Let’s try to understand NATO and American definitions and classifications databases. In 2003, the United States was the reform of the global network of military bases, under the motto: «the Capacity and efficiency, not size» http://www.odintsovo.info/white/blog.asp?id=11936 .

According to the latest systematization of military facilities military facilities) of the U.S. armed forces, only 2 of 12 you can confidently called bases: the main operating base (Main Operating Base, MOB) and advanced operational base deployment (Forward Operating Base, FOB). http://www.odintsovo.info/white/blog.asp?id=11936

On the bases of the first type are deployed impressive military contingents, there are supplies of raw materials, military equipment, long-term structure. Base of the second type are designed to solve tactical puzzles. The number of functions and military supplies are limited.

Further along the U.S.-NATO systematization going spare or tactical points: aerial port of embarkation and overload (Aerial Port of Debarkation, APOD), base logistics and logistics (Logistics Base), para ensure cooperative security Cooperative Security Location, CSL).

These include small military installations — alternate airports, facilities, and airfields to support either the aerodrome of departure, think tanks, etc. ( http://www.nbpublish.com/view_post_21.html )

Such subtle points in General can do without NATO personnel up to an hour «X», but always ready to simultaneously mobilize its forces if necessary. http://www.odintsovo.info/white/blog.asp?id=11936

According to the view of the American military professionals, military bases abroad are important because they guarantee the flexibility, speed and variability in operations, provide troops with logistical support, providing warehouses, hospitals, ports, etc. and in General, the database eliminates the need to pre-prepare the infrastructure of the war.

It becomes clear that regardless of their own names, functions, systematization, all objects of a global network of bases of the United States and NATO do not become the least military. They are all nothing other than traditional databases, in other words «paragraphs foreign military presence on the ground States, giving permission for the placement of these military facilities.

Base these at the most reasonable estimate is calculated by acres, and more than that, about 90% of foreign military bases in the world belong to the United States. They are all in savecopy work on shock military power of the USA and NATO abroad.

Important these bases not individually, as the links in the infrastructure — the network of global military presence of the United States and the Alliance, which has already wrapped the entire globe. Because in matters of typologies and definitions database is needed, surely, a global approach.

Could not agree more with the expression of the famous historian Chalmers Johnson, «the American version of the colony is the military base. The U.S. has an Empire of military bases». ( http://left.ru/2004/5/johnson104.html ). His idea supports South American historian Joseph Gerson, which resulted in U.S. history as the history of the struggle for military bases.

Indeed, under whatever pretext USA no military bases spread all corners of the globe, the same result:
everywhere, once appeared, the Americans already not going anywhere. The real reason is always the same — a consolidation of the U.S. presence in strategically principal regions of the world.

NATO military bases and U.S. evenly surround Russia tight ring, growing along its perimeter. Maintaining its presence in normal areas of impact (Western Europe), they increase it in new, more important geopolitically regions (Eastern Europe, Central Asia). And rightly so.

«According to the list of the Pentagon in the world there are more than 865 U.S. military bases, but together with the bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, their number exceeds 1000 (according to other data (No Bases), the Pentagon recognizes only 735 U.S. military bases, not counting such formation c sweetened names in the various agreements on military cooperation). This is 95% of foreign military bases in the world. […]

The ancient model of colonialism practiced by the Europeans, was to completely take over the country and to manage. But it was awkward. The United States is a pioneer in the implementation of the light version of the global Empire. According to historian Chalmers Johnson, «the American version of the colony is the military base […] the U.S. has an Empire of military bases».

From the article anthropologist Hugh Gusterson (Institute of George Mason) posted Bolotine of the atomic scientists USA (Jules Dufour, Mondialisation.ca, 10 de Abril del 2007).


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