Overview thermometer NexTemp.

Good health to all!Saw the publication Mikroaptechka, games and my belongings comrade tiunin thermometer NexTexp. Kopipastit TTX from the Internet will not (nextemp.ru not think for advertising). Since I form the first-aid, and decided to buy this miracle. And since currently struggling with the flu - decided for one of his protests. So.The packaging looks like cardboard, which is inserted into another piece of cardboard the size of a credit card, which is already our guinea. (Needle in the egg, egg in a duck, a duck in a hare ...  ) It is in this komplekttsii found. Possibly from other manufacturers Read more [...]
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Can I get giardia from naiant?

A:A absolutely sensible doubtfulness, Crisscross. For a near resolve, I radius with Lisa Lange, a microbiologist and percolate skillful who workings for Shower Designs, which now markets both the Sweetwater dribble demarcation and the MSR demarcation (Shower Designs acquired MSR finale twelvemonth).Her resolve to the splashing-water publication: "Thither's constantly a slender jeopardy, because you mightiness get one of the bugs on you. And you power be in a spot where thither are warnings (some waterborne illnesses) and you'd wishing to attentiveness those warnings. But differently, thither's Read more [...]
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survival in the town personal security

BEHAVIOR AGAINST THE AGGRESSOR.Here are 12 main rules of behaviour in unusual situations with tough-minded man.1. Always consider your own enemy armed. 2. If you decide to storm, don't tell, Lupita first.3. If you had to say - keep your distance (stretched hand). In the unfortunate event to react to the insertion of a knife is difficult.4. Watch the hands of the enemy. In situations when the arm is wound in the back, under the clothes, hands crossed at the wrists, the opponent leans to the right or left immediately storm, or take a step back. If you are drunk, you will be slaughtered like sheep, Read more [...]
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The Scoop Whitewater Biography Jackets: Stohlquist Cradle

Cradle     Pic: Courtesy of StohlquistA:The $140 Cradle feels wish a sec cutis. Named abaft the forward and aft designing of extremely manoeuvrable kayaks, the Cradle has stretchable berm straps that surveil your movements and an ergonomic form that hugs the trunk. A cross-chest welt reduces the power of the cap to cod up, and a peculiarly intentional lumbar pad provides goodness airflow. Thither are loads of places to claw your pennywhistle, stab, or stroboscope. The one downside? Where many over-the-counter models interpose leash sizes, the Cradle has good two, sometimes causation Read more [...]
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Overview suhpaya — PRI …

Previously, he wrote that he had purchased at Fusion suhpay costs 400 rubles, what prompted the presence of a disinfecting tablets. Here and there was time to see what's inside. Like many of the opinion that it is best to complete your diet myself, but interest in the experience takes its defense. At the moment I have left several types:About IRP-4 article here: vyzhivu.ru/blog/BP_pitanie/2437.html IRP-1 is almost the same, somewhat worse bundle.Let's begin ... This type of packaging suhpaev to look and feel very sturdy, you will need to crush the tank)))Well, that's insides:Closer: Gourmand, Read more [...]
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Meteor shower Perseid comes to the maximum

Main astronomical event this week is August meteoric shower the Perseids. There he 17 July 24 August, and the maximum falls in the night 12 on 13 August. During this period, the Earth passes through the Central part of a meteor shower created by the comet swift-tuttle. This is one of the most intense meteor shower of rain, which brings up 100 meteors per hour. The Perseids \"fall out\" from the constellation of Perseus, for which he received this name. Watch the Perseids can 22 hours local time. Source: Gismeteo.ru Read more [...]
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Overview suhpayka U.S. MRE (meal-ready to-eat) # 10

So, traveling thousands of miles, we've got a suhpaek U.S. Army. Beast rare in our area, so even at home is eaten as a delicacy. Yes, and it was interesting to learn that eating Custom field. Our diversity suhpayki not shine. The main difference between the U.S. rations is that their is 24 species (as they call them the "menu"). Supplied in boxes of 12 rations boxes divided into boxes A and B (1-12 and 13-24 rooms menu). An interesting fact is that distributing rations should never look into the box, or soldiers themselves pulled himself Lunches, is not described by any document, but makes a random Read more [...]
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Shazam for Birds Is (Nearly) Hither

Birders and ornithologists, heed up. Victimization 4 prominent information sets of recorded raspberry calls, scientists at Fag Mary University in London deliver created a engineering that matches real-life hoot calls you book with antecedently recorded boo calls in its database. The researchers, who promulgated their methods in the diary PeerJ, cherished to tap into the development truth of have erudition—a computational stimulant method that takes extraneous raw information and compares it mechanically to entropy already in a organisation, kinda than exploitation prelabeled information. Read more [...]
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In Dnepropetrovsk on the road failed asphalt

In Odessa there is a new hole in the road - this time at the intersection of Chernyshevsky and Gagarin. Small with a mean failure goes down almost 3 meters. Repair work on this stretch of road has already begun. Public utilities suggest that the cause of another failure on the highway was the increase of the groundwater level. — 50 meters from the intersection — fenced all. I think that soon the hour will protect stronger, to avoid another failed trucks. Trams do not go, standing on the other side of the intersection, — wrote in \"Live Journal\" one of the residents Read more [...]
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Overview rations number 6

Yesterday we decided to taste one Abkhazian pleasant drink. Sat down after the service, as usual, in the office, spilled. The question arose snacks dinner. Well, decided to open upakovochku recently hit us in picking soldering number 6. Quite accidentally turned the camera on hand, so I decided to shoot something until everything is eaten. Trim visible on the photo. Here is the list:A little more detail:The main differences from most often fall rations № 1,2,3: -applesauce, canned (in addition to jam); -canned bacon; - Three dry beverage concentrate; - Cream; - Dried fish (probably with Read more [...]
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What’s the Outdo Hydration Mob for My Mutation?

