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Equipment used by servicemen reconnaissance units, is of fundamental importance for the subsequent reasons.

In the 1-x, certain items of equipment are expensive and, if lost, can not always be replaced. In 2, the existence of a fighter and his effectiveness to a large extent depend on the equipment. Hence, the need for proper installation and care of garments.

* Personal and group instrument.

Correct preparation and preservation tools, no doubt, are more fundamental step training of a fighter in combat. With all this you need to follow the next rules:

A. Strap guns should be secured, and the iron part of the wound tape.

B. Correctly pick the length of straps for securing gun when committing a parachute.

C. Scope should be set to the smallest distance.

• Facilities for cleaning tools should be Packed in a waterproof container. The kit should include:

A. The RUB.

B. The brush.

century Flamelet(chsm).

g Solvent/lubricant.

D. a Brush.

that is, a Piece of cloth.

• Handling vest.

Property transported in handling the vest should be placed in such a way to maximize convenience and safety. Incorrect placement leads to wear and, in certain situations, a breakdown of the items of equipment.

A. Appeal from discharge vest.

Do not allow a very rough appeal.

Do not let nenadovich improvised improvements.

Often Inspectorate and, when necessary, repair the vest.

Targeted to complement the vest by a fastening elements items of equipment, for example, straps with buttons.

You need to camouflage vest.

B. The preparation of the content of the vest.

All property placed in the vest must be linked in groups, for example, the kit comprising a mirror for signalling, strobe flashlight, and so on

All items must be fastened with strong cords of dark color. Cords must be of sufficient length that provides comfortable use of such objects, as for example, the compass, gun, etc.

• Retailers should elecsa subsequent way:

1. Feeder down;

2. Bullets on the right;

3. Targeted to attach to the bottom part of the store the tape for quick retrieval from a pocket.

Fragile items must be twisted in a protective material.

All items must be camouflaged.

All items should be frequently checked for serviceability, cleaned and, when necessary, repaired.

Items should not make a noise when driving.

Make sure that all content is protected against the ingress of water.

Items used often should be at hand, for example, the compass.

C. the Contents of the vest. The contents of the vest should include as a minimum:

A compass.

Mirror for signalling.


Hunting knife.

Pistol with 2 shops.

A shooting device for shooting flares.

Stroboscopic lamp with an infrared filter.

The whistle.

The lighter.

A small flashlight.

Emergency diet.

• Kit including:

1. Spare compass.

2. Windproof matches or lighter.

3. Condom or 5-gallon jug of water.

4. Pocket knife or a knife for evisceration.

5. The sewing kit.

6. Fishing-line and a set of hooks.

7. The holster.

The flask with water (2 liters).

• First aid kit:

1. Painkiller.

2. Drugs.

3. Pills for water disinfection.

4. Lip cream.

5. Antiallergic agent.

6. Pills for upset stomach.

Repellent against insects.

Ammunition used first (shops, tape, grenades and so on).

Wiping, cleaning and lubrication.

• Satchel.

Despite the fact that this piece of equipment less like fighters, it allows you to carry heavy loads more comfortable method and provides relative comfort in the field criteria.

When using the pack you need to follow the next rules:

A. Satchel.

Should be completely camouflaged.

A spare set of shoulder straps should be placed between the frame and tape support.

Spare rings and stud fastening shoulder straps can be changed parachute harnesses or bolts and nuts.

Often Inspectorate the degree of wear of the frame, shoulder straps and fixing straps of his knapsack.

Dangling ribbons should be tied up or hidden.

Do not let nenadovich improvements.

The contents of the container should not make a noise.

Put the property in such a way that the items that are used often (sleeping bag etc), it was possible to take or use (radio), not pulling other items.

Property that may be damaged under the influence of rain, should be Packed in waterproof containers.

B. Water.

Flasks are required to have covers made of black or camouflage fabric, which act as a heat insulator and reduce the noise.

Cover jars must have rubber seals for tight closing.

The cover must be attached to the flasks to prevent their loss in the event of a threat.

Empty plastic bags can be filled with water and used for storage at zabirovna or long-term presence on the Supervisory Fri.

Water containers should be moderately distributed along the edges and in the upper part of the container for placement of gravity as high as possible.

The amount of water is depending on the situation, terrain, weather conditions and availability of natural water sources.

On average, you need to take 2 liters of water per day at an average rate of March.

century Diet.

All products designed for consumption during the 1st day, must be Packed in a separate package.

Products must be Packed in waterproof containers and placed in a patrol pack.

Use plastic or wood spoon to reduce noise.

Containers for goods must be kamuflirovannye and do not have identification labels.

You need to have small bags for food waste, so as not to leave traces.

Diets should be placed on the day of the pack.

The number of goods supply is dependent on the duration of action, and personal characteristics of a fighter.

The number of products in one day is approximately 1 jar of canned meat, 20 grams of rice and 2 chocolate bars.

G. General provisions.

Honey set of necessities should be placed in the upper left pocket of his knapsack.

On the flap of the pocket should be applied cross dark color to indicate its contents.

When using a gas stove, it must be Packed together with food in the patrol pack, and not be transferred to the Central compartment of the pack mixed with other items.

It is recommended to pack the tiles in the bag to reduce the noise level.

The radio must be Packed in separate emergency bag, which is easy to pull out in case of danger.

A piece of camouflage nets (2 m x 2 m), rolled into a roll, should be attached to the bottom of the pack to disguise fighter and property at stops.

Color network is determined by the type of terrain, vegetation and time of year.

D. Property transported for himself.


Notepad, pencil and eraser.


Program communication.

• Conclusion.

A. Usually fighters trying to bring a lot of unnecessary property, which leads to lowering the speed and tremendous strain on your back. You need to bring only the necessary things.

B. The duty of every fighter is the same maintaining the property in good and clean condition.

Failure of the property or the delay when the shooting can not only put at risk the implementation problems, and the cost of living for you and your companions.

survival training
survival training
survival training
survival training

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