Features Food scout in the conflict zone W 1.

Andrew Zagortsev

«To force a soldier to fight it first necessary to feed, clothe, shod, train and only after sending to the task»
«We would eat and always have time to war»
At first it was an article with a power consumption calculations kilocalories per person per day and gorgeous calculations. By writing involved foodservice professionals, nutritionists, doctors and other paramilitary men. The article was written reviewed and approved by big bosses. I tried to read it and fell asleep on the first paragraph. And if I fall asleep while reading something, it means that I was forced to read, which is extremely uninteresting. So I will talk myself remembering personal and public experience in the mission and educational outputs.
When performing tasks as reconnaissance and special character, Scout, acting as part of the reconnaissance group of special purpose according to the statement from the order and plan the logistics of the activities supposed to have dry rations for a period of so many days. That will include this ration? that he is out-like? .. We will not escape into the jungle when there were stories standards-mountain summer or winter mountain, where you can find canned bacon cut into thin strips and neatly folded, or exotics such as fruit soup. Let’s look at what we have at the moment.
In ’95 in the Armed Forces operating in the area of ​​the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus there were so-called «green soldering.» And then I was lucky enough to take the post of company commander specialists food officials, intelligent two colonels from Moscow. Received the «left» problem for his company to unload AN-12 meeting and the placement of two officers from food control, I first wanted to start gimp that «none of our business, we are super-duper scouts yesterday only small caught Basayev Skewers in Chechen Louise, but he bought a pack of skunk «LM» and a chocolate bar saw us disappeared. » However, he did not. Scent and aggravated flair to any «free», told me not whine and go to the airfield. I is not lost. Two men in a brand new camouflages lonely stuck near the open ramp and whizzing past the startled considered military, missile systems division guarding the airfield, and the screams of puckered pilots demanding the immediate release of the cargo overboard.
Who are found. Indeed my «helpers» And what kind of load? Soldering! New! For the experiment! Yes we have these rations, but we have to ration factory uncle works … actually we do not have such rations … Fifteen minutes later flew my gallant scouts KAMAZ.
Chapter One
IRP-B (M) «green» features of soldering, experiences and recipes. the same ration []
Fig.1 The same «green» rations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
After two hours outside the body and sealed my laced and stamped one of the «Muscovites» trampled spy with a gun. At the request of a lieutenant body was rip it out several boxes and delivered to me in the commander’s tent.
After the bath, I proposed capital guests treat themselves what God has sent. Eating sturgeon shashlik, and washing it down with Kizlyar cognac guests told what is the essence of their missions. Military developed a new kind of dry rations and necessary experience in his warring divisions. Record reviews, fill out questionnaires, and with it all to go back. When any faults will be eliminated, the production of new rations will start at full capacity. That’s all been demonstrated dela.Mne these latest soldering later became famous under the slang name of «green.» What do they look like. Plastic sealed package with compartments for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a handle made of the same plastic. It should be noted that during this period «green» before soldering industrial production were much more varied in content than in the second period of the counter-terrorist operation. So there was that.
Two square cans soldered lid-canned-vegetable, mainly porridge with meat, buckwheat, rice, barley but I want to see where were soldering instead of porridge was potatoes and meat, which is much tastier cereals.
Square jar with tinned meat. Beef and pork, stew good as in cold and in hot. But in hot best beef in it more tasty broth, pork is delicious served cold, and it is often met with a label marked «spicy pork.»
Small round tin of meat mostly «frankfurter» or pate «Liver», both are good at eating pate them in any way as the heated and cold.
Small round tin of canned fish, opinions are divided here already, mostly stuff down and it was left or reserve or used for cooking are something fish salads but it is in PST.
Small packet of ketchup aka «Tomato Sauce»
Bag of dry concentrated milk. Two sachets of instant coffee (than something resembling a mixture of «Nescafe» and «Pele») instead of coffee or two sachets of instant tea is very much sweet (taste tea barely noticeable taste and feel some drugs). Bag of dry concentrated beverage or «Lemon» or «Dolphin» (a glass of boiled water one sachet of normal), it can, in principle, and drink with hot water as a tea (to taste will remind very liquid pudding). Sachet with jam (usually apple). Sugar in paper bags and usually two upakovki.Nu polivitaminka in paper packaging. Rations met with a couple of candy, usually stuck together melted and very sweet.
