Chapter 1: Dump

And this was called soldier Rededi So that’s called, um.

And was not bad! And as a happy

At the round, slightly wrinkled from constant lying on the pillow cheeks weak rovnenky blush. On the face — a grin of a man who after a maximum of 5 minutes to fall asleep, and ascend to his lips myagenko sleepy kids bubble And that way people will wake up to lunch and then to dinner. And later — do it! Drink some milk, bread, and shall cleave in half rosy mouth launch; nice iknet the whole room so curly beard wipe away. In general — no beard was not; beard, it can be said to be part of a great legend.

Went the way of the hero, was a wide, domineering and whistled, waved but lifted his shoulder! Miracle-hero! Lada cute monster trash pate folded but in a nice bag folding, and then was waved yes, a good whistle whistling

Nonsense, of course, a dog, there’s nothing to say. Not the hero, and the robber, right. Well, what waved? If this is a hint at the blade — then why should they swing? Good eyes sharp-eyed People see — in a bag that was partially understandable: circle enemies, Oooo! Enemies, ferocious animals, so that in him, the hero, one hope, one hope If you do not turn away head off a counter-cross — I think the end came Farewell, free will! Although, again just what such a will? Location? Unless we consider the free will of this stately Wasteland, this nationwide Dump Although landfill — the issue fundamentally. Perfectly clear that this is not ordinary (though overgrown before striking limits) point for debris. This is — a rarity, that’s what. A rare and valuable object (and the value of his age, of course, grow!). One might even say that the dump — a test for all of us (if we use this obvious figure of speech). Examination for exposure, as the simple sense of the nest That will be you throw expensive (fanned by the memory of your youth) junk from Grandma’s nightstand? Not going to — if you are a normal person. So here goes: The landfill is precisely this grandmother’s bedside. There is, of course, different stuff lying around; ball of yarn, for example, which is not the darned holey sock; and this very holey sock, and it is better to say — a hole from holey sock! And rusty darning needle (if it develops the metaphor); in short, all sorts of rubbish; but needs to be repeated, not the usual rubbish and trash, fanned by the memory of the past

Majestically over the landfill, should be considered, in general, different spirits soar; to a greater extent — the spirits of the dead expensive. So it should be, of course. In any case, it must be so, if we — people, not crooks; if we drag on for a huge, incredible as the bag, the memory of the past, that this is the order to strengthen themselves in the future. Etc. To step forward, not looking back In other words, in our case, just the opposite

The point, of course, not in the tradition, not ideology, in general, not ideas. The thing is completely certain things. In the landfill, for example. Since the road in Mav is just across the junkyard. Which carries within itself many fascinating (lots of puzzles). And, accordingly, the people do not get to Mava Virtually no one comes. What is surprising? For example, if you’re out on a journey at nine o’clock in the morning, and at half past nine in your hands is a huge golden fig? Weighing one kilogram? What, you trample on this road? No, you’re not going anywhere, there is nothing to lie. A relaxed come back home. With legitimately produced figs and followed, therefore, guarantees the memory of expensive corpses measured in a certain equivalent is not cynicism, as convincing someone; and it is common sense. Go home, sit down on the couch and relax. Or lie down — oh so Rededi With the only difference that Rededi the couch does not arise. Never, in any case. For him, acting legend and the glorious name You can not be envious, not gossip and do not sulk. Lies bull on his own couch, and let it lie Bubbles in a dream so let poisonous gases sends opponents to flee! Rather than turn up

Felix was hurt. As always the case, it was necessary to recall durachiny Rededi. Could not be matched Rededi oh so wish, with the current scale. Since the scale of this has changed drastically since the days of an hour, when it was declared open dump Lofty Lofty Hike

Felix smiled.

Naturally, no one has officially declared not Hike. It just happened, and the trail that was invisible 500 years, for sure and maybe more? Maybe the whole thousand years! — The path that suddenly became visible at random, usually, circumstances.

In the role of opener turned dove slap — a man drinking, completely devoid of responsibility to others, but endowed with a massive flair, which he for some reason thought Prof. own feature, although no profession had not.

Came a significant event clear summer NIGHT MODE; blooming lime, and sparkling stars. Slap, who was called Blue for rare and almost non-naturally occurring complexion, The Last Astronaut walked the street and, as urged, found in the constellation of the Pleiades. Useful it is unclear why these same Pleiades; although, of course, if a person is drinking — here you will not disassemble. Here and Humpbacked Horse will need; and because priskachet on predatory whistle, can not hesitate! Good man will not come, and this blue genie — welcome!

Either way, Blue slap admiring the starry sky, found their Pleiades and slowly walked down the empty street. As suddenly surprised to find that this street is gone somewhere and it costs elsewhere. Last but not least an astronaut for sure! For stressed slap, at that moment he became a victim of the paradox.

— Justify? — He molested all. — I can justify.

And here is justified.

— There’s Well, where I was reeking. Everywhere. From Heaven and Earth! — Pathos he added.

— From the Pleiades, or what? — Poisonous said someone.

But the dove slap this fool shook his fist.

— From the Pleiades — he brought out quietly — can come only one fragrance. And do not stink.

And here reeking everywhere

— How stale after mustard — added dove slap mysterious.

At that time, nanyuhalsya may slap down under a low fence and dead asleep. And woke up, made his immortal discovery.

— New World! — He cried, came into the home. — A new world, man! The moon, which set foot man! Greenish sea felled taiga come back, you bastard! — Howled pigeons splashing in the agitation.

— Someone who came back?

— Tunguska meteor! Have you thought about who? Hole in the ground, as in this very enemas and does not require expensive for the Army winning Stolbovaya Dorozhen’ka — at one point slapping whined, falling into oblivion. — Dust and fog the way, there is dust, dear brothers How prazdnichek.

Shlёpino muddled narrative impression on the listeners immediately. And at first simply forgotten about it; and maybe never would recall later, if not the only one alive and convincing detail. This item is filed, we can say, life itself — well, it did not argue.

Simply put, to reach the outskirts of town in the beginning stink. At first hesitant, almost imperceptibly the first swallow, so to speak As if fish stagnate in the heated windowsill soon sorted out, but that does not happen so much fish except in the sea, so to speak and the smell grew stronger, and in a week, for sure, there was a stink so I had to remember Shlёpinu chatter. It turned out — no it does not chatter not chatter, no joke, and a dump. Lofty dump. With all its consequences, with all the smells

Of course, aware of Felix, was always dump. Every civilization has left traces of activity. Waste. At the very least — a good memory And of course, that the long years were brought in specially designated for this purpose by the place — has grown over time and captures the latest countryside location and would be nice to realize nervously thought Felix, that is not a case of one of ecology that to the ecology of mixed something else! The ability of our zaniya, for example. Endless horizon problem Mark, for example, the same Mav. On View — Normal crypt granite, form, suggestive idea of ​​the pyramids of eternity And all would do, let it be a crypt! Only here the tenant in this crypt hurt restless Yes there tenant! Any step that leads into the bowels of the damned, and the hall where he lies What are some granite steps only! 1st stage, 2nd Forward something, say, no man has gone Maybe it does not come down to Mava, and this is only a parable about the terrible parable But Clay Babu, a snow-white about the damn thing, a lot of chatter as it arises from oozing moisture walls and stands in the icy gloom of the empty lobby, anxiously outstretched paws All clay — a dull white, with a broad, crumpled face and bulging eyes white-Equip creature in some incredible rags; just walked to the supermarket, entitled «Garbage plus», something like that and on his feet (remembering Felix shuddered) — on his feet were pulled healthy, worn-out, essentially scary shoes! Monster, he remembered, stands swaying rhythmically, as if decides: whether to fall on the stone slabs — or even stand up? And that’s what particularly unpleasant: Felix perfectly aware that the worst will come just in this case, when it falls! And fly pottery shards, roared with rumble along the dusty boards legend clearly reads: Shards — worse than the whole. This lesson learned all of them, with school time, so to speak. Shards — terrible. And so — stand still and do not twitch. What do we know, that create unnecessary traffic? Know that there is a Mav. We know that there, inside, Tsarskoye Lodge. Although — stop. On the «inside», frankly, we know very little; have, in all fairness, very modest means information Well Lodge. Well, Tenant And then? Cap — even a cap! — Is part of the Legends of solid big bukovki, whether they are wrong homage? Well, no, you’re lying, ladies and gentlemen are great. What is there respect Tribute own nightmare — it will be more accurate. The highest tribute to that, so as not to impose in the pants. And the feeling of legitimate pride — that do not impose. As they say, a little thing or the right have? And who said these things? Unprincipled. Whoever said he had no idea WHAT creatures found there!

Felix wiped his damp forehead with his hand. Later mechanically reached for a non-existent with a handkerchief.

So — Mav. Path which lies majestically through the Dump. Who beheld granite steps — you know who came, got struck by fetid plain mokrovaty crawled through dense fog And all for what, you ask? To clay creature encounter? Get off the brain, lose the memory die, not going with the first stage to the second ?! Since the Lodge, The Lodger — before they even get in fact need not mention Cap

Felix sighed again and shook his head sadly.

Cap — that’s for you and the reason why it’s cool. Purpose. Hope, slightly shimmering in the fetid darkness

Even Rededi, tossing and turning on your own couch, yawn, happened, in all mouth and and spits: «Oh, Cap would be at the moment! His cap to «

— Cap Bring it! — Angry, said aloud, Felix. — What willed beast unwashed

While Felix was angry occasionally.

And in general, different shutter speeds.

So it should be — for a man who used to follow the rules around.

Here Felix could be a good example. And served, can not hesitate! Such as Felix, noted with delight even the most notorious bureaucratic monsters Even assholes — final and complete. Such, for example, as a junior curator Aristarchus Bogonyaev (and had besides senior curator! And for supervising junior and senior curator Sire V!). So here goes: Aristarchus Bogonyaev heavily panting through the hairy nostrils, such as publicly announced that such as Felix, now all hope.

— A decent young man — approved Bogonyaev. — Strong as nuts. As a toughie.

Felix grimaced. I would not like to receive praise from all Bogonyaevyh But there was in it and benefit. Junior curator though not all-powerful, but some had no impact And when up there, will take another agonizing decision: whom to trust? And who put things? — It is possible to put in a word for Felix already put in a good Emperor V now, in any case, meeting the case with Felix, a little tilts his smooth head, covered with unclean cropped hair; and something to this fact, no doubt, so for example — hope or weak chance that about Felix at the appropriate time will remember it is one thing — shove in Mav at your own risk; without a corresponding equipment, without real investments, without control, in the end! Or — go as a member of an official expedition, endowed with virtually municipal status! Of course, the risk is not the least — but for all that let small, — and wages But the main thing the main thing — the total mobilization for a role in a single project! And no single sortie, which is about the exploits of all people who — as Felix heard plenty abound And later, there is something else That «something» — Rededi People’s pet, wonderful hero. Of course, so far no one, and in any case could not raise Rededi from the couch, to carry away on a dangerous journey to the pioneers of all that they had received the messengers, in different samples being taken to agree with the miracle-hero — is a sleepy language, that poured out of honey mouth Why go to all Rededi single, that’s what, gaining more ground with the animation of Felix thought. Lovely extremals, hot head We’ll see, but that will deliver our hero now?

Word — Felix placed his hopes

Chapter 2 Expedition

The composition of the future expedition (which, by the way, somehow immediately called word HIKE) open a discussion on top. As! Go something some people, and will respond to others? One tops, other roots? I mean — on the contrary? No one, of course, be reluctant to fool — especially when someone else is suddenly so nabredete on Aladdin’s cave Well, suddenly ?! Because any nominee — any! — Are exposed to serious discussions, and if the light of day got out at least one oscillation, at least one «against» — frustrated lucky flying, we can say to hell! And none of it is no longer remembered all, hello. Follow-up.

The main analyst put Kondrati Kalashnikov Spider man of unusual, vaguely reminiscent of the old fairy tale monster Was it all as if cut from zakamenevshih clods, dried-out branches, public, maybe even crawling some small creature; swollen eyelids interfere with expression of the eyes see — well, if there was any expression? And that in general this can mean a tin spider eyes eyes?

Was sitting on his own place Spider firmly, sternly reducing rare eyebrows.

He has rejected the 10-ka half of applicants, and shy remark about the fact that the list of those wishing to can and dry out, not endless, he — just replied:

— Declare a new set.

— And then?

— Another. And there, staring, and other candidates of the people, — soberly judged Kondraty T..

Heavy discussion lasted

First passed a rigorous selection appeared, surprisingly, Nikita Belavin nicknamed fart. Man, we can say with some strange reputation, unreliable in all senses

In 1-x, Nikita was really a coward — no nickname not lied But apart from that was different and unquenchable hunting to do mischief. Slip neighbor pig — for no apparent need — was for Nikita thing legitimate pride. Comrade he was unreliable Yes there friend! From Nikita Belavin eschewed even a cat — a creature, it should be noted, is much more reasonable and generous than the Belavin.

— Fart in the expedition? That’s room! — Felix gasped, hearing the decision.

A Kondraty T. Spider (he’s the final decision belonged to) firmly explained his position.

— A young man is without sin. And sovret and pocket climb Well well, you do not miss your chance! Beware of a pocket!

Amazed assistants silent and lowered their heads covered hand pockets — just in case. A Spider laughed loudly — at the same time in the room immediately smelled yesterday herring with onions — and ordered to run across to the debate next candidate.

Followed was quite lucky weird figure. In other words, from whatever angle we look called hero Stepan Karasev, the nickname was not because he was touchy and zapalchiv; and, accordingly, — what are the nicknames? As they say, away from sin

In the basic own profession (which coincided with the personal predilections) Karasev was a bandit raiders. Over the past year only robbed two stores and frail kiosk, which generally did not intend to rob, and only wished to purchase a bottle of soda water. But at the kiosk is not traded soda and traded ink Ink! That the last 50 years in general no one uses

Stepan Karasev puzzled shook his head.

— I look like a man who drinks ink? — Restraint he asked the owner of the kiosk dunce Vasya — low youngster, inflated beer.

After hearing the question, Bob, instead of an answer, and belched loudly laughed.

Karasev with little perceptible condemnation looked at this question and durachiny repeated.

But Bob, who had a habit of scratching your own armpits, bursting into laughter, so that tears were flowing from sky-blue eyes, so did not give any response. There are already established all Karasev to feel insulted. But (and this event played a role in court) Karasev restrained until the last minute.

— Give me your ink — with the same restraint asked Stepan. — I said, all the ink, rather than a single bottle of very fine. And now — do not take the trouble — take off the cover of the product.

Vasya (certainly mutt) squeaked was not hired to unscrew all garbage, but in two minutes he is warned by the buyer, who silently lifted Vasya by the collar and held some time at a small height from the floor — right before the mouth of Vasin began to struggle feeble croak.

— Realized! — Barked kiosk owner and zealously began to unscrew the caps from bottles. After graduating from the business, he looked at the obsequious demanding customer.

Karasev carefully examined the whole structure of the ink bottles.

— And how much it cost? — He said.

Bob referred timid figure, trying, in general, not to offend passionate guest. Stepan counted means adding on top «to trouble.» After that, the coming quietly took two bottles and overturned on Vasin shaved head. Content other bottles of purple flow spilled on the table, cash, boxes of chewing gum and everything else that came to hand.

— With the ink — done — concluded Stepan Karasev, wiping his hands with a handkerchief. — Point. I see this stuff again on the counter in the mouth volyu. I will make of thee a ballpoint pen.

That’s who was the second candidate of the future be like.

Well, the third nominee particularly open a discussion was not necessary. A silent had raised their hands to perform the function of a vote. Since the third Kondraty T. Spider proclaimed himself.

— Rock the old days — he kindly spoke, and brought the slave faded eyes, swollen eyelids half-closed. — We shall see what and how personally. Trust, but inspects, eh?

— What’s all the same, will go only three people? — Asked someone from the commission.

— Fourth — Felix — said Spider. — The young man — strong, — he repeated the old response.

— How Hard — hesitantly gave a hint someone.

— That’s exactly. Well, of course, Rededi. To comply with the status quo.

— Why? — Squeaked a former member of the commission.

— For the tradition, — explained to Spider. — Oh, and «five» — ​​not a bad number. 5 feet at the table Uh?

So makarom 5 members of the future expedition were named.

The Commission has ended its work.

