Stay alive. How to survive after a global catastrophe (different scenarios)?

Stay alive. How to survive after a global catastrophe?

It still need to prove that intelligence has any survival value.
Arthur C. Clarke

Moss grows on the north side of trees, snakes respond to vibration, and one hundred grams «warmers» are actually only increase heat loss. But to survive away from civilization that knowledge is not enough. In «Mysterious Island» by Jules Verne a group of Americans who have fallen on a desert island, could using glass from watches and dog collar to make pottery, get nitroglycerin, as well as to construct a hydraulic lift, marine ship and the electric telegraph. In reality, a penknife and school physics textbook — are not the only tools needed for the revival of civilization from scratch.

What if there was irreparable, and you are no longer a spectator disaster movie, and his character? How to save themselves and their families in different scenarios onset of Armageddon? For you — our current benefits on survival in fantastic condition that — who knows? — Ever could very well become a reality.

Fallout 3
Apocalypse has arrived. No matter what the cause was — alien invasion, rebellion robots, red snapper in a suitcase in an ignorant cowboy tube with viruses in the hands of the Taliban or heroin befuddled defense supercomputer running the new version of Windows. End of civilization. Good news: you survived. The bad: maybe not for long.

Diagnose the complete collapse of human society is very difficult. Confusion and panic will last at least a few days. Airwaves, on television some interference rumors contradict each other. Determine the true extent of the disaster is impossible. Who knows — maybe a nuclear attack undergone only a few countries? Suddenly Martians soon break from our virus and the city will include troops and take control of the situation?

That is why you should not start to smash grocery stores immediately, as soon as the city sirens howl. Do what you have been taught in the classroom life safety at school. Save yourself and your loved ones. Just a few days — it will be clear what lies ahead: order or chaos. If the scale of the disaster is such that the living dead rampant around the world, in Africa it snowed, and global sea level rose a hundred meters from a giant meteorite fall, the salvation of his own life becomes the highest priority.

Housing Problem
First, you need to find a safe haven. Megacities are too dangerous. Obtain any way vehicle and go to the province. Best of all — a city with a population of about one hundred thousand people. Shelter must be spacious, inconspicuous, with good fit and comfortable browsing paths to retreat.

Look for him to be in the outlying industrial areas, eliminating harmful production, because abandoned chemical plants may be no less dangerous than the atomic bomb. We are interested in brick or panel buildings (hangars abandoned, unfinished shop), as well as underground rooms. It is desirable to settle away from the warehouse, on non-productive areas — they are unlikely to attract looters and electromechanical equipment, fuel and gas will be found in the neighborhood.

Contact someone to maintain radios, but in some cases (for example, the alien invasion) of better abstain.

Alone you can not survive. The larger and more united your team, the better. Ideal — create a «core» of the family and closest friends, strengthening its young, healthy, calm and intelligent men. It is important that the authority of the leader is not in doubt, and when you try to revolt defended by most members of the team.

Petrol and diesel generators provide you with electricity, consuming about a liter of fuel per hour.

Your word, Comrade Mauser!
Never go alone and without the simplest of weapons (to start the approach even a kitchen knife or a hammer). On the street lighting is better not count. Without it difficult to navigate the terrain after sunset, and any portable light source you will attract unwanted attention. The least visible blue light at night, and easier to detect rapid movement than slow. Remember that in the dark distance traveled is estimated incorrectly — you feel like you’ve gone farther than it actually is. At first, the evening and night is best done in the shelter. Desirable to avoid sleeping areas with high population density.

If someone died in a bomb shelter, and you can not go out, the body is recommended to remove the sealed plastic bag. However, during prolonged storage it can break corpse gases.

Hunting stores (sports schools, police stations) are much more interesting than the department stores or garages. Note that almost all of the weapons and ammunition stored in vaults. Department stores and shops have been mentioned for a reason. There you can find the tools and the presence of certain plumbing skills quickly to seize the main arguments in the struggle to survive.

Carbine «Boar» and a bulletproof vest.

Providing arms and ammunition yourself, you need to start saving combustible materials. Lighter fuel and spirits stores, fuel tanks of vehicles, storage transportation companies — all of this depends directly on your well being. Gas stations are unlikely to help. For their work requires electricity.

Very soon the water shortage will be felt. It — next thing to be taken care of. Assume that one person per day it takes about 2 liters. Take only hermetically sealed containers: mineral water, soft drinks and juices. Obtain canned, freeze-dried foods, convenience foods, cereals, salt, sugar, alcohol vysokogradusny, matches (lighter), paraffin candles.

Most likely, you are not hereditary Kulibin and unlikely to be able to collect the garbage nuclear reactor, but a simple set of building tools and supplies you will definitely come in handy.

Written requests for assistance can bring to you the other survivors (the movie «Dawn of the Dead»).

Under Siege
Periodically inquire into the pharmacy. Medicines, vitamins, alcohol, bandages, medical instruments simple — all it should be yours. Wonderful stuffing for infernal machines can be made from things such as gasoline, oil, soap, aluminum powder, ammonia, iodine, potassium permanganate, glycerol and ammonium nitrate.

