Unexplained and military news for 1-11 September 2011

September 1
— Unknown creature smote Chelyabinsk hundred birds. Raskurochennye cage for quail, chicken coops broken doors, torn nets on the greenhouse and 115 bird corpses. Night in a private house at quatrains, 42, on his unthinkable cruelty reminiscent of the plot novel «The Murders in the Rue Morgue.» Signs converge: nobody saw nothing, does not know; and judging by the torn cell which is made of galvanized mesh Lining and killer has just tremendous force
— International biological expedition discovered in the mountains of eastern Indonesia on the Mekong giant predatory wasp male exceeding six inches in length, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Globe.
— Odors mysterious origin was recorded on Thursday over the center of the Canadian town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, reports cbc.ca
2 sentyarya
— Mushroom cloud agitated residents of St. Petersburg
September 3
— Residents of a small Guatemalan village convinced that ugly pig appeared because of the strange lights in the sky, which was observed on the night of his birth. In addition to his litter was another 10 piglets, but he was born normal. In mutant no eyes, ears, muzzle and slightly deformed elongated skull. But he was alive. Host farrowing pigs farmer Laureano Escobar Arias (Laureano Escobar Arias) shocked by what happened and is still scared. According to residents like a pig creature from the movie «Alien …
— The stadium at Notre Dame (USA, South Florida), struck a severe thunderstorm, lightning began to strike in the midfield. The game was stopped, and then began the evacuation of spectators from the stadium. According to the official version of «Because of hazardous weather», but eyewitnesses say that collapsed in a storm front of the stadium, were seen UFOs and that after their arrival, was declared the evacuation of spectators
— Unknown middle-aged man made the jump into the Moscow River from the metro bridge near Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday, his rescuers have pulled out. It is known that man to jump allegedly saw a UFO, which made him jump — said in an interview with the special correspondent of the News Agency of the International Globalist source in the Russian Federation in the security agencies
September 4
— Lightening strikes, beating on the same place with surprising regularity, helped discover the ruins of the temple of an unknown civilization.
This letter came to the commission «Phenomenon» from Korosten Zhytomyr region of permanent subscriber «Labor» N. Bolshakov
— Extremely prolific anomalous event was the last month of summer. UFO recorded spans almost the entire Ukraine, but particularly distinguished mining region. And the elusive Chupacabra again showed his teeth, claws, it is possible even in Mariupol
— At 0.33 Moscow time, near Lida (Belarus) watched 5th UFO. 25/30 degrees on the horizon, moving in the direction north-south. Initially moving group of 4 objects behind them with a lag of 10/15 seconds moving another. Object size is 1.5 times greater than the observed Jupiter. In Lida airfield there and I know I look like airplanes in the night sky, and with 100% certainty I can say that this is not the planes!
— In Odessa again recorded a strange hum, this time it was more like a 4 beeps
— Two days planet’s magnetic field is quite torsion, or something approaching it is the Earth itself?
— Argentinian scientist Sergio Toscano galvanized the public his sensational statement that the September 10, 2011 will arrive on Earth by aliens. Astronomer published his report over a month ago, but its widespread theory was only now, when it seriously apprehended NASA specialists. According to the theory Sergio Toscano, aliens move in a spaceship, long came to the attention of astronomers, but mistaken, until recently, for the comet
September 5
— The channel «NTV» started a program devoted to giant zmeechervyam who supposedly lived and what is important, and can nowadays live in Saratov oblasti.Uchenye say that the diameter of such creatures can reach up to 2 metrov.Avtory program «Mysterious Russia «was told that the creation of underground attract lightning. Correspondents federal channel met with villagers Loch, who told that their locality (where might dwell giant worms) are often accompanied by violent electrical storm razryadami.Po legends zmeechervi caused the death of the ancient Uvek
— Strange and inexplicable phenomenon while registered on the Italian island of Sicily: more weeks electronic digital clock in a hurry for 10-20 minutes every day, many residents of the island. Unusual phenomenon reported in several cities in Sicily, and the first time so massively
— Eleven times in the last four years on the beaches near Vancouver and the border with the state of Washington are separated from the torso legs. This is clearly not the remains of bathers, as in all cases on the legs there shoes. Last shod foot was found in the sneaker. Police can not explain these strange happenings that have already become a trend, but denies involvement of a serial killer, assuming that all these citizens committed suicide or drowned
— In Russia the sudden deaths in contrast to Europe begins with 22 years — not a cause for alarm if it? Or will all the usual blamed on vodka? More recently, demographers, taking into account the negative factors, argued that in 2015 Russia will be at least 7 million more women than men. But here conducted a population census and found that ten years before the date specified, the number of women in the whole country was almost 10 million more than the number of men! Russian man apparently dying, sometimes without even having to leave descendants. But from what?