Occasionally Felix wondered: and if used, for example, their lifetime was not Mava? In other words, it was not quite? And would be a story with a standard set of accept? Well — that all as it should be: the war there peaceful creation of a technical breakthrough? .. Surely fantasized Felix, their history textbook would then be like having a telephone directory Wingless it would be a story, that’s what; but the main thing — deprived of what makes the story of history — devoid of dreams! Felix, what could be there to hide, not particularly versed in the sciences. But knew something hard. Knew, for example, that free from the wonderful story of the myth very quickly reincarnated — to what? true, in a stinking dump with signs of unidentified flown past. And here’s the story, the best stocked myth! .. Oh, that’s another matter entirely. And most importantly, recognized Felix animation, our myth is stronger than the other reality; porealnee! And later: what is a «myth»? Mav — there, that’s a fact. Strong stone structure; not a ghost, a phantom And in Mahwah, by itself, — tenant. Body, scientifically speaking with him, of course, not everything is clear; Tenant, if I may say so, is still awaiting its own scientific explanation. In other words, almost: who is he? Location? Why lies in Mahwah? And from time to time — does not lie? On the contrary, — roams the stone corridors, plugged fingers of both hands to himself under his arm? Anyway, as they say understand people who own ears heard footsteps Tenant!

Of course, any talk about Mahwah Same Clay Baba — uuu! Well, if it added two more — one as Felix heard, on behalf of my friend, and the second — Dear Comrade These, too it seems, does nobody met But the fear of such meeting not less than Pottery Baba! Well afraid! People on that and people to be afraid of the unknown; be alert

In general, with a sigh recognized Felix, all these fears are that the brain, for which people go so go to Mav (and some of them, we must not forget, not rotates the reverse). It — Cap, invisible, endless and eternal Cap! Felix took up the spirit even when he’s on the level of thoughts uttered the sacred name. And here — it seems that for the first time in the last year — Felix heard the voice of the enemy. Accursed Voice was familiar before (no, yes pops! Tweet something in my head, and then keep quiet month, another one! So, here’s the whole year did not answer). As usually happens in such cases, Felix stood with his mouth open, not even trying to understand the nature of the paradox accursed

Voice of the enemy

I would like to understand who is a legend, and other annotations? Let’s say — about the Greeks? Hard to believe in Hercules, who struck one fist, well, something struck Let nibudt yes — some mountain and the mountain of this, on the satisfaction of the parishioners, disintegrated into the garbage! Cap — a very different conversation. When you need all the power of the Chaos extended Hm! In other words, at the time of general political mess starry Hm. Cap, it must be admitted, has played a leading role! After all, what is the cap, strictly speaking? It would seem that heresy; Mount Fuji is not at the time of the first snowfall. And so, but this raschudesny cap hovers over the towns and villages of happy; flies — like a dark raven from ancient tales. And this dark raven, though useless bird, still in some degree organize so to speak — at first; assigns the meaning of the ancient monuments allow us to judge, that in former times Kopke put prostrations, thrashed, so to speak, brow This was only the fullness of humane emotions, also because of the simple zeal. Well, now Cap became invisible as the remains. Only a slight accumulation of the stench — that’s all that got to posterity; Only weak hassle So we collect on particles precious undead; this is our daughter, our woeful debt. Obviously, the power cap is not in pure form. This is — the human memory (as already mentioned); but memory, blown by the wind. Hover over the heads of cute pieces Someone who you thought up, Cap, and why are you so horribly? Yes, and beautiful?

As already mentioned, after hearing the stupid question, Felix hardly breath.

Cap, Tone? Well, let’s cap. We will understand

We are now the cards — is not it?

Especially since Thursday in favor

«Once in a blue moon» — rang in my head (neuzh then again cursed Voice?). Felix shuddered and spat, but to suffer through the misty about did not. On Thursday, so Thursday will see.

Chapter 3: We leave

Nothing was to be seen. Also except that the path will not close Rededi, miracle-hero, in this regard held strong rules: fifteen minutes after leaving sat on a dusty roadside stone and loudly announced that he needed Silushka a breathe and then, they say, no urine .

Steel and others. Stepan Karasev spat on the road, drain through the teeth obscure remark. Kondraty T. laudatory looked at the warrior.

— Thing to say — I saw it. — Legs are not state-owned, the other will not give. — And here sat beside Rededi.

Nikita Belavin, nicknamed fart, whatever uttered:

— It’s getting dark. Needless to twitch was at such a time.

Well, Felix sighed:

— So far we are not leaving. With such speed

— We thrash records to anything — besieged Felix Spider. — We do not have the records you need, but it is most

Spider here at one point thought, trying to construct a main goal of the expedition. Having opened his mouth, he looked at his own comrades and rubbed strong spider’s head. So did not inventing, but started again.

— We are in fact fundamentally what? — Spoke Kondraty T.. — In principle, not just to work up an appetite, uh? A walk of the previously

— To the point — flegmantichno gave hint Nikita Belavin.

— Here it is! That’s it! — Said Spider. — And the place it clearer Am I right?

Stepan Karasev at one point laughed.

— To reach the place it is easy to Vaughn, the place soon for stinking fog and draw heavily And from this place go. You know how kids swear: «Do not get me from this place!» That’s our kind speech and is

Spider scratched his head.

— These discussions are familiar with what? This is atheism, that’s what. Simply put — the magic.

— Mutually exclusive events! — Hesitantly stuck Felix.

— Inter? .. — Spider grunted.

— Although — saw Felix — something I heard a new direction, or what? Magical atheism?

— Condensed milk is not forgotten? — Gave voice Rededi and loudly yawned startling evening mosquitoes. — And this one word — you open?

It turned out — no, not forgotten. Engaged in opening canned food and eatables unfolding. Away with the evening’s Stores, in general, for a miracle rapidly; and later settled down for the night under the stars invisible.

Soon became very quiet. All, all asleep; did not sleep (as it is easy to guess) The enemy only one voice.

Voice of the enemy

In the house Krupski always lived on the Rights of the younger, yellowish hairy ants. They settled in the sugar bowl, and Nadezhda, zasunuvshi a spoonful with laughter sister read that here again is tea with ants.

— Right? — She laughed.

Seated around the table, watching the ants, especially for small, which nanny christened Karl majestically. Of all households Carl stately outlined Nadezhda Konstantinovna and ran familiar road to the highest collar. Krupskaya pretended angry, said:

— Phew, what a heretic, look, mother.

And my mother, wiping her hands on her apron, also read:

— Here, she bore a daughter-Bolshevik.

In general, quarreled Krupskaya more for fun; even things in the house were in unison in their places; cups, spoons sister from time to time only to suddenly yelled,, looking up from the piano:

— Nadia, to the phone!

And Nadezhda rushing to the phone and relaxed answers:

— I hear, comrade.

Mom even surreptitiously cross, glancing at her with horror.

Felix, trembling, passed his hand over displeased. And do not tell anyone, that’s what! Would consider it a mad, and nothing more What Krupskaya? Actress? Or athlete? So now it will be suddenly thought for Felix. From this point on, this fucking Glass — strangers memoirs. Memoirs, which hover over the damn dump, or what? Very, very much can be And now closer than they are suitable for the Mawu — the harder it will zaaves visions!

His head suddenly struck, so that Felix groaned weakly:

«Second trip to Polynesia Krupskaya.»

It is, he has not got nowhere — The enemy voice!

1925 was the first, whether that year. In Moscow, the capital of the guests brought a rare variant of influenza; Australian virus first struck in the head, and later hit the hands, feet, so that people could not even sign it. In the People’s Commissariat sounded the alarm; shaking hands, heads asking each other where Nadezhda, want her to coordinate Krupskaya But in the corridors could not see. Rumor spread that she knits for Ilyich stocking, and it touched even the most notorious crackers. Eventually saw Nadezhda sits in the Presidency and fills forms. Holding hands jacket, she was approached by the Head Comrade RONO Lyamkina and vehemently made the objection that the party is too highly of them fussing about it not written and Rousseau. Nadezhda ordered Lyamkin smell of deceit draft, and Lyamkina, Shaking cropped head, feet stomped away. Krupskaya admiring delegates and delegate, understood, if they will not, then who? She twisted her head relaxed. Nadezhda taught young people not to be afraid, no work; all hands were burning and accurately even vystrugat some churochku, though that in April Krupskaya brought on the agenda of the Teacher’s Congress. But the house was empty, and the Red Army began to find Nadezhda Konstantinovna in the yard. Young guys in Budyonny caps ran across the yard before dinner, calling each other password, but nothing helped, and all went to dinner. Comrades Krupskaya recalled how she loved to read, turning the head: «I am an ancient teacher, so it’s nothing.» In short, Krupskaya could not syskat until March, in other words until May. By May prazdnichkom really Nadezhda even though she does not appear, but wrote an article. She wrote about the Maori people — maloopekaemom people — and that atolls is nothing else as harmful fiction. Comrade Lyamkina zakonspektirovat article and other comrades admitted that her art is deeply plowed.


Felix carefully examined sleeping comrades. Vidocq was in them that still, do not say anything raschudesny trouble, you need to think, and touched not only the 1st Felix Wong like Spider opened his mouth! Oh, my God, and in general — is the old man, just as much a day or two died Ugh A Karasev? Bared his teeth, and face some gangster In general — what can it be? Bandit — he is a bandit. Fart here, too, pushed his head under his arm, ostrich One Rededi bad! With a smirk on his pink lips Just home, by golly, the native promyatom couch

Felix sat down, he could not sleep.

Where are in actual fact they are? Well, where — is clear. In Mav, naturally. But here’s what’s in store for them? And that is curious to know: these visions or dreams of the past — they only dream about him, Felix? Or else — too? ..

Felix looked up expectantly looked skyward. Needless to say, it’s nothing up there, did not see; so what uzreesh through endless smelly fog? What make out?

He was hurt. At one point it felt like hanging out in the empty darkness gallakticheskoy Although almost this stinking fog might have been a space at the top — dark emptiness, that’s for sure And at home? That, in truth, he left home? Gentlemen curators? Which, by the way, he never beheld never? And just getting started with their instructions emitted by a single product of their reasonable activity? Unending devastating mess, over which, like weak haze hovers only dream — to reach Mava! Since there — everything! All that time arrange their senseless life In the end, there is a cap Well, because they are there and go’s for you and the target

— Can not sleep? — Asked glumly Karasev.

Felix trembled.

— I do not sleep, — said the companion. — Though his ears cut off

— Huh? — Felix responded with surprise. All the same, it is necessary to admit, Karasev was fairly typical way to express their thoughts.

— What is not clear? — Exasperated saw Stepan. — Every nasty climbs in the ears And did not you hear?

— I? — Confused Felix.

Karasev stood up, stretched, and spat.

— Listen, — he stated. — And this, incidentally, is only the beginning.

Felix took a deep breath. Means, though he is not alone. In general, and could not decide whether it is good or bad — that is not one?

Karasev uttered lazily:

— Come on, kolis What’s there for you uttered these bitches?

— Females? — Felix repeated distractedly.

— Who is it? Females from the past. We’re where we are going? As suggested? In my opinion, — quietly continued Stepan — we voluntarily climb into the Mav. And what is the Mav? Hole. Like well, whether that

— Well past? — Whispered Felix.

— Well, yes. Once the water in it stunk. After so many years. Travanut briefly here and all the muck, as you know

Felix rubbed his forehead; was lost peace of mind came back to him.

— With Mavom — convincing he said, — usually associated hopes for happiness. And so it went. It is unlikely that these expectations may be based on the reference of bygone eras.

Karasev respectfully examined Felix.

— Well, you skazanul — he saw. — Specially friction?

— Heresy! — Felix replied sternly. — Nothing I did not friction commonsensical

— Ah, common sense? — Eerily said Karasev.

— There is no taste! — Suddenly clear uttered through a dream Rededi.

— What? — Felix asked uncertainly.

— Dormant! — Briefly spoke Stepan. — Devour with his

— Mustard, horseradish, plus, plus cabbage! but with the cold — raved in his sleep the latest portion of grub hero. — Yes oils do not regret!

Karasev condemning looked at Rededi.

— A spiritual needs — the floor — he saw. — So that’s live

Felix rubbed his chin, and — for the umpteenth time in this field first night — tried to peer into the dark grayish devoid of stars.

— A curious — he articulated thoughtfully. — These voices well, that’s what we hear is a paradox of nature?

— But where are you here wildlife you see? — Stepan laughed. — Here, brother, all of nature — dead. Already 100 years, and perhaps more

— It can not be, — Felix said with conviction and smiled in the dark. — If nature was dead as you say then we would not have. Long to stand the man in the dead vacuum of space?

Karasev on kutsee time lost in thought, and then said with hesitation:

— It’s looking at what kind of person

— Yes, at least someone! — Zagoryachilsya Felix. — Whatever! Die in the first second.

— Well, I do not know — I saw Karasev. — And I think so — we adapt himself Breathe this stench And there’s more, maybe it would have died

— This stench as you say it is still a life! One of its various manifestations

— We live in the outhouse — grimly stuck Karasev. — And so — it is, of course: a life!

— From us — saw Felix — also almost everything depends

— Well, yes — spoke Karasev. — Get out at least for a look Rededi What spirit!

— I’m not in the sense

— And I’m one. Came to me, my friend Felix, with an idea. Scientifically speaking — the idea

Felix looked warily at his friend.

— People wake up — discuss — he said diplomatically.

Karasev grinned.

— What is still open a discussion with these people? — With some astonishment he said. — Simple tourists

— Tourists?

— The campaign for the impressions made a house is still visible, but they are already — halt. So we, incidentally, fuck that find! What a find! — Hot continued Karasev. — Even, for example, look only are we supposed to get that? Half will go to the fund of his native town (not for nothing is happening to us Spider), and the other half — Rededi on armor

— On the armor?

— Figuratively speaking unprincipled!

Felix nodded and after a moment, uttered:

— I myself no stranger to some doubts

— Not foreign? Famous? — Said Stepan. — Breda you, brother, or what? Yes, you look at these muzzle! It is better to take a look!

— What’s all the same do you suggest?

— Offered to leave alone.

— No equipment? Without supplies? Laugh

— No, it’s to bring.

— Why they do not agree

Here Karasev chuckled and said carelessly:

— These — tie and throw here. Halt, so a halt and on the reverse path — pick

— Why, they will die here — shocked uttered Felix.

— Well, we all ever die

— A Rededi? — Whispered Felix. — State pride? ..

— Rededi — gravely saw Karasev — and not see differences. How much more willing to breathe Silushka the ground So let breathes! Well, agree?

Felix thoughtfully uttered:

— When you stop to talk like a thug with a big road? That’s when? As if all the conditions are given the ability to do everything so that each self-esteem has grown! So that was what self-respect! You Stepan brought to the role in bolshennom real case. And on this score Spider in something, of course, the rights As curators But pulls you accursed past!

— So, — uttered Karasev. — Indicates accursed past? Mind you, it gave you, not me. Well! Consider, I warned you bat which to us is about to climb the whole undead offensive, smelling rotten thoughts succeed! And with you, my friend Felix, will be your companions — a reliable friend. Fart! Which obosretsya before as Mav looms on the horizon! Spider, which are generally long it was time to hand over to the museum, along with calluses! Yes Rededi this — thank you, if not sleep through the campaign Lush little head!

— Well, we’re also not without flaws — amiably said Felix. — A fellow throw no good. Halfway

— Well, — said Karasev intimidating. — With you, as I see it, argue worthless. Go sleep Brain, honor and conscience

— Mind, honor and conscience? — Curiously repeated Felix. — Where are you such type?

— There are teachers — vaguely spoken Stepan.

— Voice, or what?

— Guessed

Chapter 4: We go further

Went only half days are, and the scenery around so dramatically changed, as if the scouts have moved away from home to a thousand miles! Living here, of course, and did not smell; yes read that! them and in the City a little smell, and here! .. But the main thing — it’s amazing, probably made all the same in a human hand items Animals (fully known, by the way); wolves, hares, deer, horses and people around A shepherd or whatever he is short distance away — the trees. In short — a park or forest But what? of stitching wire! In other words, absolutely everything in this outlandish place as there was of the stitching wire! Somewhere wire and rusted, there is nothing surprising here. Perennial rains, plus general environmental disorder And yet, with an involuntary pride thought Felix, anxiously scanning the ancient monuments still — almost everything a man can! Could always! Just look! Everywhere — as the eye can see! — Placed these Injecting rusted artifacts! Carefully, lovingly unknown old painter carved a world of stitching wire! Worlds! Men, ladies, kids (who appeared for the very first mound); cats and dogs; even touching the flower beds — all of the stitching wire!

