Is the new Arc’teryx haulier the hereafter of backpacks?

A:Thither is a new Arc'teryx rucksack, which should so be out this saltation. Really, backpacks plural, as Arc'teryx has a unit contrast of these things out, called Forward-looking Complex Structure packs. They're raincoat packs made with welded-seam engineering, pregnant thither isn't a sew in them. Everything is welded or pasted?flush the straps to the mob bag. Disposed the ontogenesis preponderance of welded seams in wearable, I retrieve it's alone a thing of clip earlier sewed seams in anything?packs, quiescency bags, parkas, you distinguish it?are a matter of the yesteryear. I looked at these Read more [...]
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What do I indigence to trek done the jungles of Thailand?

The Kimtah     Pic: courtesy, REIThe KimtahThe KimtahA:Contingent where you are in Thailand, it mightiness be often tank than you recollect. Specially up n it's potential for night temperatures to driblet to nigh freeze. And Lordly is the showery flavour, so it's passing to be wet.So let's simplify things. I'd emphatically stoppage in the nylon/Gore-Tex ingroup. Cotton volition scarce get wet and be great and useless. Hanker drawers for leg security, like for you shirt—long sleeves. Although you power besides clique a shirt with brusque sleeves. Lightness rainfall cogwheel. And Read more [...]
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Missing people

Dear survivalist! we have lost a son, Mitya Ignatiev (Tim, Timfly), who was interested in how to survive in case of the third world war. The problem is that he is a mentally ill person and can not live without drugs, which he already ran out. If someone recognizes him from a photograph or by signs, described below, please advise. Spread this information survivalist in St. Petersburg. Maybe someone saw him after the 7th of June. Father Ivan Ignatiev. Email: / phone: +79062401036 or +79111971205Ignatiev Dmitri IvanovichBorn November 30, 1978, lives in St. Petersburg Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Clip, Jun 2000

Exterior     F E A T U R E S THE Roughneck TRIPS Templet Occur, We Daring You It's clock you became the hoagie of your own high-adventure account. Meter you put your courageousness to the exam and proven you've got what it takes to cavort in the humanity's nigh dreadful places. We'll furnish the inspiring examples, preparation tips, and MO. All you've got to do is go that trembling underframe Read more [...]
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According to the Southern Urals walk tornadoes

August 1, 2013. Unusual for the region a natural phenomenon was recorded in Magnitogorsk.

Source: Uralinformbjuro

damn — if I only prepare for PSU

survive - then survive and stay Bole - less chocolate. To survive, we arrange an arms race, stock, tools, experience and information. All this is well worth the effort and money. This energy, but would send a peaceful course! We'll save your body - perish our brothers and sisters in other cities - acceptable? No! Unite, create survivalist base, leave Siberia in with relatives and save their bodies die several thousand children, adults, girls and boys - acceptable? No! When the alarm will go down into the bunker, let it burn all the fire, and then we'll live out, eat tushnyak, and subjected to gas Read more [...]
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Any more or less well-established forum is very similar to the society in miniature. "Survive" is no exception. And here, as in the community, the residents are often subjected to intense information impact. Why some publications mixed feelings of hostility, anxiety, and dark interest? I already wrote that the presentation of the material is very important to maintain a balance of positive and negative component in it. If the information material (no matter whether it is a comment, or volume essay) negative, ie information about "bad", contains more?, then all this stuff - negative. So, people Read more [...]
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What gearing do I indigence for biking to oeuvre?

A:Salubrious, doing your role to battle dealings gridlock by hopping on a wheel! I don this go takes you aside from Athens, which I don't think is in the nearly bike-friendly parting of the reality. But I straggle.No strict rules for commutation wearable versus what you mightiness wearable when on a "unconstipated" route rag. The key to your kit is flexibleness. Manifestly, conditions weather can variety betwixt your daybreak and eventide commutes. So you'll wish a motorcycle press that promises maximal versatility. For me, that would fee-tail two or leash igniter layers during sang-froid Read more [...]
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survival tips

A FEW TIPS FOR CHOOSING Clothes AND SHOES.The middle stripe and the earth's subtropical climate. Need to know what areas in these latitudes swarm of blood-sucking insects-type mosquitoes. As a result, the clothes here should be chosen taking into account this factor. In the 1-x, your suit should be the maximum to cover the whole body, namely it concerns limbs. No jerseys and shorts Sleeves and Trouser legs clothes should be with a small supply of length that you moglie troubles tuck them into boots and gloves, in addition his Ph.D. in such a way that from midges.At 2, pohlopotat about this Napomena Read more [...]
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What Are the Topper Mountaineering Shades?