— Strange flash of light on a web camera installed in Fukushima. Outbreaks are very similar to those recorded recently in Tokyo before the earthquake
September 6
— Information on the buoy: National Data Buoy Center — Station 46408 buoy When viewing details visible frequency changes of the water column on average 10 m Period changes 1:00. Why would such periodicity? To determine the status of surface water in the oceans using special buoys that transmit information on meteorological satellites. These data are summarized and allow to draw conclusions about tidal processes, strength and direction of waves, storms, tsunamis, and so on. Buoy number 46408, located just south of the Barents Sea in recent days has attracted attention very abnormal behavior: first, its height varies periodically exclusively upwards by 10-12 m per hour. Subsequently acquired distinct fluctuations bilateral focus and now its amplitude is approximately 60 m to 30 m in both directions from the natural zero position. Comments about this ripple yet, but it is logical to assume kachastve to explain this phenomenon tectonic reasons, perhaps vertical plate movement. In support of this assumption in the past few days on the west coast of the U.S. there are very high waves in the absence of wind and other obvious factors.
— Under the Novorossiysk was archaeologists discovered an ancient watchtower. Moscow found her archeological expedition when were excavated on Raevskaya mound. The tower had to do with fortifications and its construction dates from the late first century BC
September 7
— Astronomers and amateurs lately regularly fixed telescopes UFO gigantic proportions of different forms in the near-Earth space! What does this mean? Aliens are watching us? Or gathered to watch a show called «end of the world?
— Unusual Chinese archaeologists find surprised two years ago, which found a mini version of watches during excavations 400-year-old tomb. According to scientists, the main mystery was the answer to the question how it could work watchmakers to go where no human foot trod about four centuries. Wristwatches, arrows which stopped at time 10:06 am, and on the back of which was engraved the word «Swiss», were found during the filming of a documentary about the excavations conducted by Chinese archaeologists together with two journalists from Shanxi
— Strange incident backyard Southern Urals continue. At this time — Upper Ufaley. Several farms have suffered from the invasion of an unknown predator. Mysterious hairy criminal acts according to the same scenario: night sneaks onto land, destroys all living creatures and also slipping away
— Curious photos drevneshumerskih bas posted in Network Joseph Bauer (Josef Bauer) — in the hands image shows something very reminiscent of … watches! So who is depicted on the bas-reliefs created in IV-III millennium BC? Inhabitants and rulers of ancient Sumer — or mysterious Annunaki, which worshiped in Sumer?
— Kharkov region lives an unknown animal. So say the members of the group «Kharkiv-Kosmopoisk» dealing with the study of paranormal phenomena. Ufologist Sergey Petrov says unidentified creature screaming started last spring. UFOlogy and people think that this chupacabra
— MiG-31 fell 6 September near Perm in 6.41. MSK. The Yak-42 fell near Yaroslavl on September 7 at 16.05. MSK. Fall of both aircraft were very similar — soared, tilted to the left wing fell. It is unknown what conclusions come experts investigating these disasters, but from the perspective of an ordinary observer, in both cases were very strong and sudden problems with the handling of aircraft

September 9
— Visitors to a fast food restaurant McDonald’s in the U.S. state of Georgia poisoned pairs poisonous substance in the toilet. The incident resulted in an elderly woman was killed, another nine people were injured, Reuters reported citing police. What a toxic substance led to the visitor’s death and how it turned out in the toilet diner is still unknown
— Going down to the sacred Mount Sinai, where he received from God the tablets (stone boards) are recorded on them «Ten Commandments», the leader of the Israelites, Moses bitterly saw that his people worshiped their own hands made an idol — a golden calf. This meant one thing: people voluntarily renounced the faith in the true God, lapsed into paganism. This so angered Moses that he «threw the tablets out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount» (Old Testament, Exodus 32, 19). The Bible has brought to us the first-ever destruction of books, beginning tragic extermination of written historical evidence. Once you start the process of eradicating the memory of his own past, people did not stop at this and to this day