This is how much was necessary patience, intelligence, skill (thought Felix). How much faith! That’s so shtrishok by stroke, carefully, without regard to fame or recognition

Travelers cheered. In other words, all cheered even Rededi who took well and puffed out his chest in Fullsize So comrades even seemed to him that this is not the Herculean chest, and a rubber ball Unusual, I must say, the spectacle — at first glance

Not only changed the mood Stepan Karasev.

Squinting, he peered into the mysterious city, consisting entirely of rusted humans and animals; sculptured of stitching wire.

— What do you think? — Whispered to him Felix.

Karasev spat thoughtfully and looked at his friend.

— That’s curious — in the end he uttered, — Cap well, that it really strikes a person in a current of 220 volts?

— Where did you get? — Felix asked in amazement.

— Oh, — Stepan responded grimly. — Inference

— Cap — quietly, but with great animation of explained to Felix — by definition, can not bring a person evil. On the contrary! Dearest, that is in each of us

— The most coveted? — Interrupted Karasev with great suspicion. — Well, that’s excessive

— In the best sense of the word! — Did not give up Felix.

All the same, as shown by Hike, Felix lived in a professional propagandist. As already forgotten, the lost value of the fact that — explaining something Stepan — if he would like a guided in the same faith! CREPY was ailing ideas!

— Well, — suddenly resigned Karasev. — At best, in the best possible way. You look over there!

Felix looked in the indicated direction.

— What’s all the same is it? — He said at a dull, trying to make out vague details of the new species.

— What, what, — Stepan responded warily. — You better do not argue. Warn those tourists!

Felix nodded hastily.

— Nikita! Kondraty T.! There are cases

Spider alerted immediately.

— So. Yeah. Therefore, announcements of where to look for? And I do not see where Rededi?

— It was all — sluggish said Felix.

— And at the moment — no! — Spider said, adding that, apparently, a man walked a small need.

— He’s every need — great! — Sarcastically saw Karasev. — Even majestic. That’s what the hero!

— So what do you have? — Authoritative asked Kondraty T..

— Guest unidentified — just listlessly uttered Felix. — Vooon where! (Distance and waved his hand to indicate direction).

Spider peered.

— Metal lumberjack — he saw with a strange gratification. — Uh?

Fart spat.

— Engineering, — he said in a low voice. — Damn her! I’ve heard of such cases

— What’s the deal? — Said Felix. He looked into the distance, squinting; that after all there for muck, Lord?

— Heard — dark repeated fart. — But do not have to meet

— You’re a city-dweller — judiciously said the spider. — What kind of meeting here?

— This little thing is true if I realized Blotter

— In other words? — Felix asked, startled.

— In other words, I went — just relaxed replied fart. — Bye! I wish, as they say, good health.

And Nikita Belavin, nicknamed fart, truth quietly went to the back side.

Kondraty T. Spider brought dusty brows, and later opened and closed his mouth.

— Independent activity? — He yelled Husky. — It will not work!

— What does it «will not work» — flegmantichno responded over his shoulder fart. — Will is already out!

And he went for another couple of steps.

— But we’ll see — Spider grunted and suddenly, showing unprecedented zeal in his years in two strides overtook the fugitive and grabbed Belavin strong hands for a narrow neck.

Fart had, albeit a rather weak resistance. He jerked (and for good reason. The movement spidery fingers tightened on the neck even stronger); later at one point issued a narrow puppy yelp. In a certain amazement Spider examined the victim and opened his fingers; then threw reverse his strong head, so that crumbled dandruff.

— Let’s not without this very amateur — friendly he repeated. — And then that way everyone in the party pobredet What is Trekking?

Farter said plaintively:

— This blotter, neuzh is not clear? Gimp can not!

— And then what will happen? — Sarcastically asked Stepan Karasev.

— Promoknёt! That’s what will!

— And what do they die from? — With a feeling similar to the curiosity continued to own interrogation Karasev.

— I do not know — fart growled. And he added mysteriously, they do not live — exactly. For run across in the two-dimensional state.

Spider dissatisfied said

— Well, you, brother, piled But nothing, it’s excitement. Like diarrhea

— Yes, see for yourself! — Suddenly shouted Nikita Belavin. — Diarrhea!

Kondraty T. Spider turned majestically towards the looming threat.

— Yes, — in the end he concluded. — Handy men was in the old days all. Point. Come on.

— Where to? — Squeaked fart and blinked anxiously.

— Where tells abstract, — explained to Spider. — In the terrain.

— A Rededi? — Felix asked, not budging. — Its that throw?

— Nope your Rededi — breathless voice said Belavin. — Come on, Kondraty T.!

— Rededi — said, without batting an eye, Spider — hero. Then let them fight and apprehend. Tryahnet thereby

— What? — At one point interested Karasev.

— Armor — vaguely replied Kondraty T..

And the first went to an invisible path through the fog to the forest.

Felix put his hands to his mouth mouthpiece.

— Hey! — Clicked it. — Rededi!

— Here! — Immediately responded to the mighty rumble of the forest.

— Nothing for himself — stunned uttered Stepan Karasev. — Yes it is, it appears there has long been in the folds of the terrain.

— Caution — mom wisdom — to appease the Spider concluded.

— Mom, this is exactly — undertone saw Stepan Karasev. — Even mother peremat

Felix moved silently with the others.

Wood met travelers, bristling with dry branches stitching. It saw Felix was really dead wood. Completely dead. And very, very long Patches network cyclopean weightless sheets fall off the trees. Similarly lair of Baba Yaga, by golly! Granted a good fellow, — he povinet! Now yes shovel into the furnace!

Felix sighed.

With an invisible sky — and that’s been inexplicably — suddenly began to fall light grayish flakes.

— What’s that? — Softly Nikita Belavin.

— Remains — said Karasev. — Have you thought about that? The remains of the dead expensive.

— You’re lying, — uttered a barely audible fart.

Stepan Karasev lightly stepped on his knee going ahead Belavin, so that he could hardly stay on his feet, almost fell to the ground dead.

— Do not lie, — instructive explained to Stepan. — A mislead. Catch the difference?

Fart just in case nodded, though the answer as it was not required.

About fifteen minutes later came to completely bald clearing. Color field was dirty rusty, but right in the center, spread out a cloak, resting Rededi. Blush went on to play at full cheeks, here that the road hardships were, apparently, powerless

Rededi immediately, although he did not ask, he struck the story vaguely turns the epic melody.

— From the majestic roar buried nozhenki — mighty! One step to do — kilometer pass, and two steps — from the eyes abbr

— Mean, escape? — Asked sullenly Karasev. — Hidden?

— Not by force, but by cunning — Rededi whined.

— Halt! — Announced Spider. — The critical meeting.

— Council and love — hesitantly added hero, but no one listened. It was not, after all, to understand — what to do next? And what is the Blotter one that turns people into flat drawings? Well, had some other questions

Settled without undue ceremony on a huge cloak Rededi. Hercules did not mind, but with sorrow hyperbolized lifted skyward eyebrow arches; say, darn, good people need me injustice and tyranny until I Silushka Dial And we’ll see!

Kondraty T. Spider got down to business immediately.

— Steel people are not news — gravely said the veteran manager. — Did you hear about them, and more than once That being said, our biography, not cut down with an ax

— It’s still going to be? — Stepan Karasev climbed. — If from the very beginning has climbed steel heroes? And then?

— True to the question — uttered friendly spider. — But worry no good. Next will also steel. Thank God, stitching wire is always missing

— And still — all persisted Karasev — either as a museum?

Kondraty T. fundamentally chewed grayish sponges.

— Problem! — In the end he appointed. — 3-arm, as they say, unknown

— 3-arm? — In a sort of amazement asked Felix. All the same should be recognized that the spiders vodilas very typical way to express their thoughts and even more — strangers

— Consider — willingly offered Spider Felix. And he began to bend here brown fingers

— Population of wire (including this very flora) — again.

— Fauna — corrected fart and yawned nervously.

— Once — repeated Spider. — The damn Blotter — two. Well, everything else — three. That’s for you and the problem!

And with some Kondraty T. The advantage of surveyed members of the expedition.

Well, Felix at one point make out the familiar roar in his ears. The voice, not the other Oh, that’s the wrong time!

He forced himself to ignore the intrusive buzz.

— What’s all the same kind of blotting paper is that? — Said Felix.

Responded to the question Nikita Belavin. He was sitting, poluotvernuvshis from others and kept himself in frail shoulders. Looks like shaking like a leaf fart One word — Farter

— Blotter — quite recognizable thing — said Nikita. — I’m still in school heard was 500 years old, certainly, reversing such stationery.

— Baba, what? — Asked, stretching fool Rededi.

— No woman, no man. Specifically stationery. Well, when even wrote this same steel pen, which was dipped in ink.

— Ink? Know — said Karasev and smiled to himself.

— Well, so promakivat ink, and invented this affiliation. Blotting paper, specialty paper, which was pasted on a small swinging shell. Put it on the list, go back and forth — like a seesaw — ink and dry.

— What’s all the same danger? — Felix asked impatiently.

Belavin turned to Felix pale, bloodless face.

— Yes, it’s been 500 years! Or maybe, and more

— Well?

— Everyone knows — slowly said Nikita — what’s going on with some items in 500 years.

— They disappear — lightly presented Stepan Karasev. He lay on his back, and stuck it in his mouth a little match. Stepan looked up, the alleged star.

— Or — given the complex environmental situation — mutate — patiently explained to Nikita. — Survive as we explained in the school string transformations.

— And I have not been trained in the school — butted Rededi. — Offspring. The whole experience — from living life

Karasev said softly:

— It was to you, dear people, with their experience know where?

— For 500 years — sadly finish Nikita — with the thing you know what can happen? No monster on the 12 heads with this monster beats Five hundred-some years!

— And once called this thing a paperweight! — After a pause, said Belavin. — Paperweight, just that! Print signatures yes she blotted And now this thing has grown up

Rumble, felt Felix, everything grows, fills his head this buzz that no urine is left to suffer.

To hell with it, at one point I thought to Felix. Surrendered And here in my head sounded

Voice of the enemy

Coulibiac was distinguished soldier, he was afraid of even the prince. Never went beyond the gates of their own towers, not sure that Coulibiac fell somewhere in the field of sleep in the growth pie was like a good Mace; mighty and strong, just crows, scoured the streets and lanes, striking terror into the pagan opponents. Enemies in turn lusted pie capture, but the bell buzz each time stopped them, making it difficult to commit an evil deed. Here’s how it went Coulibiac the street and jumped agile beast, looking for the enemy. But his foot, as if marten, fell into a trap — howled bitterly Coulibiac! Complained bitterly that his companions were left alone in the middle of the field of battle — but to jump on, leaving his leg in a trap failed and stood like a telegraph pole, bringing terror to the infidels.

That after all it may be hard thought Felix. Blotter — and this one as it is there? Coulibiac? After all, this is the name, but right And some similarities with our Rededi there Well, it’s the similarity? — Mind for himself Felix. But he himself had insisted some — but there is.

Maybe meant Felix further these things legend — Ordinary folk? What intertwined everlasting wisdom of the people? But blotter, but also, at what?

And the voice of all The enemy did not let up.

Voice of the enemy

In the ancient town lived a man nicknamed Nikita Scabies. So he was baptized, because he is better than others thought flies and remember their names. For him, the latest fly somehow so was called. But that’s how it came to black NIGHT MODE Nikita scabies older brother, leading to a stallion, that Nikita Scabies his bridled. Nikita Scabies silently laughed in reply yes climbed up on the stove, where lay nailed fly Kliazma. Older brother hesitated, having achieved nothing, and went back home.


— Oh, my God! — Felix gasped quietly. — Nikita Scabies announcements. Own monsters if not enough

— With this blotter, incidentally, many legends — said Nikita Belavin, became — in the nervous, you need to think, soil — very talkative.

— Nekrofidova earrings you know?

Fog, saw Felix was thick; Now he is not hung in tatters, and as if standing here and there with a weak wall impassable muddy streaks.

Anywhere we come suddenly, without much worry, thought for Felix. Nowhere and never. No and no. Just do not budge. Since — so all it is by design. The principle of network know? Here it is the only available one the illusion of movement — a movement itself — no! And, repeat, never will be. Would kill us this fog And not Blotter deal! But the fact is that in each the head sits on its own blotter!

Now get up and go, I decided — although not very hard — Felix. And I will go, as long as I did not leave the last of his strength’s, broke off Felix and mention how Rededi thoughts! And this is just the beginning

— This Nekrofidov — said Nikita Belavin, — had a distinctive feature. Bastard was not a man, that’s what.

— Where is the difference? — Taken aback Karasev.

Belavin continued, and Felix could not help listening.

— He served as an assistant junior assistant curator. Such is the position of even well-managed

— Well managed — intervened Kondraty T. Spider. — And the signature was no frills — he added a little sudden.

— A slave — said Belavin further — sorted by height. All who were lucky enough to grow up very Nekrofidova, here flew into retirement. At the same time — with the most unflattering traits.

— Has been strictly — according boomed Spider. — What’s the truth

— The exceptions were some ladies. Everything was in front of

— The women always easier — vaguely saw Karasev.

— Next — commanded Spider. Looks — heard a story

Well, and then it turned out that’s what.

Was sitting on so Nekrofidov own place, ruled, therefore, who thus growth, highlighted Belavin, manager was so small that it will not remind the person, and mole. Paradoxically, we can say wildlife.

— It came to — said Nikita Belavin, spitting — that one beautiful day Serge became indistinguishable. In other words almost! Will you come, for example, in the office, and there — one furniture. Well, Look — no, still flitting here as this is the

— Rubbish? — Willingly gave hint Stepan Karasev.

— That’s exactly. And that’s what a typical spirit in the office, as carbon monoxide. Where, you ask? The same Nekrofidov so small that, on the basis of common sense, there is nothing to strike.

Here Nikita Belavin paused and shook his head with conviction.

— Good for you — lazy interrupted Karasev. — There is nothing to strike And he?

Belavin gave Stepan fierce gaze.

— I can not say — he muttered. — Once all are acquainted

Felix said:

— A blotter? At what here?

— That’s just it — grimly responded Belavin. — There is no clarity

It’s a small silence. Maybe all tried — as best they could — imagine a strange man by the name of Nekrofidov; as he flutters his office mole — not mole

— And so it dragged on, — said Nikita on Belavin — until snapped at one point.

Kondraty T. Spider lifted eyebrows rare.

— Burst? — He said and shook his head in the swing. — Breaking a man can not. Not the substance.

— At one point, — said in a low voice, fart, — all this has come to put it mildly, the end. Simply put, dorukovodilsya Serge.

— What did happen? — Asked all the time.

— Blotter, that’s what happened. I do not know who this monster brought to the Cabinet or she rolled into just such resolution was short — just gone in the middle of the rack And Serge — he was suspicious because the man’s time, they say, to start working knit! And marking time, and no progress!

— Well? — Asked again all.

— Well, well! — Maliciously mocked fart comrades. — Canned wildebeest! Serge decided our example file

Here fart suddenly laughed narrow, unpleasant laugh.

— Example file! — He repeated. — The first is, started this very blotter Well, that’s all! Before the break, has not held, became as it is called? .. Something like a reproduction!

— I know! — Said suddenly sweep sleepy eyes, Rededi. — This is when the sea draws cereals

— Specifically! And here — Serge. Only small, naturally

— In the true value — saw heavily coughing, Spider. — It is called realism.

— Dismiss earrings Nekrofidova not fired. In other words, in this sense — done — after a pause, said Nikita. — But, again the same as that for service? I wish to say that for the service in this truncated version?

It’s silent. Maybe each one to your own way, attempted to imagine how it looks younger assistant assistant curator after a meeting with the GM! with an unidentified object

Became quite quiet. One Rededi during sleep soundly buzzed through valiant nostrils. Well, damned Blotter — if it really took their route — absolutely did not publish noise. Lurking, unknown bastard

Chapter 5: The next day

On another day the sun rose. Only a weak shadow of the majestic lights drew through thick pieces (something so very thick!) Stench.