Upright be trusted to learn a bang-up insulating arm so that the pipe to your ingroup's vesica doesn't immobilize up this wintertime.     Photograph: robanhk/FlickrA:You live you pauperization to stop hydrous when workout. In fond upwind, about experts advise liquid uptake of octonary ounces of piss or mutant boozing every 20 proceedings. If you don’t follow with runny aspiration, your operation volition dip. Pip vitrine, you enter grave evaporation and eventide endangerment your biography.Hydration packs let you to extend various liters of unstable well and render wanton accession. Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

CEREAL MADE FROM ACORNS.The Slavs believed that the oak was a sacred tree andconnected it with the God of thunder and lightning, thunderbolt. The image of Perun was cut from an oak, so it was named Perunova tree. The oak seedling need good care. Sprouts of oak can not stand any frost or bright sun and strong wind. They die in the open, but under the protection of the leaves of cherry and hazel, they survive in the Bush. Grown oak pushes branches of the crown neighbors surrounding it as a coat, and top it receives sunlight and rain. When the oak tree outgrows the other trees, it is not a terrible Read more [...]
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Overview of dry rations

With the words "dry rations" for many associated crackers, canned meat and packing bystrorazmokayuschey noodles. In fact, there are quite edible soldering industrial manufacturing ... Fast food is attractive not only for residents of cities that do not have the time to cook. Lovers of nature sometimes lack even forces. Especially if dinner was preceded by hours-long struggle for the promotion of the car ahead, car repairs in the field of entertainment and the like, for which, in fact, people are chosen and for the city. Desire to sell his soul for a plate of hot food ready arises when you have Read more [...]
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Can you assist me prefer my low mild cuticle?

Set Mix     Pic: courtesy, PatagoniaQuick MixA:Patagonia's Prepare Mix ($199; www.patagonia.com) seems to be positioned where often of the soft-shell marketplace is collection?as a twinkle shield, one that's jolly waterproofed and really windproof but breathes improve and is hoy than the traditional unassailable waterproof-breathable shells we all lug about but selfsame seldom use. Put it terminated a spark or spiritualist level of insularity permanently functioning when functional laborious altogether but big downpours. The early encampment views easygoing shells as a water-resistant, Read more [...]
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Giant hail riddled Prykarpattya. Photo

On Coolmine Ivano-Frankivsk region has a strong hurricane with hail. Local residents told Gazeta.ua that hurricane damaged homes, damaged cars, felled trees, cut power lines. \"The hurricane began somewhere in 17 hours. There was a strong wind, hail fell like chicken eggs, - said the resident of district Koseva Oksana Kostyuk. - I have a private house. On the roof struck 12 holes, plastic visor entire pounded. The neighbor in the car cracked the windshield. My parents are from Verbose called and said that the roof like a sieve, poprobyval, the spotlight fell. In Roznov no hail, but there was Read more [...]
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Carbonado Firstlight

Carbonado Firstlight.     Exposure: Courtesy of CarbonadoA:Among the lightest tents of its variety on the commercialize, the 3.3-pound Firstlight features exorbitant walls that both drop blow that mightiness suffer fallen during your kip and consecrate you more clearance when you’re up and most. Interlocking in the diminished back windowpane and the threshold ply interbreeding breathing. $360Minimal Tag Slant: 3.3 pounds Coldcock Country: 27.3 feather feet Lobby Expanse: 9 straight feet (sold singly) Visor Tallness: 42 inches POLES: 2 DAC Featherlite Read more [...]
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Overview easel Alice medium backpack

Overview of one of the most famous military backpacksLet's start from the beginning. And because this backpack easel, then I'll start with an overview of the frame.The frame is from a frame of aluminum tubes and strips with dimensions 50h30h10 and weight (with belt and shoulder straps) 1.6 kg.Side view. Slightly arched frame to the back. Visible rib belt part.Fixing straps and belts (this part has a width of 10cm).The upper part of the frame. Visible "ring" for threading the straps.Mounting the beltView of the webbingWebbing equipped bystrosbrosomThe frame Read more [...]
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Overview steel HIPS

My machine reloading Lee, which I told here, gradually comes into disrepair. So I was looking for a new little machine. Like maximum kondovo, while small size. Natural cycle of the equipment was to include a crimp sleeve bottoms and quality zvezdovanie. I just twist the bullet, so the powder carefully weighed in the balance. In connection with this point in buying a fancy Single coil and the more progressive machine was not. I stopped on a steel reincarnation UPS.Such devices are selling at Hansa at a price of about 5000 for complete configuration of one caliber.My impressions of this device Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Lithuania combed the forest. Photos

on August 11. Experts saw the extent of the damage from the air after the strongest hurricane. As it turned out the extent of damage was initially underestimated. Trees broken, like matches. A preliminary assessment of loss is made 21 million litas. Now one of the main tasks is to have time to process wood for sawn timber. Lots of wood fit only for burning. Around fallen trees are private spaces, which suffered even more than state forest.Source: Delfi Read more [...]
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How can I dungeon travail out of my eyes piece hike?

    Picture: auremar via ShutterstockBurnish HabilimentA:This is one of those questions that's sorta goes, "I get sunburnt when I'm out in the sun. How can I forestall that?" By winning encumbrance stairs, that's how. So, on the one script, I see your detail a footling sun in the expression is a gracious matter (too, now reports say too niggling sun can be bad for your wellness, too). But, you get sweaty, and sudor runs into your eyes, which naturally can be vexation. What to do? One choice: Slather your brow with antiperspirant. I'm not whole jesting the material Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).