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CAUTION - HEMLOCK The hive mates, because we are going to actively eat the gifts of nature in the spring, I wish to tell to you about a plant that looks like edible, but which is certainly better to avoid.CICUTA (Milestones poisonous) is one of the most poisonous plants. In addition, this plant is particularly tricky due to its taste. And It is very similar to parsley or celery.All poisonous plants, but especially the rhizome. Greens Hemlock has a fairly pleasant celery smell and rhizome, to taste reminiscent of a turnip. Grows mostly on wettish areas: along the banks of rivers, lakes, ponds, along Read more [...]
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little about heating

Little about heatingI want to share here is a way of heating: in the steppe zones is a big problem of fuel can be for 50-100 km. does not meet any of Bush. Drivers took a 2-6 with red bricks, and when you stop "soaked" in their Local then used as firewood for cooking and heating, but it's not about that. once nomads, and in particular the Buryats (Mongols) is known to have lived in yurts. In Mongolia, the way shepherds still live in them, and so heating the yurt no stocks no firewood or not in our understanding. If adults can control the degree of its freezing, the heating of small children Read more [...]
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Milan suffers from invasion of rats

Photo: Archives Prestigious area of Brera in Milan's historic centre was subjected to this invasion of rats. Wrote about this on Friday, the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera. Rodents have chosen some Central squares and parks, where they freely poking about on the grass, and even climb on the branches of the trees, seeding horror regulars local bars and restaurants, RIA «News». «Daddy, look how funny squirrel!» — the cry of a child who saw a rat on the tree, does not evoke emotion among residents Brera, where the square meter costs about 8 thousand Read more [...]
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What place do I motive for snowshoeing?

Thickhead GTX     Exposure: courtesy, LowaThickhead GTXA:Much depends on bamboozle weather, terrain, temperature, how hanker you designate to be out, etcetera. But, the primary belief is that you are sledding outside, in frigid brave, and constantly run the danger of acquiring stuck awhile. So I'd opt for heavier and heater kinda than hoy and less ardent. For that rationality, I lean to favor twinkle pliant mountaineering boots. They're quick, dungeon your feet dry, and crack batch of keep for negotiating engross terrain. Naturally, the downside is that they're kinda pricey—$269 Read more [...]
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A little bit about electricity turbines

So, we are still in a global cataclysm, are trying to adapt to the new conditions of life / useful for harsh survivalist group category 5 (or even higher). This time it's about turbines that will capture the scattering in air and water energy. It is important to understand that the device transmitting motion of water / air in the mechanical rotation of the rotor in the generator is nearly 50% efficiency of your hypothetical post-nuclear electro-installation :-)So what are our options?Let's talk first about wind generators.The fundamental basis for making the right decision when choosing a Read more [...]
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What Are the Outflank Waders?

Patagonia Watermaster Waders     Pic: Courtesy of PatagoniaA:Idaho has marvellous fly-fishing—about of the topper in the mankind. And it covers all sorts of h2o, from quick, high-mountain streams to lowland abandon reservoirs. That too agency roughneck terrain, and you can await to progress a sudor earlier you let that fly release. I’d advocate waders that are twinkle and fling roughly bill of breathability.Patagonia’s Watermaster Waders ($299) are a enceinte lesson. They’re Patagonia’s lightest wader, combine the fellowship's splendid H2No Hydrostorm Read more [...]
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Fitover destroyed the potato crop in the Murmansk region

Now many potato fields in the Murmansk region are burned to ashes. Just a few days the plants were shriveled and blackened. Farmers worry and complain about certain emissions from industrial enterprises of the region. A resident of the village Verhnetulomski Galina Konstantinovna with bitterness shows what is left from the harvest. The garden to the pensioner was a good help, and now the potato plots only the charred stalks. Themselves tubers little more peas — did not grow. The same attack all the neighbors. If in the past year, on average, collected 140-160 buckets of potatoes, Read more [...]
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A little bit about electricity base / generator

Here we assume that the global A-ta-ta come and the whole civilization covered with a copper basin. Connection is not present, does not have a light-cho do xs. But there are paranoid as we are, and this means that there is still hope of civilization. Of course 90% of us couch survivalist, and for serious survival groups we would rather a burden than a help. Of this situation output possess knowledge that will give you an undeniable priimuschestvo before everyone else. Even if you are a serious survivalist, then this article (as well as several similar that will later) will help you organize your Read more [...]
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When’s the veracious clock to buy a fashion-forward warmer-weather flaccid shield?

The Guidebook Crown     Photograph: courtesy, PatagoniaThe Pathfinder CrownA:I?d buy one any clock. Cipher earth-shaking is orgasm out in the springiness round balmy shells. Perchance unlike colours in a lawsuit or two, but so what?A genuinely effective one is the Patagonia Template Cap ($175). It?s a hooligan, stretchable, prosperous composition that deeds as a shield, superimposed ended quick foresighted underclothing, or as a level below a scale. Asset it?s rattling urban-looking, with a cleanse figure that boasts about low-keyed coloring options such as brownish or olive. It Read more [...]
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Little about Axe or G. .. in Yum

Good day! Article Two, so you can beat him, kicking and throwing that how and what you want. She, as well as the first written reference to the basics of needlework. America, I think there will not open, but can be useful to someone. Ax multi-tool that can be used as a means for cutting and chopping, planer, knife, shovel, hammer, pan (but it's only large), a means of persuasion in the right, even as a hammer and a razor! Consider a sample that got me no so long ago and in a very terrible condition, if not rougher ...I think this kind of horror will cause any person who uses tools, and just Read more [...]
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My single-wall camp’s framework is separating into two pieces. Can I fix it?