— Coming up, you think, — stated Kondraty T. Spider.

— Yes, in fact we almost did not get under way from a place! — Did surprise objection Stepan Karasev. — How you can even to something closer?

Here the old man Spider all amazed.

— The relative theory of gravitation know? — He asked Stepan. — World?

Karasev confused.

— Yes, sort of heard, — he said, scratching his head uneducated.

— That’s right — gravely said Spider.

— The law of universal gravitation, — politely corrected Felix. — A theory — relativity

— We’re getting close to them — not listening Spider explained. — And what does that mean?

He paused impressively.

Rededi razdirayusche yawned, and then uttered, to no one in particular:

— Let go, daddy, in the open field!

— For what? — Maliciously asked Karasev.

Rededi repeated yawn.

— Clean up the grass — he spoke vaguely.

— And if we approach albeit slowly — buzzing Spider. — Every now and then they are coming! Hence, the stench and the stink getting stronger Such a science — he concluded abruptly.

Stink, by the way, really matured.

Maybe it occurred to Felix, the stench is the most important test? Checking the courage? Faith, Damn her, in the standards?

10 minutes moving in silence.

Steel characters long left behind him, hidden in mist; ahead too muddy billowing clouds.

Spider walked the first steps of its solid soldiers loudly came to those who came after him.

An indispensable all the same person, emotion thought about Spider Felix. Under certain, of course, circumstances in the office — official and officer; was sitting — how many years? Almost did not let the roots But look! Led an expedition — in the name of science, we can say Well, maybe not quite science but in the name of something still headed! And is, in a mustache does not blow!

Felix very same qualms. He longed for at least some time to be alone, to understand what he saw, to reflect satellites at one point began to weigh on him with his constant presence. But there really was nothing to be done. «Then he hit upon the idea — sadly he uttered to himself. — In rare minute stay «

— Stop! — Suddenly burst out of the fog dense order Spider. — Starboard unidentifiable object.

And invincible Spider enough grunt, proud successful jokes.

Felix braked and looked right.

At first nothing was visible not only some additional twist in clubs fog. But it soon became clear that it was not a twist, no natural component; and this man — or anyone out there wandering alone in the region, officially called «The Great Dump»?

Apparently — yes, people. Arms, legs, head This — not made of iron, and from this very Well from what people are made? Rags some instead of their looks, but underneath all the same people clearly emerges

Felix was excited and delighted at once. Though — what was delighted — and he would not be able to explain. As promised brand new meeting? And who is he, weird traveler? Dressed like a scarecrow garden stock, and the face of the Lord! face completely blue!

— I’m leaving on the figs! — Zalopotal fart. — If there is such a walk to freedom

— Um? — Asked the spider.

— Yes, a look! — Do not let fart. — He is to dig out! And I will just say!

Spider seen too closely at the intruders.

— It is not forbidden, — thinking, he reported. — There is a man’s own way

— Do not own, but ours — stuck Karasev.

A fart again whined, his teeth chattering:

— Let not the man he is! Not a man!

Rededi cried bitterly. Through his tune clearly stood out the words «damn Undead», «What you need in the opponent Dorozhen’ka» and — «buried in the bush.»

The last words, in any case, Felix made out clearly.

— I have to bury you! — He said quietly. — Retrieves you later Silushka Herculean

— Why the undead! — Squeaked in a moment Rededi and fart.

— Especially since — not very confident saw Felix.

And the blue man, or whatever he was, meanwhile, went up to the expedition, so that it became possible to consider clearly.

Approaching, he said, slightly husky, but measured voice:

— Undead — on. Kilometer or two. Oh, there’s really magical vision!

Here, it seemed to Felix, Spider for the first time a coward.

— Magic Vision? — He repeated, trying not to lose the spider hardness. — Do not scare. Heard about dialectics?

Here everyone, not just one, Felix, it became clear that the old man was surrounded Since I came to the dialectic

But the dove of spider man oddities did not know, and therefore said flegmantichno:

— And about the same dialectic of kilometers across two less.

— Oh! — Exclaimed suddenly dove. — How could I have forgotten? Specifically — the dialectic! Whole fields of dialectics! Cornflowers and sunflowers!

Nobody, including the Spider, was found not what to say in response to an unusual question. Rededi only at one point reassured, yawned, and looked

— The work of human colors and laziness spoils. And so — what of it? ..

After the short-lived silence in the case re-entered Kondraty T. Spider.

— Who will be such? Citizen? The Emperor? Uh?

Pigeons man looked at the role of the veteran.

— I have something? — He asked, seemingly surprised stupidity interlocutor. — And do not you see?

Thereafter, shrugged and made an attempt to pass without going through a private road unknown.

— Stop! — Spider yelled, and all a bit afraid that it was surrounded by a second time. — Do not move, unknown!

— What I am unknown? — With the same bewilderment asked pigeons. — I — recognizable. Pigeons slap, you heard?

Karasev said thoughtfully:

— Blue — it’s right. To the Point

— Stop! — Spider clicked again, although stranger long braked; Kondrati Kalashnikov as if stuck. — Blue slap — strong brown paw rubbing his chin, said, coming to his senses, Kondraty T.. — This figure recognizable. In a certain sense. Discoverer, as this is the Harun al-Rashid Um?

— And yet he opened? — Stepan Karasev was taken aback. — This Harun al-Rashid?

— Cave. Aladdin — evil snorted Nikita Belavin. — Codenamed majestic dump.

Fart, as seen in the end realized someone in front of him. Pigeons slap, zapivoha and dunce, who at one time and smelled our main pride — Dump. And without it, darling, would live in darkness Overall — Blue slap and no not dead, crawled a walk In general, a fleeting thought for Nikita, except slap may not be the most visitor from another world? Is one another exclude?

He sighed.

— We own heroes remember. As they say, — said gravely Kondraty T.. — Memory er than mandatory. In other words, you are welcome.

And Spider led around her arms, just circling the magic circle.

— Bread and salt — rather glumly added Rededi. He was evidently displeased that apart from him turn up the next hero. Another state pride Well, who, if we look, like this?

— Good morning, — courteous and a little bewildered said Felix. — Indicates you are the pigeons slap? One?

— Yeah, — not chinyas, the guest replied, scratching his chest under his jacket, which first took Felix for an old rag.

— But where have you lived all this time? — Said Felix. — Neuzh something — here?

And he looked at the hand eaten fog spaces.

— Yeah, — said simply slap. — Here he lived. Good, by the way, the place. For inquisitive. The question mark in a word.

— But the means — not appeased Felix — you are in these places almost old-timer? And, therefore, can be our guide?

Spider friendly bowed his head.

— We — not a bunch of crooks. Go according to plan in this direction — he talked to him and snorted with dignity.

Rededi — as usual, neither here nor there to the town — said:

— Where are you hold a good man?

Pigeons slap thoughtfully examined travelers. It seemed that tries to make a decision: read or not read?

In the end, said:

— Did he not see, you fool stoerosovy? Not much, but how. All, I’m going. And then there is absolutely brutalized!

Audience response was struck. A priemuschestvenno struck Rededi — because of the «fool.»

Hercules snorted and puffed out his chest cotton.

Pigeons slap followed flegmantichno.

— Well? — Questions hero. — And now what do you say?

And he added in a picture next shtrishok — cheeks puffed out.

Slap honestly looked Rededi.

— What’s all the same here say, — he saw in the end with regret. — Yes you sduysya, young man, and that’s just lopnesh

Hercules was dissatisfied with the answer. He clenched his fist and pood firmly held it to his own nose — sure. But contact with the Blue Shlёpoy did not; fist with his fist, but the man slap almost understood well and came out of nowhere in general, lowered Rededi fist and when he saw that the tree Stoeros, incidentally — a strong tree, and grows on the peninsula of Buyan

— Well? — Asked the audience.

— Well, everything — said Rededi. — Not much, is it? Skeptics

At the bad talk and withered.

A Blue slap, an experienced man, he said:

— Steel beheld? Yeah, in other words, to date

— So what? — Felix asked impatiently. — Further means also steel?

Pigeons slap scratched fluffy head.

— No, — he said uncertainly. — Not that steel here is not in the material

— What’s all the same what?

— Well, — uttered slap — smell hear? That’s just it. In the smell of the thing. Scientifically speaking, the — in the stink. Stink heroes. Like a protective reflex

After a brief pause, Felix asked:

— And what is the risk? Not die because of the stench Well, do not get used

Pigeons slap looked sternly at him.

— Smelly universe does not apply to life, — he said gravely. — It is the law of nature. Show (in most cases result in an error) life is usual in such cases eradicates itself. Humanoids (well, like you and me) just dying of disgust.

— And the insects? — Asked the spider. — Assume — worm rain?

— Those — nothing — no dove hunting admitted slapping. — Bedbugs sorts, midges — live

— This is also a life — saw Spider instructive. — Flora

— Fauna — mechanically corrected Felix.

He did not like very Shlёpiny these hints — that, say, then go no! It turns out, everlasting, we can say, the dream of the people of the happiness of a rotten egg is not necessary? And do not have any caps? Since — in general there is no life? But clear evidence that (through the darkness of centuries) still drifted from the past? How to deal with them? And, in the end, rigid belief — is not worth anything? Either it all alone children idealism? And no caps does not exist? And Mav, too — just a stupid dream? And all majestic dump — only one cluster of malodorous fumes?

Oh, I did not want to believe it!

And I will not, clenching his teeth, gave the order for a Felix. Let him all turn back, and I — I will go. And later, the stench — it may be too prescribed test? Test, and that’s all ?!

In general, fall back and no one was going. Though the cap — a cap, it is not too tempting porazbrasyvaeshsya merit And later — how to get back? Well? After returning — this is again a way through the fog and darkness; through the field, laden with people from Stitching wire; may be to the same, that your path will cross with a blotter So it’s better to go ahead Since started Hike

In general, went further; and — surprisingly — blue slap somehow imperceptibly also reached for them. No, in general, did not mind; let him go! He, at least, has been here; look — you will need

Chapter 6: Dreams

No one had any idea that in the area so sleep Landfills. In part, this was like an enchanted sleep Sleeping krosotki; akin to death, but still not death. And later, it looked like a dream really, incredibly long to appear a strange and dangerous feeling that it continues for many, many years But Mav (it should be noted) was already clearly visible; his generous outlines clearly loomed in the fog.

— Here’s cabin — shudder, saw Nikita Belavin. — Worst of the grave. Muck.

— Terem Mansion — bluntly expressed Rededi and chuckled.

— Just think, Mav! — Lightly slap Golub said. — Inside would be gone, and there moaning

— Poor location — quiet enough said Stepan Karasev. — Why do to him and walked

A Kondraty T. Spider concluded:

— Were able to build people. Stone, as they say, on the stone.

Well, Felix said nothing. His heart at the sight of Mava, pounding in the chest. Similarly, he saw the lost beloved, right! And now, the young man stood, wrapped incomprehensible excitement, and did not take his eyes off the facilities, which is not even exactly believed in the existence of which fluctuated But here it is, Mav! Stands in the fetid darkness — as proof of human power!

As can be seen, his last idea Felix inadvertently uttered aloud. Since pigeons slap saw:

— Might — that’s for sure. That is what is really there missing is the relics. Just taste

Felix trembled. Needless to say, it is not thought about it


Approaching Mawu so that had to make the last half-hour, moving on a slippery trail, came to a halt. Especially since the night and arrived in time «Or here forever so black haze?» — Passing loaf Felix.

In general, took up overnight.

And after 10 minutes was asleep. All of them!

Unusually deep sleep overcame the travelers; krosotka sleeping! Bear’s Lair!

Slept silently, with an expression of bewilderment and horror on the faces of the lung.

And, as I said, — beheld dreams

Dream Nikita Belavin (fart)

Nikita dreamed that he — a musician (though he never played on any musical instrument, well, music is not loved); besides, with the fear felt in the dream Belavin, — he’s a musician, covered with warts!

And as if playing warty Belavin indiscriminately on all musical instruments. Here strings poschiplet there button presses. And the people who dreamed fart, for want to destroy it, the other — to bring death Some of the relatives wanted to shoot without any Belavin wraith, while others lusted necessarily create his rather short legs sticking out of a vat of water-soaked building materials some just think it’s going Belavin the street and met a bear, shaggy, like a tower. Takes that bear no fuss Belavin in his arms and produces musician intestine. There were others who thought about the tram or brick, and in all these thoughts Belavin is not the last. And then one day it all came out in the second: it was truly unfortunate case of what can only dream! Everything came together: and bricks, and tram, and flooding in the bargain! Only the fart on the day was out, he took in ZhEKe-1 certificate for their warts, the parasite!

— Aah! — Nikita moaned in his sleep and incomprehensible swearing.

Yes, but no one heard of this battle; everyone was asleep, and beheld his dreams.

Stepan Karasev sleep

Stepan Karasev in the dream was more disgusting than Nikita. As a vision of a guy silly dream abstract content. And even laymen know how lousy — if for no with this for you dream abstract dreams!

In short, Stepan saw in a dream of a student Perelyudina

Some students Perelyudin was friends with the Triangle. At Triangle was natural anemia, but for all that much actual grip — Perelyudin as nothing similar could not boast. Here then was a genuine friendship that we do not press down, but rather complements itself. One beautiful day in Perelyudina began colic — well, colic and colic. Triangle with its anemia not confused student raised water. He swallowed hard, but somehow metaphorically, faster heart than the larynx. Water is not diminished, and thirst Perelyudina continued to grow. Typically, self-possessed, he started as the eyes could move that triangle mixed. He walked away and stood scratching their faces polished as usual accident. Since then Perelyudin dramatically changed. With former comrade Triangle finished know sat down to book. Finished drinking wine at all, but he did not drink before. Triangle also tried Perelyudin banish from his thoughts, turning a blind eye to the fact that he continues to live in it, perelyudinskoy, room to sleep in his bed, eating soup from his plate. Until his death Perelyudin behaved like a child, terrible — like an ostrich! A Triangle held with the natural looseness.


Well, what a dream dreamed Kondraty Timofeevichu Spider! Which, it should be noted, in general, never any dreams never dreamed of! Its nature as if hitherto resisted dreams Here! .. In general, the Spider had a dream about the Spider. In other words, about a man who was wearing the exact same name as Kondraty T.; and had besides a generous profession — the investigator.

One person from birth as an investigator, knowing their work specifically and from the heart. 40 years he was questioning the interrogation, and anyone who got him into the office, confessed by signing on the Constitution. Signed the same investigator always like Spider. Or last name, or the name — is unclear.

So, Spider turned hero 1st dramatic incident. On Tuesday, in a terrible ice, when people are walking in a cast against injury, Spider took perezabyl well and all the world’s words that he knew and did not know which srodu. With all of this without falling behind has never since lived in that Tuesday on a chair in the office; since last week as he lived, did business but listening to the radio. That’s it. He needs to say, for example: go! — And he just stinks. Even the sounds does not produce or move, has spread his elbows, head against the table buried. Passed two or three weeks. Uniformly understood that the spider died. Carried him out of the office with the inherent honor, and there is ice. This is where the spider the first time and fell, slightly completely rolled away.

Here is such a dream. What can I say? Spider himself said nothing, only sniffed anxiously through the shaggy nostrils sniffed loudly Enough, by the way; Primosten, say, around any bird — and you can not hesitate, she would be horrified flapped its wings and flew away. But what kind of birds at the Garbage? Here, apart from the Blue Shlёpy, nobody lives Well, he described in a moment, too, slept, beheld own dream

Dream of the Blue Shlёpy

That was not in vain, it is clear once found slap in the sky constellation Pleiades Either way, the man had a dream about an astronaut. However, in the dream seems to be an astronaut was not real, and besides, a fragile. But here — dreamed!