-In Kudymkarsky area appeared chochkom mort. Exactly on the Permian Komi called Bigfoot. Previously, he had been seen in the famous anomalous zone in Molebka Kishertsky area. And now in the Komi-district. As they say eyewitnesses, they rise to the Yeti even have become accustomed
— Treatment hot spring in his native village or simple hooliganism? This question is given by Oleg Sidorov, villager Utyatskoe Pritobolnogo district. A few days ago in one of the wells sharply changed the composition of water. The incident zauralets learned from a friend: «We drove up, the water was hot, 50 degrees.» Earlier this well used on the farm, telling residents Utyatskogo. Now well water gardens watered at least three sites. Villagers worried about the water temperature: 27 degrees. But in fact the hot liquid under there just should not be. In appearance it plain: no taste and color, but with a strong odor of iodine. Determine the chemical composition of the experts
— Residents of a small English village every night heard a strange noise of unknown origin. Goole Earth, known as the «Taos hum» recalls knocking diesel engine idling and sometimes so strong that in some homes begin to vibrate the bed. Phenomenon arises from time to time in different parts of the world. What is it — government secret experiments, collective pathology or echoes of tectonic processes? Versions — one another improbable, but none is not universal
— 83-year-old Anna Bushueva, resident of the village Alexeevka Kudymkarsky district finds missing people or forgotten somewhere objects and things. And once, as locals say, even predicted the August 1991 coup. The very old woman explains that it’s not even a gift, leprosy hiccup, who lives in her body.
— World conspiracy watchmakers — so the strange phenomenon that occasionally discussed in the press and on the Internet at least years 15.Zaklyuchaetsya this plot is that in any advertising wristwatch with arrows always set the last 10 hours and 10 minutes. Why so? Reasons mentioned were the most different from marketologicheskoy «imitation smile» to a symbol of anti-fascist organization, which has almost a hundred years has been the underground struggle against fascism

September 10
— In Rivne unidentified howling does not sleep villagers Pyatigor Zdolbuniv district. «I was terrible, middle of the night when he heard the howling. Stepped on the threshold and can not move. Something so plaintive howls drawl, as if he is killed. Such sounds shrill and dreary. And then it started to sob, and fell silent. Do not believe it, but the dogs in the village of fright whined like puppies, «- said the 65-year-old Dmitry Tsitsyura. His house is on the outskirts of the village street garden
— Garden pensioner Irina Kiel remote Nanai village of Dada in the Khabarovsk Territory — now a place of pilgrimage for all journalists and fans from all around the mysterious. Its the plantation, including tiny melons and watermelons are ripe striped fruit covered with strange patterns. Hostess said in early childhood is seen on clothing ornaments such local shaman. The village rumors. Supposedly retired from boredom fool people. Deal with wonderful watermelons even invited representatives of local authorities. Said that watermelons night hosts sit and draw patterns on the fruit, — says the expert Alexander Beldy village administration. — So we thought, until they themselves have not seen it and photographed. Drawing, in fact, he appears on watermelons. Where did it come from? And now the same watermelons began to find on their plots and other residents Dady. On such miracles in the press talk quite often. This summer Bashkir village chickens began to lay eggs with the sacred name of Allah for Muslims. And the mistress of the Indian state of Kashmir found the name of the prophet on a regular cucumber. Australian reporters spotted the face of Jesus Christ on the pizza from the ordinary dining Melbourne. And in 2009, the entire case of Dagestan was shocked when the child’s body began to appear verses from the Koran. Local spiritual Superiors then hastened to give his own interpretation of this phenomenon. Like, such signs precede the end of the world. Mysterious patterns for watermelons from the village of Dada very much resemble rock carvings from another Nanai settlements — Sikachi Alyan. How to say the scientists, these antics on the rocks were made thousands of years ago. And I still do not understand until the end of their mission. As well as the lack of clarity, where did these ornaments on watermelons from the village of Dada. Perhaps it is — a joke of nature or some of the villagers. Although, as noted by the head of the village administration Sikachi Alyan Nina Druzhinin, it does not exclude that the patterns on the fruit may be descendants of ancestral spirits message if they have forgotten their own culture and even language

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