Breathe — do not breathe
Inhalation of radioactive dust hundred times more dangerous than its deposition on the body. An archaic cotton-gauze bandages best forgotten. You only need three things: 1) Activated carbon from the pharmacy; 2) dust respirator from the store building tools; 3) fibrovolokno HEPA (retains particles larger than 0.3 micrometer — that is 99.9%, and radioactive dust, bacteria) from which the bags are made of most modern vacuum cleaners. In the presence of these components can be assembled breathing device that may save your life.

Charcoal respirator fibrovolokno.

All the things that you collect will be tempting prey for other survivors. During the transportation of goods do not attract attention to himself. Make sure you are not being watched, and only then approach the shelter. How to respond to requests for assistance — decide, but keep in mind that each incapacitated dependent will make your life more complicated.

Make secure doors and locks for asylum. Make a thick flap on the windows at night to have no light (just in case, remember that the light bulb in a 100 watt, closed trehmillimetrovoy plywood found night vision device from a distance of 1 kilometer). Give neighborhood neglected appearance. Dispose of all elevations, which can climb up to your roof or climb over the wall. Select a few people on the clock protection seekers organize reinforced duty at night.

Survival kit: compass, plastic bags, sealed container, knife, hook, line, duct tape, medicine, needle and thread, safety pins, shiny foil wrap.

In the dark, it is useful to simply «alarm» — a rope with cans and bottles strung on the approaches to the shelter. Keep a fire extinguisher (powder is best). Snares and traps set outside can protect you better than rifles and tree fallen on the road, can prevent sudden «cavalry raid» enemy vehicles.

The temptation to visit military units in order to «borrowing the» military equipment will be great, but you should be careful here. If the soldiers managed to survive the Apocalypse, in the chaos that they will be the most organized and combat-ready. Army units can regain power in the region and the law, and this is not the worst case scenario. However, it should be borne in mind that this «power» can easily become a bloodthirsty dictatorship, which, according to Plato, only slightly worse than democracy. Besides, who can guarantee that the armed «saviors» in the masks do not fulfill orders on the localization of an alien epidemic, through the destruction of all the survivors?

Establish trade (barter), as the final «Freehold Farnham» Heinlein’s not worth it. The benefit of this is unlikely to be able to justify the risk of attracting attention to their unhealthy shelter. Secured in a few seasons reasonable only if there is any hope for the normalization of the situation. Food and fuel resources of the city, suffering a humanitarian catastrophe, quickly come to an end, and forever hide from danger is impossible.

For disinfection of 1 liter of water in it, you can add a few drops of chlorine bleach and let it brew.

In most cases, your city «base» will be only a transit point. Gather necessary, get used to life in conditions of natural selection, learn to shoot. Until the situation escalated to the limit, you have to catch to scout the place suitable for permanent habitation: Remote 25-30 kilometers or more (day’s march away) from the cities and towns, industrial sites, hazardous landscapes — places avalanches or landslides, earthquakes, floods but with flow near water bodies and large areas of forest.

Avoid long-distance travel, traditional for some zombie movies. Even if you can get an armored truck, the chances to get to warmer latitudes, uninhabited island or underground bunker is likely to be small.

Travel around the country is dangerous even in such an armored car (the film «Land of the Dead»).

If your team has more than ten people, the best place organization «outpost of civilization» is a small town abandoned sanatorium, summer camp or recreation center with a ready infrastructure and acceptable housing conditions.

Radiation, deadly animals, does not harm insects. With a large number of victims of global catastrophe is to be expected «demographic explosion» in flies — vectors of infectious diseases.

Protection of settlements should be organized about the same as a city of refuge and protection. All adults should be armed with at least knives. Single outputs beyond the base are permitted only in extreme cases.

Food stocks will melt before our eyes, so the first thing to do after security settlements — to create a normal agricultural base (not tomato plantations, as in the film «Reign of Fire»), to organize a collection of nature’s gifts — including medicinal plants, and try to breed pets.

Terms of gasoline storage, depending on the brand, does not exceed one year. Diesel oil is more durable, and therefore preferable when «fuel raids». Distillation of oil arrange easy, but most oil production in 99% of cases will challenge feasible only heroes of Jules Verne.

Forays into town to resupply quite dangerous, but offline existence is inevitable rollback «Middle Ages.» It is important to find the exact balance between risk and savings. On the one hand, tangible assets remaining from the lost civilization, to help avoid degradation over several generations. On the other, the human resource of your settlement will be extremely trudnovozobnovlyaem, so victims are not allowed.

With long-term preservation of apocalyptic threats (aliens, viruses, mad robots) in a group of several dozen survivors will not have any real chance to restore former might homo sapiens. Passive struggle for survival — only a postponement of death. In this case, the main task of the settlers will not grow potatoes, and find a way to destroy the enemy’s fantastic. There are many doomsday scenarios. Each of them brings about changes in this fight.