How many just wrote about astronauts — even about the rooks as not written. But a little-known case. 1st astronaut sent into the secret constellation. Before leaving, he decided to go into town Kryukov, povdyhat dust, feel like a boy. Arriving astronaut happy. Grabbed the volleyball, put their fingers, whistled Pigeons scared kosmonavtovymi antics soared into the highest heaven — even staring astronaut astronaut By the evening went to the river. River under Kryukov such that zalyubueshsya — not a cloud. Poured over the river song, and one woman is not singing. Not sing Elvira Ivanovna, librarian for 40 one year, as there was no sound from it is not a single song — since it left the town in its own astronaut mission control center. So, all-singing, not counting Elvira Ivanovna. Here astronaut could not resist podnabrat mouth air, I decided to sing along to people and the girls on the beach. And that, coupled with the air inside astronaut flew mosquito, well, maybe not the mosquito and fly with gilded belly Then it was — is unclear, but they say, astronaut positioned in the museum. Or the central museum, or on the periphery

Beheld own dream and Rededi-hero. That, by itself, beheld a dream to himself, because other objects is not so interested in

Dream Rededi

Left hero Rededi day in the fun and saw the Saracen. He squeaked, like a mosquito tried to bite the Russian hero. Rededi in response not horrified. He continued to own path to stoerosovom stallion and Saracens did not let up. Then the silent hero in spat malehankih, like a mosquito, Saracen, and then there was a lake with a depth of Lake Baikal, and so began to call — Baikal, not think of another name

Well, at the same time clung still dream about a glorious city Lofty bran, or what?

On the banks of the Kama put city Lofty Bran. Exactly 100 years, built the city, not finding a single nail. In the end, to the horrors of enemies of the Russian people city grew like a mushroom! According to Christian tradition, people put so prostrations around the city side, while his status was at the back of the eye. In memory of this event, the city became known as Lofty Bran Kitezh-grad, and Kama — Lake Ilmen, and the Russian prince — Tatar. All of them!

Hero in a dream rosy cheeks puffed out and briefly farted. Put an end to

But the dream of Felix (it throws) had its title. «The Kremlin Chimes» — ah so it was called. A strange name! «Weakly know the story» — chided himself in a dream, Felix. And rightly so! Beginner!

Dream Felix

Since 1918, the Kremlin chimes controls Vohov comrade. His responsibilities comes often glances at the clock master’s eye and give paw chimes, whoever you may be. In the old days, while in the country were the pioneers, they pester someone Vohovu, so he told them about the revolutionary victory, and he defended the chimes of cadets. A friend Vohov gently read pioneers: «Away, tramp!» — And they ran, giving a salute. Later it was all over, and now all have to wait that Comrade Vohov when he dies, will be recorded in the book of honor. But he did not die, but only ossified, and his forehead was gloomy light moss.

And awake, that’s surprisingly, as if at a signal. Once opened his eyes; and Rededi, wonderful hero, stretched, hrustnuv great shoulders.

— The food is not the freshest — concluded a good fellow, in the swing, shaking his head. — And I sensed — he went on confidentially. — The third jar of milk did not want to take the watchman.

— And would not take, — severely saw Karasev. — And then corroded belly king-fish!

Fellow smugly reached.

— I never dreamed dreams with 5 years — thoughtfully uttered Karasev. — What kind of there dreams! And here the whole telly

— This is Steve, dialectic — judiciously, but not very clearly said the spider. — We’re at the moment, just to put it than passionate about?

— Gryazyuku mesim yes stink breathe — reluctantly said Karasev. He could not endure the smart discussions Yes, even — with the literate, as Spider.

— No, — said the friendly Kondraty T.. — We glide along the time axis, that’s what. And as time goes uh science flows in one direction!

— Well? — Asked Karasev flegmantichno.

— But we practice — suddenly announced Spider — er, stick another doctrine. Time, as demonstrated by the observation, not a river, but rather — the lake. Lake with motionless standing water here from which the carp drag!

— With motionless, you say? — Eerily asked Stepan. — In other words, a marsh?

— Deep water of the lake, — Spider tightened so that Rededi closed his eyes and bit again, not rolled over on its side — bed. — Deep, and would get them around the place! On some islands (scientifically speaking) blooms lively color present day. And on the other — standing, swaying reeds past

Mind-boggling question spiders that — it is possible, under the influence of sleep — had suddenly become unspotted poet, struck listeners. Some time in silence all shy glancing at veteran. Stepan Karasev, hesitating, expressed the general mood.

— You Kondraty T., still as a songwriter — he articulated with respect.

— Veli say a word — added Rededi.

— As for the swamp — that’s exactly — stuck pigeons slap. — What undead around here from the past — you make. That will go a couple of miles if not dead men! — He finished neunyvayusche.

— Man is not for the world come to die! — Appointed Spider. — He has other plans

— What is it? — Karasev asked curiously.

But Spider evaded a direct answer.

— You’d show me his hands — he suggested Stepan. — Yeah! Both.

— What is it? — Asked suspiciously Karasev.

— Show me, show me — molested veteran.

Karasev put forward badly washed her hands.

— That’s right — Spider and satisfaction concluded triumphantly glanced at his companions. — That’s what it is!

But explanations Spider listen at that time no one had a chance.

From the side slightly darkening Mava — or, one might say, from the horizon — to the travelers was approaching mute, poorly distinguishable system of people. In absolute silence of these palely ghosts silently minted step; it was evident that their faces fixed in one direction, and on the faces — now has become can be considered — is monotonous sullen expression of ecstasy.

— Delegation — Husky said the spider.

A slap on the dove replied:

— Oh, no. Not delegation. This tin soldiers.

Spider asked sheepishly:

— Special purpose squad?

— Yeah, — lazily responded slap. — Very special. For son’s Supreme Play

Ghosts nearer and nearer. System, incidentally, seemed endless: a bluish haze drawn all the new shapes.

— In glory — with reverence remarked Spider.

— It is enough — willingly confirmed slap. — Oh, what-what

— Sticks out on the road — fart spoke hesitantly. — The road would need to free up

Pigeons slap spat.

— What are they expensive! — He said with a slightly perceptible disdain. — This is for you, not people, they do not need a road.

— Who? — Nikita asked, just in case, although he clearly beheld not the people.

— Who the hell knows! — Said carelessly slap. — Undead, like everything else. Silent ghosts.

Story, meanwhile, all approaching. As if grayish cluster silently approaching the group of people at the end of the day, travelers involuntarily stepped aside. It seems that there may be unpleasant if you go through the system

Weird fighters eventually came up with people. Felix staring intently into the elusive entity. It is unclear why, suddenly thought that ghosts hover over the heads of some mournful hymns; Twilight shake dead speech and cut a curse.

Slightly like a movie, a fleeting thought for Felix. Only instead of the screen — the air, the evening darkness we are, in the end! Yes, with the animation of thinking Felix, we also screen! Good screen for sunk into the past and visions of the pictures! In us they are recognized — in someone else?

— Passed through us — confusion uttered Felix.

— Not through, and by, — soothing hum Spider.

Felix at one point angry.

— This past you — through your teeth he articulated. — And I — through!

Spider looked at him, puzzled, and said soberly:

— For you know better.

Pigeons slap suddenly said:

— A hero somehow lost! Fleeing hero

— Will not run away, for sure, and was buried — flegmantichno saw Stepan Karasev. — Not the first time

— In the first, not the first, — buzzed Spider — and you need to find. Take positive measures for Rededi I was signing

— Why did not you? — Felix was taken aback. — Is not he?

— Literacy not very — explained to Spider.

— Less than you? — Naively asked fart.

— Much less — proudly answered Kondraty T..

In general, Rededi disappeared. Again. And yet at the first threat, the evil thought Felix. Even at the first hint of danger

Lord, sadly pondered Felix neuzh a halt again? So we have these last 50 meters will be going forever. A to Maeva did not get! And will stand Mav — old monument, a stone monster that causes involuntary trembling What is there inside? And why — if there is, in truth, the keys to happiness — they are covered so deep? What in the end point of these endless quest?

— Rededi! Rededi! — In all ways yelling comrades. — Give voice! Does not have any! Gone! Redeeeedya !!!

But the hero this time was in no hurry to respond. It can be seen hidden in the conscience of the miracle-hero!

A Rededi — that’s a miracle — I’m not hiding. It would be truer to say, the hero lost, gone astray. In other words, first he specifically intended to run away; Bury. Since — although these «tin soldiers» merely ghosts — if believe what they say — but there are also fighters fighters. They are so much accustomed to wage war That is their purpose. Well, to make war Rededi not intended. Not for him dadena his Herculean Silushka, so wasting it’s throw and stepped aside — temporarily. So as not to loom And here, in a corner, and have gained Rededi failure. Ranked athlete, we can say in trouble. At first, but nothing Rededi realized as the mind was not frisky; plus languid meal at night short — did not realize, could not make out what the clouds gathered over the lush Her head

Rededi stumbled. Naturally ended up in a ditch. And ditch something was not great — with a bear foot Yes, it’s not the point. Perfectly understood the meaning of such a ditch on the way wanderer. In particular — if the road leads from the 1st to the other implicit Fri Fri obscure short, Rededi missed, stumbled and fell into a temporary hole! But for a while so did not realize anything; stood and looked around at exactly the Macarena, as if at home.

And was not at home. All around stretched the enormous stone field; here and there on the field crowded with people, wearing dirty and dazed. Also stumbled, you need to think, presented Rededi cautiously advancing to the sidelines. Necha stuck in the middle, good sense hero.

Men that stamped here and there singly and in groups, glancing at a frown carved gates.

Naturally, Rededi had no idea that has driven here unwashed public historical debt; that this area many years ago was called the Palace, and the tower of the carved gate — it was a palace, from which, in obedience class instinct, should kick the bastards Junker yes For other royal evil

Continuing retreat Rededi bit hid behind right hand and forehead turned away from the men. And then: what time to climb! Especially since the people in the square honked impatiently stir; so close to perfect fit gate can be seen not wait to look — what’s inside? In other words, if there was anything useful that the economy need?

Rededi and myself was interesting, but the hero of season tempered enthusiasm. For his was necessary to break through, that’s what. And not for the wrong gate nose poke; and then just bite off! And their — well! .. Rededi there expect that trust in him Well and stocks remained there

In general, small steps, covering violent head departed hero. But suddenly came back to the two men, which also stood at a distance. Stood and led a leisurely conversation, as if not interested in his fellow that buzzed over a wide area.

Reads by turns; Rededi listened — not out of curiosity, but just where do go? Crashed into the rear façade of good people — so simple and not pulled

One, carefully moving grayish sponges, said Lenin (who such? Not to forget to tell her, taught himself Rededi) was walking around the Kremlin silently as he was shod in felt slippers. These slippers, urged the man, gave Lenin comrades from Samara. Maybe in Samara was some gang working short, they presented him with these slippers, accompanied by an offering vow; each swore that before his death, did not forget his own promises. Indeed, while Ilyich died, everyone remembered. And after the death of VI Lenin slippers, of course, put into a museum, so that young people can learn. And they lay under glass, in a small sarcophagus, and smoldering, but very slowly, because one learned man invented a special structure (must be added that neither the one nor the other man did not know that later recognizable proletarian poet Anatoly Marmot wrote a poem » Slippers «- as Lenin rustled quietly in the corridors of the Kremlin, like a fly, and the history of thundering battles).

Reads much more

So, Rededi dismantled, we have lost a key

But the details of an old story (which is now less than a myth! Cluster!) — In detail, the simplicity of the spiritual, of course, did not understand

Lost key from the Kremlin, that’s what happened. Silly, stupid negligence! Despite the fact that the key kept people honest crystal; in other words, almost like a crystal — and hands and heart! This person even called the brain, honor and conscience — in other words, not exactly, but in this way. It was Samuel Skunk, known in the midst of his comrades ability to write on the ice. He has written several articles, which entitled «Notes on the Jewish proletariat. Ice book. «

Skunk noticed that the history of the Jewish proletariat is full of white spots, like Antarctica. Those white bears stroll vraskachku, trying not to break the ice these bears Or just live in the Arctic (but let clarify faith?). Ice is still installed on the conscience, just a monument to our idealism. And yes, with so far, incidentally, you can watch the famous crack Papanina name; large, but much neglected crack, all hands do not reach

Samuel was a romantic skunk, like all of them; ice — not ice And hollowed, hollowed

Jewish proletariat was born two years back and pretty quickly got stronger as ash. Since then, this tree ohazhivat pioneers (which, let us add, today preserved even less than ash).

In the history of the Jewish proletariat, noted indomitable Samuel Skunk, has two names: first and second. These names are not any worse than the other, there is nothing to choose. Are but such as are specifically selected They said: «The second is still better!» Although the first totally bad

And how, I ask, Skunk, a man whom the poet Zhukovsky in his own pre-revolutionary pathos called Snow Ruler could lose a key? And he held it in his right hand, the fingers of which are not unclenched 1906 ?! In other words almost were crouched in the knot, although the skunk in the Navy and served ?! And then one day Samuel Skunk awoke on a chair without a key, and the fingers though as before not unbend, but reminded the ordinariness of a fig! From this fig later still had to tinker doctors (not excluding the lords of the Germans!) and cope with the figure of the Kremlin locksmith last sailor shabby He spat on his hands, shouted Skunk old-fashioned: «Be patient, your honor!» — and a bit aggressive figure nailed wrench.

Kremlin key, but, and could not be found

That is why VI Lenin, like a fly, slid over the Kremlin corridors. And where was he to go? He could not leave off, even if I have desired! Could not see the merits of our (the same buses); no marches, no thick walls of the Kremlin firmly hid VI Lenin and other settlers from the rest of the world. Because, by the way, all subsequent leaders born Kremlin womb are born white as land worms; as sunless as mine! As they say, the enemy would not wish


Rededi started.

Ingenuous hero, of course, do not think out that his little head all mixed up: the terrible historical vision, and the enemy’s voice, which is not going away; then climbed to one traveler, then the other; could be your ears!

Dreams, visions, voices — such was their brand new life now, on the threshold of Mava. Since Mav — here it is! Two steps — and you’re in front of stone steps Come, Be of good cheer! Yes, everything is down, down, underground depths of time — so, incidentally, is not in vain they say Here and go to these depths, good riddance!

Chapter 7: In front of the Mav

Rededi back even before it began to find.

This return was, one might say, appointed in this manner, it is better not to speak.

Hercules (though it is unpleasant to admit) was like I put it in a strong blow loins; and even the lower back and lower

In this case, how? By mistake, a misunderstanding on the uniforms!

After hearing obscure discussions Rededi longed. Which, incidentally, is completely natural: in the mind was the hero though dignified, but weak; 5 minutes longer could only listen to the buzzing of flies over the stove. Oh, so you can see, on the basis of fatigue and spun at Rededi tummy. Here, of course, affected and canned food, which used the hero Well the other day and experience the last hours and can not be discounted in general, twisted stomach.

Rededi looked.

Sullen men continued to mark time and weakly push each other elbows; Rededi meanwhile hesitantly looked around the area, if there were any good tree? Or Bush? But damn area was deserted, with only the black wind poking his head over the weary warrior.

It was then Rededi despaired.

Here’s to you, as they say, and mother — greenish Dubravushka! And where? What Dubravushka! No, it is said, bush, or the 1st worthless hemp!

Hercules grunted. Tummy puchilo markedly, in other words almost sight

Then, after thinking for half a minute, Rededi undid his pants. Sorrow is not sorrow, as such, and bear-father not sdyuzhili

Untied well and set out to take the middle of the field. In other words, in the middle of the square

At this very moment something happened and howler. Stupider than you can imagine

Rededi taken for the pest, that’s what. Sent by Tipo from the other side (and with what — the hero is not realized); and send with only one purpose

Strong young man (it was a sailor, which Rededi, of course, did not know), seeing a crouching warrior, with the hum of slapped on the edges and barked all the larynx:

— Revolution crap you want, you bastard snowy ?! Take this!

Yes foot, with all his

In short, the athlete hit in the lower back, but in such a cowardly way that Rededi little pants are not lost

But — not lost And together with trousers, somehow facilitate the road, turned into a round clearing in the middle of its own. So right on the ground and flopped as unheard-of dimensions toad.

— Rededi! — Gasped in unison comrades. — Where?

Having sensed that a particular danger had passed, the hero here whined:

— Came with bread and salt, and instead of thanks filthy broom

— What this bread? — Felix was taken aback. — You kind of light goes?

— With a good word — all the whining, complaining hero. — A weak tummy syzmalstva

— Fashioned — concluded Stepan Karasev. — Yes, where are you, young man, visited that had crap one’s pants?

Pigeons slap, he was lying on the grass and looked at the dead sky, quietly saw there was at least some fashioned, laugh not over anything.

— Places — veteran explained. — Puknesh — and then you rejoice. Is a sign of life Likuesh!

