Scabbard for Storm from SARO with his hands.

Good day!I'll start with the story that I bought in the autumn knife titled Storm. Convenient unit in hand went well, the store is the first time picked up, feeling as if holding a crowbar or tire iron, but the sheath as something not conceptually with him lookedBut this issue will occur to anyone who buys a knife from the capo. Even when paying at the checkout with the guys said (in a hunting store something) and grandfather what something from buyers even said that there were plastic sheath needed. Vobschem bought this miracle and went home happy. Recently me greatly troubled by the idea Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk machine fell through the asphalt

The ground went from under the wheels! In Novosibirsk the machine fell to the asphalt. Julia Dronova, the owner of the car: «Food, not bothering anyone at a very low speed. And suddenly: BAM - and fail. As can be seen at the place where it happened, this is the place where recently conducted patching. Next we see the same patch. From a few days to a few weeks ago this place was carried out some repair work». The owner of the machine called the repairers and the traffic police. After 40 minutes it arrived on scene repair team. Repairers examined the place and went away, saying Read more [...]
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Sheath for the knife throwing their hands

Today I decided to make a throwing knife sheaths. Of course this is not the best sheath, but for those who have them, for any reason, no, at the time. For the sheath to be watched. Materials:1.Nebolshoy thin piece of plastic (I used the cover of the CD unnecessary) 2.Prochnaya cloth. 3.Well and knife itself))Step 1. On a piece of plastic obchertil blade and cut with scissors, and a large piece of work not sostavilo.Etot need for a small strength of the sheath.Step 2. Obchertil this piece of plastic on the fabric and cut with a small gap, about 1 sm.A on the other as well, but symmetricallyStep Read more [...]
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Hitch Tech

It's not roughly the bikes at the 2014 Turn. Many companies use the humans’s biggest raceway to uncover all style of appurtenance. And why not? Joystick a racer in your helmet, horseshoe, or t-shirt, and if they win a point or billet good, you can title your merchandise helped. We can’t affirm all of that, but hither are a few of the new things we’ve seen that we alike.Giro Imperium SLX ($350)   Picture: GiroLace-up cleats deliver made 98 of a counter in late age, in role thanks to American Taylor Phinney’s kinship for them. Read more [...]
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What’s the Outflank Cover Shielder for Backcountry Skiers?

It's arduous to get the compensate ski auspices.     Exposure: Daniel D. Snyder/Gorilla Images/Christian Delbert/ShutterstockA:Any rather cataphract may appear overkill to skiers who spliff close groomed trails. The incidence of backbone injuries at a major repair alike Thickhead in British Columbia, e.g., was nether one in 10,000 skier/snowboarder years, according to one work. If you're guardianship it below restraint on the slopes, you pauperization lonesome convey your natural-born arse to steep nestling shocks.But roughly backcountry skiers adopt engross and punic terrain way Read more [...]
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Registered a large release of substances from the Western hemisphere of the Sun

Photo: TESIS The Sun on the morning of August 18, occurred one of the largest in this year ejections. Emission registered by the LASCO coronagraphs, established at the European satellite SOHO and watching the Sun in the wide field of view - from 6 to 30 solar radii.According to their data, the event started around 9 am Moscow time (at this time thrown out of the Solar plasma reached a height of about 800 thousand km and became visible in the field of view of the coronagraph). About 11 a.m. the front of emissions reached a height of 2 million kilometers, and about 13 hours a height of 6 million Read more [...]
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Sheath for a machete with his hands.

I wanted, and got it ... or everything in order. Letters will be pictures. Good day! So I checked in, although to be honest pochityvayu, read and consider the material from this resource for a long time. I am not a full-grown wolf in survival and life expectancy (only accelerated pulling legs) during the BP (if such happens), ugh, ugh, ugh, but the old fill these gaps. Besides, it's just fun and life, these skills have repeatedly rescued (thanks to this website and the good people). Finally defeating evil enemy (laziness) and finish everything, spread material for the manufacture of the sheath Read more [...]
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What’s the topper commutation bicycle for 30-mile rides?

The Monona     Photograph: courtesy, TrekThe MononaThe MononaA:Hmmm. That's a roughneck one. Yea, the Trek 7.1 FX ($450) plausibly would be hunky-dory for weekend rides with the kids. It's a greco-roman urban bicycle, with an vertical equitation post, square handlebars, low-end Shimano drivetrain, and semi-fat tires. Well-heeled, flock of gears, stout aluminium bod.My own survey, nonetheless, is that midway done a 30-mile convert you leave refer indisposed it. The straightaway bars give you circumscribed places to go your custody, so they leave distress and you'll spirit uncomfortable. Read more [...]
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Chinese knife sheaths.

Good time of day, ye who enter here zashedshy! This theme - Continuing the theme of Chinese knives. More precisely about one knife. More precisely about one case to one blade. It all started with the fact that I bought 3 Chinese. 2 itself, and one to his girlfriend. And nothing but the scabbard I do not like Chinese. Like and Cordura korduristaya and can hang on the belt, and does not drop the knife, and the soul asks for more and widest. It was therefore decided to make the sheath with expanded functionality. And as for the unfortunate circumstances I sit at home with a broken leg, and I do Read more [...]
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What’s a full safe thrill for the rainforest?

