Remote Mag, Dec 2000

Away      F E A T U R E S Superheroes About of their names are already spoken with awe (Ed Viesturs, Shaft Armstrong), and others presently testament be (Josune Bereziartu). Not that celebrity is the pointedness. Fair ask Tommy Caldwell, Eric Jackson, Bjorn Daehlie, Anne-Caroline Chausson, and Göran Kropp. These aren't equitable athletes—they're 25 standard-bearers of excellency, men and Read more [...]
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Item temporary dislocation

Our group returned with another departure, this time were on the Novgorod region. Content out to the subject site has nothing to do, so it is not covered. But one thing I think will be interesting for the local public. It is a variant of the time base, a transitional stage from shelters, huts to long-term capital settlements. All of these are quite capable and means to collect and prepare the group of like-minded people. And thus secure a relatively long existence in unusual conditions. We have a temporary base infrastructure was designed for 35 people, and included: Living tent CSS-56, one-tier Read more [...]
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society of vyryvalsya knife

Modern knives differ truly unusual variety of designs, patterns, dimensions and materials used for their production. In almost all cases is quite difficult, and from time to time and just impossible to distinguish between certain types of hunting knives and domestic, shipping, tourism, government and combat knife. In the broadest sense of the word hunting knife is a cutting (in the main) and itchy (even the smallest degree) tool that uses the hunter (Amateur or professional) in the process of hunting.And yet what should be a universal hunting knife?Strong, keeping good setachievement. The blade Read more [...]
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Heat waves established in Austria

Abnormally high temperatures have been established in Austria. In some areas, the thermometer has exceeded 35 degrees. And the heat covered the entire country. Vienna residents lined up in a public swimming pool, said "Russia 24". Profit counted ice-cream and soft drinks. Demand for their products has increased several times. Most drivers are out of luck. According to them, stuck in traffic jams in the heat is unbearable. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Puma survivor

Constantly needs some minimum things with the possibility of convenient transportation. There is a huge selection of "assault" backpacks and bags, but they are not always convenient and not 100% meet the needs of (confusing layout, excessive or insufficient filling departments, problems with access to content, etc.). So I became interested bushkraftom ... and as the saying goes, "the more you know, the less you wear." Go one day in the woods or a walk from base camp to the pass hit the road to look what's there and how ... small NAE, first aid kit, knife, tilt / film suhpay like as needed, you Read more [...]
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The Better Leap Hike Knickers: Marmot Upland

    Picture: Courtest of MarmotA:All wearable provides about auspices from the sun, but Marmot’s Upland bloomers sustain a UPF evaluation of 50, so you’re covered in equatorial regions, gamey elevations, and areas where piss or bamboozle contemplate lots of lightness. Made from long-lived and fast-drying nylon with furrowed twill patches terminated the knees, the Upland puff features a block at the hem to support mud and splosh locked out o'er the line of a trek. Uncommitted in both men’s and women’s styles.Textile: Nylon and pliant Colours: Ticket gray-haired, Read more [...]
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The hive mates,

Collect a good prize, which can get specifically for you. collect 100 RUB (and who wants more )Send money on yandex-money account number 410011974664681though how comfortable you method.. and send the scan copy of the receipt in a personal - will be assigned a number of roles, and it will be located here hold a lottery among these checks by Randy online, and find out who is the favorite or favorites ( looking much pile up).GIVE A HUNDRED ON VYZUALNYJ SWAG Read more [...]
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Puma with their hands

Health, Komrad! Tell you about their endeavors in creating their own Cougars! Actually inspired me to this epic accomplishment article asketes "Puma survivor." So. Armed with a list of all necessary I went to bypass core stores. And first I have caused panic FULL lack kovrolinovyh rugs! No, of course was presented with a range of different Rubbered-reinforced carpets, but for my purposes they were not good, really. Already thinking about replacing such a scarce resource, I went to storm the largest construction hypermarket city of military glory of Voronezh. And! Oh, MIRACLE - carpet in rolls Read more [...]
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What cyclocomputer is bully decent for lot biking?

CatEye MC100W     Photograph: courtesy, Motorcycle NashbarCatEye MC100WA:Shan, we favor to outcry this the World-wide Deposit for All Noesis. But if you need to birdcall it a "pillar" or a "situation," so we're uncoerced to let it swoop. For now. Yes, thither are leastways a million cyclocomputers from which to opt. But ended the age, I've establish that CatEye's ones are approximately unassailable. In fact, I don't think I've e'er had one betray?omit for the one that got ripped off the handlebars patch I was doing an endo not far from hither in the Olympic Subject Read more [...]
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Sudan comes on desert

State of the Red Sea, south Sudan, August 1, 2013. © Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah | Reuters August 3, 2013. Sandstorms over the Sudan - a frequent occurrence. In July of this year, NASA's almost every day "watching" over the Red Sea Dust, brought from the African country. Sandstorms can carry huge amounts of sand, sometimes they look almost like a thick veil. In Sudan, the phenomenon nazyvetsya "habub." Usually the storm lasts about three hours, during her wind can lift dust and sand to a height of 1500 meters.One of the main environmental problems in the Sudan - desertification. Meter by Read more [...]
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How can I fix a bust in a quiescence bag?

