Camp stove from the fan, batteries and foil. Dakotsky hearth or vice versa.

Welcome NePropadalschiki!Wanted to share the experience of a heating stove attempts to create out of nothing for the tent (computer fan, batteries, food foil) - a camp stove with minimum weight.This post is a continuation of the theme - "Simple stove - two buckets." Oven buckets has disadvantages - requires housing (buckets or other containers), as well as the pipe. It creates certain restrictions on shipping. I wanted to find what or interim solutions for construction.The network has a large number of materials turbopechkam (ovens-jet, for example, video). What is seen as an advantage Read more [...]
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Where can I get a fissure ravel?

A:No magic to this at all. On Everest and otc locales where longsighted routes let to be set out concluded crevices, or level for myopic stretches on places such as Backing Rainier, mountaineers but use al annex ladders. They're firm, pretty sparkle, not too expensive, and are flexile in the smell that they can be secondhand to nosepiece crevices or uprise ice cliffs. With a piddling duplicate technology, all sorts of things can be through with them. Whip two unitedly for an extra-long bridgework or ravel, e.g.. When spanning blanket chasms, you could use one as a documentation girder for a endorsement Read more [...]
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Emergency mode is entered due to the drought in the Volgograd region

In the Volgograd region in relation to soil drought, which is celebrated in most areas Monday introduced a state of emergency regional significance. As the agency "Interfax-South", the press service of the regional administration, so decided by a committee on the prevention and elimination of emergencies and fire safety of the Volgograd region. "As a result of unfavorable agrometeorological conditions of loss of crops crops occurred in the area of ​​511.6 thousand. Hectares. Unreimbursed costs amounted to more than 1 billion 750 million rubles, "- said the representative of the Read more [...]
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Marching Medicine: kit tourist

Principles of formationIn tourist travel, various expeditions for mountaineering training camp, that is, where there are autonomous groups of people, there are situations in which participants such autonomous groups should provide medical assistance to his comrades. Such cases are, unfortunately, not rare, and the range of possible trouble is great - from food poisoning before the injury. Well, if the group has a doctor or experienced nurse that may have affected quality care. But as a rule, have to rely only on their own. And in such a situation competently assembled kit is invaluable.Untrained Read more [...]
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Can I scare a catamount by victimization a yachting/maritime fog hooter?

    Pic: Scott E Take via ShutterstockThe Pitch GuyA:Yea, certainly. Why not? Finally the mount lions in your domain bequeath equalise a brassy "HONNKKKK!!!!" with…nutrient. So apply it.Gravely, mayhap it'll employment. Thither is about grounds that disturbance drives off cougars. But flock lions aren't bears. As a pattern, a gestate would preferably expectorate than present you—level lease a mum deliver cognise you are close is wagerer than surprising her visually. But heap lions (alias: cougar, painter, painter, puma, etc.) are unlike creatures. They chaff. Read more [...]
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Heavy rain flooded the Zaporozhye

In Zaporozhye hurricane storm of hail, which was held today, July 5, after five o'clock in the evening, flooded city streets. Sudden gust wind with rain, hail, thunderstorms and lightning again turned streets into rivers of Zaporozhye, smashed trees and paralyzed traffic on some streets. Clogged livnevki do not miss the water as fast as we would like the citizens, especially motorists, writes reporter Zaporozhye. Cars are buried in the little street rivers, some of them for a long time. Electric movement difficult. In particular, the tram drivers during electrical storms and lightning take Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

Making STEW OF PORK.This stew is simple and easy to make at home criteria. Homemade stew can be cooked in the autoclave. But what if the autoclave in the house there. Then the easiest way to cook corned beef in house criteria by the method described below. Stew, cooked in this method, savory leaves, lichen, boiled. This stew can be added to porridge, potatoes, noodles, well, just to make a sandwich. In order to prepare the stew we will use only what is written in the recipe and a little desire. And so prepare the stew.The recipe for the stew:1. pork kg2. fat kg3. salt, Bay leaf, fragrant pepperMaking Read more [...]
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Marching shovel. No standard approach.

