There are Kata-Ivanovo district of Chelyabinsk region village Aratsky. Those who have been in a cave Ignatievskaya know it, because particularly in Aratsky need to turn away from the asphalt.  Village founded the fortress of the Nizhny Novgorod province, which the founders of the South Ural metallurgy Tverdyshev-Myasnikov purchased to work on Katavsky plants. It happened in the middle of the 18th century.  Who was in the village Aratsky probably paid attention to the fact that the village should not directly next to the road, and in the side. This fact is the place to be for a reason, Read more [...]
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Mineral spring Kurgazak

     In the second of rodnikavytekaet 100-125 liters. water for sutki- 8640000 l .. Water istochnikaKurgazak - Brackish. The main ionic composition close kmineralnym  waters of the "NAFTA" has vsepostoyanstvom temperature (+ 16 ° ± 0.5 C) at any time of the year. Obladayaoriginalnym chemical composition, "living water" is better than any doctor displays izorganizma stones, salt and slag. Mineral salt taste hardly felt, although healing tseleyimeetsya enough of them. But suitable for microelements vney very many. There is iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, Read more [...]
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Ridge Pai-Khoi

Pai Hoem called the low mountain range, which extends from the extreme northern part of the Polar Urals in the GCC, and continues to the Strait of Ugra Bowl. Between Pai Hoem and Polar Urals is a series of intermediate elevations. The length of the Pai-Khoi-more than 200 km, height - 200-400 m above sea level. The highest mountain - Sea-Of (467 m). In the physical and geographical terms Pai-Khoi occupies the left bank of the river Kara and Ugra Peninsula, administrative - is located in the Nenets Autonomous District of the Arkhangelsk region. The long debate about whether the Pai-Khoi independent Read more [...]
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Kutukskoe karst gorge

On the days of logs placed sinkholes of various shapes and sizes ranging from a few meters up to fifty or more. Their depth achieves 30 meters. By the plain of the river of snow-white tract revealed steep rocky slopes. All precipitation in Kutukskim tract, leaving the ground. Surface runoff is represented by only only with 2 small streams Kutukov and Sumgait, also endangered karst Ponor. Groundwater Tracts discharged in the plains of rivers and snow-white Nugush in the form of massive sources. Within the boundaries of the tract is a huge number of karst underground cavities. Various caves and Read more [...]
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Cave Kutukov-Sumgait

In the walls of the well is a huge number of niches and moves. The upper part of the shaft is exposed to erosion and is subject to rockfalls. Below 20 meters, the start portion, the walls of which are covered with ice year round. On the days of the well all year round snow. On the days of the first well in the subsequent descent begins, 35-meter shaft. Which leads to the lower level of the system. Once upon a time Galleries lower tier system outputs to a large underground river. Unfortunately, due to the rise in groundwater levels caused by construction Yumaguzinskoye reservoirs, underground Read more [...]
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Cave Kurgazakskaya

Cave Kurgazak or Kurgazakskaya located on the left bank of the river Ai, below the village of Megeve. By the banks of the river leaves the log in the right side of which, at a distance of a couple of hundred meters and the cave begins. Cave Kurgazakskaya not much. The total length of the passages it is 357 meters. This cave corridor type and consists of 3 rooms, connected with each other by corridors. From cave Kurgazaskaya fully available for at least some person without special training. Cave Kurgazaskaya stands on the thread of the popular rafting route along the river Ai, on to it as they Read more [...]
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Cave Komsomolskaya

Entrance to the cave begins at the base of the karst outcrop, baffle creek bed, in narrow slit, at an angle of 45 degrees and a powerful obstruction of boulders. For obstruction begin corridors and small rooms, leading through a gallery opening to siphon at a depth of 78 m. Throughout the caves traces of mud and debris, brought here by water. During the vernal snowmelt cave completely flooded waters, which later slowly out through the narrow siphons. In Komsomolskaya can meet fascinating phenomenon, icicles and growths of clay.For the passage of the cave is quite 1st of days. You can reach Read more [...]
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Seminar in Shulgantashe

1-3 March 2013 Organisers: Municipal Nature Reserve "Shulgan-Tash," Working Party on the Protection and Use of caves under the Ministry of Environment of Belarus, the Urals Association cavers, the Federation of Speleology and Speleotourism RB Venue: Burzyansky district of Bashkortostan, cordon "Kapova cave" municipal nature reserve "Shulgan-Tash"The purpose of the workshop - education cavers society activists and workers protected areas included in the full Biosphere Reserve "Bashkirian Urals", on the environmental attributes, scientific and practical value of cave ecosystems in the Southern Read more [...]
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Family Ural writer DN My mothers and Regional Studies Library Nizhny Tagil

     Nizhny Tagil local history library (a division of the Museum-Reserve "Ural metallurgical") Is the oldest in the city. She was 155 years old. Library principal stockholder of the literary monuments in the Sverdlovsk region. The funds of the institution are books and manuscripts XVII-XXI centuries. Many of them are unique. These include rare books related to the life and work of the great Ural Narkisovich writer Dmitry Mamin-Siberian, birth anniversary of which is celebrated on November 6th.    A valuable historical source are "Magazines Read more [...]
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Praprapravnuchka Hudoyarovyh on island history podnosnogo fishing

     On the old artisan street Tagil in Farmgate May 2009 met the holiday: after three years of renovation opened re-exposition in the museum podnosnogo fishing.     The mood of the guests raised not only a master-class professional artists, updated windows, adding to the collection, but also the music. Heartily tried folk ensemble "Soloveiko" and an ensemble of folk instruments "Pock" O.D.Popova name.     Museum staff and visitors recalled how 18 years ago began Museum podnosnogo fishing. And then invited all the participants Read more [...]
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To the highest peaks of the Polar Urals and the People’s Manaraga

