Homemade horn razor

Hi everyone
Inspired by publications Komrad LESHIY of homemade knives, razors and parang, I also decided to try to do something from a piece of metal with his hands. Since I previously had to deal with the blacksmith’s craft, I decided to start with something simple, and just do a straight razor.

So, when the target was set, I suddenly remembered how on the road to home, I accidentally visited the exhibition «Norwegian Vikings», held on the night of the museums and there was a blacksmith, the public demonstrated the production of a piece of wire nails. I thought about it and decided to do homemade horn, like the one that was with him, just a little pereinachenny for my taste, as it turned out for the better in terms of ease of manufacture and compactness, and in no way inferior to him as.

At first I thought the scheme of its manufacture. And then at the first opportunity began to implement their ideas. Here’s what I got:
Dug sufficient clay near the river, (had no choice, as it turned out the whole clay was only one species, it is not suitable to me, but it’s also not the worst. Main disadvantage was that it was a lot of sand), I Use your imagination and became vyleplivat the image that I had in my head.
As a result, it fashioned bowl cat handmade (most of this creature looked like it was on this vesch only with walls 5 inches :)), I made a hole at the bottom to access the oxygen in the future and put the stick there.

At this stage the gallery was not because of employment in the manufacturing process and the inability to take pictures because of dirty hands in the clay. But in general, IMHO, and so everything is clear in the following photos

Dove calmly dry this creation, I went to burn it. Spreading fire more I hoisted to the top of the bowl and waited.

Homemade horn razor

Once the fire has burnt through,

Homemade horn razor

bowl and it seemed to me quite burned, I took it out of the fire and was already wanted to go home when suddenly remembered that I had brought it here in a plastic bag «Ribbon», and now it heated to> 150 degrees, and I have to wait goodbye or bag and therefore horn will remain in the forest, because cool it will be long. He waited a bit, and have already begun to take the defense mosquitoes, I scored bark, wrapped it up and put in the package finally took the same home.

The next day, when all is cold, I began to build a forge.
Drilled wand (it turned into coal, and it was not hard), cleaned out the hole.
Put himself clay furnace-bowl on the ground, connect a tube duct tape attached to it my fur, namely the old cooler from the computer that has stood me in good stead and the battery to it. The assembly was over, poured into the furnace coal kerosinchiku added for quick ignition and raced …

Homemade horn razor

Z.Y.__ Smoke on a photo-evaporating kerosene.

Homemade horn razor

To my surprise horn worked perfectly, and doing it a couple of arrowheads, I started my main goal — the razor.

Homemade horn razor

As a material for the razor I chose metal bolt, very large diameters and as I understood from decent stalyuki. We wanted to make it from the disk of a circular saw (Because of this undoubted superiority over stalyuki above), but this was only one, and I had in store for a large knife and for better times.

As a result, taking your bolt, presenting mind what I want to achieve, I started …

Homemade equipment and portable forge popotev over a metal bolt I still reached the result. Certainly not ideal, but still for the first time a good result …
Did everything by the book, not to perekalit applied a magnet, holidays do not become, as I needed durability RK. Well and memorable about other subtleties …
Then picked up a grinder and brought it to mind …
Here’s what happened:
Homemade horn razor

A black spot is dimpled steel, which were formed due to sloppy hammer blows, grind them I did not, leave for beauty.

Homemade horn razor

Despite the experience of the first workpiece turned out pretty smooth and I was very pleased.
Homemade horn razor

ZY Razor itself ends where begins the bolt itself. In the future I plan to saw off the remainder of the bolt and make the handle from birch burl.

Homemade horn razor

Homemade horn razor

All product with the remainder of the bolt.

Homemade horn razor

At the end sharpened on bars.

Razor turned out pretty good, did not try to shave, but bad hair shaves and cuts paper with a tree just like clockwork, do not even notice as you cut. I think either something perehimichil with heat treatment, or just stalyuka crap in the bolt was.

Although not ruled insufficient sharpening option. When I make the pen try to fix this problem.


Also wanted to ask if anyone knows:

How to fix the handle of 2 dies from birch burl to the knife (it is a simple knife), we drilled two holes through the entire sandwich (Handle cap + knife) and then what???

A bit strange a question, but still. Does anyone know how suitable for the production of a variety of knives bolts???

And what of the most accessible stalyuki better suited for the production of knives???

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