«I drink a lot, I sleep a little, and I smoke one cigar after another. So I two hundred percent in the form of «W. Churchill


Greetings to all, dear kamrady.hotel temku raise one that I think will be interesting and «useful» — the theme of smoking. Smoking now probably longer than non-smokers, so I decided to make this article as he smoked more than 20 years.
In the beginning of his narrative I earnestly request SEE following video.Posle view it would be desirable to smoke cigarettes purchased somewhat less smoke … But it would be desirable! There for this tube, roll-ups and hookah. It’s about the past and I want to write. About tobacco generally a separate issue, but if you are 2-3 words, the better your home-grown tobacco or tobacco purchased good, with his hands chopped dried and smeshanoogo, is unlikely to be something better … although there is one plant Cannabis indica but write about it I’m not going toRYO So:

What do modern cigarettes

I write today about a cigarette.

RYO history goes back to Spain XVII century, more precisely in the city of Seville. While it was a significant port city, where, in fact, began his triumphal procession through the Old World tobacco at all. Urban poor adapted twist of tobacco waste and scraps of paper so-called «papiletti.» Much later, during the Crimean War (1854-1856), the opposing armies soldiers participating in hostilities, adopted each other forced habit «quick smokes.» Returning from the war, including in Russia, former soldiers could not do without Cigarette. However, while tobacco factory already equipped with machines for stranding cigarettes, and the latter began to appear in the shops, but the roll-ups were always cheaper and somehow dearer.

In the twentieth century Russian folk smoking mass repeatedly returned to one of my favorite types of crafts — a cigarette. It was in the post-revolutionary period, when many tobacco factories were not working, during and after the Great Patriotic War, when factory production lacked. Smoked so-called «home-grown tobacco,» or rather «shag» (Nicotiana Rustica).
In the old questions were not the same as now — do without cars, no electricity, no planes, no televisions, and even without the Internet. But without shag could not do. The whole history of our country is firmly bonded with her. Her if peasant rest near arable land, coming out after the change of the working out of the shop, drop the gun if soldiers during a break between fights — each holding it indispensable companion men shag.


Many believe that shag — a lower grade tobacco. Profound mistake! This stand-alone plant, a close relative of tobacco, but still not the usual tobacco, which is grown as a raw material for cigarettes. Ancestry is from the wild tobacco, native to South America. There she was discovered at the beginning and XYI century European seafarers. Unlike potatoes, shag originally came to Russia, and a century later spread to Central and Eastern Europe.

Since then, almost to the mid-twentieth century, successfully competed with shag tobacco. Still, the taste and smell of it is somewhat different. Therefore, are those who believe that supersedes shag tobacco for poor people. Not at all — for the diversity of its smoked and sniffed representatives of all segments of the population. And if the ladies gladly ponyuhivali mahorochku and gentlemen, it was packed tube, the men spun the famous «goat legs».
Spurred hardship creative folk thought was perfected in «samokrutochnoy» area. The result is a truly Russian modification RYO — «pressure foot.» Making «goat legs» — is a very special art. From a piece of paper, for the master piece can be of arbitrary shape, gets a unique product consisting of five parts: the mouthpiece, forearm, joint, and breech plug. Design is very similar to pipe smoking. A cigarette usually «refueled» tobacco.

Cigarettes gained wide popularity only in the twentieth century. Their «heyday» is associated with the First World War. U.S. General John J. Pershing John Pershing wrote: «In order to win the war we need tobacco as well as bullets» In those days, cigarettes were called «soldier’s cigarette smoke» tobacco companies produced them in cardboard packets, without mouthpiece and filter. Advent mouthpiece we owe the ladies of the century. When smoking has become fashionable among emancipated ladies, the tobacco companies, to meet the beautiful half of their tobacco to not get into the mouth, and the paper does not soak lipstick. Innovation stuck and became known as «cigarettes». In the mid 20-ies of Philip Morris and American Tobacco Company produced brands of cigarettes that are designed specifically for women — Marlboro and Lucky Strike.

During World War II, cigarettes par with the food included in soldiers’ rations. Tobacco companies sent millions of cigarettes to the front free. After the war, the company received hundreds of thousands of loyal consumers of cigarettes.