The climax is the diversity over the same briquette pea concentrate such yellowish soldered into the transparent plastic, which affects the complexity of the written instruction execution «chew, drink water.» First scouts tried valiantly to chew, not just throw ponravilos.Potom steel, but eventually found a use for it and not only according to instructions. Extruded peas can be neatly planed knife to reheat and open or porridge or stew. You can crush a few tiles only qualitatively necessarily crush, because peas does not swell or dissolve, pour boiling water and stir the stew will add quite sedobnaya pea porridge, as good these briquettes for support under any furniture or masonry heaters:
Next are already such trifles as the six-pack «Khlebtsov army» they’re biscuits, dry some fresh cookies are often broken and crumbling right in packages. Bread even in alcohol they certainly do not replace but in the field and it will come down. Soldiers are usually a couple of biscuits soaked in broth from the stew or razzharivali them in the same bank, so they get much tastier. Just bad these biscuits are burning in the fire or in the oven is much better than a pea. Well, a small bag of raisins which comes very much dry grape twigs.
A very useful thing opener canned, there are green plastic thingies arrowhead with a pin, as they open so that the whole problem, it is better knife, important not to pierce through the thin bank. And there are metallicheskik similar to the little bit of tsinkoreza. This is much more convenient and praktichnee.Nu and of course a small plastic green spoon.
Very fashionable and useful thing as «dry alcohol portable» aka trivet. Tin slotted it slits. After disconnection with pills and alcohol dry round grater, tin bent in a special way, creating something really similar to the trivet. The tablets are coated with an edge on sulfur, strike sharply on them inside the box grater or stew and cook or boil water. However, as usual despite the packaging tablets were constantly wet and they managed to stir up mainly with matches or lighters. All good «dry alcohol» portable but somewhere prone to ambush or a day’s rest when trying to use it to warm food, dry alcohol very shamelessly and specifically stank strongly unmasking group. Still have a few matches of «hunting» sealed in cellophane, burn well and the wind and rain but also very smelly.
And finally, three green paper napkin, and one wet cloth to wipe the face. insides []
Figure 2 Here’s the entire contents of soldering
All this grandeur called individual diets. They walked under the symbol B-(combat) and P (s). Later such soldering met almost that everywhere and in all divisions of the company for the second Chechen. But meat-vegetable canned potatoes are very little if at all did not meet. These rations are now in daily activities is provided almost all the parts. For an example, the liner is made of soldering IRP-P used in the Siberian Military District.
1.Hlebtsy army-6 ’50 5. Jam fruit-2 ’45 9.Polivitaminy-1pc.
2Konservy meat-1 250 6. Concentrate drink-1 ’25 10.razogrevatel-1 set.
3.Konservy minced -1 100g 7.Chay soluble sugar -2 16 11.Salfetki paper-3 pc.
4.Konservy cereal-2 250 g 8.Sahar -2 15g. 12.Vskryvatel konservn.-1pc.
Well, it’s part of IRP-B Chechen variant
IRP-B is completed in accordance with the requirements of TU 9104-367-004605473-99
1. Bread «Army» 1 / ’50
2. Canned meat 1/250 of
3. Drink milk dry 1/30
4. Instant coffee 1/2, the
5. Sugar 1 / ’15
6. Caramel candies 2 pcs.
7. Caramel «Siberian» 1 pc.
8. Multivitamins 1 pc.
9. Razogrevatel 1 pc.
10. Napkins 1 pc.
11. Hygienic napkins 1 pc.
12. Matches 6 pcs.
13. Plastic Spoon 1 pc.
14. Opener (for canned) 1 pc.
15. Akvatabs 1 pc.
1. Bread «Army» 2/50 г.
2. Canned meat hundredth of
3. Canned cereal 1/250 of
4. Tomato Sauce 1/60 г.
5. Dried fruits twentieth г.
6. Beverage concentrate to 1/25 г.
7. Sugar 3 / ’15
8. Napkins 1 pc.
9.Salfetki hygiene 1 pc.