Skypoint 1 Bivouac     Picture: courtesy, Lot HardwearHeap Hardwear Skypoint 1 BivouacSkypoint 1 EncampA:A Garuda encamp! They came out, what, 10 or 12 eld ago? I got to acknowledge the beginner of the party, Byron Shutz, middling good. He got an propose to deal his troupe to Dana Designs, of the renowned Terraplane ingroup, rear when it was owned by Dana Gleason. He was passing to elapse as role of the trade, but at the end moment backed out. Dana tested to brand the tents go, but without Byron?s determine they kinda petered out. So too did Dana Designs; it?s now role of Marmot, Read more [...]
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A little about yourself and a very little hike.

Hi everyone! Read a lot here and on other sites and decided it's time, too little to write for dating, although not particularly like to write on the Internet and therefore the first time publish anything. My friends-bitty people with different interests and hobbies. But rest on the nature love everything. Camping is also different: in cars, on foot, on bicycles and on yawls, trains and buses also help us to get to places of interest. And they have enough in the Volga region. Zhigulevskie beautiful mountains and get away is not necessary. The only pity is that the seats are popular and people do Read more [...]
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Dagestan farmers save the harvest. Video

In Dagestan podschweit losses, which caused the region's unprecedented drought. More than one third of agricultural land turned into a scorched wasteland, under the scorching sun die even weeds. Caucasian farmers are pinning their hopes on the grape harvest, which can still be saved. During the summer field Alibee Ibragimov turned into a lifeless desert. Because of the incredible drought, the farmer lost crops of spring barley. Find here a spike impossible in the land of formed cracks half a meter depth. Farmers have no choice but to count the losses. AliBey Ibragimov, farmer: \"Approximately Read more [...]
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What’s the outdo pack for a three-month packing slip done Europe?

The Farpoint 70     Exposure: courtesy, OspreyThe Farpoint 70The Farpoint 70A:It all depends on how effective you are at wadding, Mathieu. I entail, quite patently you won't be pickings houseclean wearable for all 3 months. Nor bequeath you be able-bodied to truly express about practically that you buy; you'll plausibly hardly transport things dwelling. So, how many years' deserving of englut do you motivation formerly? Ternary? Five-spot? Vii?In virtually cases, I guess a clique with anyplace from 4,000 to 4,500 three-dimensional inches (almost 68 to 73 liters) should be enough. Read more [...]
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Karymsky volcano emits plumes of ash to a height of up to 4.5 kilometers

Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula on Friday threw plumes of ash to a height of up to 4.5 km, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences. Karymsky is considered one of the most active among the 29 active volcanoes of Kamchatka. «Seismic stations in the past few days has registered around the volcano about 60 local earthquakes. Surveillance Karymsky difficult, however, seismic data suggest that some local earthquakes were accompanied by volcanic emissions. The height of the weakest of them was 2.5 kilometers, Read more [...]
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Lot Hardwear Fluent Slipstream Enthrone: Terminal Psychoanalysis

Your choices are many, but this piddling gang is a expectant dicker.     Photograph: Bob ParksA:If you pit the Runny against early hydration systems, it fares easily. For $60, the intersection doesn’t accompany its own weewee bottles or hydration vesica, but those can be added for a diminished toll ($10-$30). So it’s essentially a modular organisation that lets you add your ducky options. With a great hydration bag, you can hold a duo quarts of vestal piddle on a foresighted trek. With bottles, you can trade out a especially made add-on mix, tending by Read more [...]
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a bit about fishing: spinning lures

continue: 1) devons Devon is a propeller-type spoon. It is often used for fishing in the surface layers where live horse fish such as chub; options on the bottom of the Devonian bad reacts walleye. Usually catch him in uniform conducting (while playing the rod tip). 2) spoons(1 ,2-classic uncoupled, 3 kastmaster0.Po its shape spoons (spoons), which resembles a spoon and had her ancestress. Due to its shape when you post it oscillates, swaying from side to side. Moreover, the wider its body, the faster it rotates. enormous importance for the game has depth spoons stamping or profile: it is deeper Read more [...]
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the survival.

Military-sports games 27 Mar 2013 19:40The vestibular apparatus The main body balance, body position in space is the vestibular apparatus. Targeted training functions of the vestibular analyzer will have a positive impact on the development of high-speed and speed-strength properties, dexterity and coordination, improves spatial-temporal senses, improves mobility of nervous processes.The complex of special exercises for the development of the vestibular apparatusCircuit exercises 1. Quick head rotation to the left and right side alternately, with a gradual increase in the number of repetitions. Read more [...]
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In Latin America, the cold caused the deaths of hundreds of people

Unusually cold winters in South America claimed the lives of hundreds of people. The lowest temperature of minus 23 degrees Celsius) was recorded this week in Peru. During the week, according to official data, the country from influenza and frostbite died 112 people. In Argentina from frostbite died 16 man, even 11 people died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from worn-out furnaces. Most of them homeless, and residents of poor neighborhoods. In Paraguay and Brazil from the cold has killed several thousand head of cattle. In some regions of Peru and Bolivia canceled classes in schools. Heating Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank minimalist all-night haversack?

The Kestrel 38     Photograph: courtesy, OspreyThe Kestrel 38The Kestrel 38A:I should cogitate that anything round 2,500 three-dimensional inches testament serve. The furious carte is whether you want to expect urine, and how practically. Differently, the freight you name testament fit nicely into a distinctive day camp, with way for nutrient and wearable and Furious Bomb.A big lesson would be the Osprey Kestrel 38 ($139). It has 2,300 three-dimensional inches of capability, addition enough outside storeroom for poles, a crown, that rather matter. It's a dim-witted top-loader with Read more [...]
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