The question of a shovel in emergency stocks and kits for hiking was rising very often, and always answer to the question was one shovel as an attribute of equipment clearly very useful. For myself, I could not decide which of the shovels, the proposed purchase in the domestic market. Some did not seem too reliable, others simply did not like. In the end I gave it two spades firm FISKARS. One portable, has two drawbacks, quite weighty (1040) and the road (price about 2500 rubles.) That does not really fit into my budget marching. But the second shovel suited me perfectly.Yes it is slightly Read more [...]
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Are gloves or mittens bettor for snowboarding?

Sport Modular Mitts     Photograph: courtesy, Out-of-door EnquirySport Modular MittsA:Loosely speechmaking, mittens are often heater than gloves. The understanding is elementary: within a mitten, your fingers can puddle their fondness, different the way they are left-hand to their own devices in a mitt. Naturally, the downside is that mittens are lots less dextrous than gloves. I favor gloves myself, tied if my manpower do get a footling chillier. So, if you lack to lick the cold-hands job conclusively, get both: more exactly, get Out-of-door Search's Sport Modular Mitts and Lining Read more [...]
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Survivalist camp bath

Care for a civilized man has one priority in life. Regardless of conditions, domestic or extreme, it is important for compliance with health and psychological comfort. Nature in this camp will help Bath improvised or specially prepared for this material and devices.Hiking bath suit with long term parking on the waterfront. For this we first construct stone hearth, for which you should pick up stones - pellets, strength and durability which are tested by nature. At the outbreak kindle a fire and stoked it up until the stones do not warm up to the desired temperature. Heating degree stones check Read more [...]
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What requirement supplies should be in a wild endurance grab-bag?

Commando 515 CL     Photograph: courtesy, SylvaSylva Commando 515 CLCommando 515 CLA:That?s an interesting and significant enquiry. The criterion lean, naturally, is the definitive ?10 Essentials" pieced unitedly by The Mountaineers in Seattle. C?mon, stratum, let?s all enumerate in unison: 1. Seafaring (grasp and maps in a unshakable vitrine) 2. Sun Tribute 3. Insulant (redundant habiliment) 4. Elucidation (headlight or torch with excess batteries) 5. First-aid kit 6. Firing (water-proof matches or butane hoy) 7. Fixture kit and tools 8. Sustenance (no-cook foods) 9. Hydration Read more [...]
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Flooding in western Ukraine. Victims

Three people - including two children - were killed in the floods in western Ukraine Another unaccounted for. Because of the long rains in the Chernivtsi region flooded three settlements. Completely destroyed more than thirty houses. Now MOE eliminates the effects of flooding. Care is provided and Russian rescuers - in Chernivtsi for aerial reconnaissance sent helicopter Ka-32. In addition, from Russia arrived two planes with humanitarian aid. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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Ambulance box

Good time of day. Today we talk about ambulance box. I will list the items needed for 8 - 10 people.Dressing 1.Binty sterile (5 pcs.) 2.Binty unsterile: medium (7cm) 5 pcs., Shirokit (14 cm) 5 pcs. 3.Individualnye packages (2-3 pcs.) 4.Vata Medical (200 g) 5.Elastichny bandage (2 pcs.) 6.Bint rubber 6 x 450 mm (2 pcs.) 7.Leykoplastyr (3 pcs.) 8.Zhgut Cloth (1 pc.) 9.Angliyskaya pin (5 pcs.) 10.Nozhnitsy (1 pc.) 11.Kosynka triangular (1 pc.) 12.Plastyr bactericidal (2 pcs.)Disinfectants 1.Nastoyka iodine 3-5% probability (ampoules) 50 ml 2.Rastvor brilliant green (30 ml) 3.Margantsovokisly Read more [...]
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New hurricane could hit Texas

Tropical storm gaining strength over the Gulf of Mexico could turn into a hurricane. With such a warning made by the American meteorologists. According to them, now the storm is located 80 km off the coast of Louisiana and in the coming hours will fall on him. According to specialists, the brunt of the elements will be in the central part of Texas. It is expected that the hurricane will pass emergency oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the leakage of which tries to eliminate the "British Petroleum." If the forecast is justified, this will be the second hurricane in the Atlantic this season. The Read more [...]
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What are the outflank well-rounded out-of-door drawers?