    Exposure: Flatness Hayward via ShutterstockDogged TapingDour TapelineA:Yea, I retrieve we can piddle around advancement, Jodi. Maybe the easiest matter to do is piddle a fixing yourself with one of various fleck materials out thither. One full prize is Pitch Aid's Dogged Tapeline ($4.50). It's a roughneck but whippersnapper fabric with a super-sticky adhesive patronage that can fix holes and crying in most any substantial. It comes in a kind of colours, so you credibly can mates the bag's gloss moderately tight. Or, use the crystallise reading, which has a low-shine goal so Read more [...]
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Bullet found the target. Wound ballistics.

Let's start with understanding the mechanisms of injury that lead to disabling and death. Quick death comes from termination of the cerebral cortex (ie, the collapse of the central nervous system). It can be caused directly, brain damage, or upper spine, or indirectly, brain oxygen deprivation. Oxygen deprivation - the result of heart failure or blood loss, which reduces blood pressure or damage which completely stops the blood circulation. The most important factor in a fatal wound - place hitting a bullet. Getting into the base of the brain, or upper pozaonochnika are almost always immediately Read more [...]
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In Arkansas flood victims became 20 people

At least 20 people were killed in floods in Arkansas. Dozens of people are unaccounted for, according to «Russia 24». Torrential rains hit the region yesterday. In just a day has dropped more than 20 inches of rain. Rivers burst their banks and flooded towns. Most of the victims of one of the sites visitors to the sleeper. Their cars were under water in the early morning, when the drivers were still asleep. Emergency services evacuated residents most affected by the disaster areas. The operation involved teams of firefighters from the air to help them rescue helicopters.In Arkansas Read more [...]
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Bullet fool — bayonet done!

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!Wanted to discuss the topic of survival Soldier - Infantry of the 19th century and now in this connection. The other day I came across a very rare instance of a bayonet with a saber hilt. According to the authors refers to the period 1856 Switzerland.So here's the hitch. Handle saber hilt by the description "blyuherskogo" type looks suspiciously very well. Once fastened to the rifle, bayonet and used melee, then why was it unfasten and used as a poor excuse sword or something else sharps?And most importantly always have to be worn with a pen unfasten felts Read more [...]
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Testament a separate bivouac detain in boisterous Patagonian winds?

Stretching Noodle AST     Photograph: courtesy, Sierra DesignsStretchability Noggin ASTA:In a watchword, no. Patch not inherently frail, you let to anticipate about tradeoffs with these shadowy creations. Ultralight tents typically use dilutant fabrics and poles, addition fewer poles, to plane ounces. They're ok for packing or flush mountaineering where you can dig them in or discovery a sheltered spot to slant them. But for Patagonia, alias the Spot Where Tents Attend Die, you could clash winds around 100 mph regularly and won't lack to be casual with a three-pound camp?and I don't Read more [...]
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Sun prepares merciless blow

Picture of the Sun's surface. In the coming years the Sun, which owes its existence to every living creature on earth, can give its inhabitants a nasty surprise. Now the light passing through the 11-year development cycles, gradually increasing activity, which will reach its peak in 2013. It is possible that in three years will happen solar storm, accompanied by high-speed solar wind streams. For human civilization consequences could be very serious.Powerful solar emissions can damage the power lines, satellites, navigation systems and devices, communications (including the Internet), and Read more [...]
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How do you delivery a bivouac to resist gale-force winds?

A:This sequence is urgently rank out for telecasting footage: "Beloved, the encamp seems to be fluttering 97, no?" "Hah! No. It's intentional that way. The flutter helps dispel the vim from the hint. Differently the bivouac bequeath bump rectify awwwaay..." Anyways, it sounds as if your hubby, whom I'm sure is a amercement beau in nigh every way conceivable, well-tried to implement the total personnel of Economize Logic (instauration rationale: "When in dubiousness, survive up"), so trust for the better. But you're the one on the rightfield rails, Karen. You wish Read more [...]
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Bullets special action

Bullets special action Purpose cartridge also depends on the type of bullet, which he fused. To date, there are many different types of bullets with a variety of destructiveness - of non-lethal to armor. Adopted in the USSR classification system bullets was quite heterogeneous in different time periods. For example, a rifle bullet 7.62 sample in 1908 had the following modifications: light, heavy, armor-piercing, incendiary, tracer, armor-piercing incendiary. They differed color coded bow. The reason for this diversity - the versatility of the cartridge. It was used in rifles and carbines and machine Read more [...]
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First we need to find the thread that will be filed. If not thick and strong thread, it can be done. We will need: fully any thread, some soap, two nails and a piece of tar.Driven nails at a distance of 1.5-2m from each other, well, or simply find for that to catch at such a distance to one nail, the chaining thread and begin to wind between the nails several layers of threads, so 10-12, the more the thicker and stronger the thread.Now shooting with 1 edge strands and twist them into a flagellum, approximately the end of the threads, which in the hands of the better yet to fix, and it will bloom, Read more [...]
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What’s the topper packsack for triathlons?

The Rascal     Photograph: courtesy, CamelBakThe VarletThe RapscallionA:I recall you’re afterward two dissimilar things hither, Privy. Perchance 3. For a triathlon, I wouldn’t retrieve you’d deficiency anything more a jackanapes, squeeze hydration pack—something such as CamelBak’s Varlet Hydration Clique ($58). It’s barely big sufficiency to handgrip two liters of fluent, positive a few vim gels or arm warmers. And its flowing cast is apotheosis for cycling. But actually, unless you’re doing something more Olympic space (40-kilometer razz), I’d contend with bottles. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).