It gets moderately smart supra timberline. These are roughly of our darling shades for acting in the mountains.     Pic: Stefanweihs/Flickr,, stefanweihs/Flickr, and JulboMonteRosa shades from Jublo MonteBianco shades from Julbo. Trek shades from Julbo. A:Lex, first, many thanks for authorship. My appurtenance den was notion lonesome (Breath: the release to your left-hand!). I don't cerebrate anyone makes bettor shades for high-level mounting and blow activities than Julbo. The fellowship has been some for 120 eld, and patch they birth another sport-specific Read more [...]
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Prokochal his knife

Two years ago, a friend bought a Chinese knife for 50p. A few months later the knife went into my hands. Recently I decided to change it.The first thing I decided to do a "gear" sharpening. That's what happenedTeeth made simple circular needle files. (Apologies for the photo quality).The handle of the knife was in a weak braided. After an hour throwing flew. Decided to do a better braid. Used a simple clothesline.This video shows how to make a braid.Sorry, could not insert a video.And lastly wove lanyard. Carbine had to remove-mingled.The title of my Lanyard "Round" HERE Read more [...]
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Several people died in the earthquake in Indonesia

Several people were killed and dozens of houses were partially destroyed as a result of a series of earthquakes on Wednesday morning in the eastern part of Indonesia, local media reported. "One person was killed and about 50 buildings were damaged in the first quake a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale, whose epicenter was located 91 kilometers south-west of the capital of the province of Central Sulawesi town of Palu, a hotbed of lying about ten kilometers from the surface of the Makassar Strait "- passed the national news agency Antara. Soon, 123 kilometers south-east of the island of Read more [...]
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Livni brought to Brazil landslides and fever

Torrential rains since early June does not stop at the north-east of Brazil, caused landslides in the state of Pernambuco. Already killed eight local residents, said on Friday the local office of the Civil Defense. According to the National Institute of Meteorology of the country, on the date, the amount of precipitation has exceeded 400 millimeters. Usually at this time of the year falls on average 352 mm of precipitation. Heavy rains brought to Brazil another disaster: an epidemic of dengue fever. Peddlers infection - mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti, which breed in fresh water stoyaloy. Already Read more [...]
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Pushing LEATHERMAN juiceS2

I wish you health! unexpectedly, during a night vigil, dreaming about leatherman surge - really multitool! - and twisting in my hand EDC juiceS2 (all the same laser)) doper to simple as shovel upgrade! look at the photo - and all understand  profit! pickpocket have washed down with advanced features of any material. Oh, and web ipolzovat Shank BOSCH, as you all might suspect. yuzayte the glory vyzhivuyskuyu! Read more [...]
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What’s the trump whippersnapper carapace that won’t be the world?

Stretchiness Lead Cap     Photograph: courtesy, Mont-BellStretchability Lead CapA:Easily, we don't outcry them "windbreakers" anymore. That's so '60s and low-tech, fashioning one concoct the millions of cheesy nylon jackets that put-upon to be democratic cover in the day. Now they're wind-resistant (or windproof) shells, and get around seal. One exemplar of this genre is Marmot's DriClime Windshirt ($100; It's a polyester composition (polyester existence course water-repellent and quick-drying) with a lighter plain facing that serves as insularism, which Read more [...]
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Incidents during the New Year celebrations

I heartily congratulate dear comrades a Happy New Year! I read a lot and for a long time "survive" and now finally reschil sam.Tema and write my post - incident during the New Year celebrations. I will not touch such things as overeating, perepity, vigils under the TV - I want to touch such a fun and naughty things like firecrackers, fireworks and other such pyrotechnic dregs. Just yesterday afternoon in the private sector house was blown up, and took off very colorful - with a rollicking New Year's firing and excellent illumination.At the same time he died pyrotechnics, fourteen (!) People homeless Read more [...]
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How do I get corner slant out of a cap?

A:Advantageously, foremost, you nine whoever it was that made you non-jew the viscous end of the shoetree, so to verbalise. So, attend work the cap. Corner delivery is a rude rosin containing what are called "dipertenes" and "tripertenes." Cerebrate "turps aroma" and you'll get the thought. On the corner, these resins snub insects such as skin beetles, dissuade phytophilous creatures such as cervid, and suppress the growing of fungi and bacterium. Perchance you upright parting the englut on the crown, so you won't be attacked by swarms of skin beetles, not to quotation Read more [...]
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the survival of the idea of housing

ICELANDIC TURF HOUSES.Icelandic turf houses (own design - the dugout or semi-dugout) long was built in Iceland due to the difficult climate on the Peninsula and the lack of other stroymaterialov, perfectly protect from the cold. These houses were used for dwellings from the ninth century to the mid twentieth century.Moved to the Peninsula from the continent Vikings, who built a wood house, rapidly wasted a considerable part of the forests of the island. Now Iceland poor forests, and those that do exist consist of birch, which is not very great for stroitelstvoimoti forest Iceland, too, could not, Read more [...]
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NePropadu project — 3 years! With Treshnikov us, friends!

Dear vyzhivalschitsy and survivalist!Today the project, oddly enough, for as much as 3 years. In memory, frankly, are already beginning to lubricate those times (although only 3 years, it would seem, has passed), when there was a need and an opportunity to "give birth" this project.Time, subjectively, it took a. I (on behalf of the entire administration of the project, I hope) truly believe that despite all the ups and downs, sickness and health, and discord "obnimashki" - a project that brings benefit and assistance to all comers, and for whom he actually thought.Despite the fact that somehow Read more [...]
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Do backpackers shuffling life appurtenance investments?

One-half Bonce 2 HC     Picture: courtesy, REIOne-half Bean 2 HCA:So, material doesn't finale evermore?specially when you nous for the buy cellar. But I realise the momentum to do so when in your berth. Geartrain can get expensive, and to full fit oneself from scar can be overflow $1,000 if you're real having to buy the unit gamut: mob, bivouac, dormant bag, dress, range, cookware, etcetera. It adds up. (To palliate a few of these problems, check my usher to pitch savings.) I've plant that investment in good-quality poppycock pays off in the foresighted run. This doesn't intend Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).