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Andrew Zagortsev

Chapter Three.
Going himself
Remember being young and foolish gathered for the first «exit». In ecstasy crushed cartons of rations and banks to shove in a backpack MG (-sealed bag). Through extensive «connections» in the galley, I still picked up a package of potatoes, pasta, and a couple of loaves of bread.
Then he tried with all this garbage «fly.» The first ten kilometers I felt floating «falcon», and the rest of the way out, I felt «Cormorant». And halts I felt greedy pig. After considerable physical exertion and long marches there … yes there have wanted to eat enormously. Yes, that somehow does not have time. The maximum that was possible to open a jar of canned meat and throw in a couple of spoonfuls of «furnace», and then in the outposts or for further exploration. Potatoes all the same I then baked, then the group already tightly zabazirovalas. And pasta unable to use for its intended purpose. Regretted my «efforts» commander of the group did not give gulf flour products.
Later I made for myself a few conclusions.
The main «grub» does not happen much. No matter how much she was not still be small.
And all with a grub not steal. How would you not want to take with them, but more something tastier, your back and legs, then take a long time to curse your stomach.
Later, with the number of kilometers covered by the hills on hills so I have developed a personal relationship with their individual stocks of food. Lunches should be easy, it should be enough for a long time, should always be at hand, and it should be good. Well, all the components must be perfectly combined with each other.
As a result of my experiments every week rations became quietly placed in one of the side pockets of an old RD-54.
Well let’s look at this wonderful side pocket and consider that we are there.
Exactly seven packs of Chinese noodles. Not only in plastic boxes and in simple packages. Now, in principle, our produce such a way that the product particularly costly and scarce not. What good is such a package, so that before loading backpack specifically crush badly it can be significantly reduced in volume without losing content. All the same, then the noodles swell and take their volume hungry stomach. Well, where is stuff five bouillon cubes, chicken pork beef, but not fungal. The more varied the cubes more varied menu (although they are dissolved in boiling water in my nothing from each other do not differ. Couple bags crackers with different flavors to add to the noodles. Three pieces of small jars of canned meat or meat. Why small? Let me explain each jar can be stretched to two meals, but there are a variety of weather conditions. winter in freezing temperatures, leftover meat or canned fish are well preserved, and in the summer immediately disappear. If outside was minus my scouts so generally get rid of cans wrenching all the contents in a few dense polyethylene packages and cans discarded, leaving just one (suddenly cook group «proje ..» rather lose a total of a large basin «group set.» So back to the foie in small banks. Three pieces enough for a week, if you eat at half the banks at every meal or add some brew.
What we have there there yet? .. Tutu tea. Carry a loose tea, and then brew it for me is the loss of time and unnecessary movements. So I just bought a box of tea bags. I just threw the box and bags themselves in shiny foil package of stuff down to smaller sizes and indecent threw in a backpack. Well, since I’m a big fan of coffee that I was constantly tormented by the question what to take, or anything else to take. Then, by associating with different razvedchitskim lyudom, forever scurrying in different directions in the conflict zone, I get their little hands clutching a couple of recipes for tea «special purpose».
Take a pack of tea and completely sealed to the state Naikrepchayshaya «chifir», then all it is poured into a half-liter plastic bottle. There is an incredible amount of sugar poured somewhere around one-third of the bottle. Then there is thrust and cut slices of lemon. Lovers can drop back a little alcohol or brandy. Here you have the tea ready in a strong concentration. Does not spoil in the heat somewhere two weeks, and in the cold months and a half retains its freshness. Just pour boiling water on the mug to taste «concentrate» and stir. All tea is ready, do not need no brewing or pressing bag. Certainly bottle takes place, but there’s nothing to be done if used barstvovat. In this way, I imagine besides tea making coffee. Two half-liter bottles provided me within a week or two hot flavored drinks.
So there we have left in a backpack? The problem is solved with the sugar, it is already in the bottle with tea or coffee. Several packs of biscuits, five packs a week is enough. Packaging kakih-nibud candy that would suck leisurely during the transition enriching body glucose. Spoon, mug, set «trivet, dry alcohol match» that’s all. If there is a place, then there is already possible to add meat and cereal and a jar of canned or meat.
Products described above is quite enough for a week, if you eat two times a day.
Yes diet is not varied, but it is nutritious and does not weigh as much.
