First half-year after the BP (Reflections on …)

Let’s try to imagine how events can develop after BP planetary scale. IT — happened! (That is — can not say)
So, the big city!! (From hundreds of thousands of people)

Day One:
Distinct lack of real information, «silent panic», the authorities offer to remain calm.
Maybe even have electricity, and hence water, light, heat, sanitation, infrastructure, mass media.
All are waiting to shower hoping for the best.

Day Two — third.
Authorities are trying to maintain order, introduced a special position.
This — the particular signal!!
Begin to close various institutions appear natural crowds on the streets, panic grows, rumors, starts buying everything that you can buy.
Savvy owners will try to shut down immediately and secure your goods.
Excitement begin! Power increases the number of military and police on the streets.
< i>Those of us who are preparing or just moving quickly, go to the «survival».
Presumably make the first foray into the evacuation point (if it is not far from the city, within 50 km) Petrol still have …
Replenish or organize bookmark «NZ» in caches and nychka.
Presumably supply of food and essential means of survival!
Who decided to stay — home and make stocks strengthened.(The first error — many try to survive on its own)

Day Four — the first weekend.
On the streets of the crowd rushing people randomly! Growing confusion and panic, respectively. The first signs of unrest. For fear of the crowd growing aggressiveness.
By nightfall, become dangerous.
If electricity is lost — lost EVERYTHING!
Do not become light, telecommunications, water, gas, heating, sewage.
Ceases production.
No connection — no information and centralized management.
To power on the ground troops come and organize protection spetsobektov, warehouses, fuel tanks.
The streets are not patrolled. Military guard their reserve obekty.Voznikayut uncontrollable crowds start pogroms shops and mayhem …
The most dangerous — and the gang groups of teenagers and «tough guys.»
As a rule — non-family, active and aggressive. And armed with bats, gladkostvol, but someone more serious than …
Shops do not work! Food — do not get it! Begins a stampede out of the cities …
Cork machines, mat, dismantling their fists and not only.
Hysterical women and children begins robbery on the roads …
By this time, «Vyzhivalshiki» or have already moved to their bases and develop, or arrange from their homes fortress filled with food and water.
Everybody is trying to arm sharply.
Begin the attack on the police and army warehouses.
Week Two — Four!
Growing and widespread looting left and then forsaken apartments, fires,
most dangerous period in the city. Growing lawlessness! Introduced «Extraordinary Measures»
If the police and the army did not run away (and the army soon partly preserved), then start shooting looters.
At the same time, will form a serious armed groups will partition areas and zones of influence.
(If by that time remaining in «survivalist» will integrate not — it would be a very serious mistake)

At this time, huge crowds of hungry and frightened city residents with his «belongings» rush to the villages, where they will wait … armed detachments rural militia self-defense!
Because the village also want to live! Moreover, they can, and they have much to lose!
Will stand to death!
Will corpses of hunger and disease arising in difficult conditions.
Plus stress undermine immunity emotionally weak people.
Medicines will demand no less than food and water.
Ends petrol walk away … And you will not leave …
Someone decides to return, but in the city they are outsiders …
Surviving form communities place of deployment, ie residence or membership group.

Month second — sixth!
Urban gangs and organized groups make raids on rural landmark 100-kilometer zone.
Not allow further limit consumption. From singles, packs and groups is the transition to local communities with leaders to organize themselves, laws, infrastructure and armed forces.
Half a year — a year.
To stabilize the situation, barter, coalitions and alliances.
North, Livestock Production, restoration of primitive production.

That’s what I’m not entirely sure — so it is in the timing, as each culture has its own laws and stereotypes. difficult to guess here.

clear, this is only my personal assumptions based on knowledge of crowd psychology and laws of social development.
Welcome any constructive criticism and useful comments.
I hope you are not on the forum for what-would flood …
More specific welcome and useful suggestions!
P / S / before March unfortunately can not respond personally, as to my joy leaving rest for the most distant hill, the country Tai …)))

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