About HF communications, FT-817ND and promenade in the suburbs.

Wanted to «Communication» yes insert did not find such a blog, because in a «guest.» In general at the end of last year reading about online communication, interaction, and so on. decided to add from myself here a bit …
In particular about the relationship at short wavelengths, it is clear that on the VHF range 30 kilometers just not obespechish, especially in the field, but when moving to their two-because we have to use HF radio diappazonom.Modeley that make «burzhuiny» this diappazonov, handheld / portable, quite a bit, and «domestic producers» did not want sdes support (already tired). So it Vertex1210 — beautiful model made subject to use in the field, but the price is quite frankly, ogortsitelno vysokaya.Icom IC -F7000 — rather «good machine», but «cloistered» for placement in the transport sredstve.To same applies to the Yaesu FT-857, and the more Yaesu FT-897. My choice fell on Yaesu FT-817ND, firstly it is portable, with all its dimensions 135h200h40mm protruding parts, covers all shortwave diappazonov, as well as VHF 50/144/430mGts diappazonov, multi-mode, you can work in the sense of amplitude, frequency and single-sideband modulation as well as the telegraph and the «figure.» Output 5 watts it is switched to 2.5 watts and 0.5 watts 1 watt. Certainly better have a power output of 100 watts, but carry automobile pehom «aklimator» commercials capacity 75 A / h ohota.Iz no obvious flaws in this model — there is no built-in automatic or «manual» antenna tuner that allows you to work on the antenna type «beam «/» long wire «random length, consider the» main «antenna to work» in the field. «Because decided to choose» manual «MFJ-902 tuner, it’s small — fits in the palm, and besides automation is not always good in the» melee «simpler and clearer.
Today the weather had the spring and decided to arrange themselves in a suburb of the promenade, at the expense of «radiotrenirovki.» Took a FT-817, MFJ-902 gel 12volt battery capacity and 4.5 A / h from bespereboynik, a piece of wire 30 meters as an antenna, sharpened electrode as «earth», a couple of «Mars», and a few bags orahisa and vodichku and «pricked skiing» towards «green» / «rotten corner» in tatters district fortified city.

That photo overlooking the remnants of fortifications in the 80s and early 90s was a pretty decent receiving radio center PAC.
Fumbled around in finding a place where to turn, stumbled upon a clear example of a fool «how do nada» actually that photo
Found on the hill next to the comfortable hollow sapling, where you can snuggle, without attracting undue curiosity and expand p / station.
Stretched wire «ray» using as supports small derevya.Provod took fluoroplastic insulation (it leaks at high frequencies small) and silk «stocking» sverhu.Hotel find a wire antenna that was in the army — the same with «stocking «rag, his pair of outputs izvazyukaesh and it is not so catches the eye, but found none.
Turned by connecting the battery to the power socket transceiver connected tuner, friendly, taking along the way passing a heap of garbage pieces carton, so under sidalische podstelit even where.
Here is a photo of the working set of p / station tuner.
Tuner about the backpack, and FT-817 sprava.Mezhdu them on a set of band telescopic pins per 15,20 and 40 meter diappazonov. (Then decided to test a)
Here is the «panoramic» photo of my location.
Turning decided to work on the 40-meter amateur radio diappazonov, there is the benefit of local fans, especially those that are also engaged in travel, spend «parochial sked.» Tuned antenna «for noise» and then scaled down by SWR working on the transmission capacity of the smallest started to rabote.Hot was a weekday, but worked with Dalnegorsk (250 kilometers it is), then «walking up» the telephone sites connected with a couple of Japanese (600 kilometers), and of course with friends in the city (well, it is not considered less 20 kilometers).
Then after the «righteous works» decided to eat here with such natyutmortika
After a casual meal, just the evening, began to gather in the way back, rolled «radioprichindaly» are compact:
Transceiver, «megaphone» to it, the cord piranhas, VHF portable antennka on 50/144/430 MHz
placed in two pouches, appropriate size, to the right in a rag tuner, top coiled connecting cable (from the radio to the tuner), left the battery.
Rewind the beam, cleaned yourself and went home quietly.

Here are a few pictures of the picturesque neighborhood:
After the prom the following conclusions. Operating set weight is 2, 7 pounds, which is quite ploho.Mozhno not add a thread tablet / PDA to be able to work «figure.» With the FT-817 work within Primorsky Krai quite osuschestvima.Nedostatki: Design of the FT-817 and tuner MFJ-902 is meant quite solicitous attitude towards them during the operation, rather flimsy mic jack (for network) and quite absurdly located on the right side of the chassis apparata.Krome of any transceiver or tuner otnyut not hermetically sealed and if all the «bathing «inevitable, it is necessary to take care of reliable hermetic package, in my opinion such as» pelikanovskih «cases or general case (that’s 0.5 … 1.0 kilograms). The battery needs to be charged before going personally! instead via Chad, led by phone, resulting in having worked only four hours, put her in a bad nol.Ne will help solar battery, «clamshell». diappazonov telescopic pins from MFJ (this MFJ-1815T, MFJ-1820T, MFJ-1840T) certainly can not be compared to a full-sized antenna efektivnosti, but in a situation where «even the cat when there is no dog» is quite a good tool, but in the woods they should be placed above the treetops.
If you have someone to organize communication, such equipment costs, and especially its operation, cheaper satellite phones, so that communication issues «not covered with» network GSM (hunting, fishing), I decided for myself.
Well, actually, and all have questions, try to help.

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