And yet it is your personal kit that you can vary arbitrarily based on their tastes nature and duration of the problem and weather conditions. Such a set of already being in «positions» I always carried around in a «Suharnikov»
Suharnikov with «nishtyak»
for unloading. If going on a long time and of course get extra food rations and rassovyvaya «nishtyaki» a backpack. But I described set for me was the «NC». Shoulders does not pull a lot of space does not take, it is not necessary to collect it is always ready (unless that tea or coffee).
Once we were flying on a task together with «Alfonso» exhibited an ambush around the mountain village during stripping and targeted activities. According to the order of combat task duration was only two hours. On the second day of the «two-hour» problem I crawled to the base and taking with him a radio operator and a scout to check trudged place ambushes. In one group of scouts sitting on the «chip» with the sad-spiritualized individuals heated in the lid of the battery compartment under the radio station R-392, rosehip berries and cursed bad weather. Opportunities to deliver us by air, there was no food. Had passionately «otlyubit» group commander for the training and for the absurd hope that the problem really last for two hours … So here’s another axiom … if the problem is on the «two-hour» grab with a ration for a couple of days. Then the group with which I zabazirovalsya on my holdings’ Suharnikov «wild rose and a soldering (stuck-witted radio operator) held exactly three days and not lit. The rest had much worse.
About kitchen utensils. Most importantly perhaps spoon, as it can slurp soup and stew to pick out the banks, the main only be washed after use, even if you always lies in «Suharnikov» along with a mug. Incidentally noticed that many scouts instead of mugs used cans with lid from under the coffee. More heat conductive plate in a water pot boils faster than a simple soldier mug, plus whether cap (sometimes vapor pressure can knock). One of the scouts of Berd Brigade (honor and glory of the warhead, disbanded for reforms) I saw an entertaining know-how of the same cans. By mid-sized bank welded bottom was a small jar of coffee for the same, which was done a few holes of different diameters. When I asked why, and why And this adapt scout showed focus. In a large jar poured water, cover and small twigs and thrust nakidal tablet dry spirit all lit. Just a couple of minutes boiling water was ready. Decent course tool and mini stove and kettle and mug all in one, but I had a great folding gas stove with a Chinese-made balloon (two hours of continuous burning), it is compact and powerful. This tile was worth at that time only 120 rubles, small money but use much more. One such bad cartridges could only be obtained at the «big earth.» Now, these tiles and refills can be purchased at any hunting store.
And finally tell one small case, which characterizes my personal attitude toward «eating habits Scout»
I … Discharged from hospital and a bunch of people sitting and, therefore, to note the case. Among us senior lieutenant reconnaissance of the Interior Troops. It feels good: river, cold vodka, kebabs, fresh herbs, lemon, and as he became attached to me, and compels and compels. A meaning of the question is: what are we, spices, steeper Vovan their scouts, what are the differences? And trying all their actions poluadekvatnymi prove his toughness. He bothered me worse prosecutor. I asked him:
— Kid, and you consume frogs?
He hesitated and was blown away, but stopar «Source» freewheeling and yells that they are not trained in this, but if not, it is easy to devour and frogs.
— Come on — I say — go, catch amphibians.
Starley toads all scared, but a couple of frogs to catch and triumphantly brought them to me in a plastic bag.
Next he began to act according to my instructions. Frogs checked for arrows in the teeth and other signs of regal blood.
Then stripped them, skewer and began to fry. Salt, we would not let him and he sprinkled unfortunate carcass ash. In short, he has prepared and their frowns and sits there not solved. Then his crowd urged on …
— UUU, and yelled something, we, scouts, we bare ass on urchins sit, and here you can not gobble Frog.
Starley vodka asked to tone it accordingly sent to the anus and said, Eat that.
I inspired him for a long time that he is one, and frogs — this is his last chance to survive. Finally, he ventured cautiously and began to gnaw sluggish feet, and then we arrived in time and skewers. Young pork chops, with such a bubbly crust, apples and lemon marinated mineral water, herbs posypannnaya. Well, here we spilled, the lieutenant wished bon appetit, hryapnuli began steaming meat snack.
— And you do not eat frogs Th? — Puzzled bleated lieutenant.
— And what for us to eat this stuff, then, when a fig normal food? We Th idiots or what? — I said the lieutenant.
Scout skuksilsya puke and ran into the bushes, and not understanding than we differ …

So that’s what I said: » If there is a kebab (stew, crackers, noodles, the list is endless) … the hell eat frogs and gnaw the bark from trees? » The main thing in preparing food for «exit» is brains!
This is my personal opinion and it may not match with a variety of others.

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