— Yeah, — uttered through the teeth fart. — Broad Dorozhen’ka

— No way! — Continued to lament the hero. — Instead of the road — evil men in boots

— That there is enough — agreed to slap. — Lud conscious

— All of them! — Suddenly a bigot of Kondraty T. Spider. — It’s time for it to undertake. With such dialectics does not go far.

Here veteran rose to his feet, and all for a moment, that the sight of their nature has erected a mighty oak — but the old, in the roots and branches. In short, oak, pitted Yes, so it was, actually.

— Strategy such — announced Spider. — We are at the moment we rise, little things — on the shoulders and quick march!

— Where to? — Someone asked.

— In Mav, of course. Mav — our goal, if someone forgot Um And it means — what? To the goal to strive and uh hit

— Why, there is not so easy you will enter — hesitantly saw Karasev. — To make necessary (like, spoke with emotion as Rededi).

— Consider poised, — barked Kondraty T.. — Well, come on!

And really went. As if waiting for the latter, the main team cheered even fart.

In languid evening, full of implicit rumble, a distant cannonade and ghostly clicks «uraaaa !!!» (reminiscent of the moaning unknown birds), silently marched to a sacred purpose. And what is surprising: no promised horror was not all; no ghosts or other vermin not jump out onto the road. «Are all the ghosts were behind his back? And in general — in the town? «- With a strange sense of thought to Felix.

Mav up in front of them in a moment. And this, incidentally, was the most surprising.

And Felix, and other members of the expedition clearly beheld: Mava to have to walk about a kilometer (rather than 200 meters, as it seemed to not so long ago). Well — kilometer kilometer so, too, does not distance. Especially since the road was hard-packed and relatively rovnenko. Only suddenly with the latest force smell mud — well, yes there is nothing to complain about; Dump, dump it and there; lily of the valley does not smell the same

So go, as I said, smoothly and in unison, in front (clearly visible on the horizon) was Mav. «By the evening — we reach» — thought to Felix and for some reason took a deep breath. And it seems that at this very moment he heard a quiet exclamation Nikita Belavin.

— Mav! — Fart gasped in awe.

And everyone, including Felix, here began. Since practically tightly close to the stone wall slippery. So close that even the green slime, similar to the small lizards became noticeable and stronger smell of damp basement. Come!

— How’s that? — Uttered dry sponges Felix. — Before him, it was no less than a kilometer to go!

— Ha! — Pigeons responded loudly slapping. — Yes, you even know what a kilometer to local conditions?

— Well?

— Variable, that’s what.

This Felix found that make the objection, and easy the kutsee time closed his eyes. Well, later opened; No, nothing has changed! Mav was here — majestic, stern and forbidding, with a weak unknown vapor cloud above a flat roof. Mav, the dream — that’s it! Could reach out and touch the cool, slippery walls of Felix and stretched out — but here, in general, drew back. That he, the boy, is it the truth? Since such cases are bad jokes

— At the moment you can and touch — explained Golub slap. — In minute calm

— And when you can not? — Felix asked, but did not touch the wall.

— When the storm. In other words, if the tenant (here slap as if choked, but it brought to an end) — if the tenant turns — so you ah, when the sides will lie Or should I say — as Rededi

— Boca is not state-owned, — nodded hero.

Spider suddenly announced:

— Halt. Canned food — a double portion.

— Condensed Milk and not to forget — grumpily stuck hero and first, not aiming, fell to the ground.

— Condensed milk? — Stepan Karasev repeated, puzzled. Obviously thought about something else.

— Sweet braced — explained Rededi. — Silushku multiplies

— Halt — in front of the entrance? — Felix was amazed.

— Oh! — Clicked pigeons slap. — Sign-then the input and output of about loaf?

In general, settled.

Laid out on the ground, covering it with a tarp for the earlier, several cans; Spider took a thermos of boiling water so the bread, packaged in cellophane tattered.

Silent for food began.

— Inside is not singing — judiciously said the dove slap.

A Karasev asked:

— Why not?

— The setting helluva holiday — explained to the conductor. — Plus stink.

— Pong and then missing.

Pigeons have thought little slap.

— Grabs something missing. Yes, not the intensity, — he uttered with reverence.

Again silent.

Everyone in which there is no hesitation, was full of excitement and vague foreboding. At one point became very clear that to delay the entry into Mav no longer seems likely. Because — here it is, Mav! Here is a shining mouth entrance wall here — slippery, as mentioned, is not plastered with seashells as if in truth this majestic monument spent centuries under a layer of ocean waters, and snooping around there, inside, alone inquisitive fish but the rest of the sea monsters!

So to delay entry to the protected area there is nowhere else. And on the other hand — does not prevent tune remembered something sacred, for what was taken this unprecedented shot at the stinking desert Cap recall here that since in this vanity about Cap almost forgotten And if people forgets about the standard — that’s the last thing. You can brush your teeth or to forget, for example, and do not forget to return the time the debt is, so to say, all right! But it is necessary to erase from memory standard — and who are you? Yes, no one; usually reticent to!

Dinner, so Makarov, passed in silence. Now I do not find that possessed priemuschestvenno wayfarers: homage to the shrine? The thrill? Fear of failure or self-fulfilling? All one way or another were silent. And in the quiet of this very clearly and very close voices were heard. It seemed that the owners of invisible voices are here, a 2-steps away from the silent strangers Moreover, except for the votes that could be heard distinctly rare chuckle, then courteous cough, the shuffling of feet. Oh, my God!


— Are we going to stagnate, dear friend?

— How to place Lenin? Act on your behest: a step forward — two back.

— This mandate, my friend, IEG! Less than artistic figure of speech. Designed for housewives. Yes, sir! You are a housewife?

— What kind of a housewife? Vaughn I have a mustache!

— No class, dear comrade, reasoning! We also seal whiskers. And he is not a member of the Central Committee. Catch the difference?

— Excellent understand, Vladimir Ilyich.

— You take a look around! Yes, do not be lazy, dear! Head something cool you look at our change! It’s that, sir?

— A bunch of smelly, Vladimir Ilyich.

— Specifically! Heap. Present for the gentlemen of the Romanovs. And we have this bunch — rrraz!

— Come out?

— Not at all, my dear. Do not guess. We rehabilitate her. From this point (and it should be, to spare no effort to explain to people), this will be referred to a bunch of stronghold.

— Need, Vladimir Ilyich decision. In a timely manner.

— In this stronghold receive its own name. Guess on, my friend, what?

— Hard to say, Vladimir Ilyich

— A difficult as fables do not read! Ignore this heap (stronghold) now will be called «tanker Derbendt.» Us old people, my friend, it may not so important for the young A — paramount: «The tanker Derbendt.» That’s for you «one step forward — two steps back.» Nute, sir?


Silence of people have gained, we can say the highest point. Practically: Make heard as loudly Rededi swallows pieces of canned meat How noisy sees through hairy nostrils the breath of a spider-like and occasionally clear clang teeth fart Also — how nervous yawns experienced man dove slap Well, well!

Broke the silence Spider. He found it necessary to clarify the situation, so that, as he put it, not to create panic.

— Votes these navrode radio — announced by the head of the expedition. — You, fart, radio is not afraid?

— I have one, too? — Nikita Belavin snorted, feeling stung.

— I speak for example — majestically explained Spider. — In other words, so if you’re not afraid

— What kind of good faith? — Asked, yawning Rededi. Although, of course, knew perfectly well what the radio; not from the moon fell down but he liked to build from a simple-bumpkin, nurtured, so to speak, wildlife

— Nothing to fear! — Repeated the veteran manager. — Radio, for you understand, not safe if there is no twist this same youth wave was then damaged long

And Spider densely laughed this remark, as it turned out, it was a joke.

Suddenly, the most unexpected way, it was interrupted by the Spider.

Unknown voice, echoing missing «p», distracting inquired:

— What kind of crap, my friend? Our conversation is private character Hm! And in the office, but outsiders Here — neblagovospitannye comrades! Rhinos.

Stepan Karasev clear chuckled. And the Spider dissatisfied grumbled that here we have always: first labels were hung, and after we understand suitable and dedicated people dismisses

In short — offended by the guttural voice. And in vain! Since the voice should be considered to be less than one of the many phantoms. Well, except for ghosts sulk?

Nothing to figure out, in general, did not. Well, that, I repeat, one could find out? Had to go to bed, because tomorrow — tomorrow they will be included in Mav. If, of course, that accursed crypt otbezhit not for another couple of miles into the wilderness not be relocated

Mav, but stood firm. As if he expected when his gaping mouth perhaps careless guests.

Chapter 8 Mav

Journey inside the vault itself is not a dangerous occupation. Anyway, less dangerous than the excursion into some stupid cave strikes tourists with its icicles growths mountain lakes

Here and there reigns monotonous endless twilight, coolness and a sense of eternity. Age cave itself usually runs in millions of years, two million, two and a half

Well, and the age of the crypt (Mava) and in general is not known.

Felix even implied that Mav has always existed. Maybe even worrying fantasized youth, Mav, this was a sign the key! It is not excluded, by the way, that this key is planted we, the people of the future of the Earth, the ancient sages — as a hint, as an indication But that’s what they want to give a hint? Hinting at? Stronghold is not able to read (or we have not learned to listen?)

Felix tormented and immediately felt terrible excitement.

Their every move, aware guy brings expedition to unravel.

Mav centuries and was only a mysterious structure around which hovered vision, ghosts; over which, figuratively speaking, flying legends hope for happiness, eternal dream human was associated with this dark stronghold And they behold the firsthand these walls — slick, cool, covered with a layer of mucus, constantly change shape they came so close that are already feeling the breath naizloveschee the gaping mouth of the tomb — a heavy and smelly But there, inside, in the heart of this historic marshes (here Felix choked, all the same sounds disrespectful — «historical swamp» Oh, so you wish!) — Cap! Sacred and unattainable

In general, we’ll see whether the unattainable?


It was 10 am, when the expedition entered the Mav.

Exactly 10 hours local time.

Paly disk of the sun pouring through the fog on the weak light travelers.

Soon, but they will not see him.

People stepped on a stone staircase led down, and here, in the same moment, lost sight of each other! In other words almost became isolated in a crypt. Each on for yourself! And no one — not a single soul! — Next!

That after all that, huh?

— One! — Quietly uttered Felix, finding weird paradox.

In general, the thought flashed through his mind, so what? Earlier, I was not the only one, or what? Next, of course, were Spider Karasev other members of the expedition But is not the same as that one?

Weird idea sprang to mind Felix, and the guy at once calmed down.

One so-one. Well


Endless stairs leading into the black depths of the crypt. In general, this is not black and there, across the bottom, resounded rather weak flashes resembling wrong bog fires. Something, but were not swamp lights and lighting, carefully installed by someone not clear how many years ago. With this light Felix could make his ascent (which actually was the descent).

Coming less than 10 steps, the guy braked. The fact that blocking the path on the landing was a glass box of unknown origin. The box was empty and as if sealed and airtight. His place of glass (hollow inside) was empty

«My God, it’s a coffin! — Gasped traveler. — Both the form and purpose, it is necessary to think But — where is the dead man? «.

Surprisingly, in general, was not that the dead man was absent; Felix had heard about such tricks Nomadic dead in Mahwah is not news. What was surprising was the other. How is it that a glass coffin? Tenants, as it was clear to Felix, the coffin was, so to say, the usual But here? What kind of sleeping Krosotka it rested? Rested-rested, and later departed back home?

Hard to say why, but the glass coffin not attracted to Felix. As if — whether this conventional shell, wood — it would have changed it but — not attracted.

Trying to get around the obstacle side, not touching at all this mighty transparent walls, Felix moved on. But did not and 2-steps behind him disassembled clear groaning. And here is cold with fright — jerk, boy! This does not go in Mav (whispers swore Felix).

Man turned his head slowly. What is there behind your back?

Behind the back of Felix was a man — of medium height, stout and understood, in some rags dirty brown. Oh, my God!

Looking closer, Felix (whose breath momentarily interrupted) realized that the lady in front of him And it is better to say — being a ladies floor

Horrible brown woman with sagging face palely overlooked the Felix with exaggerated attention. And then moved straight at him, and Felix with double fear realized that the mysterious stranger just does not see it and at the moment, here this instant, vopretsya him his bulky body and, it is possible to crush like a truck ran over

Whispering something sponges, Felix retreated. Where to? Yes, inside, of course — back-to-the path was blocked by a nasty old lady! Inside, in the stinking depths where, between you and me, it is not clear who else was waiting for the intruder!

Following guest flew understood rumble.

This is realized by Felix, read the old woman. Maybe cursing? Maybe it was some horrible curse of a fairy tale? But no, that’s the thing not to swear, and expressed

— No fancy Grozhenie finger! Without fancy! It whispered speech — wrongly! Just take and pass the working comrades. One worker comrade — one transmission. Two fellow workers — two assists. Three fellow workers — three assists. Many workers comrades — gang.

Felix trembled.

Muddy shouting and muttering as if stuck to it.

Terrible old woman pulls. At times, large waves his hand as if invisible drove away the flies.

Weird it was pouring forth.

— I. — fever. There is a story (very necessary work). Referred to as the «Ilyich and pure white mushroom.» At least some piccaninny, even titeshnogo age read with pleasure. «Lenin and pure white mushroom.» (Felix was not breathing.)

— In the story, — thinking, added a crazy old woman — there is only pure white mushroom. Ilyich this building called «hero» and so hot that was white.

Here the old woman paused and looked with suspicion directly at Felix. Courage to Felix also looked up. White bleary eyes of the old woman looked through it from the young age. Stepping back, he suddenly stumbled upon some sort of barrier (wall?) And made the awkward attempt to merge with the cool surface.

White-eyed old woman, too, began. Of its grayish mouth continued to pour incomprehensible speech, and the roar of the beat that she shook her head rhythmically.

— «Ilyich Pure mushroom», — announced the woman and at one point cleared her throat. — The Story.

There was a temporary calm, so that Felix even began to think I did not make any attempt to escape, so to speak? But that’s where to go? Well, in general, if this old woman — only a vision, a ghost? Trouble, inspired by the crypt? A real danger — there, then? Where he panicked metnet?

— «Ilyich Pure mushroom» — again, clearing his throat, the rumor patient woman. — It is useful to know — she droned on, — in the woods under the mounds can meet a pure white mushroom. Then we must bend down and using his hands and a penknife to saw off the build-up.

— Once Ilyich — said the old woman, having become motionless for some reason (even grayish sponge finished moving, said Felix) — went for a walk in the woods. In the forest he met a grouse. It is useful to know that the black grouse — a bird. A pure white mushroom — the desired build-up. A forest — trees gang. Kasha-Malasha! — Loudly declared dead old woman mouth and out of his chest came a sound like there moved a grave.

«Laughing» — Felix thought of and carefully dabbed his forehead. Horror somehow suddenly retreated, and left a surprise. Yes, surprise, and nothing more

«Why, — he changed his mind in a vague anxiety Felix stopped noticing clay monster — as compared with the age-old paradox of this dream? How so? It is clear that every dream partially phantom But not such a vile phantom! In general, if we can judge? And if for a repulsive form raschudesny hidden meaning? «

Felix looked uncertainly.

The snow-white old woman hovered in the same place, it is now down both arms, and with them, I saw a guy, something was strewed. Easy, as the remains of ash

Oh, so this is the remains! As of burnt in the furnace newspaper

«And thoughts? — Again in trouble thinking Felix. — Really and thoughts are converted to the remains? «.

With hands, head, even the old woman’s eyes turbid continued to fall light grayish flakes.

Felix thought about it a little more, and then shrugged his shoulders and walked away. In other words — further into the black depths of the sarcophagus.

There — Cap, everything cleared up.


Making a single step, Kondraty T. Spider, inexplicably, was left completely alone.

Mav surrounded the veteran, as the black forest.

Spider estimating phenomenon grunted. Wonders! Wonders heads to scare Hm! Though — everyone knows what miracles — the product uh? .. Product that is put in our head. And outside the head’s also a question of what happens to the wonders of the outside of the head holder?

Once alone, Spider is not horrified. The point here was not in any particular courage veteran manager. And it was the complete lack of imagination. Comfortable to live in the world, if you can imagine for yourself nothing but a stool, standing right in front of you. But no stools — so no.

So, it is necessary to repeat Kondraty T. treated to an unusual phenomenon without panic. He is said to have cleared his throat, and later extracted from the pocket a crumpled handkerchief, blew his nose loudly, startling his shadow, and slowly moved into the interior of the object.

