Flooding in Blagoveshchensk destroyed the entire crop

August 13, 2013. In the Amur region, which also flood victims, expected in the coming days a new storm and squally winds. Local authorities to adopt measures to prevent accidents and emergencies. On the eve of the big water reached Blagoveshchensk. The city flooded more than 800 homes.

Nearly 45 thousand hectares of farmland have flooded, and 10 times more water-logged fields, where you can still catch anything to save — the scale of the floods in the Amur region casts doubt on the future of the Amur farmers.

70 percent of the crop grower Leonid Kazakov typically implements the Amur in nursing homes, but this year the farmer does not even know what will feed their own families. Its costs from the beginning of the year amounted to about two million. Another five left in the fields. «If no help, many farmers this year will disintegrate and become bankrupt», — Says the farmer.

A similar situation with the livestock — the water meter by meter with each passing day more and more out of hayfields. Of the planned 700 rolls of hay Emelyanov Alexey managed to procure only 30 Farmers are acts in the hope that it will help at the federal level. The damage is estimated in the millions. «42 head of cattle, hay — under water, no hay — lamenting Alex. — How are we going to live, I do not know. Nothing to feed the cattle, have to get rid of him: to sell or cut of meat».

A similar situation exists in the Constantine area where recently burst from two dams and flooded most of the fields. Without road transport there were six villages. Nevertheless, the district authorities managed to keep a dairy herd in 1300 to establish goals and daily export of milk ATV. «To date, almost all crops are flooded, all hay, — says Alexander Kolesnikov, head of the Constantine area. — We have not even represent exactly how we will spend the winter, because it is not known — whether the harvest of soybeans after the flooding. Nevertheless, it would be, then we will clean up, and the whole soybean straw we will also prepare for fodder».

Konstantinovka itself from flooding from the Amur protects 12-kilometer-long dam, combined with the waterfront, which was built a few years ago. Looking at the flow of water, which from the beginning of the flood has risen already to six meters, many feel uneasy: the part of the villagers were quick to pick things up in the attic or taken to the club. «All residents of, I think, two or three times a day is required to come here and look at the record or determine the level of the water visually, — says resident Konstantinovka Love Balalaeva. — In principle, we have been informed, but we do not think running away from home. He climbed to his roof, the attic, and we will wait out the bad weather».

While flooding of the district center communicates with the Annunciation on the only road, but the water washes away from the asphalt ground, as part of the coating crumbled chocolate bar. Just a couple of days ago here, as the locals say, was a half-meter layer of water. «I came home — the water was a little bit. I think I’ll go to a daughter — says Love Shunevich, resident of the village Krestovozdvizhenka. — Then I look — water. Well, I asked the neighbor refrigerator put on the table so the TV away. And now all overdry necessary, all the furniture. Thanks guys came today — a refrigerator and carpet thrown out, they were wet, all in the mud».

And in the nearby village of EMERCOM specialists help the community to eliminate the consequences of sudden flooding of the village three days ago, rescuers said, there was virtually «mini Ivanivka» — Amur village, which was the first and most strongly flood victims. And Krestovozdvizhenke people as night had to shoot from the rooftops. «Ninth number, when we came here in 22 hours, there was the peak height of the flooding, — says Eugene Rakow, Deputy Chief of Rescue 1042 Emergency Center of Khabarovsk. — The water was waist-deep. Swam the cattle people. It was hard to move around. Severe flooding has been very strong».

To allow the water to get away and not «prop» her new, even during heavy rainfall on Bureiskaya HPP decided yet hold idle discharges. According to the management station, now have a stock of about 3 cubic kilometers. The reservoir is filled with about 30 centimeters per day. According to the most pessimistic forecasts of experts, if the discharge will nevertheless, suffer from themare residents of the Jewish autonomy and Khabarovsk.

«We are now working hard to get the possibility of discharges from Bureiskaya HPP, — Says Andrey Makarov, head of the Amur basin water management. — We need to do this so that the flood of Bureya not superimposed on the crest of the flood, which runs along the Amur River, it is still possible».

At this point in the region in the elimination of the disaster involved over 10,000 people, a third of them — MOE specialists from other regions. More than 4 thousand victims evacuated from flooded areas, in temporary accommodation is 1,000 people, half of them — the children.

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