In the regions of pure water becomes a luxury

In the regions of pure water becomes a luxury

Lake went under the earth completely. The funnel began to fill with ground water.

Near Moscow more smoke than fire, and in some regions the situation is different. In the Nizhny Novgorod region the flames of a forest fire with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour rushes to the villages. The offensive trying to stop the fire trucks and heavy tractors. Dozens of residents of the village of Great Ivanovo region per night became victims. Firefighters were waiting for the fire to one side here, but the wind changed direction. Evacuees will have to live with relatives.

In the Samara region is in trouble due to lack of water.

By car, ferry, river boat, motor boat — every day, thousands of inhabitants of Samara rush away from the burning city. Volga is more like a giant traffic interchange at rush hour.

— Volga — there nature. Take a dip can.

Many villages on the role of shelter from the heat aren’t good. From wells rapidly leaves the water. Increasingly, instead of joyful splash of life-giving water there was a dull thud buckets on the sandy bottom.

\»We explain to the people the same principle: two mugs drink today, and the third is left for tomorrow in reserve\», — says the head of the rural settlement Ilyinsky Valentine Shvetsova.

In apartment buildings and two mugs get nowhere. Water is not here for almost three months.

— Here is the crane, he had already dried up. Droplets of water no.

This week the district authorities held here a temporary water supply. Crane immediately became a place of pilgrimage, and the water is the main measure of wealth.

\»Someone ugly way watering the potatoes, and someone does not have enough to drink,\» says Deputy Klavinskis district of the Samara region Alexander Lamai.

Luxurious way of life now is not watering the garden, and the usual washing.

\»We spent whole nights without sleep to get the water to wash, easy to wash. Let alone bath — anyone anywhere!\» — outraged resident of the village Clewline Nina Sukhotina.

The Northern districts of the region has always been called a land of springs and streams. This summer, more accurate would be to call the region dried up wells and evaporated lakes.

Yesterday on lake Trotanoy fished, the shepherd led the cows to drink.

\»We fished here, the water roared, roared. They come to escape. The shepherd also saw cows come to steal. The funnel is small, then big, then all collapsed,\» the novel Borin, resident of the village of Chernorechye.

Lake went under the earth completely. The funnel began to fill with ground water. Brave souls who ventured to measure its depth, yet.

But city beaches are overcrowded. Meteorologists expect the update absolute temperature record. While water in the area of Samara he is 24, 3 degrees. Now only one-tenth less.

\»Tired of winter! You can slightly tolerate this heat!\» rejoice in the warmth of the resident Valeria Samara Lesnikova.

Another way to survive the heat — radically change the mode of the day. In the third hour of the night on the embankment Samara — almost all citizens who do not need the morning to work. In General, these young people.

Meet the first rays of the scorching sun on the waterfront, the lucky ones are sent home to wait out the heat in a dream, under the conditioning. The rest of the samarians remains only envy.

In the Chelyabinsk region mining area switched over to the hard limit in the water supply.

In the regions of pure water becomes a luxury

The drought reached the cities of the Mining area of the field. Chrysostom, Satka and Asha switched to hard mode limiting supply of drinking and industrial water. People are at cranes in the hope to have time to collect water at night, and municipal authorities have already given the command to drill additional artesian wells.

The most difficult situation is in Zlatoust. Here became shallow reservoir at a record high, and the latter rain over the city held at the end of spring. The administration has assembled a special \»alarm\» group. Conclusion officials: the restriction in the supply of water for people and businesses is the only way to somehow solve the problem faced by the Zlatoust city dehydration\». Weather forecasts, mining area can do this year will not see rain until the first snow, and to this perspective, prepared as a full-scale emergency. \»Frozen city without hot and cold water, no heating, \» says Alexander Karavaev, Chapter Chrysostom. — It’s not even the most pessimistic, and most probable prediction, which is on the agenda.

Approximately the same situation now and other cities of the Mining area. Kusa. The water companies have to decide who is the primary limit: residential sector or enterprise? To stop the water supply to the plants is to break technologically complex production processes. On the other hand, dry town water supply system \»rust\» for a few days. However, even the choice whom to give to and who not to give water to Cosy already a luxury. Here were dry all underground sources. \»Even at night, the pressure was so weak that even do not have time water type\», — says Elena Samoylova, resident Cosy.

Table of measuring water levels in wells remind front-line reports. \»Well the city water with air on \»Start\» — water with air,\» says Ivan Domrachev, Director of \»Thermal networks\».

The only way to avoid complete dehydration for the cities of the Mining area — go to the water supply schedule. In Zlatoust without water residential neighborhoods are encouraged to do daily for 6 hours: from 11 PM to 5 am. In principle, such a situation with some minor differences can be observed across the Chelyabinsk region. In Krasnoarmeysky district entrepreneurs are smart enough to earn drought: they sell imported drinking water for 6 rubles per liter. The South Ural residents look forward to looking at the sky waiting for rain, but it is not so simple. To fill the artesian well water, it is necessary that the showers at least a week.

Source: Lead, STRC South Ural

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