Well, Mav — this is a device of this construction — Mav moved towards spiders.

First moved corridors.

They were empty and cold, and from the walls clearly carried sewage.

«How are we — saw Spider with gratification. — The laws of nature are similar everywhere uh. Dialectics «

Pretty quickly, right around the corridors to meet the guest crawled small, stone-paved rooms. The solemnity of the premises was such that Spider, which was determined to blow his nose on the floor, because it has become unfit handkerchief, looked with reverence and from his own intentions refused.

«Firmly built, — concluded the veteran. — Like Me «

Several rooms, to slip one by one (in some you could see the small stone rostrum), replaced malehankih rooms, upholstered in black and red.

«In case someone dies, — thought of Spider. — Sensibly. Life is life. «

Quite suddenly Kondraty T. Spider, without knowing it, was in the right place. In other words — in the main room Mava.

It was the main funeral hall in the center of which stood a coffin, and the coffin in a never-ending sleep sleeping tenant. Anyway — so think first

Spider trepidation approached the pedestal.

Coffin («firmly made. As for myself,» — again endorsed the guest) — the coffin was opened.

Tenant lying on his side, showing the visitor back in his jacket.

Spider shook his head.

— Stacked like a log! — Grudgingly saw it aloud.

And here tenant breathtakingly Prytkov (taking into account, so to speak, his position) — bent leg and made a sudden movement, as if an invisible kicked the ball. And then sat down in his own box, and Spider curiously noted that one eye Tenant insidiously blinked, and the second, on the contrary, kept tightly closed.

Spider mechanically stepped back from the grave and then spoke in a conciliatory manner:

— That’s true in other words correctly so that it is useless to lie to lie?

Desired, as can be seen, this remark cheer Tenant

One, but did not need approval.

— Prekrasnodushnichaem? — Clicked it straight in the face spiders that surprise stretched arms at his sides. — Tape to drive?

— Right In other words true If we take note of — respectfully responded Kondraty T. acute criticism.

— And we have a foot in this thing! Lord are great! — Continuing to screw up one eye humorously announced tenant. — Kindly carry!

— Yes, sir! — Spider yelled, to which the voice came back.

Tenant, saw guest read well. Just could not cope with his head — she had spun, uttering little creak, as if the wind vane on the right, to the left! A sense everything does not go; still can not manage to focus the eyes half-closed eyes at the visitor.

Worn out with their own neposlushlivoy head tenant at one point angry.

— Comrade Lunk! — Clicked it, obviously addressing their Spider (but looking at some adjacent area behind his back). — Dubin Mykytovych! That way, my friend, my cares on bad though, not Pickney.

— This is true, — said the timid Spider and superstitious crossed, ignoring its own undisputed atheism.

— On bad-with! — Triumphantly repeated tenant suddenly struck up on its side — back to the guest; took so Makarov, the original position.

But right leg tenants saw the spider, a couple more times reflexively jerked — all kicking, scuffing, stupid opponents warn

«Well, — I thought to Kondraty T., panting. — Procedure — this is for you not to mess possible and foot on occasion Well «.

Feeling for some reason or person to receive a well-deserved praise, the veteran manager walked on — more confident than before.

«The Lodger — here. Means and cap close «- sensibly reasoned Spider.

In other words «sensible» — based on the beliefs of our common sense. But from the podium Mava But these details were not interested in spiders. He was a man of certain actions. Adored, for example, walking at a measured pace and walk! Well it it came out, incidentally While in the army he has never served as a phenomenon!

Pigeons slap

This generally did not go anywhere.

Oh, so only the expedition entered the Mav and dispersed — in unexpected ways — blue slap sat on the first rung of the ladder that led to the depths of the tomb, but closed his eyes.

And the truth: that he is there, inside, not beheld? All beheld, must be regarded as either almost all beheld, heard, smelled

Well, in general: Mav — from the man he’s not going anywhere (as well as people from Maeva). About how death So what’s the hurry?

Pigeons slap firmly believed: to behold the «interior» Mava, it is not necessarily to budge. Pretty easy to catch the cool stone steps and close your eyes. And uzreesh, you can not hesitate!

Pigeons slap shut his eyes. At the same moment before it ran out of ancient reference booklet Read, develop!

Was called opus clear: «Anecdotes of Comrade Trotsky.» Well, Trotsky because Trotsky

Pigeons slap slept

At one point, Comrade Trotsky met a young beaver. Beaver silently looked at the literary hero, and Trotsky was so angry that, moving her eyebrows, went to the animal. Trotsky was patting himself on the holster, but the gun was not in it; Trotsky himself swore that the gun is, but he forgot it on the washstand; splendiferous gun and shoots no worse than real.

Men gave Comrade Trotsky accordion. Trotsky winked nigger tribe, and those here zagomonili, scratching his neck Trotsky to establish harmony in the Kremlin, right in the aisle, so that other fellow could neither walk nor ride. Trotsky pointed out here insulting mistake, but he was so angry that rushed for his gun (and he kept his father, in the subfield, so that was the memory). Trotsky did not find the gun, and rushed to find fur in the accordion, and harmonica did not seek out as well, and only in the evening calmed down and all yelled into the phone: «Trotsky on the phone», and as if it was not clear

In a day of age Comrade Trotsky gave hatchet souvenir. Timidly downcast, the guy grabbed a gift 2 fingers. Here it is necessary to say that Comrade Trotsky in his youth fingers were sticky like tar. This natural paradox, inexplicable, spawned, but then, a great number of legends; was in the midst of them, and the myth that Comrade Trotsky’s really no not the leader of the world proletariat, and poison ivy, as in the eponymous movie. There was Comrade Trotsky and the gun, but with him, as we know, ever joyful happens every heresy, and the gun was not delved down. But the ax was always on his own place, adhering to the fingers

Comrade Trotsky was exactly like Danko — with a hole instead of the heart. It is noticeable, and the portraits of: jacket, and in the midst of a large hole. Some misrepresented, that this hole is the place to store the famous Trotsky gun, but no gun was not there. All the same, there was one doubting Thomas and stuck his nose into the mysterious hole. And here is this durachiny stunned sounds revolutionary anthem, so he stepped back away from the warped idol.

Facial Blue Shlёpy blossomed carefree grin. It’s a dream so warmed traveler’s expression, in short, there was such as if a person was looking for-searched in the sky the constellation of the Pleiades — and finally found! Though — what sort of Pleiades! Even the slap (sober) well aware, gave the report for yourself: if you will be found some constellation — is at best, a bit of cocoa Centaurus A are: the Pleiades! ..

— Hole in the chest — it is a fallacy — sleepily uttered slapping and fleetingly touched her breast with his hand under his jacket gaping.


Being all alone in an empty room, Rededi perceptible expressed dissatisfaction. No it is not seen (although it would be even good); Yes, and its something — your own! — Could not see! Drawn, we can say the person God knows in what hole beckoned sweet pieces and where?

Baseball, of course, also could not be seen (although Rededi carefully looked).

«A lot of her hunters» — sadly thought to hero.

He came up with the idea of ​​a common and clear: do not go too far; here, where there is, and founded a little later sit — waiting will not meet anyone? Well, sort of delegation of bread and salt And after the strength of the stay, get out of back home! Home means Since Rededi reasoned, will be found if the cap — it is still a big question; but all sorts of rubbish sacred eyes begin to climb into the eyes in other words — that’s without fail! Let them here these hunters who Rededi the couch raised here yes dragged — they let him IEG spoon and slurp! Times are amateurs

Changed his mind, the hero angrily drove his eyebrows. Was he at the moment, we must admit the magic as well: strong, so menacing, so even than in profile look but just enjoy Rededi was certain; empty, quiet and seemed uninhabited Mav! Although

although people missing.

Many, many people with various stuff over the years that lay tenant in his own beautiful coffin.

It is for certain to reveal the nature of these creatures are not so simple; well as, for instance, explain the origin of the waste in a clean room? Anywhere and is taken; Zapyataev boots from dust, most of these vapors Yes plus — energy, or what? She would also like something that generates?

In short, a unified theory in this regard was not. At least since no one came up with this theory, and not much more so did not prove. Lived for yourself and the people lived — with the usual idea that somewhere near their worth Mav — a powerful ancient structure; and in Mahwah — The Lodger (also old, it should be noted, the character). And this tenant poshalivaet. Suggests, therefore, trouble good people. But not just leads! And leads in order to preserve the main treasure — Cap. Well, sort of ancient tales Kashchei their treasures saves not as straight a line by itself — but in this way

Although, it may very well be, everything said is less than a guess.

And — much easier

Because — what’s going on with the thing that has experienced herself? Gone over your limit?

There is in this respect seems to be some old philosophical doctrine? Or — no doctrine is not present, and there is again one naked assumption? Either way, this has survived a thing begins to exist, not subordinate to the usual household logic. In other words — begins to throw all sorts of things and take different (oh different!) Images

About anything so Rededi naturally and never dreamed. Well, in general: not for athlete was given his strong head to afflict her thoughts!

— I do not like tricks — it is not clear to whom Addressing saw Rededi. — Where are the best, — stretching, said the hero — just without all of the most in the field Dorozhen’ka willow Than Bush, of course, there is not the fruit of a tree Than or fiction — jaunty folk fantasy

Tired, closed his eyes Rededi. After all, that’s the kind of rubbish is not only prividitsya! Neither poppy-seed

Before dozing off Rededi became man. Beard on the floor, do not say so lovely — and it is not far wrong belt embroidered In other words — a man-made

— Who are you? — Falling asleep, asked hero.

— Public Spirit — wearied responded unknown.

— Spirit — it’s great — very much asleep, muttered Rededi. — That we have not worse!

Vtorzhenets sighed. And later pokorlivo exactly answering hateful lesson proceeded to the story.

Fairy tales

He lived in a village a man, and he had two legs. The first leg, he spoiled and fed honey cakes, and the other is for the water to go also, for the nuts. The first leg, he wore a gold and reddish coat and the other way. But here’s something thundered, and came to the dashing steeds bright falcon, wooed for the first leg, although she wore a ragged kosynochku. It reads:

— Marry me, Tsarevna!

A man is heard and faint, and they played a marriage and all.

(Rededi shuddered in his sleep, sniffed: say — come on!)

Once lived in a village idiot (narrated vtorzhenets). In another village also lived fool. And in the third, and the fourth living fools. And in the fifth village lived goof, but it’s better would be a fool, would have whistled through the nostril, not sparing nozhenek.

(Rededi no longer move. Just grin rose on his lips perfectly!)

Soldier went on the road and get caught in its path twig. He became her way and that twist — nothing. And then says, resourceful fighter, «we dance, twig» — and that, even to dance and did not, no harm to the soldier did not, and to anyone.

(Rededi suddenly commanded «not wise. Next go ahead. Do people still refrains nemeryannom.») Uncharted nodded sadly.

High in the mountains crept too lay there aimlessly lying. But this is not a parable, but rather poems, or, worse, the song.

(«Bullshit», — concluded the listener.) Narrator, not pausing, reported:

In one village lived a man with an empty nostrils. That’s what the governor had heard, and commanded the man to deliver the palace for inspection. And the man was hitretsky lying on the couch and all. Generals way and that revolve around the men went, they say, a man came to the king, the-se «Follow my three directions — go.» — «Come on.»

— 1st: Bring me a frog in the form of the princess.

— And then?

— The other frog in the form of the princess.

— And then?

— Well, something else, nibudt.

Ponder generals.

— And as to whether you, a man, an empty nostril?

Only in this way asked the man struck up the ground, turned into a kind of eagle and went out of the yard, and the generals were like a rope in a haystack — could not be found.

(«Yes garlic solution!» — Exclaimed Rededi in a dream.) Tales lasted.

There once was a man, and grew in his hand three fingers. First reddish, as the hero, the other finger as a finger, and the third to be seen. Became a man to think like him happiness to find. Here’s looking at his fingers, one is water and the other wood chopping, and the third did. The man became angry and says: «Oh, beggars erratic» A third finger turned the old man with a thimble, a man bowed at the waist, greeted him: «Bread and Salt, Man I.» Since then, the man began to live as in the bosom , no water to drink, no cow milk, and the elderly have always respected.

(Here the narrator paused — Do not utter the hero of what? Without waiting, he struck more):

Born in the 1st king of the offspring, the size of a pitcher. That rose and went for a walk. Meet him parasite: «Hello, the royal son, and I was your father should.» — «What?» — «And you owe me. And your brother. » — «Yes, I have no brother.» — «Well, you still lend.»

Sat the royal scion of the road and wept. And here sits the parasite. Ran past the falcon, asks:

— You what?

Yes, that’s so and so, are responsible.

— Not your business — says Falcon. Spat falcon due cheeks box and out of the box resulted ocean, complete any eatables. Here all ate, drank, and an eagle fed; end.

— The latest! — Clicked storyteller. — No, the last two!

Rededi not mind.

Lived under water big fish and all it was not much. At one point zaburlilo blue sea, the fish came to the shore, and there is a man, he says: «Obey my prescription.» The fish is carried out, the greatness of man, and it became the size of a royal gun worth beautiful and smooth. And his old woman, by contrast, has over the former, fish buried her in the garden in the middle of brooms, so povadno

Lived-was twelve doves in the feathers, and where they are its feather damage there is still a dove appears. So passed a certain number of years. By the way of a man, covered in mud, in everything. Saw doves, taken aback, «You whose?» — «A draw, just darling father.» — «Well, then climb up in my pocket.» Dove delighted and became reddish girls, feathers, as pearls; are about men and tsvirkayut. The man scratched his side and thought, and dove turned it on in the memory of a strong tree, so that does not wither, nothing.

Rededi opened his eyes.

— And the moral? — He asked husky with sleep. — Good fellows a lesson?

Vtorzhenets shrugged and said:

In one kingdom lived fool their weight in gold. And more there was nothing there, no animal or bird or sea-okiya. At one point in the soul durachiny God came and dropped a fool frog skin, and stood in the guise of his own before God, beautiful as a squirrel. God looked at the vision, and wept, and more no one never seen before.

Rededi opened his eyes. One was not there, and, with difficulty remembering the phenomenon of the national spirit, the hero thought about it: «I eat something like — that’s the vision. Neither mode or vitamins. Some of the discussion «

Though — what sort of discussion? Circle — yes cold silence! One word — Mav! Tomb

Chapter 9 Mav. Continued

Nikita Belavin aka fart

Nikita Belavin was cautious. Could not sustain further complications And here — one. Yes still around — like I put it — the area is like a minefield.

Naturally, he would have gone No minute’s hesitation, no doubts Since — Nikita spit on public opinion! Even more so — I, too, society

Fart moved inland for another reason. Which, incidentally, it is easy to guess the cap — that is the cause. Raschudesny shell, of course, wanted to get Anyway — it was better. But ah well? Nikita dark frown, knowing that these things are very problematic to say the least! Well, a lot of hunters (here Nikita darkened even more). In short, the only hope for one thing — in the case. «As for fishing, — flashed through my mind. — Well, just one to one! Are sitting in front of the hole, say, three — and pecks at the 1st What is it so impossible? «

Here they come: came to Mav now — and we all hope to catch big fish Yes, just so she just does not come into the hands of Dexterity is needed to be considered And most importantly — good luck!

«But there’s something else — gloomily pondered Nikita. — Live Is Big Fish in these waters — that’s the question! Do not fudge it stupid rumors? «

It is clear that the Big Fish Nikita Belavin, being at the mercy of excitement and trepidation even legitimate, called Cap. And what is still more?

So, you need to repeat Nikita moved very carefully. Thus, as can be usmotritelnym be in this damn place

From the first minute, but an observation made fart, you can say, a disappointing discovery: to Mavom something happened. And his accuracy and diligence here could do nothing happening — except him!

The walls of the mighty tomb as if ran rather short cramps, spasms in other words almost — trembling or ripples — just it was not a stone, and the surface of the water!

Nikita stood. Earthquakes only lacked He did not even breathe (and the person — that is completely natural, you do not even need to be a fart, covered with cool drops) Froze, later led the eyes seem to have to wait out the minute is over two and made a subsequent step. Quiet! Does not twitch damn stronghold not flinch Nikita, marveling at his own courage, continued on his way. Step, 2nd, 3rd and here — My God, that after all this? — Are clear shiver again ran along the wall — a small, lightning — and at once there was the sound of anything not similar way either still similar?

