LDPE or compote at the stake.

Good day to all comrades! Decided to write about the recent release of the forest. So it was so. Started with what I had purchased a backpack. About this backpack asked one comrade, backpack called AQUATIK. Is a pretty good for such a price (1200r) product. Volume of 30 liters, 3 outer pockets. One inside the main compartment is made for details. Ryuk utjazhki has adjustable straps and chest tie. Looks equally appropriate and in the city and in the woods.LDPE or compote at the stake.Also on the sides there are two mesh pockets, as if made specifically for poltarashku. On the day of purchase, it was decided immediately to make a small hike in the country, in the nearby forest. With him was taken as follows: 2.5 liters of tap water, 1.5 liters of purified water, an army pot with salt, sugar, tea and Chinese spoons, forks, knife inside. For example one user Yutuba fanerku took with him, as the size of a backpack. It is placed at the back of Ruka and solid objects is not putting pressure on the back. Yet it is used for cutting, seating, so you can inflate the coals. Another was taken rezheg serious, disposable plates and cups, and a flask with a secret vyzhivalschega drink, I do not remember the name (like formula C2H5OH). From food took porridge in bags for cooking (IMHO convenient vestch), bread and a jar tushnyaka. Still took a tea towel-essential thing and your homemade hatchet poyzzhe about it. Even just took a mini-torch with a gas cylinder. Called with a Komrad, Bosak and moved off. After about 3 km, in a pine forest were also there sometimes come across birch.LDPE or compote at the stake.Pines were burnt on the bottom, most likely from fires in 2010, after one had dried. So it was with wood know the problems. Chose a small clearing, encamped.LDPE or compote at the stake.By the way on the way even scored apples. Dog, after hearing the COLDPE or compote at the stake.Was engaged in clearing areas of scrub.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.We are engaged in preparing porridge.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.Porridge cooked in batches, and then was transferred to plates.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.Tushnyak warmed up separately in the lid of the pot.LDPE or compote at the stake.After which he was equally divided and placed on top of cereal.LDPE or compote at the stake.With this method of cooking pot does not require thorough cleaning, you just rinse, which in turn saves vodichku, brought on themselves at home. Well under hot and can be a bit vyzhivalschega elixir.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.Never before had I do not eat porridge so quickly and with such gusto. After porridge ended as suddenly got the idea to try to cook apple compote directly on the fire. No sooner said than done.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.It is a pity that the camera does not pass the smell. It was pretty awesome. Overall compote success. After which it was decided to drink more tea.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.Now my homemade ax, so he LDPE or compote at the stake.The blade is 12mm spring and the handle … And the handle must learn those yuzal peredneprivodnye Lada. One of the parts. Toporeg was made specifically to carry it into the woods and not to drag back home. If staschat or lost small trouble. Hack it pretty good, but because of the rather uncomfortable handle immediately appear mozoli.Hotya I can not think like CIT. Spyatan ax was in the forest, waiting for the next release, with its objectives, he decides, but to carry it with you no sense. To backpack did not have any complaints, showed himself perfectly. Acquisition satisfied. Here is such a turned LDPE. Debris was removed for a bonfire extinguished. The plans have come to this place and better equip it. Some more pictures.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.LDPE or compote at the stake.Well, almost everything forward of comments. Ahhh … remembered as a drink called survivalist-ALCOHOL. all))

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