all tin. We heed the advice of smart people and put just fire a couple less brutal but effective antibiotics — Amoxiclav and Azithromycin. These antibiotics belong to the class of macrolides and penicillins, respectively. This is the least toxic classes of antibiotics. Do Amoksiklava many synonyms. Look here …
Searching is cheaper. Price may vary by hundreds. So it is about Azithromycin …
In an Internet Azithromycin costs about 100 rubles, but Sumamed is about 400!
16) Personal medication
Here each put their own. I probably would have put for yourself Drotaverinum (also known as No-Spa), since I gastritis and hypertensive simultaneously.
17) Wiring
18) patch (not required)
19) Plaster bactericidal
20) You can put a napkin and a sterile hemostatic bandage.
Necessary to install all this INSTRUCTIONS PRINT AND APPLY!
Now it remains to find a small steel or plastic box and cram it all back to similarity of the Individual First Aid Kits. This korobulke necessarily (!) Should be put bandages package TTR 1-2 AV-3 and anti-gas package IPP-11, or if korobulka will fall big push is still there and their. All kit is ready! Thank you for your attention.
P.S. Optionally, you can attach:
— Vitamins — the same Vitrum Perfomens or Centrum — these complexes are the most complete
— Glucose (to replenish the body’s energy futures)
— Succinic acid (for the same)
— Cream «Rescue» (Good vesch! Read that kid luminaries amputation due to frostbite feet, but there were — thereby smearing cream)
— Kapsikam or Finalgon or Zoovip (smear neck or lower back when produesh, you double up and you become like a question mark)
But this is a specific burdening and always with a not shabby! For thorough fees, or keep in the apartment or in tachilu / New member — who has that ….
P.P.S. Unfortunately, the pharmacy did not tell me what antibiotics help bites zombies, vampires and other such creatures.

The most complete alignment and all that he saw. Well, sometimes smiling.

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