Belavin hiding.

Weird sound was repeated. Shortness of breath shortness of breath is not? Or a sigh — as if through your teeth?


Here again — clearly and especially sonorous

«Yes it is — at one point realized Nikita — someone burped! In other words usually burp burped, and then hissed tooth — for your own, you need to consider enjoyment But who? «

Who? Yes, not all the same, dammit! How much more alive in this grave long gone, dead and not to Tsykanov tooth Surely

Nikita, which has reduced the voltage toes, suddenly calmed down. Maybe out of desperation? Because he understood it — the fate of; this whole thing idiotic — fate! All this crap Belching Well this need God — to the wall spewing burp! Stone womb! ..

Here’s to you and answer cramp brought stone walls, stone insides And they — have responded! Fully, it should be noted physiologically responded! That after all of this? That this boulder — alive? And nothing human, therefore, it is not alien?

«Why, I just devour it — with a measured clarity concluded Nikita Belavin aloud. — And do not choke, snake! «.

And as if in response to heavy speculation, wall saw fart fading eyes, slowly became covered Edged mossy growths And they themselves, to notice the doomed guest, do the dirty pink like the gums And these are huge, nobody poetisized jaw became a little lazy and immediately move convulsively In other words — compressed

«We need to go — thought for Belavin, located in an unusual stupor. — Alternatively the thing grind me «

Feet, in general, did not want to move anywhere. Nikita as if rooted to the place of their own

and saw that the light of the already weak, slowly fading. As if someone invisible regulate lighting and realized that Nikita is no longer useful.

And it is true: in the second it became quite gloomy.

Stepan Karasev

Left alone, Karasev, in truth, was delighted. Tired of his accomplices, and that says one ever climbs with teachings, life teaches Laughter! Others and that horrible Well loved Stepan loneliness Excellent when there is no close close capable shove another pig And that planted a — you can not hesitate! Someone who, while Stepan knew human device! One — oh so fart — from horror to enclose; other — like Rededi — for the sake of improvement: that means more time to get up off the couch is not, and with all this, can get so kingdoms king’s daughter Hmm! Or will find someone 3rd, such as spiders, ideological backing Although — what sort of ideas? Stupid as our Spider gray gelding — that’s what! As the tree Stoeros (in the words of our national hero)!

Well, 4th, thought, added Karasev (he remembered the Blue Shlёpu) — with their own child’s spirit to enclose the same pig is not from his evil feelings, and drunk Though like and he does not drink so what are going to drink?

Felix, of course, is another matter. With him for a couple of Stepan would not refuse to continue the journey but, on the other hand — get with Cap? Overcome challenges — and find ?! Can not fluctuate, the first that will offer this hero — Share teammates! In other words, turn your neck for others — it is normal for him

Let him and finds the dark completed the thought Stepan. We do not need

STEPS breathtakingly simple. As if was not through the maze of the crypt, but by ordinary dirt road. Reeked of course — well, yes in fact smelled and outside, we will be surprised by this general, was pomoechnom smell something else. This «something» — mind-numbingly familiar, although rare, the smell of gunpowder, or what?

Stepan alert. Unsettling feeling stab him. Gunpowder — Why?

Directly behind the sudden observation came up even more silly idea: Stepan seemed that smells field where the real battle is unfolding Oh, so in the history books: the gun, kernels, firing Stallions people «Nonsense, nonsense! — Severely cut himself Karasev. — It is not feasible. «

Small movement he touched the eyes, as if fending off the vision.

Naturally, the show at — the smell of gunpowder and gone

— Military actions are not on my part — grimly joked Stepan; tried to encourage a

In an empty lumen maze rang out and completely clear steps.

Karasev still managed loaf that ghosts do not stroll in other words — so convincingly

Towards the traveler came up four.

Chapter 10: Fear of returning

These four did not like the shade. And the people — that’s a phenomenon! — They seem to have been even less. Longish face earthy color scheme looked through objects; expression in the eyes there was absolutely no — that’s about as if in of strange intruders did not have eyes. It may be because the eyes look dead people, as long as they do not close.

Stepan Karasev flinched and stepped back.

But very soon, according to some elusive signs, concluded that the four did not behold the unknown. As, say, the Wii from the ancient tale of the ill-fated not beheld in an old church not beheld, by the way, to that minute, until the poor man was not so horrified horror — that’s for you and the key the Key! (Confused concluded Karasev). He took another step, and the next minute grumbled, «Well, I do not fart for you try!»

On whisper escaped aliens did not react; as can be seen, hearing from them, too, was no great shakes — like vision; that is understandable to the people living these four apparently did not like; while the non-living, it is necessary to think, its physiology your device organism Hm!

In general, retreated Karasev. Behold the — not behold the and shine still not worth the steel in the shade.

Paly light pours in the crypt, and touched the four persons, and Stepan managed a second to make sure that these people are dead and motionless. All four were dressed almost are equally: trousers tucked into boots, worn leather jackets, and each as he is not immediately noticed? Each is armed! Two of weapon (it was perfectly recognizable by Stepan old books revolver) — was followed by a belt, the third — bulging pocket, in which apparently was read the body of the same revolver; well, 4th just held the gun in his hand, and though the arm was lowered and a revolver looked at the ground, Stepan still shuddered involuntarily shook his head. Well, well! Army, the devil take them! It with someone, may I find out they are at war in this grave?

People wearing jackets were not only pale, and cruel. They looked, as it is hard to imagine the distance; in other words, somewhere through Stepan, even through stone walls What is interesting to know, was calculated to consider? Forgetting revolvers, Stepan felt unacceptable impulse: he became interested

— Who are they? — Almost inaudibly said Felix.

— Damn them and plead — responded through his teeth Karasev. And here started:

— And how do you come from?

Felix shrugged slightly.

— Yeah, I never left.

— I think a nerd? — Angrily muttered Stepan. — Either of the blind? Look how these

— I’m not leaving, — Felix repeated stubbornly. — And you do not be angry. And without enough problems! (And Felix nodded briefly in the address armed intruders).

Karasev suddenly giggled.

— And the other? — He asked. — Also here?

— Where should they be?

— Well, well! — Almost openly, loudly uttered Stepan. — Tell me: I beheld you? Well, before I started to read?

Felix little loaf.

— I have something beheld — evasive and insulting he said.

— Can you say what exactly? — Testily exclaimed comrade.

Felix again fell into a reverie unacceptable.

But fascinating conversation was interrupted. Four suddenly looked around anxiously, someone moved his lips grayish, and the air start to flutter the unknown word.

— Shambhala Shambhala Shambhala — debated dead strangers.

They did not turn his head, and looked at all the same — the distance; perhaps hoped would see there, behind the stone walls of the slippery, mysterious Shambhala?

Travellers stood motionless. Practically the same motionless as those with revolvers

Felix was silent; not moving and not breathing hero Rededi; respectfully stretched arms at his sides Kondraty T. Spider; and even an experienced person pigeons slap stood died rebellious spirit.

Well, was not fart. As can be seen, something in Mahwah was still irreversibly; for example, the irreversible was eaten fart Well! Dialectics — as would say Spider, as long as was able to utter a word

But first, surprisingly, woke up just Spider. Previous hardening as read Plus — atheism; plus — a dialectic mentioned, whether it was wrong! ..

Overall — woke up.

To get started, simply coughed loudly, and later announced (while continuing to stretch his hands at his sides):

— The meeting of these same generations! The fact that fathers have not completed Um?

It is not clear whether people heard me in leather jackets that call good will, but only one that so far kept the revolver aimed at the ground, slowly raised his hand. Three others also started, apparently in something with a passion to convince fellow.

— Shambhala? — Excitedly uttered one — may be the youngest of the dead.

— Shambhala! — Angrily interrupted youngster older comrade.

— Shambhala Shambhala — Confused responded 3rd and began nervously fumbling in the pocket invisible gun.

Under the arches of the tomb suddenly — just someone struck a match — echoed laughter.

Felix laughed.

— Do not boil — saw the role of pigeons splashing. — What is even more so — to die does not hurt Vaughn has long look at these died, as new in the nation’s memory! — He added some rubbish.

Felix was still. Only tears at the sight of the attack pointed to a small fun.

— Realized — quietly said Felix. — Doper

— To what is this? — Angrily asked Stepan Karasev. He continued to look in the eyes of the armed strangers. Ghosts — not ghosts, who are they plead? They, can, and ghosts — but revolvers — totally true!

— To figure out where they go — wearied uttered Felix and openly, pointed to four, dressed in leather jackets.

— Tablecloths, as they say, Dorozhen’ka — Husky stuck Rededi, which rotates the voice began.

— They’re coming to us, — explained to Felix. — We — to them — they are to us. Do you understand?

But nothing was not clear.

— I once saw there outside. When we moved to a sacred purpose (here Felix something grinned). All fully well everyone we beheld — Blotter this idiotic army of ghosts — everything, in short, going to meet us. From here — there, in other words to us! To the future! In our future!

— Towards Landfills — saw pigeons slap, yawning. — What is right, is that correct

— We — to them — said Felix — and they — to us! That these Go to some Shambhala

— And come to the landfill — again got pigeons slap. — We Lofty Hike, and their stately Hike — quite reasonably concluded ranger.

— You forgot something — uttered Karasev. — Something fundamental Either memory otshiblo?

— Nothing I did not otshiblo! — Felix waved his hand. — You, as I understand it, talking about the Cap.

Stepa grinned.

— And then! — Lazily dropped it.

— Cap — very close — relaxed uttered Felix and somehow sighed. And later he added: — Here you need to think well

— Yeah! — Said Karasev. — Ponder! So I thought that you need to «think» Share it? About this become ponder, dear?

Felix smiled fleetingly.

— No, not about that, — he said briefly.

— Well, then — not appeased Karasev — how to throw one of the Cap? Quietly?

— I said, not about that — quietly and seriously replied Felix.

— Shambhala — spoke enthusiastically armed ghosts. — Shambhala? Shambhala!

There are four mind-blowing palely strangers moved right — like I put it? — Straight ahead. In other words — go ahead on a stone wall. They walked, screwing up his dead eyes and stubbornly staring at a non-existent distance. In a couple of small steps kutsee overcome the distance separating them from the stone barrier, they immediately, with a thud going into their heads against the wall and immediately just petrified, turned into a sculpture in its own monuments! And steel, frozen in their own muddled march, his forehead against the wall!

— It is like us — quietly uttered Felix.

Rededi, who made sure that intruders do not move and do not represent any danger, suddenly brisk wail:

— We frighten useless! Not from takovskih! Do not test stuff is made of such

— You Rededi, no dough — lazily saw Karasev. — And from this very

— From clay? — Suddenly became interested in the hero.

— No Although Petite Tender — responded Stepan.

Felix, without waiting dumb squabble, at one point he turned to his companions and walked back through the tunnel into the black depths.

— Where to? — Barked alert Spider.

— A cap ?! — Exclaimed, immediately to him, Karasev.

— Let him go — sensibly saw pigeons slap. — And then the trouble with this Cap For a more expensive!

— Oh, no! — Thrown through his teeth Stepan Karasev and in two jumps overtook the fugitive.

Felix braked and a weird feeling — of curiosity, what? — Looked at his friend.

Karasev breath.

— Please take back cap, and later wali on all four sides.

— Return? — Politely said Felix.

— Cap not yours, — Stepan explained grimly.

— Why not yours too.

— Cap — total! — Appointed Karasev not very confident.

— So take it! — With a grin, which at one point in the beginning terribly annoy others, invited Felix. — Take it, and then — share.

Spider, clearing his throat, gravely announced:

— Cap — this is for you not some nonsense. And accountable thing.

— Especially since — sullenly assented Karasev.

Pigeons slap added, with his words clearly delineated philosophical note of:

— We are all accountable to God valuable inventory!

A Rededi crunching yawned and saw — part whatever — that it’s time for dinner. Already two hours as a time to have

Felix finished smiling.

— Take his cap — he repeated wearied. — I am going.

— But where is Cap?

— I have. Do not you see?

And here all have seen.

In other words — not that I have seen

In general, the head of Felix (before that nothing covered) currently sits a stupid thing, like those which from time to time referred to spittle; rag trash, faded and insignificant, which, of course, could not be Cap! Cap — reflect only!

— It changes the view — just flegmantichno Felix explained. — That panama, the sombrero, the — leather cap. It’s not that.

— A desire? — Karasev said impatiently. — The desire to do?

— Dumushku sacred? — He added a second Rededi and yawned.

— It’s all about the visor — evaded a direct answer Felix. — How I came to realize

He stepped away from his own comrades and — with great care — took a bad kepchonku head. Supervisory Karasev noticed that Felix tries not to change the position of Baseball; in other words, makes so that the crumpled hood is always looking forward.

«Yes, it’s a weapon! — At one point thought of Stepan. — Just oh so effective? «

Felix has stepped back, into the lumen of the tunnel; Stepan also made the move.

Felix raised his free hand, like stopping companion.

— Lofty Dump! Lofty Hike! — He brought out bitterly. — And What a stink! And how many years! Mists clouds stink! And yet there is no end, climb and climb This breathtakingly here: this whole stinking heap, this tomb, called Mav — all played! And Tenant, damn it, and other undead! Self-replicate! And stink, stink!

Felix stopped.

Karasev, making the next step usmotritelny asked in a low voice.

— You’ll give Cap?

— I’ll give, — Felix said firmly. — Not for you. Vern Cap holder.

Then it all came out surprisingly fast.

Turning away from his comrades, he stretched out his hand, which was clutching a crumpled kepchonku, turned and threw it into the depths of the tunnel.

Catchy pure white light filled the crypt and the four travelers; a rumble nobody heard — powerful, long rumble did not cease.

Chapter 11: Another day, another century

So start this very story.

When the flood three sons divided the land in November Shem, Nahal, Japheth.

Shared, NDA; and went, you need to think, each to his own Went began hosting Hosting, settling down and went East Sim Or Nahal? No, all the same Sim A brash — everything else? Bactria? Mmm short, enough land

Oh, it’s not that!

And this majestic part of the now-called temperate climates, it was inhabited from time immemorial, but feral, in the depth of ignorance submerged peoples who do not own any of being heralded for its historical monuments.

Well, it’s just good — in other words that are not marked. Could be an act

What popravde also not our concern

Fundamentally different. Principled raschudesny, in the full sense of the word, the second attempt! Everlasting, as they say, dream Since — if the first time something does not go out or comes out — but such makarom that it would be better and there was nothing — that’s fine to try again! Anew, with a spotless sheet, rolled up their sleeves! And this is not a fad, not a whim «in the depth of ignorance steeped people»! These things (and «these things» is translated from the historic to the usual adverb means «this») — this, again, is an urgent need; common sense; answer to a dumb question in the eyes: how long?

The same Nestor sits wrote; fixed. But (note in brackets) almost was happy to open up perspectives; overall, so to speak, with the result.

Also, perhaps, chewed pencil own, or better to say — They say the pen is not whether to rewrite clean copy this reckless excursion? But, true to the historical truth, leave everything as it is natural!

And here — the second attempt. Or, in other words, take two

So, look.

Soilless field. Feeble glow in the sky. This — the sunset, or, conversely, rise. In the sky a bird circling, looking prey: gopher whether searches? dozing ferret?

On the field-track and with dignity moves plowman. In his hands, the right props: a loaf of rye bread, a jug of milk, no other words: in the hands of a hoe, which handles villager nepokorlivuyu land; lumps in the frame slowly vzvihrivayutsya villager wipes a big pot. In the frame of the word: HOME.

From the sky hear a decent buzz, and then crosses the sky smoky sunset strip supersonic aircraft.

A few kilometers from the raw primordial field time is at a different speed.

Second attempt carried on separately taken plot. This site only appears inside a vast desert, in which the remains of the poor wandering peoples. And actually — quite a small area; traces of the old barbarism on it almost completely effaced.

Had destroyed the town and fortress, countless huge number of people prosvirepstvovav how horrible ghost, the barbarians are gone, buried in the vast historical cataclysm. Hence the desert; hence the second attempt.

The sun shines not this sad country where continually reigns deepest night

Second attempt.

Although in general, the sacred number — «three». Three brother three red-heads have three girls Snake

But, we believe it is — silly superstitions. Pah-pah, as they say.

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