10.Akvatabs 1 pc.
1. Bread «Army» 1 / ’50
2. Canned fish hundredth of
3. Concentrate food briquetted sixtieth г.
4. Jam 1/45 г.
5. Tea with sugar 1 / ’16
6. Napkins 1 pc.
7. Hygienic napkins 1 pc.
8.Akvatabs 1 pc.
Nutritional Information: Protein — 115 g, fat — 147 g, carbohydrates — 353 g
Energy value: 3191 kcal
Agree PRI-T is not the same compared to the IRP-B, even miraculous pea briquette not.
I singled out one food officials APC team five people for the protection and support of the brave sergeant appointed senior conscripts zamkomvzvoda. Went «green» soldiers’ rations develop stomachs throughout the conflict zone. My scouts are accustomed to eat as much as possible «smart» hoard received rations for «just in case» and cook for themselves blowtorch cooking yourself soups, frying potatoes and meat, shamelessly changing «diesel fuel» food normal tea, sausage, cheese cigarettes. After checking out in the area of ​​324 motorized regiment «food officials» were very surprised by observing the behavior of my soldiers.
— Imagine commander, had to spend the night on the block, so your fighters our rations and not opened, — said one of the «Muscovites» — see their domestic supplies run out, so they went on the road with «veveshnikami» and come with machines tribute collect, how could you? Why they do not eat our rations?
I had to explain the truth that became apparent and clear here in the war. If the unit performs the task on the technique, they despite the presence of «trendy» packages with a hitherto unseen rations will still eat as they become accustomed. There is a real opportunity to get in stock or simply steal, barter, buy normal products. Meat, vegetables, bread, cereals, pasta. Water can collect much more than when the task on foot. A normal driver APCs, or the driver is always a BMP zanykali somewhere in the landing blowtorch with a special tripod for fast cooking and heating. I have so, for example, in my commander’s APC, there is a small stove with a gas cylinder, which exchanged for seasoned in Chechnya is not much difficulty. Yes, there is, of course, the additional danger of undermining the balloon during shelling or undermining. But some danger if soberly consider. Balloon in a special box armor, so if BTR sew cumulative jet grenade shot then there is not to be the balloon. All the crews of armored vehicles have extra water tanks, jerry cans, plastic drums, rubber water tanks «WFD». So what if it is possible to cook normal food, canteen distinguishes from «soup» then why not. In each group, the platoon crew has long been tacitly general solution chosen chef, the most intelligent and adapted to cooking scout. And this post, for example, in my company had to be earned, young for such a «soft» case never tolerated, cooking engaged the most experienced and well-deserved «authorities» of the older members. They are also engaged in «blanks» before leaving.
Agree that better pohlebat richness shurpa hot with potatoes, onions, spices and slices of lamb stew or eat out of the jar. Even the same porridge of combined arms rations simple standards will be much tastier if razzharena in a large cauldron and seasoned with onion and spices.
Food officials agreed with my arguments and asked what we would like to see in the rations for just such occasions. Then of course I have suffered, but my wishes were recorded. Then travel to the republic «Muscovites» have heard a bunch of the same wishes. Maybe because of my inflamed imagination, and maybe collective delirium, and can still due to some factors, but soon in the Armed Forces, a new type soldering RP MK (diet of small teams) are much more diverse in its scope and products.
Soon came to the company a few tasks for searching and ambushes. That’s when in full had, and run in new soldering.
The outputs revealed several features in the application of rations. Canned meat and cereal better, do not open, and warm up with the lid closed. Nothing they will not be sealed lid so that the pairs of food heated by its own open, when everything is fully warmed up. You can simply bank poperevorachivat bottom to top and vice versa, for that would be porridge or meat from the bottom is not burnt and all. If you already are going to add something frills type of onion or garlic then it’s better to open the lid. Openers for cans, plastic is unsuitable stuff, metal version is much stronger and more functional.
And developed a couple nemudrenyh recipes of delicious dishes from the diet of combat power. By the second Chechen they enter the fashion called «mu-hrya meat» and «moo-hrya sweet.»