1 According to the Northern Railway Station Labytnangi (from Moscow 2.5 days). 2 On the bus from across the Ob Labytnangi to Salekhard, 17 km (0.5 hours). 3 By plane from Salekhard to Berezova (2 hours). 4 On the plane from Berezova to Saranpaul (2 hours). 5 Skiing Saranpaul from the river of the People, 120 miles (6 days). 6 Climbing Mount Narodnaya and descent into the valley of the river Manaraga, 21 km (2 days). 7 Skiing down the valley to the foot of the mountain Manaraga Manaraga, 14 km (1 day). 8 Climbing Mount Manaraga, 10 km (1 day). 9 Skiing down the valley and Manaraga Kosyu Read more [...]
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The return of the Christmas tree

    Festive tree in year White Rabbit prescribed decorate vintage christmas toys and recall family traditions. Let us follow this advice and go back to 75 years ago. Imagine how first celebrated population clapboard coming New year.     After the death of VI Lenin in 1924 year Christmas holiday in Russia was canceled. The arrival of the New Year was declared a harmful "bourgeois tradition", Put in homes and decorate fir prohibited. Only 11 years later, 22 December 1935, on the initiative of a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) PP Postyshev Read more [...]
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Practical travel tips Polar Urals

The success of a tourist trip to the difficult conditions in the Polar Urals largely depends on the proper selection of clothing and equipment. Experience has shown that skiers on Circumpolar Ural is better to go in mountain boots (without Tricon), 2-3 rooms outsized shoes to be inserted insole, put on a pair of legs filament and 1-2 pairs of wool socks. Climbing shoes stronger than standard ski, have a soft leather lining, at least let the water, although somewhat heavier than the latter. Shoes must be free to sit on the foot, otherwise frostbitten feet. To not get wet boots from tayaschego them Read more [...]
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Rebellious zheleztsa

    According to NV Gogol, the plot "Dead Shower" he was inspired by AS Pushkin. There are several assumptions about how and where the great poet took the story. Some literary critics believe that the idea of ​​AS Pushkin borrowed from foreign reality, A But the Soviet writer Marietta Shahinian in book "First All-Russian" connects this with the events of the Ural factories. According to her hypothesis, engaging in the thirties the last century, the study of history Pugachev uprising and its predecessor peasant unrest, AS Pushkin drew attention Read more [...]
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By the day of the city in 2010

    Nizhny Tagil - one of three Russian cities, whose history of the epithet "first" awarded with a lot of events and achievements. They say that the tradition of celebrating the Day the city began here almost 35 years ago almost the first time in the country. And the initiative to conduct him under a certain motto also appeared at tagilchan.     This year, the main urban holiday special radiance lit, holy dates: Great Pebede - 65 During the war, Tagil gave front fearless fighters, powerful military equipment and ammunition. He paid for win a Read more [...]
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Road length in the age of

    The first room "Desktop" Body Ekaterinburg Nizhny Tagil group Committee of the RSDLP was released in May 1906 edition of 700 copies. Come out Newspaper in 1907 and 1908, despite the brutal censorship. "Ural truth" in the 13th issue of the July 9, 1917 mentions the publication of the Social Democrats in Nizhny Tagil newspaper "Work". "Red Urals", "The News", "Work" so changed name of the newspaper, produced in one years after the revolution, in the main, editorial collective. Since 1931, the newspaper goes Read more [...]
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On the 80th anniversary of NTPL Metallurg. From trade schools to vocational lyceum

    There is at the junction of the Lenin and Tagilstoevskogo areas of Nizhny Tagil, in the street, Tsiolkovsky building, that for personal reasons so many expensive metallurgists. Because here, in its walls, have been the most memorable years of his youth. At different times, in different ways, it was called trade schools, RU number 4, TU №16, TU №2, vocational school № 93, NTTL. Now it Nizhnetagilskij vocational school "Metallurg". Changed names, but the essence remained the same school personnel are always ready for metallurgy Nizhny Tagil.    Read more [...]
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Beetroot. What is it?

    Has long been famous Russia for its fisheries. Gzhel, Khokhloma, Zhostovo man created tools, household and subjects with different properties cognized materials, honing his skills in their processing, extending the outstanding ability and talent.     Once and Nizhny Tagil famous for its crafts and craftsmen. In the XVIII century Urals researchers and travelers P. Pallas, S. Gmelin celebrated beauty and durability Tagil products. Not only in Russia but also in the international markets in demand lacquered painted Tagil Tray, boxes covered with tin Read more [...]
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Seventieth 70!

    In November 2005, the number of OS 70, located on the lining, 70 years old. In scales of the universe, this period of time - a grain of sand, to the educational institution - whole epoch.     One of its famous alumni, honored master of sports of the USSR hockey, holder of the Order "Sign Honor" and Friendship of Peoples, the world champion and Europe, Canada Cup winner Sergei Shepelev once told reporters that high achievements required to home school her Director-war veteran AT Moses and the teacher Physical Education VK Novoselov. Alexander Trofimovitch Read more [...]
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To the origins of the Kama

This tourist route passes through the following locations:  Perm-Vereschagino-village Putin Komary- village village village Zapolie Sepych village Sokolowo village Kulig Station Res.Trail hiking or skiing. The length of the  by rail 180 km, and  bus -16 km, walking paths 115 km. Duration of trip: 10 days.  The main purpose of the campaign: to trace where originates river Kama. On the way back to its roots, tourists can see the nature of Vereschaginskiy rural district of the Perm Territory and partly Udmurtia.Kama is one of the most beautiful rivers of our country. Read more [...]
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