The recent surge of interest in the national roll-ups, can be attributed to the 60 th year. He painted halo of romance, the spirit of freedom, denial of traditional values. Still smoking RYO evokes associations with the movement of «hippies», with deliberate simplicity of everyday items (yes jeans canvas bags). Roll-ups are decent and recognized alternative to cigarettes and cigarettes.
Interestingly, in some countries, smokers give more preference to a cigarette. For example, in the Netherlands, local companies produce tobacco rolled cigarettes of such excellent quality that fans Cigarette here exactly half of all smokers.

In our country for many tobacco lovers first and fundamental factor is the price of purchase side (and we all want to save combined with a decent quality). Typically, such a combination is rare. But, according to lovers of hand-rolled cigarettes, they have exactly what you need. Even with buying a good condition, not the cheapest tobacco use and high-quality paper is cheaper than buying a good cigarette. By the way, roll-ups can be done from virtually any tobacco, even pipe. However, experts are especially appreciated the Dutch tobacco brands such as HALFZWARE, SAMSON, DRUM, VAN NELLE. To enjoy the same pipe tobacco in a cigarette, you need to know a little secret — namely, before use provyalit tobacco, that is to scatter a thin film on a napkin and allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. However, it is not recommended to use a large pipe tobacco cutting with high combustion temperature, for example, DUNHILL. Stranding Cigarette needed not only tobacco, paper and filters, but also the machine. Although there is a perception among fans that the height of perfection — when it rolled cigarette curls without using machines, or even two hands, and one! It is, indeed, worthy of a professional, but most in the beginning still uses typewriters and even this process is quite amusing. Some companies provide a full range once — Cigarette smoking tobacco, special paper (rice or sugar cane), filters (standard and ) and typewriter. Cigarette machines for twisting are small stanochek. They are available from many manufacturers and come in different designs, but the principle of almost all the same.


There is a set of unwritten rules that should be followed if you do decide to try yourself in the difficult art of rolling and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes. In any case it is impossible to curtail cigarette dirty hands — it’s just nonsense. Not so much because it is not hygienic, but because it is sacrilege against secular ritual. Can never do roll-ups in advance reserve — is important not only to the process of smoking, but also the manufacturing process. The ritual requires time and attention. You can not smoke a cigarette on the way or in transport: ritual, repeat, does not tolerate haste. Can not offer you a cigarette made by someone else, of course, if this is not your friend, who decided to learn from you cause twisting of their own.

So what actually causes many people to shift their preferences on RYO tobacco? In all likelihood, this is an opportunity to make a cigarette with his own hands, for a loved one (or your favorite — among fans Cigarette not many are women), of such tobacco, whichever you prefer. Moreover, you can be patient and make for themselves the unique tobacco blend that suits you best. Here is the description Cigarette marketers segment consumers: «… people smoking hand-rolled cigarettes — is youth from 20 to 40 years. Mostly men with above-average education. These are people who know precisely what they want, confident. Hand rolled cigarette gives the person an inner freedom and naturalness of sensations, not only provides an excellent smoking, but also many other valuable feelings .. «.

How to make a cigarette

1. Take pinch of snuff in one hand and the strip of tissue paper — in another. Edge of the paper with a layer of glue should be clearly visible at the same time and turned up.
2. Distribute tobacco on paper forefingers, holding thumbs below.
3. Fold the strip of paper with tobacco between your thumb and forefinger and twist until until a round cigarette.
4. Loosen The adhesive edge of the paper, soak glue language and seal cigarette.
5. Remove excess tobacco cigarettes at both ends, insert the mouthpiece or smoke so RYO

How to wring hands cigarette little video

Tobacco Cigarette


The main supplier of RYO tobacco is traditionally Netherlands. All tobaccos are divided into the following categories:

— Zwar (Zvare — Gaulle., Very dark): 100% dark, strong, heat-dried tobacco kentukksky
— Halfzwar (halfzvar — Gaulle., Semilight-dim): mixture of virgin gold and rich tobaccos kentukkskogo 50 to 50
— Mild (Mild — Gaulle., Soft): a mixture of virgin tobacco and tobacco varieties mature soft Burley (90%) with the addition of oriental varieties (10%)
— Extra / ultra mild (extra or ultra Mild): a mixture of the same components as the mild, possessing, however, even more soft and pleasant taste.