During the invasion of zombies as soon as possible to determine its cause and method of distribution «of the disease.» The most popular options — a virus (germ), chemical waste or radioactive radiation.

Good protection against the undead may be water — for example, ditch or lake (though in «Earth Dead» Romero they learned to walk on the bottom), or high walls. In most cases, your opponent will be dead stupid, like a cork, slow and very strong. Walking corpses, deprived of food, can not stop «function» of starvation. Also, their soft tissues rot sooner or later, leaving a skeleton without the means to go.

If a zombie distinguish between living people only by their appearance, you can try to emulate their behavior — as did the heroes of the movie «Shaun of the Dead» (Shaun of the Dead).

Using two pieces of foil, cans, rulers and flossing can be assembled fairly accurate Geiger counter.

Good idea — wait until winter or move to the far north. If a zombie is really dead, then the sub-zero temperatures they zaledeneyut, and if they are warm-blooded, but brainless, they are to die from hypothermia (similar plan matured heroes latest book by Stephen King «handset»).

Nuclear war also has its own characteristics. It is assumed that she will not be able to mow all mankind (projected 60-ies of the last century, the U.S. nuclear attack on the Soviet Union could have destroyed between 20 and 160 million people). Survivors will be. Two major hazards — radiation sickness and competition with millions of desperate people.

Electromagnetic pulse — typical «horror stories» of nuclear war. In theory, it is effective, but undermining warhead at high altitude affects not all devices (most of those that were not energized, will remain intact). Beloved Americans EMP bad like the role of «tool Doomsday.»

Nuclear war, as well as the fall of a giant asteroid could destroy a significant part of humanity by means of a mega-tsunami. In 1946, the United States conducted nuclear tests BAKER, blowing a 20-kiloton bomb at a depth of 60 meters. The largest wave reached a height of 29 meters (a little less than the Asian tsunami in 2004) and swept over a distance of 7 kilometers.

For Russia, it’s not too scary, but densely populated coast of the U.S. and Europe will be washed off the face of the Earth. Consequences of the asteroid on the land or change the electromagnetic field of the Earth can not be seen, because the greatest harm would be caused to humanity not as such, but primarily environmental (films «Deep Impact,» «The Day After Tomorrow»).

Deluge series of mega-tsunami will leave very few cities in the survivors and lead into disrepair significant part of the resources needed for survival. It is recommended not to linger on the shore as soon as possible to follow in the continental areas. The sooner you are able to gain a foothold there, the better, because a disaster of this magnitude will provide a long-term crisis, even the most powerful countries.

Melting polar ice caps (the movie «Waterworld») actually will not be able to flood the entire land, except for the summit of Everest. The water level will rise by 61 meters. Earth globes have to be redrawn, but the land, of course, remain.

Land captured by aliens or robots? Get ready for the guerrilla war. Hide should dilapidated houses, and even better — forest dugouts, as the main purpose of the enemy will be more or less notable buildings. As soon as possible to find out the limit of detection and possible destruction. In the movie «War of the Worlds» from the telescopic probe Martians could hide in the cellar, but in practice, the technology will be able to easily detect enemy you under even from orbit.

Another key task — find vulnerabilities enemy. Aliens may be completely immune to nuclear explosions (the film «Independence Day», 1996), but quickly go to their forefathers alien from a glass of plain water (the movie «Signs», 2002). You may need to decapitate invading aliens (Half-Life 2), hack their computer network (the same as «Independence Day») or to inflict a decisive counterattack (Game X-COM, Starcraft).

It is interesting
After the earthquake pets may at some time become aggressive.
Urine is of little use to quench their thirst, but in the absence of water it is quite possible to rinse (after this they need to be treated with a solution of boric acid to prevent the growth of bacteria). Urine, diluted in water (1:3), it becomes a good fertilizer for plants.
Clear night firelight seen for 8 kilometers matches — 1 kilometer, smoldering cigarettes — 500 meters. Cooking often enough fire diluted in a tin.
Eating dry food and smoking increase the feeling of thirst. To reduce moisture loss by the body, you need to eat 5-10 grams of salt and drink a little water.
Two feet of snow protection against gamma radiation as much as 2 centimeters steel 8 centimeters wet ground or 5 cm of concrete. For a relatively safe water can be taken from a depth of snow of 15 centimeters or more.

Simple carbon filter and prolonged boiling water will be much safer.

Incapacitate robots sensors (sweep, crush, close up dirt). Try to use holy water against the demons of the other measurements. Destroy the enemy valuable resources, but do not go too far (remember the effects of pollution of the sky in the trilogy «The Matrix»). Go to the past («Terminator 1-3», «12 Monkeys») or teleport to our brothers on reason «hello» in the form of a nuclear warhead («Battlefield Earth»). And most importantly, do not forget the motto, «The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy» by Douglas Adams: «Do not panic.» Insoluble problems do not happen. Mankind can handle anything — even with the awakening of Cthulhu, and destroy itself rather than give it to someone else to do.


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