A:I cerebrate you're rightfield. When it's unremittingly soakage wet, condom boots are invincible. I was on an Lordly actuate to Alaska's southeastward slide, and it either rained or was most to scratch raining the hale clip. We wore safe boots for all our shoreline excursions.The downside is that gumshoe boots are not grand footgear, from a puff, keep, or clutches view. Determination a duo that can rise to those tasks is hard. I deliver in my horticulture armoury a duad of arctic Wellingtons from Metalworker & Hawken ($62). I've retrofitted them with Superfeet insoles ($28) for punter stableness Read more [...]
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survival Samodelkin

Nikita TEMNOZORCheap WIND turbines with THEIR HANDS.Read an article about the Assembly of the turbine motor from the treadmill and PVC pipes.For previously estimated expenditure was about 150-200$ on a wind turbine that could produce approximately 50-250 Watts of electricity (this turns out to be significantly cheaper than using solar panels at the same power output). In this article I will share with you my experience in the manufacture of wind turbine your hand [1].Before you tell about the manufacturer, look video windmill in action. The video Read more [...]
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What should I assume piece overwinter cycling?

The Zephrr Crown     Pic: courtesy, Rolling IzumiThe Zephrr CapA:Wow, dear inquiry. But a complicated one. Thither are so many choices. How frigidity do you mean to rally in? Freeze? Some 20 degrees? Colder? Cycling is difficult to apparel for because you get twist quiver at hurrying, so can easy overheat when mounting.Layering is the key. When it?s in the 30s, I first with a midweight long-sleeve t-shirt or top, such as REI?s Midweight Hanker Arm Crowd ($30). Mayhap fox a habitue short-sleeve t-shirt ended that for a footling supernumerary. Complete that I similar Bone Izumi?s Zephrr Read more [...]
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The production of sugar cane in South Africa will be reduced due to the drought

Photo: site Sugar production in South Africa, the leader of the black continent on the development of the product, because of the drought will be reduced to a minimum level over the past 15 years. To this conclusion came analysts of the national Association of sugar producers. By the end of the season, which ends in March 2011, the South African farmers expect to produce only 2,14 million tons of sugar. Close to such a record crop in South Africa was only 1995 year, when the farmers were able to produce only 1,67 million tons of sugar. In one interview, the head of the national Read more [...]
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Scabbard for Recon Tanto

Scabbard for Recon Tanto.Due to obsess me recently immense idleness - decided to do the same for my scabbard now Recon Tanto. Recon helpful owner sad fate, he became disabled as a soldier, and after one year prolezhivaniya in hospital was given to me. Given because the owner was a pity to throw this piece of the blade. The further fate of the rubber handle with the remaining shank it is unknown to me. This knife is a structure "Full-tang," when the entire workpiece passes through the handle of the knife. This design is good in terms of reliability in the case of BP. Dignity of the main main - Read more [...]
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zdarova. Like wrote here about his knife sheath to him were more decorative than practical. Therefore, I decided to make my own hands. Draft, trial. Narula skin, 3-4 mm, pale gray. And thin redhead. Changed pommel for convenience and started. To start spaced and painted patterns on paper. Then she moved on to the skin.The same knife and cut.It turned out pretty soft .... Watery ... so I decided to add a stiffener.So it turned firmer. Further thought through the suspension system on the belt. And lock knife in a sheath. Opted for the simplest case, it w draft, nefig zamarachivatsya. Poprishival Read more [...]
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Due to climate changes in the Samara region are dying rodents

Gradual climate change, heat waves and drought in summer, dry and warm winters affect the functioning of all organisms in our region. In particular, over the last few years has significantly reduced the number of rodents that live in the national Park \"Samarskaya Luka\". — Due to the climate change community structure, population, — told the Chairman of the Samara regional socio-ecological Union Sergey Simak. - I am doing research rodents, but it is worth bearing in mind that weather changes are effective on all types of organisms. This long-term trend, Read more [...]
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This is my first article. interested in knives, so my father gave me this homemade knife. Whom it was made and when I do not know. I understand that most people will say that this is not the knife and cleaver, who is hidden away as it is not easy and so on. I and others are more comfortable knives, but several times when coming out of nature I took it. And to give it a divine form decided to make the sheath. Made them out of plastic boxes for CDs. I understand that is not the best option at hand in another apartment found.Then I cut two strips of this garbage here (do not even know the name) Read more [...]
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Is thither any lovesome, non-bulky ski train out thither?

Cat Rails Ski Cap     Pic: courtesy, MarmotMarmot Cat Raceway Ski CrownworkCat Racetrack Ski CapA:It?s straight that insulated ski clothing is comely more stylish (i.e., less Michelin-man wish), and that new materials shuffling these garments more easy than always. But I stay solidly devoted to layering principles when skiing. I get that existence able-bodied to pickax and take what I clothing for fondness, so adding a scale of approximately classify, allows me to arrest comfy whether it?s cinque degrees and snowing or 30 degrees and the sun is peeking out.These years I ordinarily Read more [...]
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Flood in Algeria

Seven people were killed in floods that occurred this week in the North of Algeria, said on Thursday the Algerian news Agency APS. According to the meteorological and rescue services, heavy rains that continue in some Northern areas of the country since last Tuesday, overflowed usually dry at this time of year Ueda (beds periodic streams). Inundated several villages, highways, destroyed several bridges. Meteorologists forecast that downpours in the next few hours will cease. At the same time, the rescuers expect to increase the number of victims of the floods, because, according to them, in some Read more [...]
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Which cycling place are made for treadle cages?

The Keo Light Pedals     Photograph: courtesy, FeelingThe Keo Wanton PedalsA:Comfortably, yes and no. Any ol? skid bequeath paroxysm a coop. I see masses equitation that way all the sentence, a stoolie stuck into a bicycle bicycle coop. But a lawful coop frame-up has a horseshoe with a rather coop gob below your forefoot. The slot in the ambuscade fits into a like fin on the coop, you breeze the coop straps, and you sustain a plus connector betwixt skid and bicycle so you can drag "up" and not overstretch your skid out of the wheel.But, that was SO Eighties. I oasis?t seen Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).