RYO tobacco is used the same slicing as for cigarettes. The first difference is striking — the presence of flavor. Do cigarette tobacco he usually absent. The rest — it is a regular cigarette tobacco.
Tobacco have their main difference — the variety. There are major varieties of tobacco: Virginia (VA), Burley (Burley), Oriental (Orient), Latakia (Latakia). Their differences — different composition of substances, different processing methods, and as a consequence of a different taste. RYO tobacco, are usually flavored mixes different varieties of tobacco.
To tobacco has not lost its taste, and was pleasant when smoking should not prevent it from draining. Dry snuff crumbles into dust and gives a sharp taste. To tobacco is not dried, it must be stored either in the «native» plastic pack or in a special pouch.
It is believed that putting a pack of tobacco slice of apple or carrot can be moistened tobacco. Perhaps, but hydration is uneven. Better spill it on a piece of paper or a wooden board and dropping silent fluid stretch hands. Then let it dry to the point what do you like more.
Tube gives more flavor than rolled cigarette. Pipe tobacco can be further crushed and dry, as it is more humid and close. But better to use a mixture of tobacco for hand-rolled cigarettes.



Cars are very different. They differ in size (both regular and long), material (metal, plastic), the mechanism (different mechanisms for twisting and injectors for tubing). All have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic machine for twisting easier, does not stick to his lips in the cold. It would seem that it is more fragile, but a fall on the pavement, I often fall off the metal eyelet roller and plastic would survive.
Fragile tape in the machine it. It is a consumable item and typewriters premium is replaceable. That tape is the most common cause of failure of machine output.
How to wring a cigarette using machines video

Cigarette paper

There are many different kinds of paper Cigarette —
all shapes, sizes and colors. Use paper on
rice or wheat-based, thinner than — the better.
Benefit from the paper itself is not, so you need to use it as much as possible
less. You can try to tear off the unnecessary part, this is not
do not worry. Wide square of paper in turn give
RYO the opportunity to twist a variety of unusual shapes

Cigarette Filters


Passing through the «right» filter Cigarette smoke
concentrated and condensed in the filter cylinder, it is easier to help
inhale. Moreover, the filter paper with the solution does not have any
in the mouth. Due to the filter, you also will not burn lips.
The shape and size of the filter selected, as they say, to taste. If
filter is too wide, it will miss too much smoke, and
smoking process is quite «hard». Thin same filter, on the contrary,
will skip too little smoke. Therefore, the best option — something
average. The best material for the filter — clean thick paper on
which nothing is written and printed.
Great filters obtained from strips of thick paper
size 2×7 cm Tightly twist the card at a slight angle so
a way that one end of the filter was slightly conical. Cigarette
better twist beforehand putting filter inside (conical end
out). It is easier, though many have a different opinion and
a filter inserted in the after being twisted one.

What is the advantage to the RYO cigarettes? First of all you know that tobacco smoke and varied mix. Available cult. Rolled cigarettes for those who smoke for pleasure, and not to satisfy the addiction organizma.Samokrutki more cheaper than cigarettes. For example, 50 g of tobacco — about 150r, 300r about machine, paper — 15r 50 wrappers, filters — 60r 120 pcs. Rolled cigarettes tend not usually worn in the cigarette case, usually they twist just before smoking. All this gives tobacco use more civilized and controlled character, which certainly reduces the harm to health.

Here’s how to describe the use of hand-rolled cigarettes in particular marketers:
Cigarette smoking pluses compared to cigarettes:
— When you smoke, the people around will not look at you accusingly, and a pleasant smell to sniff good tobacco! (Some even ask what it is))
— Twisting and smoking roll-ups — a ritual that brings pleasure and peace.
— A cigarette — it is a delight flavor, and not getting the nicotine dose.
— You can twist a cigarette with any tobacco, filter and paper that you like! Can you imagine any twist: even with strong tobacco without a filter, though menthol superslims. (The choice is yours). You actually get flavored cigarillo suitable for you.
— A cigarette — it’s inexpensive. About how to smoke half a pack a day Marlboro. And in this case — many times more pleasant!
— You’ll be smoking less, because hand-rolled cigarette takes time to enjoy.

And finally a few websites where you can add information about the homemade cigarettes:
Cigarette smoking of tobacco. Forum samokrutka.ru www.samokrutka.ru/forum/index.php?www
Tobacco club www.mirtabaka.ru/club/
Tobacco club Hansa forum.guns.ru/forumtopics/197.html

To set the mood before a smoke break after reading the article Zero clip of «I’m going, I smoke.» Pay special attention to the hand-rolled cigarettes (goat legs with prischipom) — that’s where all the power, brother!

And the song separately

Zero lyrics — I’m coming. Drinking

Ministry of Health warns-smoking harms your health! Drop, if you can, smoke!

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