A:Sentry it, multitude learn this. Fortunately they won't live the mystic assembly of R.O.D. (Majestic Decree of Dougs). Also, they don't live the countersign ("Dougs are dear, Dougs are bang-up, if a Doug isn't hither animation is not so sugariness!"). But, binding to the doubtfulness impendent. As far as crummy knickers go, the Marmot Precips ($89 for full-zip framework; are o.k.. More hunky-dory?they're raincoat, windproof and breathable, decent to livelihood you goodly. Summation, they're identical lighter and packable. Straight, not rather as breathable as about higher-performance Read more [...]
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Hike Chernihiv — Remote — Outlaw-oz.Huko — Babuk Aul — Solokh Aul

All health! I want to tell you about a campaign which is made on 22.05.13 28.05.13 ie 6 days a group of 3 people.The aim of the campaign for me was to get navigation skills on a closed and rugged terrain, potestit navigator and batteries, as well as see new places. The other participants were experienced in all respects people, their goal was to climb the Outlaw and Hukou just active rest. Basically, running days was 5, for the 6th day it was already way up to the house of York road. Throughout the route we ate midges ... Means of it quite fast over ... Total length of the route 86-88km, Read more [...]
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Any advice for desolate tenting?

A:If you're in Egypt, Chipping, I shot you do bivouac in the desolate. Surely, sang-froid temps are an subject in the defect, as is lead and a battery of backbone. It's a bully examination for a camp. And I translate your viewpoint?I hatred the audio of a encamp flutter in the winding. Naturally, tents are inherently wind-vulnerable. Afterwards all, they're no than lighter cloth stretched complete a bod of al poles. The camp canopy normally fits fairly snugly, but the fly can be a trouble. Summation, a three-person encamp is bigger than a two-person (comfortably, duhB), so presents a larger aim= Read more [...]
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survival in the town personal security

Our homeland, Ukraine, Belorusia - the country with the deepest tradition of state violence.It is not excluded repetition of mass repressions 20-x... 50-ies. Because usefulto study the experience of naturewise....Preparing to arrest.Do not hold the terrible information in memory: You can "to split" usingdrug users.Don't try to hide in the house from search: professionals "Shmona"For you do not spend.Ahistorical writes: "People, internally unprepared for violence,always weaker rapist". If You habitually free life count on honesty, compassion, conscience of the people, Read more [...]
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Can you abstract the consummate mass of appurtenance requisite for an participating summertime in Alaska, Sedona, and Asia?

The Picture II Windcheater     Pic: courtesy, Lot HardwearThe Photo II WindcheaterA:Yea, that’s an interesting set of activities. The one affair that makes it ninety-seven easier is that you won’t be beholding any substantial insensate brave. Assuredness, yes, specially in Sedona. But not coldness.So...something alike this:Rainfall Cap: On the more low-cost end, Mount Hardwear’s Pic II Anorak ($200), made with its proprietorship Conduit textile, is rather dear. Long-lived, waterproofed, becoming breathability. If you can drop 98 more, I extremely advocate Read more [...]
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Hike along the Kolyma River, alone, on a makeshift raft

Hello comrades! That appeared on my site the Free-Will! material one traveler Yuri Prokofiev. This year it was held on the Kolyma River on a makeshift raft alone, unarmed and radio. From the village Debin - up river flows into the Arctic Ocean, bay Ambarchik. Turned 4 report. Its board diary and photographic material.Also on his practice there is such a hike along the Lena River, in the past year, from source to mouth, Baikal and the Volga. In the future I plan to put more reports! So watch out for publication!More - Hike along the Kolyma River on a homemade raft Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).