Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok

Undertake experiments with paraffin prompted me materials found on the Internet and the availability www.delaysam.ru/turizm/turizm20.html khaljavnogo paraffin as cinder church candles. For reference, my cousin is in our church, and saw in the temple courtyard a couple of barrels with cinder, I asked him — how they utilize them? He told me that according to the rules they have to — or indulge in processing — or burn what they do because of the lack of a candle factory in the district. So what if you do not ask for pampering and into the trash, then do not throw — you can use. Which I did.
(Photos are clickable)
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok

Wicks better to separate before the melt candle sostrugivaya half with a knife. Volume nastrogal «dry» wax should be about twice or three more «liquid», which you want to receive.
I intended to make some paraffin burners of different sizes and with different wicks. Some wicks were cinder candles, others I made from corrugated slots connected to a rigid frame. Besides infiltrated with paraffin, sawn in half a roll of toilet paper, cardboard and a few remnants of matches. You can even soak a piece of c / b rags (for lighting fires).
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
When the wax froze — the first thing lit by small jars of floating candles. Burned brightly, but when all the contents melted — wicks drowned and extinguished, liquid paraffin did not have time to ignite (which actually like).
The second number has gone from a jar under pate with cinder candles. A few minutes to melt the top layer of wax (stubs are) caught fire and liquid paraffin. Hooray! Good flame (10 centimeters), a nice glow!
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
And after a while (10-15 minutes) gadsky paraffin boiled and its vapors are flashed to a height of about one meter, almost under the roof of my front porch. Photos of this moment no, because was not before. No lid to cover the glowing jar was found, so quickly and accurately brick with him standing on the torch was to throw on the ground. Paraffin course spilled but then froze and died out.
Son (8 years) gave: Mom probably not worth talking about it. And I agreed with him.
But since the entire scrape spilled paraffin failed — had yet to crack. Test burner lattice piece of cardboard decided to move the next day and under the open sky.
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Promising viewers «Fire show» lit the torch, but do not boil paraffin. Apparently influenced by the fact that the plane is divided wax wicks cardboard walls. On the other hand, it is good for us — as the «behavior» of the burner is more predictable. 1 hour burning, steady flame 5-7 cm in height, approximately 1 cm fading paraffin (height jars — 3.3 cm). Stubbed jar covered with a lid on top.

Toilet paper and corrugated board, impregnated, well lit and quite long — great kindling.
Match impregnated — burns about three times longer than ordinary flame and more.

The next item on the «experience» was a test of «Stove-schepochnitsy for the Soviet army bowler.» Background is: I wanted to make alternative Swedish bowler, started drawing and making-up. Then I think — I will look-ka on the Internet, can all already invented? Exactly! The main thing to ask a question Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok.
Comrade woodly shared their experiences with the people back in 2009. Huge thanks to him!
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
For his little stove I changed dimensions (length sweep — exactly 42 cm and a height scan reduced to not cut notches «ears» pot). Although if you increase the height of the slit and under the «ears» to make deeper — respectively and bowler will sit deeper in the oven and heat between the walls of the stove and the pot will increase. Weight is not much more.
The stove is made of stainless steel. Wall — of 0.5 mm from the bottom plate — 0.8 mm (I wanted to make harder). 0.5 cut metal shears, 0.8 and 0.5 in a round hole — sawed jigsaw for sawing metal (do not click!).
Collected on the rivets and screws from the children’s designer. Gridiron — Single electrode 4.
Weight of the assembly — 250 grams (do if the bottom of the 0.5 — it will be easier for 25-30 grams).
Weight with a bowler hat — 600 grams.
Nowhere in the internet did not find the weight of the Swedish kit. Who has — please weigh and komentah report.
Thus, we go to the tests.
Participated: Dry flammable «bangin-ka» (JSC «Siberian plain» Novosibirsk); Birch chips left over from chopping wood (dry enough); Paraffin burner with wicks made of corrugated cardboard.
Water was poured into the pot «to bend» even a little higher each time cold from the tap. Although «dry fuel» water was probably a little colder. Bowler hat covered with a lid.
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Dry fuel — 2 tablets, water has a boil, but do not have time. Time — 19 min.
Not pour less water.
Flinders — The number can be estimated from photographs (approximately — 2 large zhmeni). Since pot was closed — missed the start of boiling. Stormy! Boil 11 minutes!
Paraffin burner — 23 minutes — hot water, but to boil away? (Tired of waiting, and so clear favorite). You can certainly use other modifications, but not painfully predictable height torch. Better to use them for lighting, ignition and as signal lights.
On this stove and can boil a cup (the narrowest rows of holes). You can put a pot on top of a larger volume. Can be used as a mini-grill
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok
Experiments with paraffin stove and Wok

Pouch for pot «Splavovsky.»
Almost everything has already been invented. We need to find the right, pass through itself, if it can be improved. Based on this experience to move on.
Thank you for your attention.

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