Samospasy from carbon monoxide (CO)

Write a short note on this topic has prompted me to write venerable Yager in «I’m looking for an answer.»

Respiratory Protection — mandatory thing, especially in an apartment building. I personally know of a case where a person was forced to breathe using scuba as a fire on the floor below the fire and smoke blocked out, and the apartment was also filled with smoke.

Samospas was my first «Phoenix 1»:
— This product provides protection from most harmful substances released during a fire. Usually everyone thinks it’s only carbon monoxide CO gas, but in fact it was valid only until the middle of last century, when synthetic materials have not been used in the decoration of buildings and premises. In those cases, often it was enough just to stay close to the floor as smoke and carbon monoxide due to high temperatures focused on the ceiling. Of course, cooled, it goes down, as it is much heavier than air at the same temperature. However, current synthetic materials when burned emit much more toxic substances and it is enough to poison a much lower concentration (eg — dioxin, as in «lame horse» from foam polystyrene ceiling tiles). From them that mainly protects for 30 minutes, this filter self-rescuer. It is worth mentioning that in the data sheet protection against CO «Phoenix 1» is not specified — not surprising, since the CO molecules are small enough to pass through virtually any filter.
Samospas himself «Phoenix 1» in size with a flat tin, very comfortable to wear with a constant. It can take the subway to the case of a gas attack, where even spraying tear gas can cause very Serious health effects, and does not take up much space. Equip simple — filter rigidly connected to the mouthpiece, retained teeth (which is very comfortable for breathing in any case), and a hood made of transparent polyamide film holds good flame (flame does not light matches or even deformed). Used, however, once the shelf life — 5 years. I have experience in the real application — once lit up the food in the microwave, there was plenty of smoke that it was impossible to stop. This allowed me to samospas go quietly, turn off oven and ventilate the kitchen.
Then I bought «Fenix ​​2», but I did not like: indeed, the defense has been increased to 60 minutes, but this is achieved by increasing the volume of the filter.
— Keep it at home.

There appeared later self-rescuer «Chance-E», Unlike the previous two, contains protection against CO, and specifically 218 MAC, and other substances are much better options. If you intend not to wear constantly with him, and to keep at home or work, it is the most suitable option. He has two filters — it reduces breathing resistance. Filter elements that can be easily changed with spare blocks are also available for sale. Breathing is done through a mask that allows, in contrast to the «Phoenix» and talking. But the size, of course, more than the «Phoenix 2» and even more so — than the «Phoenix 1», with a not particularly shabby. But mounting system on the face mask is not so convenient: It takes more time putting on because the hood must also correctly place the mask straps at the crown (since two filters weigh more than one, hold their teeth would be tedious). The mask does not cover the lower part of the face with a chin (this is only possible by using the same products children), and is adjacent to the chin in the area of ​​joint mandibular teeth with gums. As I understand it, this should allow the use of samospas «Chance-E» citizens with a beard.

Those who have normal protivogaznaya mask her purchase absorbing filter housing protivogaznogo DOT M600 B2E2K2CO20SX (instead of boxes of the brand «M», w / d, there was a red)
— Protection of carbon monoxide. Such protection would be integrated with the exception of micro-particles (corresponding prefilter can be screwed to the box is not clogged).

If you intend to oxygen concentration of less than 17% (for example, you work in a basement or any other enclosed space), it is more suitable insulating «SPI-50» for 50 minutes, because balloon «fenistil-300-2» too expensive. But isolation is also not without its flaws — the regeneration cartridge explodes on contact with water and must comply with the rules of storage.


Special section should specify the devices suitable in terms of forest fires and smog in the city. Smog usually consists of solid particles with a diameter up to 10 microns and carbon monoxide CO. Particulate filter protects normal and carbon monoxide, as mentioned earlier, filters miss.

Of course, you can use samospasami type «Chance-E», but in the heat with a hood or mask is not particularly resemble, and the ladies and did refuse to wear anything on his face.
It would be useful gazodymozaschitny respirator (GDZR) «CHANCE»
— Structurally the same as the «Chance-E», only without the hood. Well, you can change the filters.

For absolutely estetov (mainly estetok) could not be more suitable product Respiratory «Alina-CO» FFP2 (with exhalation valve)
— Developed on the basis of FSUE «SSC» NIOPIK «catalyst further oxidizedup carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide is quite safe / products / respirator /.
From dust and particulate smog it protects almost completely, and the concentration of carbon monoxide in the inhaled air reduces by 92%. During a fire, it is hoped is not worth — filter catalyst other harmful substances do not delay.
Significant observation is that despite the presence of the exhalation valve, 2-3 hours filter catalyst is saturated with moisture from exhaled air and loses the property, until dry. Therefore desirable to have such respirators 2-3 pieces: while breathing through one, the other dries. But this is by far the only such a compact device, suitable for use in conditions of smog.

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