«Mu-hrya meat» Recipe: Take a half-kilo of steam pork, olive oil, capers, one pineapple and lettuce. What’s not? okay, then. Liberating act easier one department «green allowance» which is staffed lunch, cut it «plastic trough» of the package. It will be containers for cooking. Warms all meat and meat-vegetable canned and dump them in a container. There also throw out the stuffing desirable «frankfurter» crumble there with floor briquette pea concentrate and pour it all ketchup. Mix thoroughly, and that’s ready to dish per meal three scouts recommended to eat hot. However cool it as the practice does not have time. Recommended to use a spoon (more zacherpnesh) if there is no spoon eat all those that fall under the hand, cover from banks, fork, knife, sprig, toromozom muzzle compensator hands have not recommended (it may squeal)
«Mu-hrya sweet» cooking recipe here is much more complicated. In the same manner as described above is manufactured plastic tableware, office which is staffed breakfast. Take three or four packs of biscuits and crumble fiercely desirable to mukoobraznogo state. Iskroshennye biscuits are poured into a bowl and pour hot water, all mixed thoroughly. During the mixing process adds packet of powdered milk and sugar for color, you can add a bag of instant tea or coffee. The entire mass is brought to a monotonous state and set aside to swell. When absorbed entree «mu-hrya sweet» cools and crumbled biscuits swell. Get something like that on top of the cake can be decorated with amusing drawings from a bag with jam. Fun and delicious! Recommended to use, drinking tea or coffee, well, at worst, you can drink and concentrated drink.
Scouts have dry milk powder dissolved in a bottle of mineral water was added thereto and pounded Vitamins, drink calorie and edify quite invigorating.
A further feature of this inconvenience and rations sufficient size. Cram into the old RD-54 ration such problematic. In a raid, you can cram a backpack, but it will take quite a lot of space. There are several solutions to the emerging «problem.» The first is «raspatronit» Lunches completely. Just remove all the contents and to stuff the pockets of the backpack, places in this state ration takes much less. But there is one drawback throwing plastic packaging we lose disposable tableware.
The second option to cut along the seams of the package contents without opening offices. Will take place is less than plus «utensils.» The third option to hang ration pack directly on the backpack straps and shoulder straps. True if these rations several scout prushchego on their shoulders «Raider» reminds tree hung with a very unconventional toys. Well inconvenience arising immediately thereafter. In landing, during the passage through the thickets and dense forest, all clinging to branches and tries to break off. One plus each day spent on the output quantity of rations gradually deteriorate and drag the load easier and easier.
That’s basically about ‘green’ rations and all I can say of course many people have many opinions because in addition to this, soldering subsequently appeared and his other standards and additions.

In 2002 started to arrive in parts and special purpose units UGA (C) high-calorie rations (combat). Almost all the same only less Lunches dimensions (size soldering one office «lunch» ordinary «green»), much less biscuits, a bag of sweets something like «emendems.» Briquette with high-calorie fruit dry weight (nuts, raisins prunes, dried and pressed) No banks with fish and pea briquette. But there is condensed milk in a tube like toothpaste. There are various additives to solder. One of them introduced in a very «lyrical» mood all enlisted personnel.
In clear plastic bags with a straw like warmers concentrated drink with some herbal extracts and vitamins. Tasted like diluted pomegranate or cranberry juice. By drinking this drink all thought that it has a certain share alkagolya. And he absorbed fighters with the same enthusiasm. There was also one additive in the form of the same briquettes «chew drink water» is not only peas and rice semolina and although the taste they were exactly the same.
Just in the soldering Standards allowance was granted for each scout mineral water. Water was part of the rations and was issued with it. Lunches night two and a half liter bottle. Mineral water was from different manufacturers. Describe only two that «Mercury» in principle nothing when cold, but warm is what tuhlovaty and unpleasant taste. «Hot key» was good in the cold, and in other species. Usually group receives several boxes that dealt scouts on backpacks. Usually packing water after storage were torn and dirty bottles themselves flown away with labels. But we have not always been the main form and content.

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